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[Prime] Lenovo Flex 5 14"/2-in-1/FHD IPS/Touch/AMD Ryzen 5 4500U/16GB DDR4/256GB SSD $906.82 Shipped @ Amazon US via Amazon AU


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Technical Details


Screen Size 14 inches
Max Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
Hard Drive 256 GB Flash Memory Solid State
Graphics Coprocessor AMD Integrated Graphics
Chipset Brand AMD
Card Description Integrated
Wireless Type 802.11ac
Average Battery Life (in hours) 10 hours
Fingerprint Reader - Touch Style

Other Technical Details

Brand Lenovo
Series Flex 5 14"
Item Model Number 81X20005US
Operating System Windows 10
Item Weight 1.65 Kg
Item Dimensions L x W x H 32.2 x 21.7 x 2.1 cm
Colour Graphite Grey
Processor Brand AMD
Processor Count 1
Computer Memory Type DDR4 SDRAM
Optical Drive Type None
Batteries: 1 リチウムポリマー batteries required. (included)

More specifications

4/6: Back in stock and price drop from $1007.79 to $969.80 $966.43

8/6: Down to $959.78 (currency fluctuations)

18/6 5pm: Now $970.92

18/6 7pm: Back in stock but on backorder (In stock on June 30, 2020.)

2/7 12pm: Back in stock at $968.95

11/7 7PM: Price down to $960.47 (currency fluctuations)

23/7: Down to $938.37 (currency fluctuations)

24/7 Down to $936.79 (currency fluctuations)

21/8: Back in stock and Down to $931.31

28/8: Down to $924.75

29/8: Down to $921.43

30/8: Down to $908.05

3/9: Down to $906.82

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I want to see a 4500U CPU in a mini pc. Will it ever happen?

    • The Asus Rog 2 CPU is like a mini pc.

  • does it come with an US powerplug instead of Aussie?

  • Any comments on this for gaming?

    In particular, League, FFXIV and FF13?

    • +1

      Will run them all perfectly

  • How do these compare to the 2019 HP Spectre?

  • No Thunderbolt 3 on these right? They haven't managed to put Thunderbolt 3 in AMD laptops yet right?

    • No, cuz tb3 is intel’s ip. AMD could use but need extra money for authorisation. One of the expensive X570 motherboard has tb3 port.

  • AMD Yes!

  • Need help between this and this one
    I got this for $1060 last time. Quite heavy and thick. The battery is not good and fan is loud. Just wonder if this one is better than the Lenevo.

    • +1

      Is the hp really that bad?

      • Well I moved from XPS 13 to this, the battery is not good. But the fan and heat is active all the time, even with normal web browsing. Others is ok.

  • Great price! But I really need a discrete graphics card because I am hardcore gamer.

  • I never understand people that find 1,65kg weight heavy and give up on going for this great deal? Will you die due to exhaustion when you carry a 1.65 kg laptop instead of a 1.20 kg laptop?


    • +1

      I got a laptop around 1.6kg now.
      Definitely feel the difference between the carbon X6 which is around 1.1kg.

      Same thing can be said between 1.6 - > 2.1kg

      There will always be a market for each category.

      • 10 yrs ago as a High School student I used to carry a >2.5kg E6430 with 90Whr battery to school almost everyday and dear, that was heavy but for the sage of battery life at those days to last.
        I'm not sure why anything under 2kg is heavy, especially if it is in your backbag. Unless you plan to carry 2kg on your arm everywhere and every-hour.
        14" with a weight of under 1.5kg is a sacrify of build quality (rigidness), prove me wrong if you have a durable but light laptop with that size and weight plus reasonable price tag.

        • Not the cheapest but I deem reasonable priced. Lenovo Yoga C930/C940. Around 1.35 to 1.38kg and will be the best built laptop you will get. Build quality is right up there with the old MacBook Pros. No flex, no creak, no sound, in fact it doesn't matter how much you press down on the C930, it wont move an inch lol.

    • +4

      My laptop is 2.5kg and I'm happy with that, but my wife has damaged wrists due to rheumatoid arthritis and definitely couldn't carry a 2kg laptop - but manages a 1.3kg one. So while I agree for most people a couple of hundred grams is inconsequential, I also think it doesn't take much imagination to put yourself in the shoes of someone disabled, or elderly, or with an arm amputation, or any number of other things that mean their preference for a lighter laptop isn't just out of wanton laziness.

      • +1

        That's fair. I even felt sorry;(

        • +3

          All good my man. I probably never realised how lucky I was to be in good health and able body until I had lived experience of someone else's misfortune. It changes almost every part of life, including purchasing decisions like laptops. And cars. And baby change tables, and washing machines, and even games consoles! 😃

  • +1

    Can I do Valorant with this?

    Edit: You won't believe this. Bought a MBP 15" Retina (mid-2014) back in 2018 for $1400, and recently sold it for $1300. Been 2 years, I "lost" $100, and a product from 2014 still selling for more than a grand. I'm wondering if this will keep its value…

    • +2

      no of course it wont. thats a macbook

      • Yup, Apple products hold their value way better than others (and I'm an Android fan).

  • Backlite keyboard?

  • +1

    ridicules value, while not perfect it ticks a lot of boxes.

  • 51Wh battery for those wondering.

  • Does this have a backlit keyboard?

  • +1

    Just bought - Amazon said the price was A$959.78 with free expedited Prime shipping (ETA Wed June 24).

    That said, ordered 15 mins ago, and my credit card has not been charged yet…

    • Hmmm when I placed my order last night, I already had a $6 Bluray sitting in the shopping cart, and so bought both together.
      My order confirmation email shows both items. My credit card has been charged for the $6 Bluray, but it took several hours after I placed the order.

      I think the Bluray in the same order is why there was no shipping cost shown on my Lenovo tablet order, but also may be why its been held up and my credit card has not been charged yet ?

      Both items say "Postage and packing $0".
      The Lenovo says "Delivery option: Prime Expedited International Delivery"

      • Credit card has been charged overnight - $959.78.

        Edit: the website price has dropped again to $952

        • +2

          And it just arrived. Took 12 days total from date of order

          • @systmworks: How you liking it?

            • @Skinnerr: I haven't used much as still have main PC - but so far so good.

              Upgraded to Win10 Pro and enabled HyperV - seems to handle it fine.

  • Will this be here for a while?

    • it was out of stock but they restocked it, so if enough people buy it's gonna be gone again

  • +2

    Ordered on the 1st of June
    Out for delivery today (9th of June)
    To regional Victoria

    Faster than I was expecting to get it

  • Warranty is a big concern

    • Is it? You're buying through Amazon, you can return it to Amazon if there's an issue with it.

      I've bought hundreds of computers, computer parts, phones and similar gear in the past and I can't remember ever needing to do a warranty claim on anything. People who worry about warranty with cheap electronics need to clutch their pearls a little less tightly.

      • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/446883/amp

        Just pointing out what I see. Seems like it's alot of back and forth if there's any issues. Having to send it back in the slim event of an issue and waiting on Amazon would leave them with no device for a while given current logistic issues aswell.

        I'd consider this a budget laptop for the specs it has, but it still is a large purchase for many. Most who have purchased this may rely on it as their main device. But good on you for having a fat wallet to spend on your computer toys

        • +6

          My experience was quite the opposite.

          Bought an item ship and sold by Amazon US via Amazon AU.

          Its stopped working after using it for a week. Requested a return and a refund.Amazon AU refunded me the full purchased price.They also asked me not to bother to return it to Amazon US but keep/donate/recycle that item.

          I honestly can't think of a better customer service than this.

          From that link by theearth. Did you read comments by OP and their expectations?

  • anyone received it yet ? meeting expectations?

    • Yes got it today, have not used it yet need a AU cord which i will get tomorrow.

  • +1

    How does warranty work for laptops from Amazon US/AU?

  • Pulled the trigger. Wanted to wait for better deals in the coming days, but then this looked no less for the price.

  • Looking to bite the bullet but just want some clarification if somebody can provide me some. Does anybody know specifically what comes in the box? Or if I will need to worry about charging? Like whether or not the power adapter that comes with it has a different electrical plug setup meaning that I'd need to buy a universal plug for instance.

  • can someone recommed a power cord tht can be used. i the one suggested by lower range confirmed that it fits

  • what's the warranty like for an import?

  • +1

    How does the receipt on this look? I'd like to salary sacrifice but don't know if I can do it on an import.

    • Tax Invoice looks like any normal Amazon AU receipt, with vendor being Amazon Export Sales LLC. Shows the following payment information:

      GST Exclusive Subtotal

      GST Subtotal


      Has the following notice too:

      "*Amazon Commercial Services Pty Ltd (ABN 30 616 935 623) is raising this invoice pursuant to Australia Goods and Service Tax on low
      value goods (i.e. goods with a value of AUD $1,000 or less) that are imported into Australia, including goods sold by third-party sellers, as of
      1 July 2018."

  • +1

    Waiting for it to be stocked again. Don't think there would be a better 2 in 1 than this under $1000.

    • +2

      in case you missed it - "In stock on July 6, 2020."

      Also waiting but was hoping to get it before 30 June for tax purposes.

      • It says currently unavailable to me :(

      • As long as you have paid for it and have tax invoice dated by June 30, I dont think the ATO will know if the courier is a few days late delivering ?

    • Back online.

  • +6

    Got this one for the parents, loaded it last night on a spare AU cable I had lying around that fits with the power brick. Got delivered within 4 business days which was crazy.

    The screen is really vibrant and seems really good in my opinion (might not be good for some who are used to better screens). The processor is very fast and is very snappy, touch screen works great. Bit on the heavier side, but not heavy enough to significantly notice it.

    Awesome value in my opinion, thanks heaps for posting onhunt.

  • -3

    Only 1 CPU core?

  • Received my one last week, it is pretty good laptop. It comes with a pen and don't need to buy extra.

  • Is this out of stock? Can't see the price

    • None instock at that price..I don't know how @hamza23 got it at $970

      • From OP's comment, then a report and then my eyes.


        Price drop alert: Lenovo Flex 5 14" 2-in-1 Laptop, 14.0" FHD (1920 x 1080) Touch Display, AMD Ryzen 5 4500U Processor, 16GB DDR4 OnBoard RAM, 256GB SSD, AMD Radeon Graphics, Windows 10, 81X20005US, Graphite Grey - $970.92

        • is it gone now @hamza23?

          • @JieNg990: Yes, sorry it expired quickly.

            • @hamza23: All good no worries. Any chance it might be back on for the price again? Just wondering if I should actively keep an eye on this, really keen to get this.

              • @JieNg990: Yeah there is a chance, if you press subscribe on this thread (if you haven't already) you'll get a site notification when someone comments, which may well be to say it's back in stock. You can also turn on email notifications here and check your settings there and/or if you have an Android phone you can download the OzBargain app so you get a push notification as well.

                • @hamza23: It's back on! thanks!

                  • @JieNg990: Oh good, that was quick, thanks I'll unexpire it again. Looks like it's on backorder now:

                    >In stock on July 20, 2020.

                    Changed again!

                    In stock on June 30, 2020.

  • Why is this showing up as $1464 for me in WA?

    • its been at this price since 2 days ago

      • It bounces in and out of stock. Currently in stock. I bought one today @ $970.

  • +1

    Its back in stock at 978

    Gone already

  • Has anyone tried installing the latest BIOS update ?
    I downloaded the Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5 (14ARE05) BIOS update, but when I run it, I get the following error:

    Error: Region numbers are not equal. Image has 38 regions and ROM has 37 regions.
    ERROR 217 - BIOS layout does not match!

      • Thanks, it was preinstalled and I checked and it says no update, so I guess its up to date then..

        Since this tablet came with so much RAM, for fun I upgraded from Win10 Home to Pro and installed Hyper-V and downloaded the HomeAssistant (Hassio) Hyper-V disk image - booted first time and works a treat.

  • Can anyone report on screen quality? This is the one reason I hadn’t pulled the trigger already.

    • The picture quality is good but screen itself is dull. Good machine otherwise.

  • Does anyone know if the SSD can be easily upgraded on this model?

    • +1

      yes ssd can be easily upgraded.

    • Any reason why you are selling without using it?

      • Changed my mind for more powerful CPU(4700) range or matebook new version. However, when I tried to send it back, I had to cope with the shipping cost to the USA. This morning thought to open it anyway and give it a try, rather worry about shipping and CPU upgrade was not that much of a difference. However, their touchpad is noisy. By noisy I mean, every time you put your finger on the touchpad it makes the click(noise like you clicked). I tried scrolling a mouse and it was constant noise, which was so annoying so nope. Started a new return with faulty mousepad, have to cover the shipping but will be refunded in full. I don't know if it's my laptop only fault or is same in general.

        • Just wondering, how much is the return postage?

          • +1

            @oztite: 75$ from aus post, they gonna cover the cost.

            • +1

              @4kbargain: Moral of Story: Only buy items that have Global warranty. Having to return to USA would be a absolute pain not to mention the time it will take, In your case you want to change Model so doesn;t count. In warranty situations though, who wants to be without NB or PC for a good month or so each time. Would rather just buy local in case of such issues.

              The other hassle will be warranty. It may well have Global warranty (hope it does) however, USA models can and often do have different parts (not all) eg Wifi, Screen, Mobile modules etc. In turn if one puts in a Warranty claim locally, one can wait due to parts need to be shipped from overseas. I see that a fair bit with client NBs/Devices purchased overseas. Not worth the hassle (in my opinion only).

  • +2

    Back in stock with Prime. Shopback also including 5% cashback on PC.

  • +1

    Available again at $968.95

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