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2 Week Free Trial (Includes GOT) @ Binge.com.au


Got to know about this streaming service today. Binge on Binge :D
I hope 2 weeks would be enough to complete GOT ;-)
Enjoy :)

The world’s best shows on Australia’s newest streaming service.
All packages include a 2 week free trial for users new to Binge.

  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Lifestyle
  • Action
  • Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Crime
  • Reality
  • Docos
  • Family

Every subscription includes
Watch on popular devices
Binge over 10,000+ hours
Cancel anytime
Ad-free on demand
Dolby Digital sound^
BingeLists, Surprise Me! and more…

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  • +82 votes

    Foxtel, nah.

  • +67 votes

    Oh another streaming service, fantastic.

  • +10 votes

    Come on, it is free; it has be to be upvoted.
    The subscription page suggests that there are 'vouchers' out there; anyone know?

    • This is not truly free as they require credit card and hope that you will forget to cancel.

      • So no different to a lot of other free trials or free sim card deals.

        • and it is truly free unless you forget to cancel…in which case it is then not free

          Content looks good, iOS app is a bit clunky

          but its a bargain to be sure

      • I cancel my free trial shit immediately after signing up… Usually end up with an offer for an additional free month if you come back.

      • That's literally how most free trials work. Just set a reminder so you don't forget to cancel.

      • PSA you can cancel your free trials immediately and they won’t end until the allotted time expires.

        • Unless they are free trials of Apple services, in which case, they don't follow their own rules that they impose on every other provider (offering the trial period as you outline in your post) and instead CANCEL THE SERVICE IMMEDIATELY. One of the most unscrupulous aspects of Apple.

      • It's also not free in the sense that you have to feed and shelter yourself for the duration required for you to log back in and cancel it. You also have to take the time out of your day to do so as well… not to mention ensure you are literate enough to operate a device capable of accessing their webpage. IS THIS EVEN A BARGAIN?!?!

  • As i noted on the previous forum post:

    It’s should also be noted made for Foxtel shows will not be shown on binge until their end (even then not a garauntee)
    Shows confirmed to NOT be coming to binge
    Selling houses Australia
    Location location location Australia
    Great Aussie bake off
    Aussie gold hunters

    These shows are still currently showing on Foxtel and they have confirmed they won’t be shown on binge while currently broadcasting (this includes all previous series)

    Movies will premiere on Foxtel and transition to binge over time.
    The fastest way to see the latest releases will be on Foxtel (their quote not mine)

    There is also current a LOT of crossover with Stan in regards to content (Stan still has access to FX and NBCU content until end of this year i believe)

    • Don't worry, Binge has Gogglebox so its well worth the money. /s

    • Selling houses Australia
      Location location location Australia
      Great Aussie bake off
      Aussie gold hunters

      ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙)

      • Among many others
        if its exclusively made for Foxtel you will not see it on Binge if its still current

    • Ahh poor Stan!
      First they lost MCU content because of Disney+ abd now this.

      • Gets worse.
        They about to loose a lot more content as cbsviacom won’t be renewing their deals as they plan to transfer the content to 10AllAcess when the deals expire.

        Stan won’t be around by end of 2021 is my call
        Will close or be bought out by a competitor.

  • +35 votes

    Foxtel go, Foxtel now, Kayo, Binge, NRL and AFP App, how many branded streaming services do foxtel need.

    • This is very different from Foxtel go/now
      Its essentially Kayo but with their drama programs instead of sport

      Lots of programming exclusions though as far as movies and series go many will still premiere of Foxtel and "might" move to binge at a later date

      • So netflix should branch out and create a separate service for each genre?

      • Foxtel now had a drama package though? I'm struggling to see how this is any different to what they already had?

        I'm fine with it though, if they want to keep wasting money every two years with a new app, and the insane costs involved with creating that and advertising. go ahead. Will just mean their downfall is even quicker.

        • It's definitely not different to their old presto service, I ran that for 2 years for free using 6 month free trials. Eventually they wound it up, such is the foxtel way. They keep trying to make as much money as they used to when they had a monopoly, but it's not possible, so they will end up winding this up soon too

        • It excludes a lot of content you can only get on Foxtel but it’s decent for $14 a month.

    • +17 votes

      A lot, obviously. Like a dinosaur slowly sinking into a tar pit, they're thrashing around in a desperate attempt to survive. Whether they succeed or not remains to be seen.

    • Don't forget Foxtel Play. I think it still works on some older smart TVs.

    • tree fiddy

    • Like I get your point, but you are reaching a fair bit.

      Firstly saying the NRL/AFL apps are a "foxtel" streaming service is a push. They are basically there as a value add on to telstra services, kind of like how optus sport (basically just premier league streams) is a value add on to optus products.

      Next, foxtel go is what you get when you have a normal foxtel connection at home for free, so it's not really marketed to anyone except existing foxtel subscribers, however I get your point they probably could just call it foxtel now.

      So really that leaves foxtel now, which is basically just foxtel IPTV, then kayo which is on demand steaming sport and now binge, which is on demand "drama and entertainment".

      So realistically they have 3 Streaming services which are fairly well defined in what they offer.

      • Yeah as someone who has used ALL of them except for binge, yeah nah it still reflects chaos and poor foresight.

        While Disney has Disney + and Hulu separate, that is at least due to the fact that Hulu is legacy and can be usefully targeted at an older audience. Not to mention Hulu is not Disney's original content. So a very compelling case.

        On demand drama and entertainment, and apps for foxtel at home etc. are not compelling arguments.

        Why does Foxtel need to distinguish between foxtel and streaming? Most tech companies have been doing the opposite, pushing for cross device integration.

        If the audience is different, simply tweak the content that is shown (i.e. packages). But Foxtel should be aiming for a very coherent and concise pitch.

    • Wow, didn't realise the Australian Federal Police have an app, might tell my dealer so he can watch them before they storm his house.

    • How many orphan streaming devices are out there for Foxtel? Allow unlocking of the set top boxes and people might consider subscribing. Shit ,what did I just write? At that price for that shit ,no way.

    • Foxtel is nothing. Let me introduce you to Flight Centre:

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  • This is why i use kodi and prime.. fragmented ass streaming

  • Remember when it became easier to just pay for a streaming service or two than it was to pirate content? With movies and TV shows spread across SO MANY different platforms, I can see why people of questionable moral character might prefer to go back to piracy.

    • I'm happy to pay for 1 or 2

      Not 78 haha

    • Might? ;)

    • Yeah, This is what I fear with Sports & Kayo. At the moment $25 a month for AFL, Cricket, ESPN, NRL, BEIN & what ever other sports take your fancy is a great deal. If Foxtel go bust and the sports start getting spread accross multple platforms then it could be very expensive me me.

      • Yep, exactly, just look at an NFL game pass, $280 or so for a season subscription, for one sport.

        Kayo at full price would be $150 for 6 months, for a heap of different sports coverage.

    • it's cable TV all over again…

  • +15 votes

    Its 2020. Get with the torrent.

  • 2020, and Foxtel still can’t sort out 4K correctly, even for streaming services…

    • Are any TV shows apart from the ones made by the Streaming Services broadcast anywhere in 4k?

      • Does it matter? Almost all streaming services outside Australia have 4k now.

        Broadcast TV isn't really important anymore

        • Does it matter? not really, just feel like there is some blind hate towards Foxtel. Someone justified due to their historical offerings.

          Anyway Too my knowledge the only TV shows available in 4k are the ones made by the Streaming Providers e.g Netflix, Stan & Amazon Prime. Why would Binge offer 4k if they dont have the content to display in 4k? Further example of this is HBONOW in the US does not stream in 4k

          Now you could argue that they could get 4k movies but if you again look at Netflix and Amazon Prime, the overwhelming majority of the movies they have licensed from Third Parties are only in HD not in 4k.