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[VIC] 3kg Wagyu MBS 7+ Porterhouse Steaks (10 Pieces) for $200 Delivered @ Online Butchers Melbourne (Login Required) - SOLD OUT


Until midnight this Sunday, you can purchase 5 x Kobe Wagyu Porterhouse Twin Steak Packs for only $200.00. Each Twin Pack contains 2 x 300g steaks which means you get 10 x 300g steaks for $200.

  • Note, delivery of this special is available on Wednesday 6.5.20, Thursday 7.5.20. and Friday 8.5.20.

- click the SHOP NOW button below,
- add the Kobe Wagyu Porterhouse MBS 7+ to your shopping cart,
- ensure you register and log in to your account, (code does not work if you don't log in)
- view your cart and apply the code 5FOR200 to checkout and save.

Note - If you do not register and log in, you will get a message similar to this when using the coupon code
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  • Mine just got delivered too. Vacuum packed and the marbling looked similar to this one. https://jamesbrothersmeatco.com.au/catalogue/category/high-r...

  • +3

    Just received mine! Pretty happy with the marbelling.
    Works out to be the same price as Costco wagyu so I'm happy with that.

    • Yours look better than mine. Mine have less marbling 😭

      • Please share a pic of yours

  • Anyone from northern suburbs that received their order yet? Mine also says shipped… but not here yet. I'm assuming it comes via a courier.

    • have you checked your front door?

      The actual butcher themselves deliver it - so it comes via a delivery Van that has their branding.

      • Nothing as yet. Actually been a busy day for deliveries. Multiple parcels delivered. This is the only outstanding one. I will give the driver benefit of doubt.. must have loads of OzBargained meat to deliver today.

  • For those that missed out, there's another offer available at the moment


    not 100% wagyu like this offer, but cheaper than this offer for a better cut and similar marbling.

  • Anyone tried this type of beef to make tartare?
    I'm obsessed with it but not sure how it goes with the fat running through it

  • We are living in the Northern suburb. Ours arrived this morning… very well packed, comes with zipped bag and the delivery man is from the company. Looking forward to having it this Sunday! Enjoy all.

  • Received mins ago ,looks great quality = me happy : )

  • +1

    Received mine yesterday. Good packaging no mess, on time delivery. Meat out from the package , dry with kitchen paper towel , high heat cast iron, 1 and half min each side. Touch with salt. Amaaazing! Thanks very good quality ! Will purchase next time.

    • Newb question, is cast iron really that much better?

      I find cleaning cast iron such a pain compared to pan, but I don’t wanna ruin such a good piece of meat obviously.

      Any tips on cleaning cast iron pan?

      • Cooked mine in cast iron - a rinse in hot water made it boil up after cooking which removes most of it, gave it a very gentle wipe with a non scratch scourer, which I hardly applied pressure to as the water was too hot to touch and it was clean. Wiped it dry with paper towel and applied some oil and it was clean before the steak had finished resting.

        And cast iron gives a much better sear and crust than a non-stick pan.

      • It retains heat much better and more evenly meaning it gets hotter than a standard non-stick pan. This gives a better/easier sear for steaks
        For cleaning, these scrapers work great: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/471625

  • I’m hoping they have The Scotch Fillet 9+ again.

  • +1

    Tried it the other night. Although better than average supermarket steak, it still has no comparison with actual japanese wagyu 7+, let alone Kobe beef.

    It is still lean compare to other wagyu I've had and doesn't have that melt in your mouth feel.

    • can confirm, doesn't have that same 'melt in your mouth' feel compared to wagyu I've purchased at costco

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