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AMD Ryzen 9 3900x CPU $692.10 Delivered @ Computer Alliance eBay (via Afterpay)


I was waiting for prices to drop a little more given that AMD are supposedly dropping their prices to compete with the new Intel chips. This is the lowest I've seen it so pulled the trigger only problem is you need to purchase through afterpay with the code and not everyone will have an afterpay limit high enough.

I was also able to snag:

2 x 16gb 3200mhz cl16 DDR4 ripjaws v series
RAM ($216)
1 x b450m mortar Max motherboard ($161.10)

Hope this helps I know I needed an upgrade from my 2011 i7 lol

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  • Very tempting..

    • Yeah I'm going to hold off for the 4900x at this price around Christmas time and my 2700x is fine for now.

      • I'm not convinced the 4900X will be available in any quantity this year, and also think the prices might creep up a bit. Especially if there is a shortage at launch.

        Getting 6 months usage in the meantime is a big attraction.

  • can anyone recommend a CIO cooler (with price) for this vs one for the R5 3600, weighing up my options… (i know GPU would also have to be significantly better to reap the benefits with R9 3900X but im considering the RX5700 8gb and upgrading later down the track)

    • you mean AIO? im running the NZXT x62 kit on my 3900x (auto settings with PBO enabled, Ram/IF OC'd to 3600/1800) and its it does the job fine. idles at around 35/40deg and jumps to about 60deg when im gaming or playing around in solidworks 3D.

      But in saying that, I wouldnt go the x62 again, given i still hate NZXT Cams software despite the improvements and most brands use the same OEM (i.e Corsair) and are cheaper. My mate is using the deepcool castle 240mm on his 3600x he said its 'fine'

    • If you really must have AIO, you can't go wrong with Corsair h100 series around $150-200 (depends on RGB). Although… high end air cooler like noctua nh-d15 or bequiet dark rock 4 will be cheaper, much quieter, performs the same and will last forever.

      • AIOs start leaving the top end air coolers behind once you go big. An NZXT X62 280mm would perform better at the same noise levels as a Noctua NH-D15 for example.

        And if you run off coolant temp, you won't have the fans ramping up and down due to temperature spikes on these Ryzen 3000 chips.

        • An NZXT X62 280mm would perform better at the same noise levels as a Noctua NH-D15

          This is true and also not true. It is only true if you measure noise in dB without any consideration with how frequency affects the way we perceive sound. The sound of a fan tends to be quite a low frequency hum which most people find to not be too "annoying", but AIO pumps will have a higher frequency buzz which, even though not very high dB, actually sounds very unpleasant.

          In any case, the difference between an NH-D15 and a big 360mm AIO is maybe ~5 degrees or so. No effect on performance at all.

        • I don't deny that AIO could be potentially better if you go to the top end of the spectrum. But you probably only need it for something like 3950X OC or i9 10900K OC. Anyway, since he's weighing R5 3600 and RX5700 it doesn't make sense to go for high end AIO. Not to mention the risk of leaking, the annoying pump noise (even if the fans can be tweaked to be inaudible, the pump noise always gets on my nerve)

          Oh btw the fans ramping up and down can be fixed by adjusting the fan curve/delay. My be quiet! air cooler is dead silent but I just tweak it anyway.

          • @Kingduytan:

            I don't deny that AIO could be potentially better if you go to the top end of the spectrum. But you probably only need it for something like 3950X OC or i9 10900K OC.

            You definitely don't. The 3950X runs cooler than the 3900X.

            Either way, I run my 3970X under an NH-U14S-TR4. Runs super cool and quiet, never reaches above 80C under full synthetic load. It's fantastic.

          • @Kingduytan: I'm running the Dark Rock 4 on the 3950X with no issues. I can't see the point of going to liquid cooling for our usage. We have the CPUs running flat out for hours at a time, and the temps are fine.

    • AIO aren't all they're cracked up to be, do some research with AIO vs Air, some of the top end Air coolers rank just as well and a bit quieter. Noctua is one of the higher end air coolers that compete very well. i just went through this exercise a few months ago, was set on an AIO, ended up getting a noctua u12a, but now tha ive just googled them again, they're $50 dearer than what i got mine.
      but if aesthetics are important, that will also be a large factor to consider.
      good luck.

      • Aesthetics and clearance in the case are probably 2 main big factors (especially Ram and side panel Clearance).

        I was tossing up between the noctua and the AIO. Ended up going with an AIO and have not regretted it (apart from installation of the RGB-goodness)

      • AIO aren't all they're cracked up to be, do some research with AIO vs Air, some of the top end Air coolers rank just as well and a bit quieter.

        Height clearance is the main factor. I'd always suggest a tower cooler if space allows. In a smaller case, an AIO is generally more flexible.

      • Agree. I replaced a corsair H105 with a NH-D15, and it shaved off around 10c - not to mention it's now waaay quieter.

        I tried a bunch of different fans and radiator mounting positions, but it makes so much noise from having to suck through the small radiator fins especially when they ramp up under load.

    • Anyone know if the be quiet! series of coolers is decent?

      • Yes they are very decent, almost on par with Noctua offerings. Huge plus is the aesthetic, who doesn't like huge, black air cooler flexing its muscle like a dark knight? Joke aside, I'm running a be quiet! dark rock TF, a beefy cooler that fit in a 140mm clearance case, able to keep my 3700x under 60 when gaming. I can't even hear the fans spinning at 95% speed.

    • Never ran an AIO or CLC (All in one or Closed loop cooler), there's more risk than an Air cooler and they cost more so they don't make much sense to me, I think the advantages are if you consider them in cases without per-installed fans you get to add 2-3 fans (I guess 1 for anyone who ever bought a 120 or 140mm CLC), you get dust filtration by the case, if it has it, and it gives you more flexibility with RAM compatibility. Other than these points, for an entry level 240mm CLC seems the pricing is about $100-$150 where as a solid Air cooler is between a $70-$120, and Air coolers the only thing to go wrong is 1 of the fans which can then be replaced, CLCs have this problem but may also have permeation from the tubes and pump failure, not to mention the pumps are usually louder than fans alone on Air coolers, so this is why there's a big sentiment in the community from some to stick with Air cooling, but it is circumstantial.

    • What is the point of spending on an AIO for an r5 3600 when that money could be used for better CPU or GPU?

  • did you pair this with B450???

  • How did you get the motherboard for $161? I'm seeing $209 - 10% = $188.10

    • +3 votes

      Sorry the mobo was purchased through another seller on ebay who has their boards at 179$ ebay.com.au/itm/303379377296

    • Tempting, similar gear I was looking at but a lower CPU.

      Is that the same motherboard Computer Alliance has for $89? Ram from there too?

      Was going to get the Ryzen 7 3700X for $495, the Amazon one comes with the wraith prism cooler.
      Not that keen on After Pay and would rather use 28 Degrees shopper's protection for future price drops.
      Don't know what the amazon delivery time are like.

      • 89? Not possible. You mean 189?

      • they both come with the cooler. consumer law will protect you and there all within australia. Cant say the same for things purchased of amazon as you may need to look into international warranty and such. Plus there are no real savings without the afterpay deal but thats fine if that is your preference! But genereally shipping is great on amazon I have found. I personally was going to build something similar to you using a 3700x. b450m mortar max and 16gb - 32gb of ram depending on price. the savings made were worth it to me

        • True, some of the items are from AUS but hard to really know, probably not worth it for big items like a CPU, although the free returns on prime are handy.
          Hmm perhaps that CPU in this thread is the go then!
          The other parts like PSU's and mobo's are marginal savings.

  • Hell yeah! Just a bit more before I bite.

  • Finally come down to 6. Keep going down pls.

  • Not a bad price, FOR NOW, but if you're not in a rush, definitely hold out to see this drop to $500's which shouldn't be too long.

    • I think that is stretching it a bit. AMD are supposedly dropping the price to 410 usd ($617.52) add to this the price of shipping/importing to Australia, I feel like that's pretty darn close. I hope your right though even better savings would be amazing! For the price I don't think Intel can compare anyway so your money will be well spent regardless.

      • don't forget to add GST

      • +3 votes

        It's rumoured that a refresh is coming out in the next couple of months, so it might drop further than that. Not to mention Zen 3 which is likely to be released this year.

        But it comes back to how long are you willing to wait, and that's a subjective thing.

        • Yeah, 6 months use is more valuable to me than a potential $50 or so saving. If Intel doesn't get more competitive, we might not see much in the way of price drops either.

    • They won't be going down to the $500s unless there is some sort of promo a retailer is running. The "XT" series will be replacing the "X" 3000 series SKUs and there will be no "X" SKUs once their inventory is cleared.

  • Sheet, its so damned tempting. Cant decide between 3700x/3800x or 3900x…

    Was going to get additonal 32gb bdie but a better cpu would actually speed things up more for me…

    • I would've got 3700x if it was for my use of audio production software. Even then it's overkill and in this scenario the 3700x has less latency in real time recording so technically it wins out there. I wanted the extra cores to speed up my work flow and reduce loading and waiting as I'm not doing to much real time recording a few vocal tracks and a couple of guitars at most. Overkill. 3700x is the value/performance winner for majority of users out there imo. 3900x was a luxury as my current CPU is 2nd gen i7 lol

    • I had the same predicament recently, I only upgrade every several years (last time was like 5+ years ago) so I opted for the better processor as its much easier and lower cost to add 2 more sticks of ram later (hopefully when they are cheaper too).

      In terms of processor, you can forget the 3800X right off the bat. Not worth it. The 3700X vs 3900X just comes down to whether you actually have a use case for the 3900 and if you want to spend that much.

      Just an FYI 3700X can be had on amazon or $473 at the moment.

  • Can get the 3970x for only $3249 as well saving of $450


  • far out i've been watching for the 3700x (65w for my itx build) but damn this is tempting.

    • mind you these 3700x can get pretty hot, despite low tpd - I was quite surprised when I discovered that post installation…

      • Did you try re-paste it, or maybe there's not enough air flow in your case? The 3700x at stock just run at ~67W in all-core benchmark, ~90W with PBO + Auto OC so it's a relatively low-power chip.

        • I have silent PC which surely is a factor, however there's plenty of posts on that topic, where AMD 3700X CPUs run 70-80C when stressed or hotter.
          I used to hit nearly 90C under load at the beginning, which was surprising, as old I7 3770K used to run much cooler in the same case.

          Ended up with a bigger cooler. Also, recent AMD drivers and updated power plans changed situation for better (as well as BIOS updates)
          Average around 45C, max 70C right now.

          • @galileo77: Interesting, I bought the 3700X a week after it went on sales in AU, paired with MSI Mortar and never got above 75 on stock cooler. But then it was in the middle of winter. I bought a new cooler before summer hits so probably that helped too. Anyway a year has passed the bios and power plan are mature now so it shouldn't be a problem. Personally I can't tell the difference after all the updates.

  • Tempted to buy this, but is a decent range of other PC components like motherboards even in stock right now? I was reading in another thread that a guy building his PC had to make several compromises because so much stuff is out of stock (or ridiculously expensive) right now. There's no point in buying the CPU now if we can't get the other components we need.

    • yeah good point - i've been trying to get my hands on an asus b450 itx board but no one has stock and the delivery ETA keeps sliding

    • I saw that thread to. But it is fine to purchase not the best it has been but were starting to see that change I believe. Things are available you just need to shop around and sometime compromise.

      If your looking for a x570 board get the tuf for $399 (-10%) great mobo decent price for a x570 of its capabilities. But to me is useless to have pcie 4.0 and nothing that can use that pcie 4.0. The b450 I got is great for all ryzen more so 3600 - 3800x. Can even overclock the 3900x but won't blow you away for $160 that's amazing!

      I got 32gb of 3200mhz cl16 for $216 or $108 for 16gb. These prices are amazing, timing is everything.

      • Link to the RAM please?

        • eBay.com.au/itm/332215478836

          • @htbj: nice one, thank you

            • @Osiris: Do you buy 2x single channel 16Gb @ $120 each?
              Amazon has a kit $243.. hmm don't see $216 anywhere
              Also, link to mobo pls


              • @G-rig: it is $120 - 10% = $108 using the promotion mentioned for 1 x 16gb 3200mhz cl16… $108 *2 is $216… or $240 - 10% = $216 hopefully that clears up any confusion..

                The mobo has sold out apparently after looking again cheapest available is now $198 - 10% = $178.2 price in most stores is $$179 - $219…


                • @htbj: Hrmm Mortar max is highly recommended I know my case can take mATX as well but I kind of want to just stick with ATX. Thinking im just going to have to go the MSI B450-A

              • @G-rig: there is also cl18 3600mhz ripjaws ddr4 available for $250 after discount on ebay although I feel like the difference is negligible

                • @htbj: Agree, 3200mhz plenty, may just get that motherboard from umart $185.

                  Was kind of happy with Ryzen 7 3700X 3.6 GHz 8-Core/16 Threads AM4 Processor with Wraith Prism Cooler
                  from amazon for $495.

                  I need to start ordering something, chewing too much time up looking.

                  Edit: Ram ordered, shouldn't get any cheaper than that really!

                • @htbj: htbj, Afterpay wouldn't approve the CPU, have never used the service before (and generally avoid it), any other standouts for clip on memory (Samsung 970 EVO SSD 250-500GB - M.2 NVMe) could still get the MSI B450M Mortar Max AM4 ATX Motherboard. Otherwise looking at:
                  - Corsair 750W 80 + ($220 umart out of stock)
                  - Corsair iCUE 220T Tempered Glass RGB Mid Tower ATX Case - Black ($155)?

                  Could pay the after pay today i guess and try tmrw. No tricks with paying it early?

      • As I mentioned above, the The MSI X570 Tomahawk is considered the best board/better than TUF, and is cheaper @ $389 (PCCG)



  • Fark i'm so tempted to pull the trigger.

    I'm sitting on Intel core i5-6400 and am suffering.

    Can someone please confirm if this comes with the Wraith Prism Cooler too?

    Also for those saying to wait prices are going to drop, how long and to be honest i'm looking to future proof with this CPU to last me lets say at least 5 years, thoughts?

    Thanks guys hope you're all well and staying safe.

  • So many amd deals. What to buy? When to buy?
    Should we wait for the 4000 series, after corona era or end of financial year sales? Or combination of all?

  • All the recent 10900K owners, egg on their face right now, gee 70% the price for 95% the gaming performance and 2 extra cores, 4 extra threads for productivity? That's real burnt I gotta say, never mind the Z490 board vs a solid B450 or even an X570, not looking good there. Have always had Intel in my systems but the way things are going might take a long time until I have one again, such a shame they're so arrogant and so overpriced for the value they offer, not bad products, just very poor value.

  • Should I wait for 4000 series?

  • Prices are dropping because AMD are about to announce (mid-June) refreshes of the 3900X, 3800X and 3700X with higher clocks, at the MSRP of the existing line up. If you don't care about a 5-10%-ish improvement in performance over the current chips, grab one now, otherwise best to wait to see what happens in June!

  • is amd(this) or intel(9th) better value for productivity?? maybe programming, rendering, photoshop.

    • For productivity, AMD just flat out better at any given price point. Intel only gain leads in gaming but we're talking about less than 5% performance at almost double the price, core-for-core.

  • Would this run well in a msi x370 board thinking of upgrading my Ryzen 1700