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Click Frenzy: 30% off Almost Everything + Free Standard Shipping @ 2XU


30% for eligible items applied at checkout, good deal to get some discounts on generally pricy gear.

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      that's not really fair at all - the product is fantastic. If you can honestly name a single competitor at a lower price point with compression gear this on point I am happy to be proven wrong. if your not serious about your training, then I agree, for most it is too much.

      i'm personally going to hold out though until the real click frenzy starts to see if we get any nice double down discounts - hopeful of a rebel sport discount + higher cash back :D

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    Typically, I just bought compression socks two weeks ago.

    Oh well, I was happy with the price at the time. If I buy some more at the lower price that brings my "per unit average cost" down, right?

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    The 30% Off kinda undersells it - a lot of stuff was already discounted, and it's 30% on top of that (applied at checkout). I was able to land a cycling jersey, two pairs of running compression socks (stupid fragile calves) and a running cap for $98.

    As noted above this stuff is good quality. I still have some 2XU trisuits from six years ago that are in good nick which considering how long they were in salt water for (I'm a terrible swimmer) is pretty impressive.

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    thx op got a trisuit for around 31 bucks and it is available in my size.

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    6-pack of abs in XL sold out


    A lot of the compression products only have XS or XL etc sizes lef5


    Is this online only or also in store?


    Turned up at the DFO outlet this morning at 10am. Opens at 11. FFS.