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Trailer here. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

A powerful and thought-provoking true story, "Just Mercy" follows young lawyer Bryan Stevenson (Jordan) and his history-making battle for justice. After graduating from Harvard, Bryan had his pick of lucrative jobs. Instead, he heads to Alabama to defend those wrongly condemned or who were not afforded proper representation, with the support of local advocate Eva Ansley (Larson).

One of his first, and most incendiary, cases is that of Walter McMillian (Foxx), who, in 1987, was sentenced to die for the notorious murder of an 18-year-old girl, despite a preponderance of evidence proving his innocence and the fact that the only testimony against him came from a criminal with a motive to lie. In the years that follow, Bryan becomes embroiled in a labyrinth of legal and political maneuverings and overt and unabashed racism as he fights for Walter, and others like him, with the odds-and the system-stacked against them.

Credit to HUKD for the find.

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  • Very topical - given the current situation in USA.

    Enjoyed one of the free pre-release screenings in Deals here 4 months ago.

    It's not a film for entertainment. It's based on a sad true story. I cried.

    • Given Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet, Vietnam, Philippine, Australia, EU, US, India and others situation with CCP, no one dare to make a movie on real monster.

      • This is relevant how?

      • For topical & local issue - today is Mabo Day here. Does the public even know about that?

        It took over 200 years for Australia's First Nation people to be recognised as being here before the English claimed this country as terra nullius (land that is legally deemed to be unoccupied or uninhabited). And then only after years of court battles for poor Eddie. He's a hero to me.

        The QLD Government never let him visit his home & family again. Such was the power of the Pass system controlling where indigenous people could travel or marry!!

        Over 200 years of theft, murder, dispossession, racism, children taken from their mothers, & lack of recognition…

        A bit longer than issues with the CCP. But a wrong is a wrong. There are many injustices in the world - but this one was ignored & covered up outside our homes.

        I had Special Branch (political) Police outside my Brisbane home sometimes 24hr a day - to keep me quiet & stop others from talking with me. They followed, photographed me, & pressured my landlord to evict me. But being white, politically connected, with 24hr access to civil liberties lawyers - I was treated well compared to others standing up against injustice.

        I was accused on the front page of The Courier Mail of providing money for an armed uprising - I simply gave food & $50! ("Fake News" - the Police wanted riot gear & needed a handy excuse!) Friends were bashed & told to leave QLD. All that because we wanted this wrong changed.

        I've sat with a woman who's grandmother had been long ago - publicly whipped for not leaving the "white area" before 6pm - to go back to her shack after working for almost nothing. All of this is hard for the First Nation people to forget as it's within living memory & passed on.

        And when they worked - they were paid less or almost nothing up until the 1980's!
        People had their wages stolen by Government (to look after it for them) for so many years - just because of their skin colour. It is still a sore point. It meant they could not achieve like others in the community - and were blamed for needing assistance due to that government theft & underpayment!

        These issues are ongoing, with continuing deaths in custody here, arrests that would not happen if their skin colour was different, and the court cases for justice continue.

      • Exactly, Being of dark skin and having lived in many countries before Australia. The racist i endured from the non-white countries were FAR FAR worse than the white countries. Did i come across racism from white people in Australia , yes but nowhere near, not even close to the amounts i endured in the countries i lived in in Asia. Sure a while back, white people did some horrific things when they were settling in countries, Societies and cultures were vastly different then. There has been a lot of "growing up" education being done in Anglo-saxon societies in terms of the rights and freedoms for everyone.

        The same can not be said about the non-white countries especially from my experience in some Asian countries. My personality etc was and is still affected by the forms of racism i endured. People should look at some of whats acceptable in those countries before they keep blaming white people and saying how racist they are.

        • I am Asian and not dark skinned. I know what you are referring to. I have seen it myself and it is abhorrent. I have had to correct the attitudes of many people, even my own family at times, for the racist attitudes they have to dark skinned people. They call it old fashioned, I call it racist. I have tried to break the cycle by teaching my kids to be more worldly and respect people, irrespective of colour, faith or sex. We are just people.

          • @Nitrous: Thanks man,What you are doing is good for society in the long term, Its all about education. A couple of the girls i have dated used to actually believe that my skin was dark because i dont scrub hard enough in the shower or that people with dark skin are dirtier and dont wash as often or have good hygiene practices and thats why they are darker…. It still bothers me that i can get more racism from the country i was born in,(or from countries where really if people looked past the colour of skin and how fair or dark the skin colour is, they will see our cultures are very similar), than from fellow Australians.

      • Movies like this are made from the safe distance of history. It could not be made at the time!

    • All the more reason to watch it. Especially with what's happening in the US now.

  • Good movie, worth watching

  • Just like the Amazon eBooks, if it's free - it's mine.
    Will watch later (note - before the end of the rental)

  • +1 vote

    Thanks TA, nice find

  • Awesome movie!

  • It is a great movie, especially given current events.

  • Requires Movies Anywhere account, which is only available to US residents.
    I tried registering, failed.

    • I get

      To register you must be a US resident located within the United States, its territories, or certain associated states at the time of registration.

      and with Nord

      We currently do not support registration through a proxy server or VPN, please update your connection settings and try again.

    • Movies 'Anywhere' account….only US :(

  • I don't have an XBOX, anyone know of an Android TV app?

    Can't register with Movies Anywhere.

    All I can think to do is somehow watch via Chrome and cast to my Shield.

  • Great film, used my Google Rewards Credits to rent a month ago. Well worth it and yes as The Infidel mentioned, very topical.

    • topical [top´ĭ-kal]
      pertaining to a particular area, such as a topical anti-infective agent applied to a certain area of the skin and affecting only the area to which it is applied.

      MMM, I see…. j/k

      I have to see if I can get it activated and check it out :)

  • Bought it for $3.99 on the US iTunes store.

  • Thanks OP! Anyone else own a Samsung Galaxy S10+ or above? Microsoft recommends to download the 'Movies Anywhere' app to cast this to my TV. The app is not available in Australia.. Does anyone have a workaround for this? Wanting to cast. Thank you.

  • I dont own xbox or windows laptop. any workaround guys ?

  • Cheers TA :)

  • I saw this movie at a pre-launch preview - it is a phenomenal movie. Highly emotive, thought provoking film even before the current world situation developed. Definitely worth watching.

  • I actually found the movie a little boring. It is no doubt about an important topic and justice being served but the storyline was slow paced and the actors didn't really shine like I would expect Jamie Foxx and MBJ to.

    Not a bad movie but not anything special.


  • Can we watch on z Xbox ?

  • Free or not, aren't people tired of this black vs white media crap? please keep that usa hate crap out of these neighbourhoods thanks. Peace

  • Thanks mate, clicked rent even without checking reviews

  • FFS thought it was a movie about overwatch

  • Highly recommend this movie. Just finished watching it. Great acting and story.

  • Also free on Amazon

    Warner Bros. is making ‘Just Mercy’ free to rent to encourage viewers to learn about ‘systemic racism’

  • Great film 👌🏼

  • I gotta say, I loved this movie.