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eBay Plus Month: AirPods 2 $99, AirPods Pro $249, Galaxy A70 $299, SodaStream $19, Xiaomi Purifier $179, Neon Switch + Game $449


Fun starts June 1. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

29 May 2020: ebay.com.au, Australia’s number one shopping site, is launching its first-ever month-long shopping event, eBay Plus Month, offering huge savings on essentials and free express delivery on millions of eBay Plus items, at a time when Australians are tightening their belts. Items have been selected using eBay data on what Aussies have been commonly searching for and buying during isolation. Items include Apple AirPods (2nd Gen & Pro), a Nintendo Switch Neon and an air fryer following purchase spikes in headphones, gaming consoles, and kitchen appliances. As well as exclusive deals, eBay Plus members will benefit from Spend & Save offers on millions of eBay Plus items (from 1-14 June), and 20 per cent off select eBay Plus items (from 15-30 June).

Some of the confirmed deals:

June 1: Apple AirPods (2nd Gen) $99 - 100 units dropping at 10am, 2pm & 6pm AEST
June 2: Finish Powerball Tablets (5x 45 pack) $49
June 3: Apple AirPods Pro $249 - 100 units dropping at 10am, 2pm & 6pm AEST
June 4: Healthy Choice Air Fryer $99
June 5: Ugg Boots $50
June 8: Samsung Galaxy A70 $299 4pm AEST - Code: PAICFL90
June 9: Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H $179 10am AEST
June 10: Apple AirPods Pro $249 - 100 units dropping at 10am, 2pm & 6pm AEST
June 11: King Size Merino Wool Quilt $39
June 12: Red Wine Mix $49 PAICB09
June 13: Bluey Showbag $9 4pm AEST
June 14: Global Ikasu Knife Block Set 4pm AEST
June 15: Pre-order PlayStation 4 game: The Last of Us Part II $49 - Individual Deal Post
June 15: Pre-order PlayStation 4 game: Assetto Corsa Competizione $41 Code PFFSH14
June 16: ECOVACS DEEBOT N79T $149 Code PFFCS97
June 17: Apple AirPods (2nd Gen) with Charging Case $99 10am, 2pm, 6pm - Individual Deal Post
June 18: Nintendo Switch Neon with Animal Crossing $449 10am AEST
June 18: Yeezy Boost 350 V2 $320 2pm AEST
June 25: SodaStream $19 PJVI94 Sold out

Mod: June 19, June 22, June 24, June 26 Deal Post

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  • +1

    2pm in cart got it at 6pm! Yes!

    • +1

      same for me, thanks to advice from others here. Stoked.

    • +2

      Me too! Thanks to whomever gave the tip re using credit card. I had everything all ready to go but still needed to press confirm & pay probably about 30 times until it finally went thru!

      • +1

        Exact same, made sure to switch to credit card :)

      • +1

        poor mouse

  • Saved $249 but wasted my time.

    • *Saved $150

      • +2

        He means he didn’t buy one so saved the cost of the AirPods

  • OMG! I'm shocked and stoked. I scored a pair of AirPods Pro! Thanks to all the tips by the pros, cheers.

  • +1
    • 2 people got one after 5 minutes!

      • +2

        It's just showing a late processing payment, the number sold has not changed since it was sold out at 6pm

      • Who were born with silver spoons.

  • Who is going to try and get air fryer tomorrow ?

    • +1

      Not sure… anyone know what model it is?

      • +4

        I could be very wrong but I believe it might be this model below. Seller is the same as the Dishwashing Tablets from yesterday. Grandma wants herself one of the Kmart Air Fryers for $89 but we keep missing out on stock so I might give this one a whirl maybe.


        • woah. how did you search through 'out of stock' listings?

        • You could but you weren't! Thanks!

    • +1

      Would find this and the purifier quite helpful but doubt I'll get lucky with either. I try not to begrudge those who get in first but it does get irksome when you know there's people who enter just because, so they can beat others for bragging rights or see something they can sell on. But hey it's first in, best dressed with these things.

  • yew got one :D

  • +3

    Yay! I didnt get one but congrats to those who did. THis is so much better than clickfrenzy and the expansys crap.

  • +1

    Thanks. Finally got one. I actually preferred the pro over the normal Airpods so it was a blessing in disguise that I missed out on Monday.

    • +1

      same here. So much more expensive yet so much more capable. And hopefully stay in my ears when working out

  • +4

    Got one too! The dream is real. Thanks fellow Ozbargainers for the hints and tips that led to my success.

  • +1

    basically if you guys didn't have it in the chart you've already lost, I clicked on it to add to chart and got a error :(

  • Few people got it at 18:05:23 AEST

  • Well done to those that scored AirPods/Pros (I was able to succeed Monday, not today).

    Pay no heed to the salty, butthurt people that missed out. I wonder if they are equally salty if they go to Aldi for the special buys and miss out because others get to the items faster?

    • I think they are salty because of experienced serial buyers beating them to it (like those new/0 feedback EBay accounts), not at people who are lucky to finally score one, the same as people would be if they go to Aldi and see the first few people through the door load a trolley full of the limited special items, leaving none for everyone else.

  • thankyou TA and gear_titan. What a team!

  • Got them! Was able to get them in my cart + apply the code at 2pm. Hit Confirm and Pay maybe 6 times at 6pm on the dot and finally got one of these deals

  • +1

    Missed out massively and wasted time.
    Kinda salty about it all, so i think that ill not be renewing ebay plus on this. But good luck to those who actually got one i wont be wasting my time next time.

  • +7

    weird. its an ebay plus promotion, but it makes me hate ebay and never want to sign up for plus

    might take another look at amazon prime though

    • -1

      Thats exactly how i felt after it.

      I understand that some people were able to game the system but it just feels unfair for those of us who didn't do the "homework" on best way to get them and takes it on face value of refresh and add to cart.

      Yeah…. i think im done with plus

      • +1

        Not sure what you're expecting? There's 100 units for sale at that time and there are thousands who would be having a go? No one "gamed" the system as in cheated - they just used a very specific strategy. No different there was a sale at your local shopping centre. If there are 10 items for sale with hundreds interested, you're gonna park there early, stand in front of the shops and have your payment card ready… no one is going to wait for you still driving in traffic. These ebay deals have been going on for years and those who nab them use the same strategy which is completely above board and actually necessary.

        • +1

          Exactly. It's Aldi "special buys" online.

        • Sure you are correct.

          From my non educated on this matter perspective, i would not expect that you can leave items in cart for waiting for the next drop.

          But like i said i was uneducated on the matter so i feel entitled to feel some what cheated.

          So yeah…. Salty lol

          • +1

            @elite79: Don't worry about it too much, even people who had it in their cart missed out (like me). You win some you lose some. There were probably hundreds if not thousands of people spamming the button at 6pm, you'd be pretty lucky to have got a pair!

            • @Ghost47: Ha ha yeah just having a whinge :)

              Im over it so just going to have to pay retail … Nah ill wait for an Ozbargin opportunity on something else

              • @elite79: You might want to consider the NuraLoop. Some reviews rate it better than Airpods Pro, albeit a very different design.

  • -1

    Day 3 & theres too many comments! Thanks for reading this one tho.

  • Finally, got the pro!!

    • +2

      Me too. Tried so hard in all three drops for Monday and today. Finally got one in the 6pm.

  • the next in the want (don't need it) list is the soda stream :-)

  • +4

    I think it's good as it sounds genuine deal with people getting some. I tried at 2 but didn't get it.

    What I fail to understand is, how does this type of promotion promote eBay? I initially thought it stirs up discussions and directs traffic to the site but it purely benefits those who knows how to game this deal and the method is so specific that I doubt if average online ebayer/shopper would even attempt it.

    It must be working for their business model somehow as they seem to do this every year.. :)

    • +1

      You posed an interesting question. Without these promotions, they won't be able to lure the new customers to join for their plus membership, which is never refunded even if you had it for a day.
      All of the successful buyers including me didn't learn the process in their first attempt.
      It took several failed attempts until you learn the process and follow it.
      Ofcourse, fast internet is also a contributing factor.

      You need to be a plus member even to make an attempt, it's clearly working for ebay as they have been bringing these offers once every quarter and it's heavily promoted. I received emails on all my accounts tempting me to sign up for plus so that I can buy discounted airpods pro.

    • +1

      I suspect a lot of the value to eBay comes from the media promoting these sales

    • +2

      Session 1 is normally a fair game. Subsequent ones have loopholes.

      Based on comments from an OZBer way back, these are normally half funded by eBay and half funded by the seller (to provide the discount). These could have the potential to retain some existing eBay Plus members and potentially have new eBay Plus members, even if they are temporary ones. Also, will those people who created temp accounts for 1 month ended up using $5 vouchers or other vouchers? If yes, those sales could be beneficial to eBay and eBay Plus sellers.

      For those who missed out and created an account for this, would they also try to get some consolation and buy other eBay Plus deals? How many people who got frustrated from missing out actually closed their eBay account or actually 100% blacklist eBay Plus?

      Also, there must be some incentives for TitanGears (I think that's the seller, I have not participated in these events this time) to keep doing that. Maybe people who managed to get one (or two or more) will shop at TitanGears eBay store later on.

      Anyway, it is a bit of chickens vs eggs. You need a lot of eBay Plus members (preferably real, legit ones) to attract sellers to pitch in for these promotions, but you need these promotions to entice more eBay Plus members.

  • +1

    anyone know when the airpod pros will be this cheap again??

    • +2

      I'd say if it does, you'd be waiting a long time. They've never been under $300 I believe. Relative to their RRP this price is definitely a steal, considering how they are priced normally (which IMO is a complete rip off).

      • Got mine for 95%*270, took advantage of the dicksmith(Kogan) price error

        • I thought Dick Smith didn't honour those?

          Either way that was an obvious price error by Dick Smith, I'm only talking about legitimate times where the price has been under $300.

          • @Ghost47: yeah, I price matched it, that dicksmith price error was up for quite a long time

            • @bargaingod123: Fair enough, I recall seeing others who tried and were rejected. As I said, I don't think the DSE deal can be counted as legitimate, even if people were able to price match it at OW.

    • I highly doubt it, Apple don't do big discounts especially their flagship products. Any hope of a legit deal around this price again would be another eBay Plus promo run.

    • +5

      In the order of likelihood:

      • When TitanGears agree to run another one in n months time.
      • When AirPods Pro 2 are available.
      • When AUD vs USD becomes 1:1.
    • +1


  • Anyone know which airfryer it is? would like to do some research

  • Is there a way to add my credit card without making a purhcase?

    • +1

      Yes you can add it in your account settings and select as your default payment method

      • I don't see the option to select default payment method, my ebay account is already linked to Paypal, could this be the reason why I can't add a card directly to ebay account?

        • If I remember correctly, I believe you do that at the checkout screen when you select the payment method.

  • -2

    Apparently my negative vote was removed.

    Let me make it clearer.

    This is Misleading and deceptive conduct and has sparked complaints in previous posts.

    hopefully that is "good enough" for a negative vote.

    Apparently it is not:

    Cannot Vote on This Deal
    You have already voted on this deal. Your vote was subsequently revoked.

    I will use ALL CAPS next time.

    • +3

      You hate ebay, you hate people(your use name) - anything else?

      • Everything.

        But mainly illegality that is allowed or tolerated.

        Thats why I particularly hated the 2nd Iraq war.

    • No, I got a refund automatically for the extra cost they accidentally charged me for the Airpods 2's.

      • price jacking is not accidentally extra costs.

        It is increasing the price of an item, which effectively lowers the discount provided by ebay to the consumer.

        • It is not as simple as you think. The reason is that the offer code is not always 100% funded by eBay. Often, some of those codes are co-funded. That means 50% eBay, 50% seller. However, the sellers may be willing to only offer their part of the discount for some items, but not all. They may raise the item prices to essentially eliminate their part of the discount.

          The deals listed here are co-funded deals.

  • What I'd like to know is how in the hell were you all able to add the item in cart as when looking at the listing they always showed as out of stock. I'm hoping to land another item on the list but afraid of the same bs happening, are they always the same sellers who sell the electronics & games when these deals go live?

    • Here’s a tip- never add to cart ALWAYS buy now and wait for the next drop to checkout.

      • right, but reading the comments seems people already had them in cart & just waited to go live and snagged items. Didn't believe that the listings were even available prior to the drops. Even the listings of the deals that I wasn't successful in but had open always showed as out of stock.

        • +1

          There's a short window where you have to refresh. The drops are not exactly on the hour so keep refreshing till it shows in stock.

          • @Poppin: I'll have to keep that in mind, cause every drop i checked always showed out of stock no matter how many times I checked within the first minute.

            • +1

              @MaXX5000: The best bet is still the first drop of the day.

  • Guess i'll try join the airfryer craze.

  • Air fryer looks a bit dinky and cheap if it’s this one, although there is some good reviews….great price for $99. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-pVue5Q-2k

    • Looks fine? Have you seen the kmart ones?

      • Just saw the rotisserie being put in and pulled out, looked awkward. For the price you can’t go wrong,

  • +2

    The Kmart Airfryer is $129 and looks exactly the same.

    • the kmart one actually looks a bit more space efficient as the control panel is at a steeper angle, but both of them are roughly 33cm wide by 36cm tall…

    • Thirty dollars is still $30 :P

    • You're right. Looks like they even used the same photos for the 3 racked fried stuff inside! The Kmart one is pretty much always sold out so still a good deal.

    • Kogan do it for $150 but it will probably go down to $130 at some stage (ex delivery)

  • PMAJA88 got one

  • +2

    Air fryer link

    code PMAJA88

  • +2

    Got an Air Fryer!

    Big thanks to @MBix for finding the link well ahead of time. It was the right one!

    And KG automatically sent out a dispatched email…wuuuuuh

  • Says 140 sold in an hour so it looks like they didnt cap it at 100.

  • There are 300 units. So all that want one should be able to get one.

    • There were 300 units before this sale started. It wasn't marked out of stock before the beginning of this flash sale. I believe you can still buy it now but only with $10 off $199.

  • Still for stock, don't know if I want it - looks very similar to the Kmart one, which would have an easy return process.

  • So easy to get the airfryer, wish the airpods were like this lol

  • Wonder what the item for Saturday will be…?

    • There isn't? Looks like it's just Monday-Friday.

      • There is a promotional item every day. You can see the spaces for it on the front page. Sunday is baby wipes.