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TriggerPoint Orange Grid Foam Roller $29.59 + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Cheapest price for the TriggerPoint Foam Roller according to https://au.camelcamelcamel.com/product/B0040EKZDY. Orange colour only available for the price.

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  • If you’re after a roller id highly recommend these

  • I have one of these from a previous deal. Works well, can recommend

  • Thanks OP

  • What is it for? Works better than a massage gun?

  • have been using this from previous deal, works great

  • Thanks OP been using a really flat cheapo one that doesn't feel like it does much. Excited to try this.

  • Kmart Foam Roller - Assorted $8.00

    • Do you have one? This is more in my Ozb price range. Unsure if it's firm enough.

    • The problem with these is after a little while they are too soft and are like rolling on a pillow.

      The trigger point ones are super firm and get right in the niggles. After rolling out your muscles over a few weeks/months you need something that is quite firm to have the right effect.

    • I have the Kmart foam roller with occasional use and it has already cracked in the inside. Granted it is firm and cheap for the price but definitely not durable.

      • Same here. I pulled the trigger on this deal to replace the cheapo big W one that's cracked. Hopefully this one lasts.

      • I also have a cheapy one (I think from Kmart) it hasn't cracked, but it's definitely not that firm, and has deformed a bit. Also is just round with no grooves.

    • I have the $15 one from kmart, doesn't feel as solid as the one I use at the gym, also it has plastic inside (the piping?) which makes rattling sound like plastic shattering, really annoying. Also tried the one from Aldi, not dense enough for my need, and the foam falls apart.

  • My old gym has these and they are FIRM. Still firm after years and god knows how many bodies using them. I did notice that some of the longer green ones sometimes started to detach in the middle but they survived lots of serious abuse so quality is excellent.

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    The distinctive, multi-dimensional surface of the GRID helps channel blood

    That's one helluva massage!

  • I think it's sold out now.

  • I missed out!

  • You can get decent foam rollers from the reject shop for $10

    • Decent, No.

      This is a big step up from a standard foam roller

      • How so? It worked fine for me. I also use a piece of PVC pipe with a bit of camping mat glued to it. It does the same thing as the $60 one's my club has.

        • Stick with the homemade one then. But as others have noted in here, the cheap ones are either too soft or break very quickly. These last a good 5 years plus

  • I bought one of these from Rebel Sport a while back … they are very firm and I think I sprained/strained my upper back from using it … physio recommends a rolled-up towel is sufficient for gentle use.

    and as you guys know .. never roll your lower back!

  • Firm but good, had mine for 5 years. DO NOT use for lower back.

    Great for thighs, legs.

    Do not blame the product if you are a walking injury hahaha.

  • Foam rollers are made for 3 body parts really - Calves, Quads and Glutes. I'd never roll my back personally. Was on the fence but just went for it. Glad I did as out of stock now.

  • Seems to still be available, just got one to see if rolling around on the ground will help my leg recovery.

    • It definitely helps. Not immediately as such, but the next day you DEFINITELY feel a noticeable difference. Legs don't feel a heavy and/or sore.

    • Yep it definitely will - but be aware that it will take a few weeks for your muscles to initially loosen and get used to the roller. The first few times using it will be painful!

      Once you get in routine and you are regularly rolling before or after workout, runs etc you'll definitely notice the recovery and ease on your muscles and especially lower back (dont use on lower back, use on the supporting muscles)

      • Thank you for this post. I had an old cheapy roller and I don't generally use on lower back at all (because I tried once and it felt awkward as to position), good to hear it can help with lower back though (without needing to target lower back).

      • Thanks, pain is good. I figure if I can get more distance out of my legs just by rolling around it's got to be a good thing.

  • Best foam rollers you can buy.
    Had mine 6 years still rolling strong.

  • IF you only want to own one roller, I'd recommend getting something longer. I can't comment on the quality of this particular model but I have owned shorter rollers and now a longer one. A longer roller is much more versatile – it allows you to lay on it lengthways and do plenty of other things that you can't do with a shorter roller.

  • I use this 60cm roller for post run foam rolling on calves/glutes/quads and hammies and its really solid.

  • Anyone know where to buy a firm and soft roller now these are sold out?

  • Rumble roller black is for the true rollers.

  • Back in stock at this price.

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