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6x 28-Day amaysim Renewals of 1.5GB Unlimited Plan $10 @ amaysim


My previous deal of 6 x 1GB unlimited for $6.97 (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/498293) finishes in early May. I just got an email from Amaysim offering 6 x 28-day 1.5GB unlimited for $10.

Seems to be targeted as the email links directly to my mobile number and this deal expiry is the day my previous deal ends.

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  • Got it. Thx

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    checked email, didnt get it :(

  • Yep, got it too. Nice offer, I'll stay another 6 months :-)

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    Yep, got it too. $14.50 total mobile bill for the hole year, sweeeeet!!!.

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    Was looking for a new deal from TA but looks like Amaysim beat him

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    For those that didn't get it and need a low data plan you can buy this Belong Mobile deal for $10 which will get you 4 months 5GB using Option 1.

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    That’s just amay…sim

  • Got it. Great promo! Will stay another 6 months.

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    I think you only get the offer if you have low data usage (sub 500mb per month). Then later I lost my job so I started to use all of it. After that I used a lot on the 100GB/10GB/10GB offers. I think that was enough for them to say, "right this guy is costing us money".

    Sigh. lol.

    I'm not sure if anyone can confirm whether they are low or high usage; and whether they got the deal targeted.

    • about 500mb per month for me and got it.

    • Barely used any of the monthly and bonus data (usage from background apps) and got nothing.

      • check spam folder.

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      I went close to my limit a couple of times and over twice (paid for extra data while on holiday) and again when I didn’t realise my wifi connection was off 😂. Still got it…

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    No word of another deal with the 6×28 days and 5gb yet?

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    Not for new customer ?

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    I took the same offer 6 months ago as op but haven’t been offered the renewal offer. Sad :(

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    Nice. Got the email. I was planning to do the whole port out, port in again thing but now I don't have to think about it for another 6 months.

  • It's like health insurance (young vs old)… the reason they make these offers to low usage members is that they are ultimately subsidizing the higher usage members by not using what they pay for.

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    Both my 90 year plus parents who would be lucky to use 50MB a month and might make 2 calls in the month received this offer. Granddaughter who pretty much runs out of the 1GB every month (until getting the recent bonus top-ups) and probably spends 50 hours a month on voice calls didn't get it.

  • yay another 6 months of portable hotspotting

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    Bit pee'd off. Had 3 numbers expire over the weekend from the last deal, couldn't find any other deals and went with Kogan instead. Its a shame Amaysim don't send these out earlier to prevent existing customers moving on.

  • How to subscribe to Amaysim emails/offers?

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    Perfect timing. Mine expires in 15 days.

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    Thanks for this. Didn't think I received it, but just checked my emails then and I got it. Thanks heaps!

  • You do not receive this promo if you are on pay as you go?

    I got 2 sims on pas as you g, both didnt recieved email offering.

  • Not sure what to do, I got the $4.90 (60gb for 90 days) deal from Catch-connect to port from Amaysim and now this.

    Decisions Decisions.

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    I just got an email that I got an extra 10GB free for the month of May in addition to this offer. Love it.
    Same thing happened last month too.
    I've been using this SIM in my iPad so works out perfectly!

  • Has anyone had success getting this plan via live chat ?

  • Just received this offer as well.

  • yea, got mine too.

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    one of the free sims i ordered earlier in April was given a $10 for 3 renewals offer.

  • Just realised I got $10 random referral from ozbargain member, got the 6 renewals for free.


  • Anyone else got charged a second $10 after accepting this offer? I started the 2nd month today and got charged.

    • I have emailed support through the support page. They have checked my account and noted that the offer wasn't applied. They asked for the email with the offer to be sent to them. They then processed the refund and adjusted my plan. All done pretty quick through email correspondence in under 24 hours. Pretty good customer service in my books.

  • Looks like the offer did not register on my account and I deleted the email offer already…. Will try give them a call tomorrow.

  • Just to clarify, did you have to do anything to accept the offer? I vaguely remember the email saying that you did not have to do anything… I wish I kept the email. Can anyone confirm please?

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      Yes, you needed to click on the "get this promo" link in the email.

      I had the same problem which they manually fixed after forwarding on the email.

      • Ah crap.
        I contacted them today via live chat to enquire. They happily gave me a $10 credit to keep the plan active and then apply the offer manually. I didn't even have the email anymore.

        What fantastic service.

  • also just got charged today… will have to enquire

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