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WD 12TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive $341.74 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Great for shucking and putting inside a NAS. Remember if you do that you may need to do the tape mod on the 3.3V pin.
If you want to use it as a standard portable HDD remember you can contact western digital for an AU power cable.

With thanks to OP of this post https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/533808

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I bought this to shuck into a nas im intending of buying. What is the problem with SMR? (sorry for the noob question haha)

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      From the article:

      "The reason SMR is considered inferior to CMR for many applications is because SMR drives place tracks more closely together than their CMR counterparts. This does not impact read speed, but it has a significant impact on write. In order to write to one track, the HDD has to perform an operation equivalent to a program/erase cycle on an SSD. This takes a significantly longer period of time than a standard HDD (which isn’t exactly fast) and it hits the performance of these drives hard in write-heavy workloads."

      These 12TBs are reportedly CMR so should be OK.

      • Thanks for the info! Makes sense, I guess intending to use it as a Plex Media Server drive wouldn't affect it too much as it will primarily be reading the files, not writing to it often?

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          The 12TBs are not SMR anyway, so should be OK

        • SMR drives are also likely to have larger cache (256mb+) in order to compensate write speed hit. Your use case should be fine.

    • There isnt at this capacity, 8TB and higher WD drives are not SMR. some 6TB and lower are though.

  • Cancelled my order from last night when it was $374 and bought again lol

  • Mac compatible if formatted correctly?

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    I bought one of these a few weeks ago for $374. Ordered on Sunday night and it arrived in Geelong on the Friday!!!

    I schucked it into a Silverstone 5 in 3 Bay and didn't have to tape the power pin. Might be the bay, might be the drive? Will definitely slowly fill all slots with these as I need space… for new Linux distros

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      Yes yes, "Linux Distros" πŸ™ƒπŸ˜œ

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      I did not have to cut 3.3V when used as internal drive, but not sure my PSU (EVGA 1600P2) provides 3.3V to SATA power connectors.

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      All depends on your power supply, 5 pin SATA ports means you need the mod as the fifth pin is for the 3.3v. Four pins is fine and means you don't need to mod it. Most newer PSUs have 4 or 4 and 5 pins to let you choose.

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    What is the drive used inside? Is it suitable 24/7 inside a NAS?

  • Is this (or any external drives really) good for backing up data? I used to archive stuff on DVDs and bluray discs but they are becoming too small in today's data size.

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      its exactly what these are meant for

    • Yes. Assuming you're using the term backup correctly.

      • By back-up, I mean storing media files (can be re-downloaded; not so easy for older stuff) and personal photos (cannot re-download obviously).

        Been wanting to do a RAID-1 backup setup but never got around to doing it. The external drive option seems way easier. No idea how reliable they are for years however.

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          OK, so if that's the backup, where is the original copy?

          A RAID is also not a backup.

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          RAID is for redundancy, not a backup. What happens if you accidentally hit delete on a folder? Data gone. What happens if ransomware connects and encrypts content? Data gone.

          If you do want a backup look into the 3-2-1 approach or a variant there of.

          If you only want 2 drives for backup, keep them separate and sync at specified times, then keep the backup air gapped.

          • @turtlesinmypants: Thanks. I have much to learn here.

            • @ddhar: Most importantly, not to call your only copy a backup :p

              I don't call my daily drive car my backup car. Even if I park it for a month because I don't need it.

  • These were $380ish yesterday as I had left one in my cart to check prices, funny to see them drop so quick.

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    Tempting… but must exercise restraint….

  • How would this go being chucked in a PC for a game library?

    • Would go well

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      Not great, 7200rpm IronWolf would be more suited.

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        For a name library? Why? Large files loaded once….

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    Camel Camel shows this is a pretty good price for 2020:

  • Running outta space on my nas, but like others here who have the 2 x 10tb setup, might wait for a 10tb deal.

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    to think I did not pull the trigger on this when it was $317AU :(

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    Seeing as though it was posted for $317 in March I think i'll wait for a further price drop. Wish the 8 or 10TB would go on sale :(

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      As I've said in past deals. This will be in the $315-330 range very soon provided the AUD holds. In March it was $0.66 and then tanked. It's currently $0.654

      $341 is a good price, but I'm a betting man so I'll wait for the upcoming price drop. If the AUD tanks again it will of course go the other way but I think it's in a stable band right now and isn't going anywhere in a hurry.

  • Just placed an order for 2 of them, first time at shucking so will be interesting to see how this goes. Adding to my DS1019+

    • Super easy.

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      Takes about 5min. Have a look at YouTube videos. Just be careful not the break the case as you might need to return it under warranty.

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      as the others said, super easy - just be careful with the case for warranty etc.

      I did one about an hour ago using this video > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QApvLyorr3g

  • what WD drives do these have? reds or whites

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    • White, which is more or less a red.

  • Can I remove the HDDs and use them in my NVR?

    • yes, you can. May need to isolate 3.3V pins in some cases, but worked fine for me without.

  • I'd rather run 3 of the 4TBs for my media server, but if you have a single or dual drive NAS then this is great.

    • Why? Is the read faster?

      • It's straight up cheaper. 3x $99 = $297.

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          Do you have unlimited drive bays? And not running any raid?

        • +1

          What ?
          Assuming around 10W per drive, your additional three drives will be warming your house with 30W of heat.
          If you pay 30c per KWh, then you'll be spending roughly a dollar every hundred hours to power your three additional drives.
          At $1.50 a week to run, your three extra drives are quickly going to become much more expensive than this single unit.
          Plus you've got four times the chance of drive failure, and you've wasted all your drive bays !!

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            @Nom: I don't care I have no logic I am goldfish good day

            • @Void: Haha ok 😁😁

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      It's cheaper until you run out of space on your server and need to buy a new server because you can't fit any more drives in your old one.

  • I don't have a NAS, I just run a HDD directly to my Asus Rt-ac68u router and share data on network. I'm looking to do the same with this drive also. What advantages would there be with a NAS over my current set up?

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    Thanks! Bought 8, i will post on here when they arrive.

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      4 different accounts?

      • It is what it is

        • 4 different addresses?

          • @bamtan: No you can use the same address for all of them

    • Wow, and I thought I chewed through hard drives! (Video, mostly via cameras & drones)

  • just ordered, my porn will have a new house soon..

  • Technical question - does anyone know if I will need to do the 3.3v trick on a Norco 4224?

    • No harm in applying πŸ˜‰

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    Gone up to 351

    AUD is back up to 66c so expect a sub 330 deal in the near future

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    $351 and (without prime) it quoted $25 in shipping.

    I'm pretty tempted by these but will wait for a ~$340ish price again.

    I've been paying approx $350 for our 'media' drive which started out as a 2T, then 3T -> 4T -> 5T -> 8T. 12T seems like it would probably last for another 18-24 months..

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    I have seen the go up and down over the last two weeks. Back up to 351. Agree with the more seasoned ozB experts, she is gonna drop!

    • Might just have to buy some more if it drops. For the price of ~$350 its equivalent of buying a 6-8tb drive locally

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    It's a bit of a shame the 10TB doesn't go on sale anymore. I'd prefer a few 10's over 12's if the price per TB was better.

    $262 would be just about right!

  • I would say anything under $30 per TB is a very good deal and probably should purchase if needed. For internal NAS drives anything under $40 is a good deal. Try stick to that if you're after a decent price for drives

  • How do you arrange for an AU power cable to be sent? Just contact WD through their website?

    • I'd say you're right on the money. I'll try it tomorrow when live chat is running again.
      Twisting the pins with pliers, (which works on some other wall-warts) did NOT work!

  • has anyone's HDD shipped yet?
    Still waiting on mine to be shipped 5 days later…

    • Delivery date is clearly stated on your order.
      Mine also haven't shipped yet, but they aren't due for delivery for another two weeks, so I don't expect them to ship for a few more days.

      • Yeah man, ill give you benefit of the doubt.
        i just really dont think it'll arrive on time

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          Have ordered multiple WD HD's from amazon US and the delivery time is always much, much quicker than what is initially stated. Usually from time of order to delivery its 7-10 days total (im in Melbourne), when delivery can state a good 3-4 weeks.

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            @TightTerry: Yeah I have noticed that if amazon takes a long time to first send the delivery they usually use a faster courier like UPS so you end up getting the delivery in time.

            • @videoman: Mine was sent today with UPS. I would be surprised if I don't get it within a week.

        • +1

          Just noticed my card was billed 2 days ago, so I suspect they're about to be dispatched…

          • @Nom: Yeah same here funds were taken 3 days ago, i thought they only take funds once its been shipped

            • @harryozz: I think you guys were right, mine have been shipped with expected delivery for Monday 1/06/2020 6PM which is super quick!

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          Got my 2 drives yesterday. Total time was exactly 1 week from date of order. Actually shipping from US to here was only 2-3 days (they actually shipped them separate for some reason 1 day after each other for the same order but arrived at the same time). Shipping used FedEx where the guy actually came up to my door to deliver!

          Amazing delivery times considering AusPost took 2 weeks to ship a small box of dog worming droplets from QLD to NSW and requiring pickup at the local post office because AusPost never comes to my door anymore.

          • +1

            @jmeister: Ordered the same day but still waiting for them to ship.

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    One of mine arrived today, just a shipping label slapped on the retail box. It's clearly had a rough ride so the drive is possibly (probably) shock damaged. No external protection for an expensive and fragile item. Amazon have some explaining to do.

    • +1

      All 8 of mine arrived yesterday not packaged correctly at all. I reckon the drives are done for.

      • +3

        The drives are very well packed inside the retail box - you'll find them suspended in a soft cradle, so there's no need for any concern πŸ‘

        • It's still unacceptable. Even eBay sellers give more attention to packing stuff (and that's not a high bar to match)
          Amazon should have done two things: Send BOTH in one regular outer box. Send each one in a regular outer box. They used to send stuff like this. Even my $7 tripath amplifier boards from China had a bubble bag on them.

          I agree that they have decent shock absorption by way of cardboard and inside the case (the actual black plastic) but by the looks of one of these boxes, I'm expecting to find the contents in bits. The other fared much better and is likely fine.

    • +1

      Mine finally arrived today and yeah the way they are shipped is shocking, they were beat to death and the boxes weren't even still sealed.

  • Anybody who got these in the beaten-up retail box, please contact Amazon and raise a complaint, they need to do better than this!

    After getting RMA labels from Amazon yesterday and confirming in writing that I can open the packs and still RMA them:
    Drive A with a scruffy box: Despite obvious box damage, grime and dented corners from drops, the drive was in perfect shape inside. And the drive works perfectly.
    Drive B with a beaten up & squashed box: Drive had started to shuck itself, the actual housing had partially split apart. The film on the black housing had been rubbed through by the plastic shock absorbing holders and scuffed the actual plastic. The drive doesn't work, making horrid clicking sounds.

    Inside both is a white labelled WD120EMAZ, origin: Thailand, with an MD of 27/DEC/2019
    The drive, in a PC gets a respectable transfer rate of about 200MB/s (1GB files) According to the data I have read, the best conclusion is they are native 12TB drives, PMR with 256MB cache.
    The good part to come out of this, a friend greedily ordered 6 last time they were on special, and sold me one. The drive is an identical MD oddly. His DID come in an outer protective box!

  • Fortunately my box arrived in one piece without any major damage. Twisted the US power pins in an angle to match AU plug, I know that is not the right thing to do for electrical safely but I needed to run the tests before shucking. Ran HD Sentinel surface tests and all came good. HDD Model: WDC WD120EMAZ-11BLFA0.

    • Did you use the free version or paid version? Is this the most thorough test you can do? Sorry I'm quite new to hard drives

  • I received this email today.

    Returns | Rosman Computers <[email protected]>
    Fri 19/06/2020 9:11

    Usually, I don’t write emails to customers, which is typically left to our exceptional sales and marketing team. However, today is a unique occasion.

    You placed an order with us for the β€˜Western Digital WD Elements Desktop 12TB Black AUS/NZ’ (WDBBKG0120HBK-AESN).

    Rosman Computers is a family run business based in Thirroul (Wollongong), and we aim to bring the best prices and service to our customers!

    However, yesterday the price for your order of the WD 12TB was not accurate and did not reflect the correct RRP. The root cause of this was because the vendor managed (WD) product feed which we pull our prices from was incorrect. Today we have attempted to get support from WD without success.

    Therefore, we need to begin processing and issuing a full refund for your purchase. Please allow several days for the funds to appear back in your payment method account.

    We understand that we may have caused you some frustration, but this was never our intention. To demonstrate that your time is still valuable to us, and as a token of goodwill in an attempt to make things right by you, we want to give you a $20 store credit which you can use on your next order with us. We will apply this to your Rosman Computers account. Please allow a week or two for it to appear as there are quite a few that we need to process manually.

    Please reach out to us if you need anything else.

    Thank you, for understanding this situation, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

    A picture containing man, photo, front, mirror Description automatically generated

    Josh Landman

    Founder & Managing Director

    Rosman Computers

    • Wrong post brother.

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