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AMD Ryzen 5 3600 $279, AMD Ryzen 7 3700X $499, AMD Ryzen 9 3900X $685 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


Submitted this last time but the 3600 is just a little bit sweeter. My last order from shopping express came within 2 days of ordering very impressed.


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  • Good price for both CPUs.

  • aren't they all cheaper here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/542993?

  • The Ryzen 9 3900x is still available for $669.10 including delivery on eBay.

    • What code do we use for that?

      • love futu!

        not sure what code - i tried PMONTH200 which took it down 79.90 to 719.10, but can't seem to get it down to 669

        edit: oh looks like if you have ebay plus you get another 10% off

      • PMONTH200. And then another 10% off is also applied at checkout.

  • That's sweet not sure how it's better than Amazon

    • local stock?

      • That's true sometimes with paying a bit more, Amazon is pretty good though.
        Fwiw for some ram from shopping express.
        Shame I can't get my hands on a Corsair 750w 80+ Gold PSU and a few fans

  • Looking at the stats I'm seeing in benchmarking, is it correct for me to say that the 3700x and 3900x are very similar in gaming and not worth the large price difference?

    Also is it worth buying a 3000 series or wait until the 4000 series are out? (Don't need urgently, just wanting to upgrade from my 6700k for my itx build)

    • Purely for gaming, it’s hard to recommend the 3900x over the 3700x. If you are doing more productivity centred tasks then it could be worth the extra money

    • I’d also recommend holding onto that 6700k at least a little longer. Still a great CPU for gaming, you’d have marginally better results by upgrading to both the 3700x and the 3900x. You’re better off upgrading other parts before the CPU

      • Thanks, I'm thinking I'll start getting parts slowly until the 4000 series and RTX 3080 are out (ordered the WD black 1tb which was on sale the other day, now planning to grab an Asus strix x570-I and Corsair PSU)

        • Just be mindful that if ordering a motherboard now, you'll need a BIOS update to run a 4000 chip. Pretty sure that board doesn't have BIOS flashback, so you'd need a 3000 chip in there to update it. Could always take it to a PC shop and get them to update the BIOS for you as an alternative.

          • @combatant: Thanks for letting me know. I've seen this on some YouTube videos but blanked out that this would affect me.

            Have you brought your mobo to an IT store to update it? If so, did you buy it from them or online?

            • @Hadukn88: I haven't had the need to pay someone to do it, but they usually charge a nominal fee, maybe $10 or so. Shouldn't matter if you bought the board for them or not.

        • If gaming is your main use I’d also include the 10600k as an option… if you need a bit of productivity work then AMD for sure. Otherwise for high FPS gaming ..10600K, and it’s good with a bit of productivity … :)

          Let me know if you do find a good deal on an itx X570 though … right now the prices are crazy on mobos … it also won’t hurt to wait for B550 to drop … prices aren’t looking great but might change things up a little

          • @scud70: I concur, I had an itx X570 that I sold almost instantly on eBay. It doesn’t help that for X570 there were only 3 itx boards released, asus gigabyte and ASRock.

          • @scud70: Normally been an intel fan boy, however the specs for the Ryzen series are looking amazing. Saw the ASUS rog x570-I for $445 at skycomp computers, however they are out of existing stock and are now on pre-order with a 8-10 week delay :( now deciding if i should wait for a good deal for the ASUS rog or get the gigabyte aorus pro. The Aorus is readily available and cheaper as well compared to the ASUS ROG

            • @Hadukn88: maybe wait for B550 then, if the ROG is not in stock, at the moment prices area also high because the supply hasnt yet caught up but they are expecting it to towards pick up a little towards end of the month… still iTX will have a bit of a premium attached to it.

              • @scud70: Sorry scud for the late reply, ended up picking up the asus strix x570-I for $466 at skycomp it's on back order until end of July and price is now $490 but still cheaper than most other stores.

                Decided to wait it out for the 4000 series and the 3080 but interesting to know about the upgrade.

                • @Hadukn88: nice thats a great board .. i'm keeping an eye on these 2 B550 Mobo's .. at this stage unless you want PCIE gen 4 between chipset and CPU then B550 is just fine and in terms of vram they are the same or better than x570. I'm def waiting to see what happens in the GPU space to see if there's any need for the new gen CPU's or if a 3600 is still the best middle of the road cpu :)

                  Gigabyte B550I AORUS PRO AX AM4 ($349MSRP) and ASUS ROG STRIX B550-I GAMING ($369MSRP) ..listed on MWave

                  • @scud70: Haha exact same thoughts, if there's no improvements with the 4000 series, I'll probably grab either a 3700x or 3900x.

                    Only shame is that my case has a type-c port on its front io but suprisingly the asus x570 doesn't have an internal port for type c? Might need to get an adaptor but have it run on a usb 3.0 port :s

                    • @Hadukn88: yeh i've noticed with the iTX motherboards because of the space they do miss something here and there .. they sacrifice one thing over another so its annoying … that would really irritate the OCD in me hahaha

                      i'm still usure on a case … the nzxt h1 seems to never be in stock and stupid pricing smh… so far i have 3600 RAM and NVME loll so everything else is open depending on price and what happens with the GPU's .. they are the key to the next gen imo …

    • Looking at the stats I'm seeing in benchmarking, is it correct for me to say that the 3700x and 3900x are very similar in gaming and not worth the large price difference?

      Do you do anything else apart from gaming? Do you do fluid simulations, computational statistics, AI, compiling large code projects, regularly render videos…etc.? If you do, I would say that the 3900X is more than worth it.

      To be completely fair, I don't really see much of a value proposition in the 3700X. Compared with the 3600, it's around $200 more for just 2 more cores (so $100 per core, if you will). To go to the 3900X, it's only an extra $200 for 4 more cores (so $50 per core). Obviously the sweet-spot is the 3600 if you don't need a lot of cores, or the 3900X if you need a lot of cores.

      From the 3900X to the 3950X also is difficult to justify, it's around $500 more for 4 more cores, so $125 extra per core.

      I'd say my pick of the entire Ryzen 3rd generation lineup is the 3900X. $670 or so for 12 cores is just insanely good. The 3600 is a close second, being a good budget option at $279 or so.

      The 3300X makes no sense, spend the extra $70 to get a 3600. The 3600X makes no sense, save your money and get a 3600. The 3700X is stuck in no-man's land between two fantastic value chips (the 3600 and 3900X). The 3800X makes no sense. The 3950X is a halo product and the law of diminishing returns kicks in quite hard here.

    • Even the 3600 and 3300X

      The 3600 is probably the go to chip for any mid to high end gaming builds

  • I'm gonna hold out for zen 3. If it isn't a significant improvement on zen 2 then at least i'll be able to get a 3600 for cheap

  • Cheapest 3700X on staticice is $510.

  • Good price for local stock that’s not from amazon.

  • ordered a bunch of things 11th, today still no confirmation email that they've been dispatched. not happy ><, so much for local stock

    • Strange. I ordered cpu, cooler, ram and case all from them last month. Everything got to me within 48 hours of money coming out of my pocket. Email their support - they've replied to 2/2 of my emails within an hour.