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[Pre Order, PS4] The Last of Us Part II $68 (RRP $99.95) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Not as cheap as it ever has been but thought I would share anyway. It's $1 more at Big W and JB HI FI at the moment.

Mod Note: Price has increased by $1 to $69

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    • Part 1 is fantastic. It came out free with PS Plus a little while ago. Would recommend! Otherwise you can grab a copy for <= $25.

      • i dont do online multi player games, story based is my thing and TLOU was the best ive ever played…. :)

      • Completely forgot it went free on PS Plus, I've kept the Disc version installed this whole time like a peasant, lol. Sucks that you have to redownload the whole game to switch to digital, but downloading now to give it another play through in time for Part II. Can't wait!

      • I remember this but weird enough, I can't find the game on it PS+ library.

        I got everything else from Detroit: becoming human to Honour. I'm sure this game on PS+ was way after Honour.

      • Yup, ranks up there w/ Half Life as one of the best.

      • TLOU1 is a “PlayStation Hits” game, so you can even find it for ~$19 in the current Days of Play sale

        • actually the controversy is in relation to
          1) the main character …. non binary….. lesbian… etc etc and also a misconception that the leaked footage that was recently leaked was an indication of the games story etc
          2) ND and Sony doing copyright take downs on Youtube etc
          3) ND and Sony threatening legal action against content creators when those copyright claims were reversed… and so on and so on

          • @jimbobaus: There was also the controversy of the leaked plot.

            • @Bryanalves: I'd agree there's been controversy about how ND did their release.

              Delayed release for crunch is not new.

              An indefinite delay, related to research on financial return moreso than the optics of a zombie apocalypse story during COVID, is new. Then a quick backflip and rush to release when they were hit with leaks.

              A lot of that is outside the control of ND and Sony. But where they did have control they made bad decisions.

              I've been a consumer of ND back to Crash. This is the first time I feel like they've got development wrong by fans (not that we're entitled to anything but to be rooting for them to do well).

              I'll judge Part 2 for the product. But I was lukewarm on TLOU, so I'm not sure what will bring me back to ND going forward. I hope for new IP and something other than a linear third person shooter.

          • @jimbobaus: Don't care much about 1.
            but I would stay away from this game because of 2 and 3.

            Sony was threatening not only people who publish spoilers but also YouTubers who discuss leaks and spoilers without showing it.
            I somewhat enjoined the first part, but I'm not going to buy the second game just for Sony and ND being … naughty.

            • @Pest85: The amount of games you could buy have severely been limited now if you base your buying choices on that.

              • @onlinepred:

                The amount of games you could buy have severely been limited now if you base your buying choices on that.

                That’s a rather bold claim to make, when most people can probably say with confidence that they don’t recall a single other instance of game devs/publishers abusing copyright to strike people for just talking about leaks and spoilers in a very general sense.

              • @onlinepred:

                The amount of games you could buy have severely been limited now if you base your buying choices on that.

                that's fine with me.
                moreover, if you keep buying as nothing happens, the number of good games without any BS from publishers or developers would be smaller and smaller each year.

            • @Pest85: don't know why you got down voted when you just expressing your opinion, up voted to balance it out

  • -3 votes

    I’ll be steering well clear of this travesty.

    • explain?

          • @onlinepred: I'm guessing you haven't seen the leaked footage? If you had, you would understand why people are pissed off

            • +16 votes

              @Captain-Danke: That's not why people are angry

            • +13 votes

              @Captain-Danke: That's not the issue. They've decided to prioritise pushing their agenda over good storytelling. Why would I pay $$ to game studios that aren't here to entertain me, but to preach their subjective values? Where's the commercial sense in that?

              TLOU is not a game you buy for the gameplay. You probably don't care about a weird story with even weirder characters if you're playing some shooter. But here, it's all about the setting, the characters and story. Like I found it easy to identify with Joel and his motives in part 1. From what has leaked about part 2 (literally everything), they're using a different breed of characters that just don't interest me.

              It's their choice. And it's my money that I am going to keep.

              • @maxbon: Are you saying they didn't push their own agenda with the first?

                • @onlinepred: They did to some degree, but they toned it down to a degree that they didn't sacrifice the story and where it wasn't the central identifying attribute of the main characters. Joel and Ellie were front and centre, but most of the time you'd be playing as Joel. I must assume that many (most) players found it easy to like Joel and to sympathise with his actions and motives.

                  Anyway - enjoy it if you like. I wouldn't - if only 'cause I feel rather strongly about people who are on a mission to push their values on others. Doing so is simply not a video game's place and it is condescending to their paying customers. Not to mention that they're basically insinuating that players need a lesson in "diversity".

                  • @maxbon: Are you saying most players were male, and they should have aimed to to males by keeping Joel as the main character? Keeping in mind that there was both same sex and female leads in the first one if you played the add on.

                    • @onlinepred: Go and buy it if you like - I've got no problem with that. Neither do I have a problem with Naughty Dog exercising their creative freedom with that game. It's their property, they have every right to do so. Admittedly, I think it's commercially stupid what they've done, but again: not my place to tell them how they should create their game.

                      I just won't spend my money on it.

      • Let’s just say that what’s been leaked looked so bad for Sony and Naughty Dog that they sent their 3rd party agency on a rampage all over social media with false DMCA and copyright takedowns, even against videos that only talked about the leaks in a general sense without discussing any spoilers or showing any images.

        … Then in their panic, even managed to accidentally strike their own official tweets.

      • Dont get this game

    • Same here, I was looking forward to this game… What has put you off??

    • What? In what way is a sequel to one of the best games of all time now considered a travesty?!

      • A hacker released a significant amount of gameplay footage spoiling several key story elements. Basically, people are pissed at the "twists" in the story. I would be careful in this thread as you may come across the spoilers.

        • Oh so people read the spoilers then got upset about them? Okay then.

          Thanks, I'll avoid this thread.

          • @noodlesfordaddy: I think the whole thing's overkill. I've read the spoilers. It was so clear that Ellie would burn down Kings Landing from Ep 1, and the fact that she was a Palpatine all along threaded in perfectly. The fact that they were dead the whole time was a little odd, but hey, after 6 seasons of being on the island, it beats eating dinner with Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" in the background, only to cut out mid-scene.

        • Hey man, just wanted to come back to this to say thanks. I had no idea about any of the controversies, so after this comment you made I've avoided ALL discussions of this game until after I finished it. I finished it a week ago and it's still stuck in my head, it was such a ridiculously awesome experience that could have so easily been soured for me if I read any of the leaks.

          So, thanks :)

    • Bcos you've just got an XB1?

    • The shills are out in force, I'll be avoiding also, keep the edgy woke politics out of video games. Or don't. Just don't expect to make a huge profit, the target demographics never seem to reward these people by actually giving them their money

    • Why is this so negged. I was going to preorder but I'll wait based on the leaks. Likely to get quite poor reviews

  • PS4 games lose value so fast so if you're patient enough you can probably get it a lot cheaper later on, unlike switch games

    • You have a point but I want to play it through quickly enough to avoid spoilers lol

      • Controversy leaks are enough spoiler for it to wait till its free on ps+

        They really pushing an agenda in this game, it feels like a betray enough to put off many fans

    • Generally not with these pre order prices, unless you wait 4 months or so or buy second hand. Otherwise this applies for literally anything in the world, not just PS4 games.

    • You are probably going to be waiting at LEAST 6 months for this to drop further than the 32% off this price offers. Keep in mind this is likely to be one of if not the biggest releases of the year.

      • What if it follows a similar trajectory to Death Stranding?

        Price on EB Games at launch: $99.95

        • It's highly unlikely it will. Death Stranding had great launch sales then abysmal sales after. Apparently they still have 3 million copies in warehouse, so they obvious dropped the price to move stock. The Last of Us will sell 5x the amount DS did so they would have no reason to drop the price. Noodlesfordaddy is right, I don't think we'll see any massive price drop for 6 months.

          • @Bombasaur:

            Death Stranding had great launch sales then abysmal sales after. Apparently they still have 3 million copies in warehouse, so they obvious dropped the price to move stock. The Last of Us will sell 5x the amount DS did so they would have no reason to drop the price.

            It took 5 years across two platforms (and many, many temporary discounts and permanent price reductions) for the original TLOU to officially reach 17 million total copies sold worldwide. Death Stranding apparently sold horribly below expectations, but is still said to have sold around 3 million copies in the half year since its launch.

            The problem with AAA titles is that even selling several million copies doesn't necessarily mean success, and apparently having up to 70% turnover rate isn't going to help (bloating the budget to retain what staff they could, and continually training new staff to acceptable levels). Which means that Sony is guaranteed to heavily front-load sales of the game, in the hopes that as many copies are sold at full price as possible at launch.

            Which is why the "had great launch sales then abysmal sales after" is an entirely plausible scenario for TLOU2, especially if the major story beats and twists really plays out as badly as the leaked spoilers suggests they will.

    • True, but once PS5 releases and probes to be Backwards compatible with most PS4 games, the value for PS4 games will increase.

    • I think all games, PS4, Xbox One, PC lose value rather quickly compared to Switch games.

  • +27 votes

    Haven't found anyone that agrees with me (and surely would get downvoted for this) but I thought the gameplay of the first game was medicore at best. The story telling, characters and environment are amazing but pure gameplay.. Didn't think much of it. One of those games where I didn't understand the amount of 10/10 it got.