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Audio Technica ATH-M50x Wired ($141.93 + Shipping) Wireless ($176.13 + Shipping) @ JB Hi-FI


Looks like a decent deal at JB Hi-Fi on the Audio Technica ATH-M50x

Bluetooth Wireless version is also on sale

Mod: Additional 5% off with 92CMIL9O14C53W, updated title/prices.

Original Coupon Deal

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    These headphones are unbelievable. Closed back so it deadens noise. Won't regret it.

  • Should I go for Bluetooth version or just the normal wire one? Any sound difference?

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      Conveniece = bluetooth
      Sound Quality = wired.

      Not suggesting Bluetooth sound bad, they don't, but if you have the option to add a high quality DAC into the mix, the wired version offers a more robust listening experience.

      I have had mine for a number of years and like them (although don't listen to them as much as I should)- I changed the pads after they deteriorated for some Brainwavz and it changed the sound for the worse :(

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        Not sure if it helps, but you can run the BT one using a normal audio cable to avoid the bluetooth altogether. You have wireless when you want portability over the marginal loss in sound quality.

        • Thanks for both of your info, I went for the BT version for the portability.

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          Good point, then I'd go BT

      • Unless you test and compare using a mic setup, you can't tell the difference. I went from wired m50 to m50xbt.

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      Anyone know how does ATH-M50xBT compare to Sony WH1000XM3B? Which one has better sound quality in bluetooth mode?

      • Also wondering this…I've got Bose QC35's for NC, but these AT's get really good reviews for SQ

        This suggests the Sony > ATM50X

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          I've tried QC3, Sony, ATM50x. Ended up getting the Taotronics 60 for comfort, quality and value (in that order). Definitely give the Taotrnoics a look if you're in the market for Bluetooth headphones. Their "highend" sound surge 85 is under $80 with all the latest tech (usb C, bluetooth 5.0, 40h).

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            @Travis J: I have a pair of Sony MDR 7510, a pair of Tao, and also the M50s wired and BT. I'm no audiophile but the Taos aren't so good with the sound when using them on a FIIO. For the money it's ok. The M50s actually are my second pair as the 3.5mm jack was acting up. THe only bad thing about the M50s is the ear cups. They don't last long so I twice had to get the replacement for my first pair.

            • @StephBlanks: I don't have experience with the Sony MDR 7510. I only tested wireless ones in my search.
              I found the ATM50x to be uncomfortable. The Sony XM3 is excellent on comfort and sound but mic is poor. For the price they are at, I expect the mic to be better. I am no audiophile either. I mainly use them for movies and podcasts.

      • I own the ATH-M50xBT and my sister has the Sonys. The Sonys wins hands down IMO. The Audio Techinicas have a very flat sound, which is exactly what they're designed to be but it's a bit boring and lacks a lot in bass. The average music listener would get much more enjoyment out of the Sonys.

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          I own the M50X and it definitely does not lack bass, far from it. It’s just not bloated and muddy like most consumer headphones are tuned.

          • @aja12: I have the M50 and yes while it has lots of bass etc, I don't get the hype because I find that the mids are recessed.

            • @montorola: Hype - that’s the problem. People seem to forget these are sub $200 headphones when critiquing them. The low cost was why they were so well regarded (and still are by many) in the first place.

        • Thanks for the review - I picked up the BT-AT's just based on cost & have been wanting to check them out for a while now mainly for the potentially better wired listening soundscape - now just need a DAC!
          This seems like a really good deal. Although inevitably these technology based cans will drop with time, whereas the wired version seems to be pretty consistently ranging btw $150 on sale & $200 online.

        • the sony is NC, the ATM50X aren't, so it depends if people want BT for around the house if you live on your own, or you want NC for use on public transport or have noisey people at home.

        • a bit boring

          that’s advantage of “flat” - with an equaliser, you can customise to create exactly preferred sound.

      • It depends on what you want, in the end, you have to try them. The M50XBT IMO sound infinitely better than the XM3B, but they are also not as comfortable. The M50xbt also has a great 3.5mm input, incredibly long battery life, and feels much higher quality.

        • Many forum posts suggest changing out the ear pads for the Shure 840 which adds comfort with similar sound signature but it's a bit loose.

          Otherwise I was thinking of cancelling the M50BT and getting the M40X instead which is much more neutral and can be enhanced with mods

          • @G Wok: tried Shrue 840 pads with M50BT and immediately noticed the sound was changed and not for better. I removed it after few songs and back to original pads. M50BT are really great for their clean flat sound. But changing the pads does change the sound.

    • I have the bluetooth version. Go for the wired if you are just using them at a workstation or something.

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    $176.13 if you add the 5% off coupon

    Just purchased :)

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    M40x's (wired) are on sale as well - $101.40!

    • +3

      According to Z they're better anyway.


      • +1

        lol watched this video and want to refund the M50's now!!!

      • +1

        It's 4 a.m., I can't sleep, and I just bought a pair of headphones because of a funny YouTube review. Thank you.

        $96.33 with coupon for those of you playing at home. Also, these were in stock while both versions of the 50s were awaiting stock.


        • +3

          I have had my pair of M40x's for 5+ years and I bought them after a lot of research and reviews

          I still use them everyday and they are still going strong

          • @Mosher: That's awesome, it's good to know they hold up!

  • +5

    M50X was my entry into audiophile 6 years ago, I still have them and they still work but the padding is all flaky now. I've grown out of them but one of the best value for money cans imo.

    • What are u currently using instead?

      • +2

        I have a Sennheiser 6xx and sharing an Audeze LCD-2 with my brother. Once I moved to open back, I couldn't go back.
        If I'm on the move or don't want to disturb the family, I just use the Galaxy Buds+, they are actually pretty good imho, not that I've got a lot of experience with IEM.

        • What amp and dac do you use ?

          • @lycos: I use the ifi nano idsd. It's a good versatile dac but a bit on the low side as an amp. My brother has the Magni Modi combo. I've been meaning to a get a better one but not high on my list at the moment.
            I also have a Creative Super XFi (impulse buy), not very good with music but I do enjoy it for "personal" movie watching.

    • I just replaced my earpads with Dekoni ones recently. Memory foam and suede. So much comfier.

    • Was just going to say that - the padding got pretty flaky for me pretty quickly too. They sound awesome though!

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    Insane prices for these.

    M40x is the real winner for $101. Best value

    • +1

      Totally agree, best neutral sounding headphones I’ve ever owned.

  • +1

    Seems to be an annual deal. I had a reminder popup that a deal was impending a couple of days ago, as I was going to buy a pair. I bought a pair late last year so I guess I couldn't wait.

    Happy with the purchase, very clear. I mainly listen through the cable. If you have a Xiaomi phone, you may notice the volume is very quiet through the Bluetooth, but I think that is an issue on the Xiaomi end.

  • Fantastic price. Got my wireless ones for $199 from another ozB deal last year. Good stuff

  • bought the bluetooth one, already have the wired ones from 2015. Still doing good, just had to replace the ear muffs, thats all.

    • Any change in sound quality after ear muffs changed?

  • thank you SO much, i've been waiting for a good headset that i catch to pop up for ages

  • Sweet, I'd been eyeing off some new headphones since my old ones died and I've been using earphones since then which has been a struggle. These were on my radar but I wasn't completely set, but the price decided for me. Finally got my ass into gear and bought them!

  • +5

    $96.33 for the M40x's (with coupon) is a no-brainer.

  • +1

    Thanks! Just pull the trigger. Any budget DAC recommendation?

    • Also interested in this question.

    • +1

      I use FiiO USB DACs with my PC? Have the older E7 and E10 models.

      More into bluetooth & ANC headphones now (as I get older I prefer convenience over SQ :D) , so I don't know how the newer ones fair, or if there are newer affordable brands.

    • +1

      Tempotec sonata pro hd for < $100

      • Second that. This can be had for just over $60 shipped from Aliexpress. Problem is delivery takes way too long

  • +1

    How does the sound quality of the m40x compare to qc35? Thinking about getting m40x for use at home and just using the qc35s outside

    • +2

      M series are quite flat and not coloured the way the QC35 is. I personally dislike the Q35 sound. They should be bought for their superior call quality and noise cancelling ability.

    • +2

      The m40x is leagues above the qc35. I have some for the NC but the QC35s are muddy and bassy and very coloured. M40x is very flat and crisp.

  • +5

    Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 Over-Ear Headphones also on sale: $167.40

  • Order much thucker replacement pads. The ones that come with it are too thin, your big ears will ache against the side of it if you don't replace them. The thickest memory foam pads you can find are ideal.

    • Any recommendations of which replacement pads/memory foam you would use?

    • This changed the sound too much for me.

      • It does change the distance of the drivers from your ears, but to me it didn't sound any worse, just a bit different. Once accustomed to it I'm sure I'd say I preferred it. I also use it in a headphone amp/DAC, which further changes the sound over just plugging it into your computer. The M50 is mean to be self driving, but I find it benefits a lot from a bit more power. Wonder how a headphone amp would go plugged into the BT version.

  • +1

    Aaargh. Why did I check Ozbargain before going to bed…. have now ordered a pair. Hope it works well with the U-PHORIA UM2.

  • +1

    With an extra 5% off w/Suncorp Rewards came to $172 shipped.
    Been waiting to get some quality Audio Technica's for ages after reading a lot of glowing reviews.

  • Would these be any good for Xbox/PC gaming? BT model. Thanks

  • +4

    Ordered the bluetooth model. Never seen in this price.

    Cost $181.12 including delivery to Sydney metro.

    Complements my loyal Taotronics-BH040 (Sweaty as hell due to gym usage) and hyperx stinger wireless (usb)

  • +1

    I've had the og M50's since 2012 and they are fantastic! The audio engineering department at RMIT where I did my course has a draw full of M50's they use in their studio. They are legit. I've got an eGift Card that I'll be using on the BT model. Thank you OP!!

  • Anyone having these Bluetooth headphones, do you notice any audio/video lag/delay when watching Videos/Youtube/Movies….. as these don't have the Low latency Codec???

    • Bluetooth®
      Bluetooth® Version Bluetooth® Version 5.0
      Operating Range Line of sight – approx. 10 m (33′)
      Compatible Bluetooth® Profiles A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
      Support Codec aptX, AAC, SBC

      Source: https://eu.audio-technica.com/ATH-M50xBT/en

    • I used AAC and didn't notice any delay on my P2XL or S10E

  • Have you seen these headphone used as work from home Video conferencing headset?

    • No mic from what I can see

    • I used them for virtual meetings, so the mic works fine.

  • Staring at my AD700…I resisted it once again.

    • +5

      I've owned both the AD700 and M50x. Unless you specifically want the features of a closed/portable headphone, the AD700 is the far superior choice for sound quality and comfort.

      • +1

        I sold the ad700 for the 900s, but yeah i agree with this too.

      • love my AD700 during covid for video meetings …. open back is hard to beat for extended meetings.

      • Thanks, no more decision for me.

  • I bought the Plantronics' Backbeat Pro 2 a few weeks ago after a long while of uhming and ahhing between them and the M50X BT. Is it worth maybe offloading the pair I have to my brother and ordering these guys because that is an insane deal!

  • Thanks OP - Just purchased the Bluetooth one.

  • I already have Sennheiser HD58X that's better than this - yet for that price, I'm still tempted to get one…

    • Open VS closed though, different use cases.

      • True. For me, i already have iem for commute and open can for home. Not sure what i will use this M50XBT for.
        What do you have TheContact?

        • Ahahah I'm well within mid-fi hell. Sennheiser HD569, HD598, HD58X, HD6XX, Momentum over ears G1, AKG KXX, K553, Hifiman HE400i, Philips Fidelio X1, X2, SHP9500, Audio Technica AD700X, UltimateEars(/Logitech?) UE6000, on ears from Harman, Sony, Audio Technica that I've dumped on my wife.. In ears, Sony XBA3 and Yamaha EPH 100. Think that's all of them lol

          The stupid thing, I mostly listen to the cheap SHP9500 and UE6000 as I don't care if dust gets in the drivers or whatever so they just sit on my desk in easy reach.

          • @TheContact: My goodness!! Great choices!!
            Which DAC and amp do you use?

            • +1

              @lycos: Evidence I've spent a bit of time lurking audio forums/reddit heh. I've mostly stopped collecting now, possibly helped by not visiting the audio forums much as well.

              Using an Asus Xonar Essence One (non Muses) Now that I think about it, I'm rather surprised I haven't given in to temptation to change up my DAC/Amp, though always a temptation with those Drop X Cavalli stuff as I'm a sucker for plain black boxes. Only changed up once from the little FiiO E10K.

              What do you have driving your 58Xs?

              • @TheContact: Tempotec Sonata Pro HD for mobile use
                Fiio E10K for PC use

                Would love to get Schiit stack in the future :)

  • I am still looking for a BT pair, sold my bose 700, tried the Sennheiser 450BT terrible fit. What's next? Might have to go back to QC2511.

    • Aim higher ;-) If you don't care about NC being no.1, your options open significantly.

      • like what?

        • Beoplay, Master and Dynamics, Bowers & Wilkins

  • +1

    How do the M50X's compare comfort-wise? As much as I love my M40X headphones they aren't super comfortable and generally need to be taken off every hour or so. I could be in the minority in regards to this issue, but I do know for sure there are other people experiencing the same problem.

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