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WD 240GB $49, Crucial P1 500GB $99, Crucial MX500 500GB $98, Crucial MX500 1TB $175, 2TB $329 + Delivery @ Shopping Express

  • WD 240GB - $49
  • Crucial P1 500GB - $99
  • Crucial MX500 500GB - $98
  • Crucial MX500 1TB - $175
  • Crucial MX500 2TB - $329

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Shopping Express

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    How would an MX500 compare to something like an 860 Evo?

    • +21

      You won't notice the difference, if that's what you're asking.

      • +3

        Yeah that answers it, thanks

        • i have used both.
          4 years with MX500 and 1 year with 860. both for OS
          yep no difference at all.

      • +1

        yep true

    • +7

      Real world use, couldn't tell the difference.

    • Or you can wait for someitme and get 860 EVO around (or even less) the same price https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/samsung-860-evo

      Personally, I'd buy whichever is cheaper

    • +1

      Depends if U have epic games installed onto your computer. Like the latest update from the recent freebie world war z was a super laggy 5 gig update taking over 1.5hrs on my sata ssd. Since it does 50mb part patches to large data files. It will patch those files 100 times, and rescan all your files after each 50mb part. Probably wrote 100gb to my ssd for a 5gb update.

      I've move that game to my 7 year old hdd and future updates can spin that drive as much as it wants, rather than shred my ssd.

      • What? Are you saying that it re-writes the whole lot 100 times? That doesn't sound right

      • the epic games launcher is terrible. everytime i start it it takes an extraordinary long time to open while steam/origin/rockstar/gog/uplay/battle.net open almost instanteously or 1/10th the time. i dont know what the epic games launcher is doing when it says preparing bla bla bla but it's garbage.

    • is there a better deal for 860 Evo 1TB?

    • +1
  • hmm that 2TB is actually starting to sound reasonable

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    able to add to cart but only add 1 of anything

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  • +3

    pretty sure the 1TB has been the same price ($175) the last week or so?
    Not sure of the other sizes as ive only really been looking for the 1TB

    also having issue with adding anything to basket

    • +2

      You get a free Monopoly Deal though!

      • +1

        haha, yes - very true :) The Monopoly Deal isnt something appealing for me but hopefully someone else can benefit from this bundle (looks like the Monopoly Deal retails for about $9). I'll keep a lookout for a future deal on the 1TB

        • +1

          yeah, me too. I have seen 1TB MX500 for about $145, have to buy a few.. will wait for the right deal.

      • from the wording it looks like you gotta get both a HDD and SSD to get monopoly deal?

      • Actually really good game. Good with a few drinks

    • I think it's been better but the 500GB MX500 is a good deal.

    • This is the best price, anywhere in Australia at the moment. I've been keeping an eye on 1TB MX500 for a week now. $186.80 inclusive of shipping is a great price considering the low $AU.
      I had no issues buying my 1TB MX500.

  • how long does shopping square take to ship ?

    • +1

      quick, bought a few bits on friday and they shipped same day.

      Better than Umart or PCCG - both took days to even ship stuff…

    • +2

      This is Shopping Express aka FUTU. not to be confused with shopping square

      • Does that mean you'll actually get your stuff? I've had issues with SS, whilst futu online (from ebay) I've had a great experience with :)

  • Anyone know of any coupon codes? They had welcome a while back but this no longer works.

  • +2

    I remember when I first bought a 20gb HDD thinking its so much space.
    FYI Bought the 2tb last time had it in my hands in 2 days.

    • +6

      I remember a mate at school telling me that his dad had a 100mb hard drive.

      I accused him of lying, because that was clearly impossible.

      • +1

        Most ikely an IDE 100mb, or it could be an iomega Zip Drive? (Or LS120)

        • IDE, I suspect. This would have been about 1991, and I don't recall Zip drives turning up until a bit later. I may be wrong.

      • I had an old 10MB floating about somewhere in my storage from the 80's.

    • +6

      I remember having 128MB and 256MB USBs… and that was around 11 years ago

      • +3

        My first USB was 32MB and it cost me $64, roughly 14 or 15 years ago. I loved it because it was a significant upgrade from 1.44MB floppy disks.

    • 6.4GB Fireball was my biggest drive ever at the time - I was stoked, so many mp3s

    • I remember when I first bought a 20gb HDD

      I remember when I first bought a 20MB HDD …

      5 1/4" full height

      • I remember as a kid having to pkunzip Doom spanned across 15 floppy disks, and I had to use the "-r" tag because the floppies would inevitably have bad sectors.

    • +2

      Why are you comparing HDDs to SSDs?

      • +3

        I think he's comparing to the Barracuda's that are also on the Shopping Express page.

        • +2

          But that's not part of this deal…

          • -2

            @Munki: Click the deal link, and tell me that the Barracuda's are not a part of this deal.

            • +8

              @matictac: This deal is for the drives that are listed here - not the range of items on "sale", that's why OP specifically pointed them out. We'd have a lot of disputes about deals if that was the case.

              • +2

                @Munki: I don't agree. The link that OP has provided is sepcifically to the Shopping Express "SSD & HDD Sale", part of that sale is Barracuda HDDs. He hasn't linked to a specific drive, but he's definitely highlighted particular deals in the description of his post.

                Regardless, it's very clear that stingyAF wasn't comparing HDDs to SSDs, he was clearly comparing to the Barracudas in the deal link.

      • Because the sale encompasses HDD's.

        • This deal has no mention of the drives you're linking. What you've said is completely irrelevant.

          • @Munki: Did you follow the link to their website?

            • +2

              @stingyAF: This "deal" is for the drives listed in the OP, not the sale over at Shopping Express. Of course not everything "on sale" during a sales event will be deals. That's not how deals work.

    • +1

      These are hard drives though. Very different to SSDs.

      • +1

        Shizen, thought these were SSD lol

    • +1

      Umart in your link appear to be selling the 64MB cache version and SE is selling the 256MB version.

  • I would wait more for better prices.
    when this deal ends, aldo check CentreCom. nearly good prices, and free delivery

    but I am in no rush, so I will watch this space. really need a 2.5 SATA ssd to expand storage on my laptop. could go with QVO 860 but since difference in price with mx500 1tb is minimal.. I will just wait for better deals on 1tb SATA ssd

  • Should I get the P1 or MX500? Should I get 1tb or 2tb :( is this price good enough?

    • Prices are quite high right now. MX500 will beb etter with larger files while with the P1 it'll be faster initially then it'll slow down to a crawl for large files.

      • dang, no one knows when the prices will be back down. Think it should be soon enough or too long? I kinda need it soon, can't be bother to wait a year for it.

        • I'd reckon at the end of the year but then I'm not too sure. The MX500 1TB's lowest price was $140 I believe?

        • When the AU$ is back up.

  • +2

    geez where are the good prices for 2TB NVME?

  • Is that shopping site a Australian site? What if the nand died? Compared pccg or Amazon au.

    Found what I want.

    • yea they are aus based

      Amazon returns easier but not enough to pay more.

    • +3

      Be careful the drive you've linked is a BX500 not MX500. There are differences between the two.

      • much difference in real world performance? curious as i am thinking of buying one

        • +4

          Yeah big differences
          speed caps out after a while on the bx

          • +3

            @Michael15286: Also 3 years warranty for the BX500 vs 5 years for the MX500.

  • +1

    a 1% payment surcharge.

  • https://www.msy.com.au/crucial-p1-ct1000p1ssd8-1tb-m2-2280-n... 😕☹ī¸ my board doesn't support this, great for notebooks or modern boards ahh.

  • Shopping Express deliver so damn fast too - highly recommend

  • The WD drive is the same price at umart https://www.umart.com.au/WD-240G-Green-M-2-SSD--G2-Version_4...
    Same price for the M2 and SATA versions too.
    Crucials are a tad dearer at umart.

    • Is this SSD any good? Was just looking at umart for this for upgrading a netbook on HDD.

      • Not the fastest SSD but will beat any HDD

  • +1

    Shipping adds more than 20% cost on a 240gb SSD, no thanks

  • I have a 2011 iMAc I use for Logic Pro, which has a 240GB SATA SSD (Kingston A400 SSD 240GB HDD SATA 3) in it. It now only has 11GB left. It only has USB2 so an external drive but maybe good enough to load External sounds fro the sound library on there.
    So the best option for upgrading would be an MX500 2.5"?
    Also, I have had some programs not install, because it doesn't like the file system, I used to format it with. I thought I used Time Machine to Backup/Restore. Any better suggestions on formatting? I noticed my existing drive says DOS ExFat.

    • I've used an external ssd as a boot drive for a 2012 imac. Can't recall the format but there's a lot of guides online.

      MX500 would be good.

  • Crucial mx500 500gb or Crucial P1 500gb??

  • MX500 1tb for $175 or Silicon A55 for $157


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