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[VIC] 3kg Wagyu MBS 7+ Porterhouse Steaks (10 Pieces) for $200 Delivered @ Online Butchers Melbourne (Login Required) - SOLD OUT


Until midnight this Sunday, you can purchase 5 x Kobe Wagyu Porterhouse Twin Steak Packs for only $200.00. Each Twin Pack contains 2 x 300g steaks which means you get 10 x 300g steaks for $200.

  • Note, delivery of this special is available on Wednesday 6.5.20, Thursday 7.5.20. and Friday 8.5.20.

- click the SHOP NOW button below,
- add the Kobe Wagyu Porterhouse MBS 7+ to your shopping cart,
- ensure you register and log in to your account, (code does not work if you don't log in)
- view your cart and apply the code 5FOR200 to checkout and save.

Note - If you do not register and log in, you will get a message similar to this when using the coupon code
"Coupon is either invalid, expired or reached its usage limit!"

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    • +1

      If one buys this, how long can this be stored?

      if you freeze it, around 3 months.

    • +3

      I freeze them, but best to vaccuum seal first to avoid frost bite.

      • I wish this was an option from the OP - each two pack vacuum sealed

        • From their website
          In addition, or bulk meat buying capabilities and the fact that there is no “middle man” also means we can pass on great savings to all our customers no matter how much or little you buy. “We believe everyone should not only be able to afford a nice steak, but a big one”Little wonder people come from all over Melbourne and surrounds to shop and save with us. Vacuum Sealed for Your Convenience. All our meat is hygienically vacuum sealed so it stays fresher for longer without taking up valuable freezer space. It can be safely stored in the fridge for several weeks which means your choice of dinner isn’t limited to what you’ve remembered to take out of the freezer the day before. Of course, you can always add extra shelf life to the products by freezing them.

          So confirming the 2 packs are already vaccuum sealed. It comes delivered in either a cardboard box or a foam box with ice (free option).

    • +1

      These are fine to freeze as long as they are properly packaged. (These come vacuum sealed anyway)
      I know it's recommend for 3 months but I've had steak for up to 6 and they've turned out fine. Just make to defrost them slowly in the fridge at least 24 hours before cooking.

      • Have you confirmed each 2 pack is vacuum sealed? Should last a week or so in the fridge then.

        • +1

          Last time I purchased this (The 6+ version) each steak was individually vacuum sealed and they came with a best before date of +3-4 days when I received it.

  • In the town I grew up, there is a Japanese factory that sends all their "Wagyu beef" back to Japan.

    The local Aussie staff that work there have the job of manually injecting the meat/steaks with fat from syringes to create the "wagyu" effect.

    Seems even the Japanese can't tell the difference, because its growing every year. Enjoy your overpriced steaks.

    • +1

      I've tried the injected beef before, you can defiantly tell the difference & I wouldnt pay much for it. http://www.meltiquebeef.com.au/

      • +1

        Neither. Tried some when a mate brought home a heap. Was decent but no real Wagyu, and I've had better steaks from Aldi.

    • I bought a very marbling steak from my local butcher. It's Instagram worthy, but for the taste and texture, I can feel the fat is definitely unnature. Now that you mentioned, I totally believe they inject fat to make it look expensive.

    • Japanese beef are twice the price of US or AU beef in Tokyo supermarket. There is a difference among Japanese for sure.
      If it's injected, then it wont sell for premium price more for tourists.

  • Anyone know a butcher in Perth that sells a similar MBS steak at a similar price?

  • +2

    How does this compare to SPAM meat?

    • +1

      How does Ferrari compare to a $5k car

    • Spam better, especially with Shin Ramyun Noodle..yummy..

  • Ordered. Thanks OP.

  • Is the 7 normally $495 ?
    Anyway Ordered :)

    • Naaa no way $495 is BS. MBS 7+ Porterhouse is probably normally around $100-$130 a kilo if you can find it.

      • Another thing to look out for when buying meat is how it's cut.

        For example if you buy a 3kg whole fillet, you lose around 20-25% when they cut it into steak pieces, as they take off a bit of trim. So in this case, the steaks are net 3kgs to your fridge (after trim). If you by 3kg of whole fillet and then cut into steaks, it ends up being around 2.1kg-2.4kgs to your fridge.


        but never the less, $495 as their RRP is a rip off, even after discounting that you have to buy in bulk here, $165 for MBS 7+ for the Porterhouse cut is unrealistic.

  • Ordered. Thanks mate! Just in time for mother day!

  • "Kobe Style" - I'm sure it's great beef, but a bit misleading.

  • Ordered, thanks OP. I also ordered 5 kgs of sliced wagyu beef from the Sydney deal half an hour before this deal was posted 😂

  • Thanks OP, seems bargain and ordered!

    Btw, what is the difference between Kobe and Wagyu?

    • Wagyu is the breed of Cattle, Kobe is a region in Japan (which is now being used for Branding purpuses around the world)which Wagyu Cattle are bred, amongst other things. Sort of like with Champagne.

      This statement isnt exactly true but all Kobe beef is Wagyu but not all Wagyu is Kobe.

    • +1

      "Kobe" in this case is merely a brand name albeit a misleading one, this is still 100% Australian Wagyu. Real Kobe can really only be had in Japan or imported. I've also seen Costco sell this "Kobe" brand.

      • yeah from the misleading name alone I'll probabaly give it a miss.

  • I guess we can look forward to more wine and beef sales in the coming future? Thanks CCP :)

  • Cheaper than Rockpool I guess…

    • +1

      Apples & Oranges buying from a retail vs restuarant but also at Rockpool Wagyu is Full Blood Wagyu MS9+ and considered by many to be the best Wagyu available outside of Japan. Then they take it the Cuts of Beef and Dry Age it.

    • +1

      I'm guessing a lot of this stuff is only available at these prices because places like Rockpool etc are closed right now

  • I was just about to buy it and shared the deal details with my friends. 1 friend instantly told me to avoid (based on their experience). So I think I’ll avoid - I might just wait for the reviews from those that have bought (and a possibility that this deal will repeat; given the low demand from restaurants at the moment). End of the day, it’s $200, not $20…

    • +2

      You got to provide more details then that, why did you friend advise to avoid. Was it quality of the meat, shipping, cost?

  • Does anyone know whether the 2 packs are each vacuum sealed?

    • +2

      From their website

      In addition, or bulk meat buying capabilities and the fact that there is no “middle man” also means we can pass on great savings to all our customers no matter how much or little you buy. “We believe everyone should not only be able to afford a nice steak, but a big one”Little wonder people come from all over Melbourne and surrounds to shop and save with us. Vacuum Sealed for Your Convenience. All our meat is hygienically vacuum sealed so it stays fresher for longer without taking up valuable freezer space. It can be safely stored in the fridge for several weeks which means your choice of dinner isn’t limited to what you’ve remembered to take out of the freezer the day before. Of course, you can always add extra shelf life to the products by freezing them.

      So confirming each 2 pack is vaccuum sealed. They will also deliver either in a cardboard box or a foam box with ice. (no cost option).

  • +7

    I'm not negging this post because it's a bad deal, I'm negging it because it's misleading.

    Inherently both Kobe and Wagyu are regulated terms inside of Japan and to call something either of those terms is met with strict criteria. I would call this beef Wagyu or Kobe style but not genuine Wagyu or Kobe.

    Wagyu literally translate as Japanese Cow (Beef) which defines beef as been produced in Japan. In order to sell Wagyu in Japan it must originate from Japan.

    Kobe is even more strict, it must be Wagyu but it also must be produced from the Tajima strain of cattle and raised in Japan's Hyogo Prefecture.

    Just be aware that what you're buying isn't the real thing and only an imitation.

    • Wiki definition of Wagyu is Japanese breed, not necessarily have to be raised in Japan?

      • The term Wagyu is still restricted inside of Japan and must have a minimum A3+ marbling as well as been produced in Japan. Other Wagyu in Japan is generally not regarded to be as good or premium as Japanese Wagyu, and is generally labeled as such, I.E Australian Wagyu, American Wagyu…. Outside of Japan its fair game and the term Wagyu is used very loosely.

        • Yep, Hence why McDonalds and I think even Subway have had Wagyu beef on their menus from time to time.

    • +1

      While you are absolutely correct, I think the neg is a little bit unfair. This is a very good deal. The authentic Japanese cow would have been imported to breed with high quality Aussie stock and make absolutely delicious meat babies and fed and looked after in the traditional Japanese ways to ensure the highest quality. Once again, you are absolutely correct, but this is high quality beef and graded correctly and priced superbly. Australian meat is highly underrated.

      EDIT: Also noticed the following on the link, so they aren’t being totally misleading:

      Our alliance to act as domestic distributors for Australian Agricultural Company’s (AACO) world renowned 1824 and Wagyu products was formed in July 2014. An alliance that we hope will help bridge the gap and improve access to products that were once considered a delicacy on the domestic market.

      • I teared up at delicious meat babies.

        Hope I don't cry into my teppanyaki.

        • Lol. Just let them run on to that hot plate - no more tears.

  • Based on previous Pokemart experience, hard to believe this kind of deal…

    • What's the relationship to this deal? Was Pokemart a better deal?

    • I remember that - absolute shambles!

      I wonder where they've gone.

    • +1

      I have ordered M9 Wagyu beef from them before. It was absolutely amazing. M7 should still be good considering the price.

    • +1

      I have purchased from these Online Butchers before and the quality is great. The meat also doesn't come frozen, plus they are properly vacuum sealed.

  • Ordered in VIC. Will advise on outcome.

    Hint: Coals over gas bbq.

  • +1


    Chef Google take on what to expect hopefully !

    • Marble Scoring is done differently in Australia vs Japan. In Japan the maximium score is 12 where as in Australia the maximum score is 9.

      • +1

        Click the link mate. It has the Australian scale in there.

  • Can these be frozen?

    • +3

      Yes, these come vacuum sealed and can be stuck straight in the freezer. Just be sure to defrost them slowly in the fridge for 24h before you cook them, it ends up being almost the same as fresh this way.

  • Just bought to try, but no confirmation email?? website seems a bit amateur

    • I got an email immediately. Just check your order is showing in your account when you log in, has all the details in there.

      • Hmm, thanks.

        I still haven’t gotten a email(junk included) but the order is in my account, so I can see it, I’ll contact them

  • Thanks OP, looking forward to giving it a try!

  • +1

    Here's my previous experience from this butcher.

    WAGYU EYE FILLET AA7+ (no brand on invoice). Was a steal at $180 for 3kg.

    WAGYU 'MASTER KOBE' SCOTCH FILLET 9+ $300 for 3kg. Delious.


    Scotch was cooked on a 32cm Lodge cast iron pan.

    I tempted but not usually a fan of porterhouse. If it was $100 for 1.5kg I'd take the chance.

    3kg is a lot of meat if you don't like it.

  • +4

    Purchased 9+ Wagyu from these guys previously when they had the 3kg scotch fillet for $300.
    Highly recommend. Although this is the MBS 7+, these guys are trusted from me.
    Here's a photo for reference: https://imgur.com/a/y6R7y19

    • WOW, that scotch looks awesome.

  • +2

    Found a few pics of the M9 Wagyu bought last year. https://imgur.com/a/cS55NOW

  • Website says it's out of stock! :(

    • Still looks like its available.. where does it say sold out?

  • Gone. Damn.
    If anyone in Vic bought a pack and think they have too many, I'd be happy to split with them and grab a couple. 🤠

    • Are you saying the website says sold out or are you saying the coupon doesn't work?

      • It says out of stock in the item description
        When I add to cart, it adds but then says there's not enough quantity of that item available and removes itself

        EDIT: it's just changed to in stock. Ill try again

        • Let us know if it's still working. If sold out, will update the deal to expired

          • +1

            @Besean: It works still . Just bought

  • Just tried buying a few times, says expired or exceeded limit.

    • +1

      does it say this?
      "Coupon is either invalid, expired or reached its usage limit!"

      If it does, did you read the original post?

      • My mistake, did it properly and it works now, thank you :)

  • For Price Comparison Purposes, these are the usual butcher pricing.


  • Just doubled checked… Deal has been Ozbargain'd …

    All sold out.

  • Anyone else not received any email confirmation and did not receive their delivery? It was scheduled to be today

    • How could it be today when delivery is only available next week? Double check your delivery date.

    • I still haven't got a confirmation email, my order still says pending, and has been for 3 days now.

      • Why are you worried about the email if it's in your account? Does it have the delivery address, date and product correct when you click into it? Mine says pending too but assuming this is what it will say until it's sent out this week.

        • Mine is still pending.Doesn't give me assurance that I'm expecting delivery in a few days.

          • @williamk30: Mine is still pending too for Wednesday delivery. I tried contacting them to change delivery date (sms and left a voicemail) but haven't heard back

          • @williamk30: As expected, pending turned to shipped today and it arrived a few hours later. Nothing to worry about and it looks great. Thanks OP!

        • Coz others have said they got a confirm email straight away. Why didn’t I? And you?

          • @cloudy: I haven’t got any confirmation email either and says pending in my account. Might give them a call tomorrow.

          • +1

            @cloudy: I received an email straight away, which says order received and shows all the same delivery details as what's in my account including that the order is pending. I wouldn't stress about the word "pending" instead of "confirmed", unless you've seen people have the word confirmed in their order or the shop has told you there is a problem with "pending".

          • +2

            @cloudy: I've ordered from these guys before and it's normal for the order to stay at "Pending" even up to and after delivery. It's confusing yes, but nothing to be worried about.

    • I haven't got and email either. Order for Thurs pending.

      I'm sure it will work out

  • +1

    Mine just got delivered… the meat looks great and came in a free cooler bag too!

    • +1

      great stuff, was your order status still "pending" just prior to delivery?

      • Curious to know to! Mine went from 'pending' this morning to shipped. But I haven't received anything. Wondering what it says after the order is received.

        • same here, status just changed from pending to shipped but yet to receive delivery.
          not too worried now since there's 2 positive feedbacks on their delivery today.

          • @coolhikki: Oh great! Good to know we both have the same status but haven't received it :) Thanks for replying was starting to get worried it went to the wrong address haha

      • yep, it was showing pending this morning and now shows Shipped

  • +1

    Just got mine delivered in a nice cooler bag as well.

    Steaks look fresh and great.

    • mine also just arrived. packed date of 4 may and more on the brown side than the images - I assume this is to be expected? I've never ordered meat online before.

      Any idea when this all should be consumed by (assuming it's left in the fridge)?

      • Yeah, mine's packed on the 4th as well. First time I ordered from these guys but I've ordered from sutton meats before and they were frozen on arrival. Meatwise I think they look pretty good. I'd consume them within the week if you're leaving them in the fridge. I'm only leaving a pack in the fridge and putting the rest in the freezer for when I feel like steak again.

    • Were the steak packs vacuum sealed? Nice marbling?

      • Yep vacuum packed but not frozen. Marbling is similar to what the user below linked.

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