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[eBay Plus] Hisense 65S8 65" UHD TV $1080 Delivered @ Appliance Central eBay


Original Coupon Deal

First decent deal I've seen on a 2020 model TV, getting back to more 2019 model pricing. $1,395 in most other stores.

Usual ApplianceCentral free postage applies - excludes: Northern Territory, NSW Regional, Perth Metro, QLD Far North, QLD Regional, QLD South East, SA Regional, Tasmania, VIC Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote

Also -
Hisense 75S8 - $1,690 - $2,195 at the usual places
Samsung UA75TU8000WXXY - $1,790 - $2,295 at the usual places
LG 65UN7300PTC - $1,198.40 - $1,495 at the usual places

Otherwise you can poke around in the Appliance Central TV section for more.

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  • sweet…

  • Just my opinion : When China want to avoid Aussie products, why should we show interest in Chinese products?
    I'm talking about HiSense.

    • +13 votes

      I mean, the price for one and the second one most TV's are manufactured in China, we don't have a choice ;p

      • +14 votes

        There is a big difference in manufactured in China vs Chinese company :-)

      • I know we can't avoid china products easily.
        Atleast why not avoid chinese owned than chinese manufactured.
        Slowly, one day may come when we can easily avoid chinese manufactured too.

        • Exactly. I'm certainly trying to avoid their products. I'll happily pay more for Aussie made or even another country made

        • I am trying to avoid Chinese product where I can..Even paying higher at some place..

        • It wont be easy to avoid Chinese made. Advanced and extensive manufacturing supply chains and know how have built up in China over decades that are not easy to replicate. Hopefully the West + the bigger non China Asian economies can get together to stop Chinas trade bullying.

    • Cause they're cheap? Unfortunately money talks.

      • Exactly.

        A lot of Aussies talk all that "buy Aussie" stuff but when the government really had everything made in Australia and had to sell them at double, or even triple price, while peoples salary stay the same, they all gonna be cry babies within a year.

    • +10 votes

      sony is slowly pulling out of China with the help of the Japanese government to produce there products in Japan and other SEA nations, unfortunately not much out there atm but it will change soon

    • I'd like to avoid China but Goodluck, most things that are made from there. Plus price is a big factor.

      I don't care who's got beef with who, if the price is right. It's sold

      • But stopping buying crap stuff (charging cables, portable chargers, fitness band etc.) would add up to significant amounts (saved). Only buy Chinese products if you absolutely need in coming weeks and have no alternative. Be aware eBay AU is also flooded with Chinese junk.

    • According to this Reddit most of the big brands don't make Tv's in China


      • +10 votes

        Hisense is a state owned (i.e. Chinese government owned) enterprise. So made in China vs owned by China are things to consider.

    • +23 votes

      As a customer, its my choice what I buy and who I buy from with my dollar so from that point of view, I don't have a problem with where or whom China want to spend their money. Its a free market, its not the place of the seller to dictate to the buyer, you are free to buy from whomever you personally deem most competitive or favourable.

      • The fight was started by Scomo and CCP retaliated, why should your average person in China or Australia suffer due to people at the top having a dick measuring contest.

    • yeh we can talk the talk about CCP, now we gotta walk.

    • Most Chinese people love aussie products very much like beef, baby formula (lol), wellbeing pills…
      Don't mess the government will with people's will.

      • Exactly. These people are talking like China is the truest form of Democracy. Every Chinese person got called to the round table to take a vote on whether to avoid INTL products or not.

      • Its not the Chinese people's fault, but unfortunately their ability to buy foreign is controlled by the Government.

      • I had been living in Australia for 14 years and never had to buy the baby formula and wellbing pills…

        Beef on the hand, where else can I buy them from? All the meat product here are from Australia.

    • +10 votes

      Although you may not recognise it, this is a little systemically racist and ignorant. Please state the products China are avoiding.
      Actually don't, don't want to get into a debate.

      • Agreed with you on this. This is racism on a whole new level (as always accompanied by ignorance)

    • can the CCP is evil police settle down? getting sick of seeing it under every post. this is a bargain website and like it or not chinese products still have a good value proposition. if you don't like it then plenty of other threads to comment on

      • Exactly. Didn't know there are so many low intelligent sky news worshipping kids on this website.

        This is a website for bargains, where people find stuff they like at a price they like.

        If you want to talk politics or spew racist and low intelligent trash go back to sky news.

        Don't swarm in here and disgust others with your rubbish.

        • How about you precious ones not read comments then? I am glad people are standing up against a foreign govt trying to strong arm not only us but many countries. It's relevant to me, I won't buy hisense now.

    • +2 votes

      One second China is buying too much of Aussie products, next second, China is avoiding buying Aussie products. Like, make up your mind about how you tell your story, man.

    • +2 votes

      Last time checked, Aussies are all over the internet complaining how China was buying too much of Aussie products, leaving Aussies nothing to buy. Since when that turned a 180?

    • Australia has not been friendly towards to China for a while now. We banned Huawei from our 5G network just because the US told us to and joined the US in sending warships through Chinas seas. The US has been bullying China for a long time, especially since Trump has been president. If Australia is going to behave like the war mongering US's lapdog, we don't deserve China's friendliness.

  • Good luck shipping this back to them when it fails after a few months, lol…

    Big TV's and white goods need to be purchased locally IMO ;)

    • The one I bought for my parents failed after a few months, hisense sent someone to their place and fixed it on the spot, all covered under warranty.

    • Appliance central is not local?

    • Yup my Hisense failed and Hisense sent a tech to my house under warranty, and ended up replacing the screen with a new one. If anything Hisense seem to have a better than average warranty!

      You don't need to worry about appliance online at all, you can go direct to Hisense for any issues 🙂

  • How does this compare to the R8?

  • Decent price but specs aren't much better than the 65R6 and worse than a 65R7. The Q series looks interesting though.

  • Doesnt post to regional NSW ……….. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Edit: this is where they WONT post to
    Excludes: Northern Territory, NSW Regional, Perth Metro, QLD Far North, QLD Regional, QLD South East, SA Regional, Tasmania, VIC Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote, Africa, Asia, Central America and Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, North America;, Micronesia, Wallis and Futuna, Kiribati, Western Samoa, Vanuatu, American Samoa, Nauru, New Caledonia, Niue, Solomon Islands, Cook Islands, New Zealand, Tuvalu, French Polynesia, Guam, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Marshall Islands, Tonga, Palau, Southeast Asia, South America, PO Box

  • Like the above comments, I'd be avoiding Chinese owned products.

  • So free postage to areas over east, but they don't post to Perth metro even for a fee, really? I was ready to pull the trigger on a new 75" :(

  • Im disappointed with my P8, it tilts back slightly and due to that small fuzzy vertical lines are now appearing

    • A slight tilt would not cause display issues.

      • I'm guessing it has as the panel is so thin, the weight due to the tilt is no longer directly weighted towards the bottom but probably going towards the center of the screen, exactly where the lines are showing.
        Only had it for 10 months so im going to kick off a warranty call, hope its not too painful

  • No matter what I am not buying Hisense…

  • $1,690 for the Hisense 75S8 or $1,699 for the Hisense 75R7. Hard choice…

  • This or Samsung Q60T model?

  • The Hisense 65Q8 can had for $1790. Looks like local retails are selling this for at least $2200 at the moment after discounts.

    • now thats a good price - if only theu shipped to Perth.
      But i guess others will follow soon

  • I just bought a tcl 55p8m, was considering the tcl 60p4us since it wasnt that much more

    Anyone know the difference between p8 and p4 series, like is one better?

    • 8 is much better than 4…. here's a good article https://www.techradar.com/au/news/tcl-tv-catalog-2019

      • Much luckier too, ;-)

        8 may be able to watch and listen better, as you watch and listen, also as you… sleep, shave, cook, eat…

        Not that Samsung will advise that their TV products are not bugging us either. Just hundreds of pages of fine print to agree to so you have consented to them sharing your voice sigs and biometric data with world+dog

        Opening a 65" TV to remove the microphone arrays is something we really shouldn't have to do when buying ann embedded product in 2020, but there we have it…

  • what a sad day. All manufacturers downgrade their products this year with the same serial. I wish I should have bought the tv last year.

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/QA65Q95TAWXXY-Samsung-65-INCH-Q9...

    $3380 is a good price for the q95t. I was at TGG on the weekend trying to negotiate a deal but the lowest they would go is $3700.

  • Are all TVs on the Appliance Central page discounted? Q60T price looks ok

  • Honestly I wouldn’t touch hisense with a 10 foot pole. The durability is soooo crap. Had a washing that broke after 2 years and tv the same all just warranty finishes. I still have a 10 year old plasma Panasonic that’s going strong. Hisense are cheap but I hate replacing tv all the time and it’s soooo bad for the environment.

    • Got one Samsung and one LG 65" both in 2015. Samsung broke just after 2 years warranty. Painful warranty claim. LG had the whole screen replaced in 2018. White goods are basically the same, you can't expect it last forever. Choose wisely but not judgmentally.

      • Omg. I have had Sony, LG, TCL, Seiki, and Hisense TVs and touch wood except for Hisense they all are still going strong after 5 years of use. Have not tried Samsung was going to give it a try but now I am not sure anymore.

        • I've had multiple Samsung TVs and White goods die soon outside of warranty. Same with LG. I avoid both now for a lot of things. I've got 2 Hisense TVs, one repaired under warranty (hdmi port died), other fine. Both 4 yrs old now working good used daily. The cluey folk know its more about models and ranges than it is brands and put in effort selecting. Brand loyalty is for suckers, but irrespective, things just are not made like they were 10+ years ago by almost all brands. It's a crap fest no 2 ways about it.

          • @Xizor: Yeah. Probably just buy a cheapo no brand TV and be prepared to replace it every year or so. Or maybe better just to rent a different TV every year may end up paying less than buying one every year.

      • Our Samsung has lasted since 2014 with no faults. Horrible software, slower and less responsive with every occasional update, despite everything is turned off.

        But the 2019 HiSense my friend has that has four times more CPU and RAM is almost as dumb and annoying. And it already has backlight problems (in part as it prefers to turn up the high output like its some kind of default setting whenever changing picture settings, to note one example)

    • I've had nothing but positive experience so far with hisense.. 4 years in and no issues. Superb picture.


    Screw the Chinese made crap.

    • It’s not chinese made I have issues with. It’s just the quality control of some shit companies that make shit quality products and only lure innocent people with cheap price and regret it when they break when you really need to watch that show or footy on tv!

    • So screw 2/3 of the products in your home and buy pre-2013 Holdens right? Because they are probably still working.

  • Chinese owned? No thanks!

    • I got the hisense P7 and am happy with it, the zoned LED backlighting works fine. i'd want my next TV to be better than the P7 though, is this 2020 Hisesne better than the p7? It doesn't even mention what kind of backlighting technology it uses.

  • Is discount capped?

  • The AU gov't only cries "wolf" on China when they need a boogieman. The rest of the time (or, even at the very same time), they're busy handing China our water, land, and manufacturing. Oh, then they blame/scapegoat China and the unions. Lather, rinse, repeat.


  • Wow. Tv gets bigger and bigger while the number of viewers gets less and less.

  • Thinking to buy the LG65” UN7300PTC - we usually watch tv in a well lit room in the living room. So no OLED is no problem for us. Anyone has got this TV already?

  • Any budget 50 inch 4k smart tvs?