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R5-3500X / RX 5600 XT Gaming PC: $1049 + Delivery @ TechFast


New GPU offering from TechFast, the RX 5600 XT. Performance is well above 1660 Ti and just below RX 5700/RTX 2060, so for $100 cheaper than my previous 3500X/5700 post. Great saving.

Enjoy :)

$1049 Ryzen 5 3500X / RX 5600 XT Gaming PC:

  • Ryzen 5 3500X
  • RX 5600 XT 6GB
  • 8GB 2666MHz
  • A320 motherboard
  • 120GB SSD
  • 550W PSU
  • Leaper Air Mini RGB Case

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  • If only we could go back to the days when you could get a 3600 5700xt for this sort of money.

  • Last year was overpriced RAM and mining bloating GPU prices. Seems like I missed the sweet spot for upgrading. Patience.

  • Hey I just tried the code and it doesn't seem to be working :(

  • Any chance of doing anything with a mini atx case? Like the NXZT H210? Or something?

    • They do a small form factor case which is significantly smaller than the h210, it looks like they have stopped offering it on systems with graphics cards presumably cause the thermals were terrible but I guess you could ask for it.

  • Similar to the pc parts i put together, if you upgrade parts from techfast, it ends up even higher

    • Yeah only manually upgrade.

    • A $429 mobo with a $300 cpu makes absolutely no sense.

      • That Mobo is definitely not the best choice for the build, it was my irrational purchase because the price was $379 and I didn't wanna get into bios issue. Also I really want to have nice things like wifi6, Bluetooth 5, audio boost 4 and the most important USB 3.2 with type c. I could get a MSI b450 tomahawk for $220 and then buy wifi6 bt5 wireless adapter for $80 maybe? Don't know how much for a similar good sound card..Anyway, I chose that cuz it ticks boxes and ended up similar price I would speed on those features. Not only for gaming.

        If it's bang for the buck, probably choose cheaper Mobo and storage. PSU is still important, extra $50 wouldn't hurt as I don't see people going shopping for PSU upgrade all the time. And whn nasty things happen to PSU, it probably takes a few neighbors with it. Price can be dropped to $1500? And end up getting nice GPU(sub vendors vary a lot in 5600xt), Mobo, psu. Just my two cents.

        • it looks like you may very well need an x570 m/b to be able to upgrade to 4000 series ryzens, so there is every reason to choose one atm

          • @smokey and: yeah another very good reason if we wanna it be future-proofing. I wouldnt recommend msi x570 gaming pro carbon wifi to everyone, there are reviews complaining about it's VRM issue i believe. Peeps can go find other x570 mobos with better value. If it was retail price, i wouldnt buy it either

          • @smokey and: If you're intending to upgrade to the 4,000 series then it makes sense to wait for the 4000 series and probably get a b550 rather than getting a 3600 now with a really bad $429 x570.

        • PSU choice is B tier. so not a very good pick. You can buy A-tier psus for less.

          I think the ASUS x570-p is probably the best value x570, which are around $300. Also, unlike b450 boards, the MSI x570 boards are terrible (although they have a new one coming out which is meant to be very good value). However, a 3600 doesn't need an x570, a cheap b450 pairing makes the most sense.

          My quick build is around $1,380 with a better gpu. I meant to select the p300a case. It has a cheap b-tier psu, a gh750 is an extra $40.

  • How would this go at running Doom Eternal for instance?

    I'm still running an old desktop (i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz, HD6950 2GB
    It still runs great for general stuff, and using RDT anyway while working from home)

    Nothing wrong with it but wouldn't run any latest games @1080p

    • Would be fine at 1080, but Doom is an easy AAA to run.

      • Yes it's really well optimized. My 5700 frame capped to 72 only hits 50% load, and before I frame capped it was in the 120-140fps region, so the 5600 XT shouldn't be more than 10% behind.

    • I am running the same CPU (but at stock) and graphics card.

      My sons’ R5 3500X and 1660 card loads Fortnite heaps faster, and also goes through the end game loads heaps faster too.

      However once in game there is no difference.

      • Thanks guys, I probably should upgrade this PC before tax time as it is pretty old and freezes up a bit sometimes. Plenty of errors and warnings in the event viewer. May be worth trying a format first, trick is getting win 10 pro on again as it was an old win 7 upgrade from memory and lucky to have any installs.
        Tempting to try and keep my 600W psu and Fractal Design Define R3 Case and upgrade mb, cpu, ram & gpu if it fits in, probably need a new windows technically.
        Bit of effort and work researching and what not.
        Probably not the correct forum for this but thanks!

  • I'm not able to add it to the cart, is there anything I'm doing wrong?

  • Been 3 weeks since I paid for the Ryzen 5 3500X GTX 1660 6GB Gaming Desktop PC. Call centre is closed down for COVID and waiting for email support to get back to me. Can someone please assist me?

    • just wait until you need a refund, my whole experience took just shy of 6 weeks and I'm still without a PC, good times.

    • Three weeks isn’t that long in current environment.

      Mine took much more than that to build, ship and be delivered.

      All up is was about six weeks with some of it due to the case I ordered not being available and a replacement (different brand and model) organized behind the scenes.

    • Its techfast, come back when you're at 6 weeks. Pretty much every techfast thread comments warns of you about slow build and ship times.

    • I also bought the same PC. It has been over a month since I purchased it - and no replies from my emails for over a week. They said that they would ship out my order when the 1660 came in on the 11th of May. However, I have not received any updates.

      @luketechfast please assist.

      • Received an email that really gave no reassurance. Supplier delays but for how long? Wouldn't it make more sense to get confirmation of stocks for each build before taking in orders and holding people's funds for a couple of months?

  • Should we expect better prices if corona ends soon, or the decline in aud is another important factor?

  • Yawn…. expensive with junk parts.

  • If you don't urgently need, hold off, noticed the sharp increase in prices last 2-3 months.

  • I have to say this system is actually terrible value. By the time you factor in upgrades to get something decent, you're looking at spending $1,690.

    This build I put together quickly for $1380 has a better GPU than the techfast system and comes in over $300 cheaper.

    At least the stock Techfast case looks a lot better than what they were previously building in.

  • Meh.. Not the great value we usually get from Techfast. You can get 3600 with RTX 2060 via ebay + staticice for around same price. Yeah these guys build it for you but even considering that it's still not that good. I'd give this one a miss.