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[VIC] 3kg Wagyu MBS 7+ Porterhouse Steaks (10 Pieces) for $200 Delivered @ Online Butchers Melbourne (Login Required) - SOLD OUT


Until midnight this Sunday, you can purchase 5 x Kobe Wagyu Porterhouse Twin Steak Packs for only $200.00. Each Twin Pack contains 2 x 300g steaks which means you get 10 x 300g steaks for $200.

  • Note, delivery of this special is available on Wednesday 6.5.20, Thursday 7.5.20. and Friday 8.5.20.

- click the SHOP NOW button below,
- add the Kobe Wagyu Porterhouse MBS 7+ to your shopping cart,
- ensure you register and log in to your account, (code does not work if you don't log in)
- view your cart and apply the code 5FOR200 to checkout and save.

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  • +11

    Damn. My bank won’t allow me to have wagyu anymore. And no more Shiraz too.

    • +6

      I have a alcohol and bargain addiction, these two issues have been combined recently.

      • +1

        All I've been doing since staying at home is finding discounts for groceries/takeaway and drinking while watching netflix/gaming :(

  • +2

    Why why why won’t they deliver to QLD!!! 😢

    • +10

      If in brissy, drive to Superbutcher Eagle Farm and 3kg wagyu with MB of 6 or so is always available at around this price, they even cut and seal it up for you.

      • Anywhere up the Sunshine Coast doing similar deals?

        • Ask your butcher!

        • +1

          Unless you live in Noosa you're likely living a shorter drive to Eagle Farm than I am.

          • @esq: Cheers mate. I’ll pop into Superbutcher next time I’m down there 👍🏻

          • @esq: They’ve only got wagyu rump there at the moment. Any idea if that is worth getting?

            I don’t usually buy rump.

            • +4

              @gasman70: Nah I'd avoid the rump. scotch fillet/porterhouse is best value for taste. There's always more available in store (its huge) than on website, if it's a long drive probably worth calling up first to see if they've got stock. There's other Superbutchers but they are nowhere near as large or as stocked.

              Also if you're keen on Wagyu done the japanese way, Aussie wagyu is completely different as 99% of purchaseable wagyu is F1 wagyu, tastes nothing like for example what you get in Kagoshima or Kobe. Ref: https://www.wagyu.org.au/breeding-wagyu/commercial-breeding/.... Ordered a F4 in a group buy amongst workmates recently and it was still not really the same. I still love the aussified version though, can be done on bbq grill, pan, sous vide, very versatile.

              • @esq: There’s no store pickup atm. Delivery to the Sunny Coast is $27 or free if spending more than $200, which is reasonable.

                They have some Wallumba rib fillet on special at the moment at $30/kg

                • +1

                  @gasman70: Well mate go the rib fillet for reasonably priced steaks, paying more for it to be called Wagyu at the rather tricky MB6 mark is always a bit of a gamble. If it's something like MB8 or more that's when you know you've got something special worth paying the big bucks on.

              • @esq: Damn, you know your beef 👍🏻👍🏻

      • Ooooh I’ll make the drive

  • +1

    I would jump on this but I know I would do a terrible job of cooking them!

    • -3

      Who says you need to cook it? Seen the Japanese eat this raw all the time.

      • +5

        Yes but I'm sure that's because they know how to prepare it

    • +7

      I would jump on this but I know I would do a terrible job of cooking them!

      If that's how you tenderize meat, you're probably right! :)

    • +2

      Assuming that these are sliced around 2cm thick, here's what you need to do…

      Heat up a frypan on the stove for 10 minutes. Melt some butter in it. Flash sear each side for 90 seconds.

      Allow to stand for 5 minutes and serve. You can use that 5 minutes to sear some sliced mushrooms in the butter and jus from the steak if you like.

      • 10min heat up? I swear my pan would be glowing red at that point

      • Butter??? If it's real Wagyu, trim the fat for the pan, flash get both sides and seal the edges of you wish

      • +1

        Heats the pan for 10mins then drops butter into it?
        Username checks out…

        • +1

          my stove is kinda shitty. ;)

    • Check out this channel for tips on cooking!


      Highly recommend if love cooking/eating meat.

    • +2

      I practiced cooking on cheap cuts years ago and now I make a mean steak. Keep practicing, YouTube is your friend.

      • I like sous vide but steak just doesn't belong to it IMHO.

        • Something very unappealing about pulling that soggy grey piece of meat out of the bag; regardless of how you sear it off afterwards its still in the back of my mind haha

  • Coupon is either invalid, expired or reached its usage limit!

    • +1

      register and log in - otherwise the coupon does not work.

      • Thanks, definitely too excited to place the order and didn't read the last sentence!
        order placed!

      • I actually got the same issue logged in still.

  • +2

    Would totally jump on this if it can be delivered to Sydney

  • +1

    Same, be all over this if it was available in Sydney.

  • +6

    I would be hesitant to buy this quality meat sight unseen although at $66.67 per kg you probably cant go wrong if you have the cash.

    Someone feel free to correct me but my understanding is that Marble Score is graded from the Rib Eye (Ie different cut of meat) and then the score is applied to the whole animal. So potentially the Rib Eye could be great and the Sirloin not has great depending on the cow.

    • -1

      How can you tell by seeing it? Do you have some sort of calculator or it or is there another way to see if it's 7+ or not?

      • +3

        Its basically the amount of Fat through the muscle. The more speckled white spots, the more fat, the higher the marble score. **Im not a butcher.

        • +4

          Thanks for the info though. i have been places that sell wagyu but look just like regular meat.

          But going by your guide I think I'm a mbs70+.

          • @michaelTito: Wagyu can look like regular meat. You can get non Wagyu with high marble score as well.

            Wagyu and high marble score are not mutually exclusive to each other.

            Common misconception that Wagyu is the fatty marbly stuff and the fatty marbly stuff is automatically Wagyu.

            Marble score is also how evenly the fat barbling is distributed around the meat, not how fat you are, so a 70+ score wouldn't make sense hahaha!

    • +1

      Online Butchers is the same as TipTop Butchers. (pretty big outfit). I have been to their retail outlet and tried their Porterhouse Wagyu 8+ previously. I was happy with the steak.

      However, TipTop Butchers has a guarantee, while I can't see it on their Online Butchers website.


    • This is AACO beef though, they a pretty big outfit, and I hesitate to say, but I don’t think they muck around as a wholesaler

  • +2

    Come on! Sydney seller

  • Any gourmet snags or anything? The meat looks sublime, great offer to those that can afford it.

  • +7

    This is Australian Wagyu right?

    Read the title and I almost thought this is Kobe beef lolololol

    • Kobe beef is the Tajima breed of Wagyu - from Japan - but is likely to be Aussie bred.

  • +15

    This.. or 133 McDonalds hamburgers…

  • If anyone else is ordering very large amounts around 40kgs (like me) then meatonline.com.au has some crazy bargains

    • +10

      around 40kgs (like me) then meatonline.com.au has some crazy bargains

      I'm about 80kgs, does this bargain still apply to me?

    • That is really cheap. $20/kg for pasture raised scotch fillet is less than half the price at Coles or most butchers I've been to. Have you received any ordered from them? Might give them a go.

      • Sure have. Two cartons of the 6-star scotch fillet roll and a carton of the 5-star 1.8kg eye fillet. Very good

        Have previously ordered some of their pre-cut stuff. Good meat but appeared to be cut by a toddler wearing a boxing glove.

        42 kgs of meat all up, but I’m a carnivore so I get through that pretty quickly

        • Sounds like heart disease waiting to happen!

          • @arcticmonkey: CAC score zero. CT angiogram shows no sign of pre-heart disease. Blood pressure now 117/77, down from 148/95. Weight 81kg down from 100kg. Body fat 18.5% down from 26%.

            But yeah, watch out for that evil heart attack causing meat!

            Don’t blame meat for what the bun, fries and large coke did.

  • +1

    DAmmit so many good stuff for Melbourne

    • That's because Melbourne is the best.

      But seriously Sydneysiders can get this which seems to be a good deal too.

      • Too bad it is pickup only

        • +1

          Too bad it is also slices rather than steaks. I have bought some and it is good for the price but I would like a steak.

        • No it's not, free delivery for orders >$100, otherwise $16 if I recall correctly

          • +1

            @djprima: ahhhh still not really healthy.. fattynesing high coolesteral.

      • +2

        I can confirm this.

        Source - I'm an expert.

      • -3

        nah, syd restaurants are better, hardly any restaurant in melb that wow'ed me.

        Meat emporium Alexandria sometimes have their 9+ scotch / porterhouse for $80 a kg

  • +12

    This cannot be Kobe beef. To me that's false advertisement…

    • +6

      Definitely NOT Kobe Japanese Wagyu… I believe the brand or company is Kobe Australia.

      • +14

        That’s just deceptive now. Not fault of you or anything - it is deliberately misleading from the company.

        • +2

          That was my first thoughts too. Like Champagne, shouldn't be called that unless from that region.

    • definitely not real kobe, in the pictures it states "Australia's own Kobe-style Beef"

    • Kobe beef is the specific breed of Wagyu. There are 4 main Wagyu breeds of which Kobe(Tajima) is one. They’ve simply imported the breed to Aus.

    • I've ordered this before and it's as close as I've gotten to real Kobe beef… still chasing the dragon until I visit Japan again!! Nothing compares to real Kobe, especially prepared by professional chefs in Japan… absolutely mindblowing!! Worth the $$$$ IMO.

  • +1

    Imagine trying to cook this and screwing it up lol

    • -2

      Just mince it first, less likely to stuff it up.

      • Mmmmmm…. Bolognese
        I'll positive

  • how long would these last in the fridge or perhaps freezer

    • If cryovac then 3 months or so.

  • -1

    bought it - only cooked wagyu in japan will be interesting

  • Seems pricey for bulk porterhouse Wagyu. I pay $65 per kg at my local IGA, and I can see it first.


    • +2

      Wagyu is one of those things… MBS 4,5,6 are relatively a lot cheaper than 7,8,9+.

      For the average eater, I think MBS 5,6 is already a really good steak.
      I'm not sure what the MBS score from IGA is (it looks fantastic), but most likely around 5 or 6. Would be good to ask next time so we know where to get good Wagyu.

    • I'm sure the Mable Score is much lower than the one in OP's deal. Can't compare apples to oranges.

      • +1

        Challenge accepted.
        Apples are red with thin edible skin and white flesh.
        Whereas oranges are rounder with orange coloured skin and orange coloured flesh.
        And the skin is generally discarded.

        [Thanks Ronnie Chieng]

  • Seems not a bad deal, but I am going to give Osawa a visit this Saturday morning and see if the have better stuff for this price.

    Those who by from this deal, can you comment on the quality?

    • I did. The beef was well marbled and tender. No complaints here.

    • Given they are strips, you would use them mainly for korean bbq or shabu shabu. I used them for shabu shabu and they were great at that price

      • +1

        Hot Pot dude!

        I still got two packets to go :)

        • Coming into perfect hotpot weather too… might grab some more

    • +1

      For the price, amazing

      Very random on the marbling though… inconsistent, but tasty none the less

      A few posts (including mine) that have photos that show you what to expect

      • +1

        The first 2 and last one put me off. The third link seemed more to expectation…

      • Compare to supermarket quality, I don't know how people can complain. For $25 a Kilo. This is very good.

        Stuff restaurant buy from Osawa is usually in the $40-$60 / Kilo range before the virus hits, and they look worse than this stuff in photo although they might actually be the same stuff.

        I always buy the 9+ stuff from Osawa @ around $100 / Kilo. Looking forward to talk to the boys this weekend and see how much they have gone down.

    • It's amazing. I've had kobe beef in japan before, personally it comes very close to that taste and texture wise.
      would recommend at this price.

    • I did and had a really high expectation. Although the quality is great but once you had Hida Beef in Japan, nothing else taste better…

  • If one buys this, how long can this be stored? Can this be frozen or is that a sacrilege and should be cooked asap?

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