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Dyson V7 Motorhead Origin Vacuum $349 Shipped (Was $599) @ Dyson


Just purchased this one and thought I will share with others.

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    Wonder if it's worth grabbing this or the Xiaomi Dreame V9/10?

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      I bought the Xiaomi. while i haven't used a v7 the reviews I read suggested it was better than the v7.

      I am very happy with how the Dreame has performed in the limited time I have used it.

      • I think its only similar to the v6

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          Nah the Dreame should be better than a v7, both models but especially the v10 dreame. I saw a review showing that's on the heels of a Dyson V10 (but still noticeably behind)

          For this money I'd be getting the Dreame.

          • @Click_It: Which review was that

            • @asa79: Sorry I can't find it right now I will look more later. It was a youtube review where he tests all units for suction power and a number of other tests then compares against his database of previously tested units, the benchmark always includes Dysons because that's all we care about.

    • ihave brought one from myer the V7 last year and its only 8 month the battery has died now myer still closing down and i guess i need buy a new one but defintely not V7

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        Try contacting dyson, their support is excellent.

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          This is what gets me with Dyson. Support excellent but does that make the product garbage due to the number of constant failings. I have had all these issues. The other day my button was sticking so they sent out a new part. 3rd new part for the same unit.

          • @Pootie Tang: I have moved away from Dyson because the battery does not even allow me to do a complete vacuuming of my car now. Bought the Bosch BBS1224AU Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner Unlimited Serie 8 in January. It comes with 2 swappable batteries, I could not be happier. Up to now, I have not even needed to swap the battery when vacuuming. I still keep my Dyson for quick dust spot cleaning, but for serious vacuuming, it is now useless.


          • @JER88: Today my workplace got a replacement battery at no charge from Dyson since the current one died and we were one month over the warranty as well.

            • @rowdywabbid: How easier that could have been if Dyson had swappable batteries? There is nothing more frustrating with Dyson than when the battery dies in the middle of your vacuuming task.

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        If it's only 8 months old it should still be in warranty.

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        Contact dyson directly on 1800 239 766.

        They will send you a parcel to return the item for assessment and send you out a replacement for free.
        Dyson customer support is the Apple support of vacuum cleaners.

        I have had my V8 absolute replaced and additional parts sent out free of charge.

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          I had a V7 with a faulty battery, they didn't even request the item to be returned for assessment. All I had to do was talk to them, go through a few tests and when it flashed a blue light something like 16 or 32 times they confirmed it was a faulty battery and shipped the new one out right away.

          Dyson support is fantastic.

      • will still be under warranty.

        Dyson sent out a new battery for my v6 and its over 2 years old

      • thanks guys will give them call tomorrow.

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      Just upgraded to the Dreame V9 from a Dyson V6 and I was genuinely surprised with the build quality and power. I haven't owned the V7 but from what I've researched the Dreame V9 is better value for money.

    • The Xiaomi is a much better vacuum. The Dyson V10 is better than Xiaomi, but if considering the V7/V8, just go for the Xiaomi Dreame V9 instead.

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    TBH unless you are going for V10 or V11 you better off looking at Xiaomi

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      Is there a comparison or research thread you'd recommend? Looking to get one also. Thanks

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      I'd say the opposite IMO. Although being upfront that's more about "original brand" mentality. I've used a V6 and the Xiaomi V9 and they seem to be pretty much the same from a layman user point of view. Dyson put in those subtle little features like throttling the motor if it suddenly gets blocked for instance.

      • I am going to get the Xiaomi once my Dyson v6 dies
        My v6 has been used for 5 years now still going strong (used few times per week)

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          Sounds like a reason to buy another Dyson, not support intellectual theft by buying the Chinese copy.

    • I second this. For ~$250 the xiaomi v9 is comparable to Dyson v8 (from reviews), and pretty much blow the similar-price Dyson v6 out of the water in terms of battery run time, suction power AND noise level (from personal experience).

      • After COVID-19 I thought more ppl would be voting with their wallet to choose something other than Chinese tech when available.

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          No hate against Chinese tech, but blatant copy paste including even naming v series etc is enough to turn many off.

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          i'd guess most of the parts of the dyson is made in china/assembled in china…

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            @spoonmugen: Dyson are made in Malaysia/Singapore

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              @Buy2Much: Even if most Dyson parts are made in China, I would still try to buy from Dyson or LG or Samsung etc as no one can ever get away from products made in China but at least Chinese homogeny is not getting 100% of our money if we but from Dyson or others if price is still justifiable.

        • Chinese made xiaomi, or Singaporean manufactured Dyson-Meiban product, or South Korean made Samsung product.

          It's a small manufacturing world, and I don't believe Dyson has opened their Malaysian manufacturing with Meiban, It's possible that the ~$300 brush accessories are made in Malaysia, so IDK.

          Or it could just be that it's ~$300 vs $1300. There's an argument for quality and avoiding China, but there's also Samsung products being a middle ground. IDK. It's still expensive.

      • which reviews?

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      I was hoping they'd discount the V11 Outsize Pro.

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        I doubt if that will happen anytime soon especially with 2 batteries and 2 chargers. They may discount the V11 though.

    • been using the DC16 EVERYDAY since 2006 and it still runs well, only replaced 2x batteries so far!

      Will be different story if i bought Xiaomi (2 yrs max?)

    • Why is that? I thought the xiaomi was only comparison to the v6 model?

    • I agree. The Dreame V10 isn't far behind the Dyson V10. But this V7 Dyson is behind all of them and costs more.

  • what is the difference between Origin vs Non Origin Motorhead? I know the latter is red in colour..

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      I'm pretty sure it's one less tool with the origin

  • Was also this price at Myer if you have points etc there

  • can you stack with 25% off voucher?

    • Do you have a link to getting a voucher?

    • Stacking doesn't work when I tried

  • Pretty good deal. I paid $359 for my V7 Motorhead (non-origin, not sure what the difference is but someone above suggested I might have gotten an extra tool) so this seems a good price.

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      Dont you know V8 Animal was sub $400 several months ago? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/500952

      • Geez that is cheap for the V8. I bought my V7 a while before this though. So maybe this isn't a fantastic price but on the lower end of the sale prices for the V7 generally.

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    It regularly goes on sale for $319.20 through Dyson eBay store… not a great deal !

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      Yeah but our vacuum died 3 days ago and the missus wanted to pay $399 on the weekend for the v7 and I said no we can wait.
      This is good enough for me.

      • that answers why she married you, doesnt it?

        • +1

          I did convince her we should buy a AEG workshop handheld vacuum to get us through to the next sale which I got yesterday.
          Well the kids can use that one now…

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    Crazy how those keep their prices, bought one on sale for $399 during Christmas 2018

  • Bought 1. thanks OP. missed it last time when it was on ebay for $319 but keeping afterpay in mind, happy to spend extra $30 for $87.25 payment over the next 4 fortnights.

  • Was thinking to buy the V8 one for $700, anyone would recommend them?

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    My V6 lost it after 2.5 years, just nicely outside warranty. Feel that I shouldn't buy a dyson again, surely we can expect more than 2.5 years for $400?

    • -3

      They program the batteries to stop working after 2-3 years, just get a new battery and all good.

      • +3

        My original battery is still going strong after about 5 years. They definitely don't program them to fail.

        • -4

          You must not use it very often, internet is full of stories of batteries being replaced after a few years, same as happening to me.

    • +1

      My V6 is still going strong and bought it in 2015. Haven't changed the battery either.

    • +1

      3 years on my V6, still works fine.

    • Dyson sent me a new battery, when it was just outside of warranty.

      • How much did they charge you?

  • Just remembered I am part of their "loyal customers" program or something I forget and get 25% off any item - just have to call to order. Wonder if it'll stack with this. I didn't even know such thing existed until I rang up to warranty a motor head and they told me because I purchased one of their 'elite' series vacuums (DC39 animal).

    • I think the loyalty discount you are talking about is the one where your current Dyson product has been retired in their system so they allow you to buy a brand new replacement product from the same category with 25% off rrp. Was told the V11 Outsize is currently excluded from this loyalty discount as it is the latest release. 'Retired' is the term they use but it's basically a model that they deem is old enough and is definitely no longer sold. It's up to them when they retire models in their books though and the staff don't even know when it happens. I know this because I have a pedestal fan that was purchased in 2010 and is now retired, but the vacuum purchased in the same year is still not so I can't buy a new vacuum with the discount, only an item in the Environmental category (fan/purifier).

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    What is the difference between the Absolute Pro + (on sale for $1,049) and the Absolute Extra ($1,199) ?
    The Pro lists the power as '20% more than V10' and the Extra says 40%…

    • +1

      The extra is the 2020 model that among other things has a swappable battery. The Absolute Pro+ is the 2019 model - has more accessories but no new 2020 things like the swappable battery

      • Thanks!

        I called customer support last night and was told that the Extra also has slightly more powerful suction. 185AW vs 220AW.

        I’m upgrading from a V6 so this will no doubt be much better anyway.

        • +1

          I'm in the same boat. keen for an upgrade from dc59 animal. sadly missed the good guys v11 absolute sale a few months ago. it was only $799 as remembered. cannot justify the extra $200 dollars for a pro version(seems only 3 extra heads).

  • Purchased! Thanks OP.

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    Go via ShopBack to save another $10

  • what's with not being able to buy the "fluffy" head for dyson vacs in australia?

    we have hardwood floors only throughout the house and apparently standard dyson head is not much chop on them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udWiABIjk3E

    • only model that has it is the $1200 v11 absolute.

      they dont sell it as an optional accessory even

    • I called Dyson today, you can buy the fluffy head by itself for $129 for the V10.

      • okay cool, that's good know it fits the v10 and not just the v11. ta.

  • More stock available.

  • Looks like there's more stock again! Get in quickly.

  • Why get dyson when you can get the xiaomi dreame v9 or v10 for cheaper?

    • +1

      Not sure about others, but I don't support Chinese copycat.

      • -4

        Not sure about copycat, but its clear you support racism.

        • +1

          It's not racist and there's nothing wrong with not wanting to support a despotic regime that rivals Nazi Germany and the USSR at their peak. Which also infamously and blatantly steals IP all the time.

        • How is it racism?

  • My Dyson V6 battery has died after 36 months of occasional use between major vacuums with my 240v machine :(

    Now I need a new battery, $79 :( yuk…

    Seems like a common problem.