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Free 10 Pack of Flavoured Australian Almond Milk (Must Pay Postage) @ Almo Milk


More than $100,000 of the locally made stuff is up for grabs – if you're quick.
From Monday June 1, Melbourne-based almond milk brand Almo is giving away more than 25,000 bottles of milk. Score yourself a free case of 10 bottles from Almo’s Naturals range and replenish your stocks.

Use code FREECARAMEL for the caramel flavour, FREECHAMO for chamomile and FREEMANGO for mango-turmeric.

From 10am Monday to 11.59pm Sunday, or while stocks last.

Deal originally posted at

3/6: Website has been compromised, if you have paid by credit card, immediately check your card for unauthorised charges.

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  • +4

    $14.21 shipping to me in metro SA.
    Plus 10-14 business days.

    • Just buy almond wholemeal and add 98% water.
      To call this MILK is a lie. It's water. Read Choice report.

      • +2

        I take your point, although worthwhile to note cow's milk is also mostly water, approx 85%

  • +1

    Damn, 20 bucks up to QLD.
    Great freebie if you're local though.

    • +3

      not really still $15 to melbourne for 3litre of milk overall… I will pass thx

  • +1

    $21.80 shipping to regional QLD

    • what a bummer

  • +7

    $14 shipping for Sydney =/

    Was hoping it'd be more reasonable at maybe <$10

    • Same here, still a cheap way of getting this stuff if it's your thing though!

  • +5

    Shipping seems to be around $15, item is $15, so unless you can pickup, its pretty much free postage for most people. OP maybe add some postage estimates to the title.

  • +3

    Showed up as $15 for VIC but when I put my suburb in Melbourne it became $11.80, so double check guys!

  • Plain would be nice. Beggars can't be choosers I guess and never look a gift horse in the mouth, etc, etc

    • Not really a beggar when paying $11 to $15 shipping for 3 liters of flavored almond milk.

  • +2

    shipping is too expensive. I rather buy it from the store.

    • +1

      To expensive?

      They are charging less than Australia Post would charge

  • well they cost more than $1 each if you were to buy it from the shops!

    i wonder if they do pickup .. mm

  • No choc?

  • +1

    Natural Flavours, I always wonder what they can get away with a phrase like that. Arsenic, Uranium, these are natural. Still they should taste nice at least. Like TERR3X above I like plain.

  • +6

    300mL bottles
    $12 - $15 shipping
    14 day shipping
    Short expiry (August)

    • +1

      That’s 14 business days, so could be up to 3 weeks. I think I’ll pass

    • +3

      Damn, I didn't even see that short expiry. Should be pinned in the title to be honest.

  • +10


    My antivirus (Kaspersky) blocked the website:

    Reason: the object is infected by HEUR:Trojan-PSW.Script.Generic

    Just thought I'd share that

    • Kaspersky's online AV blocks a lot scripts on websites which can look malicious.

    • Appears to be trying to reach "" - not the correct URL. May be completely innocent, but does seem a bit fishy..

      • Cloudflare is one of the largest CDNs in the world.

        • Cloudflare is only They don't have or use a org domain..

    • +3

      Can verify this.

      Eset doesn't block it but removes the spy.banker.fx script found on the page when opening it. Why does that page have/need a banker trojan?

    • +2

      I took advantage of the deal a couple of days ago.

      Today had an attempt by someone to charge over $800 at GHD. Lucky ANZ picked it up.

      Not sure if related, but FYI.

      • I used my sister's credit card 2 days ago and had someone try to charge $500 in two transactions this morning.

        It was also ANZ and they picked it up too

    • You were right. Great advertisement for Kaspersky – what product do you use from them?

      • I bought a 2 year license over a year ago from an ozbargain deal.

        "Total Internet Security" is what I purchased, but the normal "Internet Security" version is as good (minus some specific features)

        I got it from saveonit, they're currently having a deal also:

        Just read the comments on the different versions in the above link

        • +1

          Love your work

    • +6

      It's a plant milk as opposed to a dairy milk, although even Dairy Milk only pertains to cows and leaves out goats, sheep, buffalo, etc.

      I'm not sure why using the universal term of milk is an issue unless you are a dairy farmer and feel your product needs protection.

      • +3

        Must be one of those "confused customers" that dairy ag has been talking about for the last few years. Apparently some people just see the word milk and buy it without actually checking if it comes from a mammal or a plant.

        • +1

          Personally,I have standards. I only get my milk from marsupials.

  • +4


    • +8

      Close, but it's actually more like nut flavoured drink.

      Almo Naturals Caramel
      Filtered Water, Australian Almonds (4%), Raw Cane Sugar, Calcium Carbonate, Natural Flavour, Sea Salt, Xanthan

      You wouldn't get away with calling something 4% apples "apple juice". Odd they're allowed to do it with milk.

      • +2

        Seems like nut cordial

      • +1

        I am surprised they could call it milk when they don't milk the nut, neither is it milk as we know it.

    • +1

      i would feel uncomfortable offering NUT JUICE to some of my friends…

      • +2

        But quite enthused to give it to others.

  • +3

    12$ postage to Melbourne, no local pick up!! plus short expiry
    I think i'll pass…

  • After inputting address, shipping was just under $12. Not bad.

  • +2

    On Wednesday June 1st? What year?

    • +1

      Took me far longer to see this comment than I expected. Slightly disappointed in everyone else.

  • -2

    How do you milk an almond? I mean, how do you get the bucket under it?

    • +9

      You have to first forcibly impregnate them (fancy word for rape).
      And then kill their babies when they are born, so you can steal their milk and sell to humans.
      Oh wait, that's dairy!

      • +6

        You left out repeatedly forcibly impregnate, over and over, for the remainder of their life until they stop giving milk then they are killed.

        And if you don't think cows don't know what's coming when they roll up to a building that stinks of blood in the back of a truck you might want to look harder.

        • Mmmmmmm, yummy veal!

    • +2

      Getting negged for asking how you get milk from nuts, LOL. Some people need to chill out a little.

      • LOLOLOL!! 😂😂😂 so triggered!

  • tempting but $14 shipping kills the deal

  • Yikes, even $14.41 for metro Sydney delivery

    • $15.33 for Brisbane Metro

  • Anybody tried the brand before? Just curious about the flavour (ie overly sweet, artificial tasting etc). Slightly tempted by the mango one

    • +1

      Mango one is really delicious with some turmeric undernotes

  • Anyone else getting a Trojan warning from Kaspersky?

  • Short expiry date isn't great, but $1.4 each is still a good price to try! Thanks for posting OP :)

  • +13

    Shipping costs (capital cities)

    $11.81 to Melbourne
    $14.18 to Canberra
    $14.21 to Adelaide
    $14.41 to Sydney
    $15.33 to Brisbane
    $17.93 to Perth
    $19.24 to Hobart
    $21.99 to Darwin

    • I thought $ 17.93 to Perth was a bit pricy, but then saw $27.19 to me in regional WA - ouch.

    • $22.20 to metro WA

    • $22.20 shipping to Perth metro for me, I'm 12km from the CBD, not even in the 'outer' suburbs.

      I'd love to know which courier they're using, because there's plenty of couriers (and Auspost) that don't charge more depending on distance, they just often charge a flat rate. I swear some companies use distance purely to gouge on shipping prices, not because it actually costs them more to ship further away.

  • +1

    Great deal only $11.80 shipping to VIC metro

  • +1

    Wouldn't have minded paying extra $5 for the cacao flavour,,

  • I've not tried the milks but I have tried the Creme on the same page. It's exxy but it is unbelievable and unlike any other almond paste I've ever tried. Did not use it as a milk base but as a spread and just dipping into with a spoon. Consider adding it to your freebies to get more out of the shipping.

    • It looks like it adds onto the shipping cost, as the milk and the creme products get shipped out of different warehouses.

  • Haven't tried these particular milks but I have had the almo CREME and boy is it good. I put it in my pastas and substitute it in for any recipe that requires nuts.

    Highly recommend it for those who haven't, you can also make it into almond milk by just mixing a couple of spoons with water in a shaker.

  • -3

    Almond "milk"? Is this obtained from the breasts of almonds? I'd have thought juice would be a more appropriate term.

    • +7

      Yes. You have to first forcibly impregnate them (fancy word for raping).
      And then kill their babies when they are born, so you can steal their milk and sell to humans.
      Oh wait, that's dairy!

      • -1

        You're such a wag with that cow raping comedy routine. You do know that almonds are not cows, right?

        • Comedy?
          It's a standard industry practice to forcibly impregnate cows until they can't get pregnant or lactate enough, then they are killed for their flesh. That's a reality.

          • @nagev5: Relax mate, this is not a vegan pep rally. Using words like rape and murder in regard to livestock is right out there.

    • +2

      Not sure it's worth a neg - it's clearly stated on the website.
      10 300mL bottles for drinking within a month is pretty doable, assuming it takes a month for delivery.

    • +1

      Short expiry? It is over 2 months (which is on par with the expiry date if you purchase it at the shops). How long does it take to drink 10 x 300ml bottles?

    • +1

      What a stupid reason to neg.

  • +1

    Oh… Thought they were gonna be 1L bottles, but they're only 300ml.

  • +1

    Almond milk is killing all the bees. No go for me get on soy milk best for you best for the environment.

    • +2

      I get the $1.60 organic soy (1L) from Woolworths probably the best option out there. Compares favourably to Bon Soy which is $3.50 when used for coffee.

      • Vitasoy is probably my fav the Milky or Protein Plus version.

        • The Sanitarium So Good (Vanilla Bliss) Soy is hands down the best milk I've ever drunk

  • 15 grams of sugar..

  • $15 shipping to Metro VIC. Is it refrigerated? Auspost only charges us $7.9 for 3kg, whats with the markup? $1.5 per bottle and wait 2-3 weeks… I'll pay the $1 more at the supermarket…

    • They're $4-5 per bottle in shops. Won't be refrigerated - it's long-life.

      Are your deliveries bulky? Won't be exactly 3kg - that's the weight of just the milk itself.

  • Havent tried these but how much are they in the shops?.hmmm short expiry date though….

  • Seems the codes are no longer working

    • +1

      Yeah just tried and it said "coupon usage limit reached"

      Doubt they reached 2500 sales in 4 hours tho

      • I got the same issue, so I tried to use the chamomile coupon instead, it worked.

  • +2

    too expensive for flavoured almond water!!!

    only 4% almonds

  • +3

    Site compromised! Used a card that I haven't used in ages and guess what $3990 apple purchase the next day. I don't own a apple product (or ever will). Somehow they got my details from this link.

    • +1

      oh no Ive used my credit card on it as well and got a notification of suspicious activity. hope its not been compromised

      • It is. $500 charged by Sephora to the account next morning, cancelled my card.

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