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R5-3500X GTX 1660 Gaming PC: $788 + Delivery @ TechFast


Next up is an improved version of March's popular deal with Ryzen 5 3500X / GTX 1660 including a 240GB SSD (120GB last time) and mesh-fronted dual fan Air Mini case.

Limited to 30 units in the first run.

Ryzen 5 3500X GTX 1660 6GB Gaming PC

  • Ryzen 5 3500X
  • GTX 1660 6GB [Galax 1-click]
  • 8GB 2666MHz
  • A320 MB
  • 240GB 2.5" SSD
  • 550W PSU
  • Leaper Air Mini RGB Case

$788 after 3500X-1660-EOFYS

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        I'd vote for a 3300x + 2070 super combo personally. Could keep it base spec but discount upgrades, Could give people the option of a 3600 upgrade to keep the video editors happy.

        • +2

          Thanks, will look into

        • Yeah except this option to upgrade to the 3600 is gonna cost more than just buying the CPU altogether. Is the 3300X strong enough for a 2070 Super?

        • Is the 9100f better value?

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              @Voucherd: A 3300x with 16gb ram is what I’m holding out for

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                @SD2310: So maybe people would be happy with (3300x/B450/16 3200/240 NVME/1TB/750 Gold](like the old 2080s deal) but 2070 super instead and maybe even a Mortar Max? For around $1399? I don't want to get too ahead of ourselves but maybe this could be the start of a dialog between giving a larger proportion of people what they want and maximizing purchases for Tech Fast? Just a thought anyway

    • +9

      So like $660+ delivery? Seems a bit ridiculous to be honest.

  • Really would have preferred a B350 board at this price point, since your 2060 deal includes one for ~$120 more.

    • +8

      even a 350 is kind of ehhh… the 320 board is especially disposable

      • B350 is enough to just work. I've done some RAM overclocking on my Biostar one with great success, some CPU overclocking and VRMs aren't suffering. Though there are some comforts that I'd otherwise like such as BIOS flash without CPU, debug LEDs and better overclocking utilities. Also no Ryzen 4000 support >:(

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    Would be a good price if it wasn't for their description of power supplies 'Bundled 550W and 750W: Allied, TechFast-approved'.

    I wouldnt risk it.

    • +1

      Could you please expand on this?

  • For those of us that might wanna play CS:GO, AoE II Remastered and some other games.. is there anything out there better value for this money?

    • Not at the moment. This improves on the last deal with a better processor and more ssd storage - old one had 3300x and 120gb https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/537804

    • +1

      I would look in the new refreshed Ryzen 3300X or 1600AF. And pair it with a used RX570.

  • Plex server?

    • Dedicated Plex server? Probably not good for power consumption and such and you'd be better off with a NAS that is specialized for the purpose.

  • tempting, upgrade the ram to 32GB and B350 Board … should be a good editing system and casual gaming rig

  • Any possibility on a system that may be ok for just general usage (no games) but I have a habit of keeping many browser windows open at once & is ok with streaming Video, Movies, Youtube, Music etc.? Not sure what the balance of components to cater for that ?

    • This should be fine for that, probably overkill. As for browsers, download The Great Suspender for chrome. I have had 250+ tabs open across a few browser instances no problem with 8gb of slow ram. It just temporarily puts to sleep unused tabs, and opens them again when you look at them.

      • +1

        I disagree. 8gb is not enough especially when it was Jonny's only request for the system to be a beast at chrome.

        • Yeah, you can open like, 1 and a half tabs in chrome.

          Get an entry level pc with an ryzen 3 and 1030 or something for 4K videos/dual screen, then put your savings in ram.

        • General usage to me sounds like maybe 2 windows of 10 mixed tabs, at the most? I just did that- news sites, youtube, email etc. I disabled my tab suspender and task manager says 2.5GB ram utilisation for chrome. I can switch between everything with no lag. My current PC is pretty much an old outdated POS and it handles my needs, which are probably greater than most people's. I know chrome is a memory hog but i see no reason why this computer can't handle it, principally because my POS pc is doing fairly heavy chrome right now with little issue.

          • @naturaldecay: Thanks naturaldecay, gram & Wonderfool - I was posting in haste - meant to say: for general purpose use, as in not needing an elaborate Graphics Card, as for games, but seems I could benefit from 16mg of RAM, as have had many tabs (40 -50) contained in many browser windows (7 -8) in chrome. Started using OneTab, to bundle browser windows, but it slows down my old i3 Laptop,8mg,SSD, when I unfortunately continue to add tabs.For some reason I don't like using Bookmarks when accessing things of current interest regularly, so will look at The Great Suspender - that's good the unused tabs are sleeping until you open them.

            One thing concerned me was buying from interstate (live in NSW) if issues arise and unit needs to be returned under warranty - how safe is the means of shipping, postage,transport - as not having bought a PC Box this way before ?

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    R5-3500X GTX 1660 Gaming PC: $788 + Delivery @ TechFast, but when I click to buy…it comes at $999??

    • You need to apply the coupon

    • +2

      Apply the coupon code 3500X-1660-EOFYS and see the price magically change to $788. Some sort of sorcery

  • +6

    Hey Luke,

    Just wanted to say thank you for constantly coming up with great deals and for listening to the feedback of the forum!

    • Genuine pleasure!

  • +1

    How soon can we expect delivery if ordered today?

    • We're working to be as close to 14 business days as possible. We are not waiting for these parts to come in, rather working through existing orders.

  • Any chance of getting another rx470 deal for around $650?

    • Do you mean 570? We've not offered 470. But, Biostar 570s are that much cheaper to allow us to hit those pricepoints,but we're not currently using those, so not right now price wise.

      • Yes sorry meant 57/gtx 1650 deal. Was about to buy the previous deal with the 3100/570 but its expired :(

  • Like could you please offer a deal on one of the monitor/desktop combos?

    • A bundle with monitor, keyboard and mouse? Looking into them but need supply first. What spec system?

      • Thank you! Anything that would suit a student (but bonus points if I can use it for gaming!) Sorry that’s really vague- I’m a tech noob

  • +1

    Hi all, I've just started looking for a pre-built* PC that I can use for poker and I'm wondering if this is a good option? As far as it being a poker machine, that just means running PIOSolver - what PIO wants most is as many cores as possible, and as much RAM as possible.

    I have been using Macs for the last decade or so though, so I'm kind of out of the loop in terms of what to look for, or estimating reasonable prices.

    Since this is around the price point I'd like to spend, does it seem like a good option (obviously the more I spend the better the specs get)? As far as I can tell the motherboard in this model only allows a maximum of 32GB RAM (I'd really like something that allows me to bump it up to 64 or 96 ideally), but I also see that there are multiple motherboard options when I click through to the deal itself, [edit] and it looks like I can max those out at 64 and 128.

    But is this otherwise a good base for what I'm after, or should I be looking elsewhere?

    Thanks for reading. :)

    *I know building something myself is probably the cheapest and obviously the most customisable option, but I'd rather avoid the hassle if I can. I also haven't built one for 10+ years.

    • +1

      Which version of PioSOLVER are you running?

      • It'll be PioSOLVER (oops, got the caps wrong before) Pro.

        • +5

          But is this otherwise a good base for what I'm after, or should I be looking elsewhere?

          You'd probably want to look elsewhere as these TechFast deals quickly lose their value for money once you start upgrading parts.

          For example, $165 to upgrade to the MSI Mortar B450M (4 RAM slots on this board. You'd be taking a gamble with the cheaper upgrades and would likely end up with a 2 slot board given that most cheap mATX boards are 2 slot)

          Regular price for this board is $179 at computer stores so you're basically paying them their full cost price (or more?) for the upgrade part instead of the difference in cost between the base and upgrade part.

          The GTX 1660 (~$380 card?) is total overkill for your system if you're not planning to do gaming other than playing poker. PioSOLVER doesn't utilise GPU cores at all so you would be better off with a budget card and putting the money towards more RAM instead.

          The bundled power supplies (Allied) are junk. If you don't upgrade it immediately, you can expect to have to do so at some point in the future. With any luck it won't kill other components or burn down your house when it goes.

          • +3

            @HomeAlone: That’s exactly the kind of info I was after. Thanks very much! Very helpful. :)

  • +1

    How bout another 3100 1650 deal?

  • I wish they had a option to minus the graphic card so that I can check the price without it + a 3600

  • +1

    purchased…. was going to get a laptop, but decided with travel restrictions, this was the better choice in the short term.

  • Is this a good deal for casual gaming? Looking for something that is value for money for my partner

  • How you guys finding support of techfast. i want to order 2 more pcs for my business but last experience with TF was not good.

    • Happy to look into last experience if you PM me

  • Hi Luke,

    Do you know what RAM brand/model you use? It would be helpful to know since we could then add another stick of our own later down the line in the future so that it would be compatible.


    • It varies according to supply. We have used Team, Crucial, GSkill and ADATA recently for 2666 and 3200MHz variants. Unfortunately can't be specific for any one build due to lead times and stock comings and goings.

  • Hey guys just want to know peoples thoughts on this system with a
    Cpu - AMD Ryzen 5 3500X Processor
    Motherboard - AMD B450M Motherboard
    Graphics Card - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super 6GB Graphics Card
    Ram - 16GB DDR4 [3200MHz] (2 x 8GB)
    Ssd - 240GB m.2 NVME SSD
    HDD - 2TB Hard Disk Drive

    • +1

      Very tidy in my view.

    • How much are you paying for this rig?

      • I think it was about $1610 after the coupon, i am yet to purchase though.

        • Thanks.

        • If that 3200 RAM was optional and you have some overclocking knowledge, just get the 2666. Got my 2666C19 to 3733C18 at 1.35V.

  • +1

    Could you please list the brand and model?

    8GB 2666MHz
    A320 MB
    240GB 2.5" SSD
    550W PSU

    • +2

      I'll tell you what these probably are based on what I and many others have received.

      The 2666MHz RAM is likely G.Skill Value RAM. My kit in particular is Samsung C-die, and overclocked to 3733C18 at 1.35V.
      The motherboard is probably some crappy Biostar variant.
      SSD is likely a Lexar NS100, fairly decent.
      Power Supply is Allied brand… or a bomb.

  • What's the delivery time if i ordered it today?
    can i get it earlier if i order unassembled?

    • We're working as close to 14 business days as possible from order to dispatch. To request your system unassembled, just enter SHIP UNASSEMBLED in the Notes field on the Cart page before Checkout. Please note that our 1 year assembled system warranty will not apply to the system you have assembled, as we did not assemble it, but component manufacturer warranties will apply and we will assist with these if required. Regarding packaging, we will ship components as we receive them; some have retail packaging, some come to us as OEM/bulk packaging, so we will securely package those for transport. As your system is unassembled, you may save 1-2 days as it will skip the build and testing phase, but to be fair to all orders in our system we pick all systems according to the date they were placed on, so it will not skip older orders.

  • Hi Luke, how long woukd it take if I order it today? Thanks in advance :)

    • See above - still aiming for as close to 14 business days as possible currently.

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