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[NSW, VIC] 4x Australian Wagyu Rump Cap Steaks (1.2kg Total) $80 + Delivery or Free Sydney Pickup @ Osawa Enterprises [SYD, MEL]


Experience the best of Australian Wagyu with this steak set curated by Kimio Osawa, Wagyu Master.
You will receive 4 X 300g Wagyu Rump Cap Steaks giving you a total of 1.2kg of Premium Australian Wagyu for just $80.
Each steak in the pack is from a different Australian Wagyu farm, giving you an opportunity to decide which is your favourite!

  • Rangers valley MBS5+
  • Jacks Creek MBS8-9
  • Oakey MBS7+
  • Black Opal MBS9+

Free Japanese Steak Sauce with every order.

Sydney - Free Click & Collect or Delivery Charge:
Under $100 – Delivery charge is $15 inc GST
Over $100 - FREE Delivery

The minimum order value must be $100 + $20 $22 ($20+GST) door to door delivery

NOTES: 1 order per person | 10 orders per day | RESTOCKED DAILY AT 9 AM
Total of 100 orders available.
Image is an example only.

Check out the video and see the product for yourself -

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    • +5

      Breaking news: No two cows are the same. And no two slices from the same piece of meat will have the same marbling and/or fat cap.

      I presume you've never bought fresh produce of any sort online before because the item you get isn't exactly what's pictured?

  • Surely this company hasn't been caught up in the trade war. Will always look after themselves.

  • +1

    Can anyone seriously tell me that they cook such a great steak at home that it's worth $67/kg?

    This isn't even four matching steaks that you can cook a meal for your family but four random steaks from four different farms.

    Maybe I'm a Philistine, and I'm not arguing whether this is a bargain or not, but these prices just blow my mind.

    • +6

      DivZero, you don't have a Sous Vide do you?

      • I do .. I use it all the time. But it can do magic to a $35/kg steak, and a good job of the cheapest $18 supermarket cut. I absolutely cannot imagine what more it could do to something that's $67

    • +5

      My Weber and a top quality cut of steak can be just as good as any restaurant. I once dined at Cha Cha Char in Brissie and the eye fillet was served half well done and rare - I had asked for medium-rare. Obviously just one time though.

      • so technically they served you half-rare?
        This is the reason i order my steaks rare at restaurants..

    • Yes.

      I take my BBQing (Chubby 3400 for low'n'slow; Webber Family Q for Aussie grilling; 80cm Shichirin for yakitori etc) pretty seriously. I cook beef (not just steaks) to a standard that I can appreciated the difference between different grades of beef.

      • +1

        I think I can appreciate the difference (sometimes) at a restaurant, but my amateur 3 weeks of isolation BBQ skills probably would ruin the meat :( That being said I did try buying from a butcher the other day rather than Coles and it did taste significantly better!

        • +1

          I grew up on meat and three veg. Said meat was always cooked PAST the "well-done" stage to the point it was hard to tell if mum was serving steak or blocks of leather. ;-)

          I only got into the realm of BBQing in the last few years. Once I learned and appreciated how different techniques, equipment and cuts/quality affected the outcome I never looked back to the old days of the gas BBQ and a well-done t-bone.

    • +4

      This isn't even four matching steaks that you can cook a meal for your family but four random steaks from four different farms.

      You realise that steak can be sliced and shared, right? (Never had a chateaubriand?)

      Not everyone eats steak as an individual slab of meat on your plate. I've had many steak dinners, where different steaks are served "family style" for sharing.

      Particularly wagyu and the like, which in Japan is generally not eaten like we eat steak in the western world (as a slab of meat).

      • -1

        Cutting steak into strips seem odd, rather doit on a smaller slab than doing stir fry cuts

        • +4


          You cook the steak as usual (as a whole steak, just like you would for an individual serve), and slice the steaks for serving. (You do realise a lot of steaks served in restaurants are served in this exact same way, as in pre-sliced into strips, even when served as an individual meal?)

          I think some of you guys need to broaden your cultural horizons…

          This is how Rockpool Bar & Grill (a relatively famous steakhouse throughout Australia) serve their steaks:

          This is the famous porterhouse from Peter Luger in NYC:

          edit: lol at the negs…idiot.

          • +5

            @caprimulgus: there's a lot of poor and/or uncultured people on ozbargain, don't worry about them, they've never experienced these things before.

          • @caprimulgus: Well, poor or not but sometimes cutting things into small sttip is one of the way to avoid being called cheap. There are some cultures that symbolise finely sliced meat as a way of fine dining but if digging deep into history of such practice showed that it wasn't actually because of fine dining as such.

          • +1

            @caprimulgus: I think Rockpool is a little overrated. Didn't go to Peter Luger, but went to Minetta Taven in NYC and had the 'CÔTE DE BOEUF'. Best steak I have ever had! Partner and I couldnt finish it as there was so much meat.

            • @monkeydoo0: Yeah, I just used Rockpool as a populist example off the top of my head, that I thought people might recongise!

              IMHO, Firedoor in Sydney has the best steak in Australia - their 200+ day dry aged rib (I believe it was 260 or 280 days when I had it!) is incredible!

              I didn't have a steak at Minetta Tavern (had their "Black Label Burger" when I went) - will have to check out their steak next time! :)

              ps. I made myself a delicious steak sandwich today with crappy Coles marinated steak, so it's not like I'm a rich steak snob! lol :)

          • @caprimulgus: Rockpool dont always serve their steaks in that way (ive only been there once and they served up our steaks like slabs each.

            However I am aware that some high class restaurants will serve their steaks like that.

            Especially wagyu. Depending on how high the marbling is, it can get quite sickening ingesting all that fat.

            The highest marble score wagyu ive ever had (MS9) best enjoyed in strip amounts

  • Depend on Jobkeeper so can't afford it.

  • What is the normal price?

    • +2

      Click on the link and you'll see it's normally being sold at $100/kg.

      • Sounds like a fair chop.

  • yikes, even more expensive than lobster atm

  • +8

    For that price I'd like to know the name of the cow, what it was eating during all its life and have a photo of it and its family.

    • I think I'd become vegan then and not want to eat it!

  • I went for 8 of these instead (min order for Melbourne is $100 plus $22 shipping to my door)

    • +6

      That is thin slices so can't be used as steak, rather is good for chinese hotpot, japanese sukiyaki, shabu shabu or korean bbq.

      The steaks in this deal is actually quite good value considering most high marble wagyu steak cuts are over $100/kg usually.

      Can definitely recommend Osawa enterprises for high quality and relatively cheap wagyu meats.

      For those who comment its more expensive than lobster, it damn well should be considering the cost of raising wagyu beef

      • -2

        For those who comment its more expensive than lobster, it damn well should be considering the cost of raising wagyu beef

        This isn't about reality, this is about being the latter part of smartarse.

      • Fair point; to me, it will still hopefully taste good in whatever I use it for.

  • $67/kg for a steak? I'd rather get a nice t-bone for 1/3 of the price and then spend the change on a slab of beers !

    • Before cooking, an a restaurant t-bone weighs-in at ~320g INCLUDING the bone. (Source: son-in-law who is a commercial caterer)

      You're happy to pay $22.33 for a "nice" t-bone. Cool.

      Did you realise that by the time you take out the ~75g of bone in that steak you're paying $91.14/kg…FOR T-BONE?!

      • +1

        He meant a third of the price per kg. Meaning around $24 kg not per steak.

        • Welcome to OzAmbiguity

  • +3

    This seems more like an advertisement than a great deal to me.

  • +6

    massive sigh all these people who compare top quality wagyu steaks with your run of the mill cuts at the supermarkets…

    FYI, my local Woolies also sells some wagyu, MB5+ Australian wagyu. Usually is around $60+/kg so this deal here is awesome value considering you get 2 great marbling steaks and 2 decent ones

    Rangers valley MBS5+
    Jacks Creek MBS8-9
    Oakey MBS7+
    Black Opal MBS9+

    • +1

      Depend on the cut, but $67 for a kilo of rump cap is rip off, doesn't mater if it's mbs 8 or 9

  • +1

    the pic looks like MBS 3-5 tbh, and that kind of marbling is not a top quality wagyu.

    Ranger valley and Jacks creek are the good brands in the meat industry, but that does not mean the steaks being offered here are top quality steaks.

    • My understanding is that, Marble scores are rated using a the rib eye steak, So if the ribeye is a 9 then any cut from the animal is a 9. I've also read that that marbling is at its highest at the front of the animal - ie the tongue and then reduces at the back end. So Rumps will contain less marbling then a Rib Eye etc.

      A steak pack that would be more interesting would be Top Quality Grass Fed Beef (Cape Grim Select or Oconners), Grain Fed (Rangers Valley) & Wagyu. You would then get to experience the different flavours of each of the different types of beef.

  • +1

    With the Chinese happening I’m looking forward to some great Wagyu deals coming here this year 😀
    If the steaks are what OP states it’s a great deal !

  • Thanks OP! Purchased the headline 1.2kg of rump cap for some DIY picanha goodness, as well as couple of the Wagyu MBS5-7 steak rolls.

    Haven't bought from these guys before, but figured I'm give them try. Free postage sealed the deal for me.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. I am giving these a try too. If not good, at least there are plenty of other wagyu places to choose from. Will give a review here if I remember.

    • TRUTH!

      Talking of which, Australian Meat Emporium have just sent an email special (today through to Wednesday) for MB4-5 brisket at $17.99/kg which is a pretty good deal.

      Working from home has me tempted to fire-up the smoker tomorrow morning. If I got the brisket on at 8am before my first meeting the brisket would be ready to serve at 6pm after my last meeting for the day ;-)

      • +1

        Since they've lightened the restrictions…after work drinks at yours? I'll bring whisky

        • Hahahaha! I'll pay that :-)

  • In this pandemic times I'll cut my meat consumption, however so tempting :)

    • +4

      I just cut my fruit and vege to allow for meat and beer :-)

  • Does anyone know what shipping to Perth would cost?

  • +2

    Bought from these guys before. The meat were air freighted from Sydney to Melb in a well packed Styrofoam box with the meat frozen.
    Excellent quality wagyu.. Bought some ribeye for a family dinner. Everyone continues to talk about how it was the best steak they've ever had..

    I'd buy from these guys again and again..

    • The meat were air freighted from Sydney to Melb in a well packed Styrofoam box with the meat frozen.

      thanks for sharing - frozen meat? that's important information to know

      was it vacuum-packed?

      Can I request the thickness of my steak?

      Yes you can request it. Please email our customer service team for special requests ([email protected]). You can choose Karubi and for thinly sliced meat.

    • "Everyone continues to talk about how it was the best steak they've ever had."


      • +1

        It's a lifestyle… Or an expensive hobby.. Like coffee snobs.

        Not everyone will be into it…

        • No. As in "that is the best steak?" just saying.

          • @keyboardwarrior: I believe the statement refers to everyone in the household, not everyone in the World. So really you and I have no ground to dispute?!

  • +1

    I visited this site often not just for bargains but also to learn from fellow ozbargainers. So I would also like to contribute a bit.

    I can't upvote this particular offer as I have not tried it and I am "new" to premium cuts. However, I did order from the shop 3 times already (first time pick up then with delivery service) and have been very happy with the quality of orders received, Also the delivery services were great both times and did call in advance (10-15 mins as requested) for easy delivery taking at apartment building entrance (You know what I mean if you have been waiting for delivery by Australia Post ;P)

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