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[Presale] Kogan 26800 mAh Power Bank Pro (87W) with PD and QC 3.0 $79.99 + Delivery @ Kogan


Free delivery with Kogan First

Something like this was posted before and was quite popular

This deal was 60W at $69.99 so it appears we've since had an upgrade. This is fantastic if you are running a high spec'd laptop or multiple devices off one laptop. e.g. Macbook + Ipad sidecar

From the specs this looks like one of the best chargers money can buy, a good investment for turning a high end laptop into a mobile workstation.

102W is BS - only if you are utilising all ports. I've toned it back to 87W for the post.
Battery Capacity 26,800mAh
Input Type-C PD 5V/3A; 9V/2A; 12V/2A; 15V/3A; 20V/3A (Max. 60W)
Output Type-C PD 5V/3A; 9V/3A; 12V/3A; 15V 3A; 20V 4.35A (Max. 87W)
Output USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 5V/3A; 9V/2A; 12V/1.5A (Max. 18W)
USB-A + Type-C Total Output = Max. 102W

Comparable chargers I found range at around $200.

Also available in black for immediate delivery if needed ASAP for $89.99 (was 209.99 (according to kogan)) Edit: Sold out, now also available for preorder

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    • +2

      I used the 60W one every day for almost a year, till it died in a weird way not long ago. It would charge, but only with a non high wattage input. Kogan gave me full refund and even let me keep the charger. I use it every now and again.
      I am considering this new one

      • +2

        I have this 60Wpowerbank also. I bought it to charge my Dell XPS 15 laptop via the USB-C port it works fantastically.
        It looks identical to this new model advertised here, clearly it's from the same manufacturer.
        If I needed a powerbank capable of putting out 20V 4.35A=87W then I would happily buy this powerbank again or recommend it to others.

        • How does the XPS15 perform with under wattage charging?

          • @plmko: "fantastically"

          • @plmko: I'm assuming you mean how well does it charge, as it performs exactly the same.
            When I start charging my XPS 15 an alert will pop up stating that this is a slow charger and to connect a faster charger.
            Then it proceeds to charge my laptop almost as quickly as my Dell charger, so pretty happy with it!!

      • How’d it die?

    • +4

      It literally costs less than half from what non-home brands cost and you still complaint about price?
      wtf 0_o

      • +5

        This is why people literally pay good money for bricks with branding on them…'Supreme'. Some people are blindly in love with 'brand' names. Unbelievable how stupid people can be!

  • +3

    The black one is cheaper at 75.99 with kogan first trial. Dont have to wait a month for it too


    • Well spotted. I didn't even notice. Only thing is that it's low stock so probably not worth its own posting. I changed my order :P

    • Black is sold out now

      • +1

        Black at $75.99 with Kogan First trial is back in stock.

  • -3
    • +6

      Just note the 27W (vs 87W) max output on this one which will make it less useful for laptop users.

    • Doesn't have 20V PD so won't charge any laptop bigger than a toy.

  • +3

    I bought one of these during the last sale and have only got good things to say about it. Build quality is great, matches output specs (tested with a USB power monitoring dongle), and is very reliable. Would recommend getting one for the price!

  • No charger is coming with it. I guess it would take ages to charge this power bank with normal phone charger.

    • +2

      Yeah if you were running this with a phone charger it would be long AF. I guess the assumption is that you would be using this with a usb-c laptop and thus have a usb-c laptop charger.

  • Yes you need a high speed charger like this one, it will be quick.


  • Would this probably charge the surface pro 7?

  • If these W's keep going up soon we'll be able to operate power tools straight from these batteries over USB C.

  • -1

    Doesn't 87+18=105?

  • +4

    How is this any different to the one Kogan has been selling for ages: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/kogan-kapb26800ha
    Highly doubt this is a new item and it’s just a back order - which is why the black was in stock.
    Price is decent, but has been cheaper.

  • +1

    Personally I would stay away from kogan power banks. I've had 2 and they've both been unreliable and slow. The advertised fast charging has never been as quick as my old xiaomi powerbank (still going strong after about 4 years)

  • +2

    3.7V @ 26800mAh = 99.2W for 1 hour. So allowing for efficiency, this will charge / power a laptop at 87W for about an hour before running flat.

    (Someone correct me if I'm wrong)

    • 2.68 / (20 / 3.7) since 20V

      More like just under 30min if lucky

      Edit: sry was only thinking of my mbp. Other laptops will charge at different voltages. Some are 15v and 12v, but those prob won't go over 80w

      • +1

        Are you sure that's right?

        26800mAh @ 3.7V = 99.2Wh (watt hours)

        20V @ 4.35A = 87W.

        99.2/87 = 1.14 hours.

      • +1

        It's not how it works, we're talking the voltage of the battery, not the voltage of the device drawing off it. These kind of batteries are usually rated at 3.7V and will have different ratings, it's 26,800mAh at 3.7V, 19,832mAh at 5V, 4,958mAh (i.e. 4.96Ah) at 20V, etc. It always totals 99.2Wh

        The 20V is how quickly it draws down. So if it's 20V at 4.35A, and you have a battery pack storing 4.96Ah @ 20V, it'll draw down for a bit over an hour.

        Ultimately, the mbp battery cannot sustain a charge rate of 87W (the last 20% is the hardest to charge), plus it's a lot smaller than 99.2Wh so eventually you'll just have charged your laptop. Will vary a lot on what you're doing, if you're gaming it might be able to keep up a high level of charging the whole time because it's being used.

        • +1

          I thought you were disagreeing with me for a second there. But yeah, conservation of energy.

          • @NuclearWessels: Yeah, thread nesting on this site is weird. I was just trying to explain it in a different way, same 1.14 hours result though so I'm going to guess we're not both wrong!

  • Bought the old 60w Kogan power bank. Spent 3 weeks in Asia and it charged my phone, tablet and GoPro on the go, at the same time. Never missed a beat and was a life saver.

    Just bought this upgraded model.

    Please don't compare Kogan power banks to cheap plastics from Romoss. The build quality and finish is like something Apple might do (not as good as Apple, but still good)

    • Apple quality finish is way overstating it. I’ve got one of these and v happy with it but the finish is nothing to sing about.

  • -2

    This claims to be usable as a UPS, but how is that possible when it only has one USB-C port? ie, you can’t charge the powerbank while it is being used because the port is occupied. If they are simply claiming it can ouput power over the USB-A ports while power is entering the powerbank through the USB-C port, then that is very misleading, because the UPS functionality is limited to low power devices which are not usually plugged in during use.

    • -1

      Lol.. anyone who downvoted my comment care to explain why I'm wrong? Like is it actually possible to charge and discharge simultaneously via a single USB-C port? I mean, the product page claims you can charge a Macbook while also charging the powerbank, thus providing the UPS capability, but I fail to see how this is not a totally misleading claim.

      • The UPS claim is just spin as distinct from something needs to be debunked.

  • +1
    • None of those specs scream legit to me.

    • +2

      Scam. If has 25x the capacity of a 20000mAh battery pack then it's going to ~25x bigger.

  • Will the advertised 102W cause any issues when flying given it's over the 100Wh limit imposed by the likes of QANTAS and Virgin?

    I'm hoping to purchase something that I can travel with both domestically and internationally.

    • +3

      102W is the total power output, the capacity is calculated by nominal voltage x powerbank capacity - 3.7v x 26800mAh - 99.16Wh so just under the limit.

  • I've been on the hunt for a high output PD power bank that I can use as a portable source for my TS100 soldering iron.

    This looks like about the cheapest option so far, anybody got any alternative suggestions?

  • Samsung Super Fast Charging up to 25W* (PD 3.0 PPS)

    Interesting!! It supports PPS

    This means it can charge the Note 10+ and newer phones at the same speed as the supplied 25W Wall charger.

  • So I ordered one and It arrived in the mail today….
    Initially charged when plugged in w/ flashing light, after 5 mins dead, nothing.
    Dud unit? Need to let it charge for a few hours?

    Will report back later..

  • Anyone recommend a charger for this?

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