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[eBay Plus] Moto G8 Plus $352, Huawei Freebuds 3 $176, Beats Powerbeats Pro $266 Delivered @ Allphones eBay


Hi all,

Hope everyone is well!

Some deals from Allphones eBay to take advantage of the current 15% off eBay Plus deal. Please apply coupon code PVOLTAGE at checkout for eBay Plus members to reach the final price.






As usual, 100% AU stock, GST tax invoice with ABN, local Australia Manufacturers warranty.

Our warehouse team are working harder than ever to ensure that as many orders as possible are shipped out within 24 hours. Currently nearly all orders are being dispatched within 24 hours and on target to be delivered on time, but please be aware that there are some areas facing delays, so we do recommend to be patient for these affected areas, and a plan B if urgent. We would like to thank Ozbargain for your continued support during this challenging situation, and wish everyone good health and safety.

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  • +8

    Best price I've seen on the Moto G8 Plus for local stock.

    • +3

      Been watching this phone for ages (currently on G5S Plus) and saw it went from 447 to 397 at officeworks recently, but the fact it still hasn't received it's android 10 update has me holding out for the G9 Plus, which hopefully will come NLT September +/- COVID delay

      • +2

        I've been watching too (JB Hifi and The Good Guys both also doing $397) - but this price crossed my threshold.
        -especially with the Pixel 4A being potentially delayed until October.

      • My G7 plus got the 10 upgrade a couple of months ago so I would think the G8+ plus will soon be here. Moto is very good with the upgrades.

    • -1

      Wouldn't recommend it strictly because the Xiaomi Mi A lineup exists, blows these Motorola phones out of the water with stock android and better hardware.

      Edit: Found out it does not use the Snapdragon 765 which I thought it did. It's really what you prefer then. Stock android is a plus for the A3, Display is a plus for the G8 Plus.

      • +2

        Seems like a solid deal at $299

        • Damn that low now?

      • +3

        Based on experience, Moto's Android is extremely close to stock Android

        • It is? It looks very different though.

          • @Void: It's virtually stock, the only differences are improvements that you can switch on or off. (e.g. reading your texts to you when driving, and sending return texts by voice).

            • @Wardaddy: Interesting. I'd still go for the Xiaomi since I don't give a crap about the screen, but if you either have some thing against Chinese brands or you need the pixel density then this seems very solid.

  • +4

    Great price for the moto G8 plus. I bought my moto G6 plus from these guys 2 years ago. Fast and efficient service.

    As an aside, my moto G6 plus charger port failed just shy of 2 years. Motorola did not come to the party with a warranty claim. I used our wonderful consumer protections and advised I would expect their flagship phone to last 2 years. Other than that the Moto phones have been great in my experience. Had the Moto g3 and Moto g6 plus.

    • +3

      My wife and I both had G6s and the charging port borked on both in less than 2y. Honestly put me off Motorola pretty significantly.

      • I find (with my G6 Anyway) that Motorola seems pretty lackluster in the update support…

    • My g6 plus just turned 2 and charger is still ok

    • "rxjb" So how did you end up with the consumer protection claim? Was Moto Australia forced to give you a fefund/repair?

      Just saw specs on the G6 Plus and it's a USB C port too, so less chance of it being wrongly/roughly used as it's reversible, must be a design fault.

      For people with this model worth getting a Magnetic Cable to avoid problems.

      • +1

        I am waiting on a resolution from Motorola. First reply was sorry, its out of warranty. I went back with our ACL laws around defining whats reasonable. They came back asking if i had completed all troubleshooting steps and I am waiting on their response.

        Going forward I will get a Magnetic cable to avoid issues as it doesnt have wireless charging.

        • +1

          I hope you get a good result soon. Annoying when companies play these doggy avoidance and delay tactics, especially coming from a local/AU registered and Australian purchased product.

        • +1

          Update for those interested:

          Moto came back and offered to pay for labour and postage. I have to pay for parts. Have enquired with QSL the cost of repair. I am unsure if they will solder a new port or advise to obtain a new motherboard.

          • @rxjb: First of all, does your port still operate sometimes ( probably with some movement and jiggling )? If so, have you tried using one of those magnetic plug/cables to get you by?

            I would first ask if they are replacing port only/charging board, or need to replace the whole mother board, and for both approx at what cost.

            I had a perfectly good engine in a car years ago destroyed because of a clear mechanics fault as a nut on an sports air filter was not securely tightened as I Asked Them TO DO. The car was fine and thought it would be good idea to get new spark plugs and tune up ( car was running 100% fine ), and to tune the carburettor they needed to remove air cleaner element.

            Next day when driving the car, all of a sudden the engine made horrible noises and stopped working. Had to hitch for the first time in my life and took a few hours lol.

            As it turned out it was the nut from the air cleaner that loosened and fell into the air/fuel intake of the car and went through the head unit into piston chamber making lot's of damage on the way. Long story short, got in touch with the department of fair trading/car division and worked out a similar deal after mechanic first completely washed his hands on the matter and took zero blame. After 2/3 weeks of waiting got car back and still ended up costing me a fortune in parts as they loaded all costs up and said they had to get special imported pistons from US. Hopefully you get better luck as YMMV, but be careful as can get good new phone for $300 or less.

  • Any good cases locally for the G8?

    • +2

      Spigen case seems to be the best I've found (I have the Spigen case for the Moto G5S Plus
      Selling for under $20 at Pro Gadgets on on their ebay for under $20 (both with free shipping)

      Note - the phone does come with a "protect cover" in the box
      -you can see it in this unboxing video

  • +3

    G8 Plus looks really nice, Snapdragon CPU too so even better.

    Does anyone have this phone? Wondering how the 665 performs. Tempted to get this now that the Pixel 4 is delayed

    • Is it better than an Oppo A52?

      • +1

        On paper they look like much of a muchness, although the Oppo has a 5000mAh battery and the Moto is 4000mAh. Also Oppo doesn't look like it has NFC according to GSM Arena. Scratch that, it does have NFC.

        The thing winning me over for the Moto is the rear finger print sensor. I'm too used to it with my Pixel and pulling down the notifications bar with it.

        • +1

          Might also be worth noting that the G8 Plus seems to have no custom rom support, and too early to tell for the Oppo

        • +1

          I've been waiting for a good deal on the G8 Plus but then the Oppo A52 came along. They are both very, very similar. I love the gestures on the moto but the oppo is still $50 cheaper than this deal. Tough choice. Oppo might win me over though.

          • @jcarl: Yeah the only thing putting me off I'd the side mounted fingerprint scanner, I prefer the back one. But the A52 seems like the more sensible purchase

    • +1

      I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T with the same CPU, at least on the Xiaomi it runs fine enough for me.
      There's still a little of lag from time to time though especially when opening new apps but I'm still happy with it.

  • Is the G8 Plus a 64bit phone or 32bit? How does one tell?

  • what do people think of the Huawei FreeBuds 3 , cant decide between them or the Galaxy buds plus

    • Would also love to hear reviews on the Freebuds… very tempting

    • Only great if you use it with huawei phone, if you got Samsung use Samsung one

      • And if you've got a Pixel? :/

  • +2

    Had the moto G6 plus for 1.5 yrs and it was great. Just upgraded Last week to the Galaxy A70 eBay plus deal for $299 and LOVE it. Still cant believe I got this amazing phone for only $300. Officeworks selling for $650! Only thing is the fingerprint reader isn't great but screen, speed, size, battery and features are ridiculous for $300. Felt like getting off a Chinese phone to go back to Samsung. But if I hadn't I'd probably go the G8 plus, another great deal above!! So would recommend. It was my 3rd in the Moto G range. Had the 2 , 4 then 6 plus. No complaints. Miss the karate chop for torch!

    • +1

      Karate chop torch is the best! I keep buying the Moto G series for this!

  • Hi, any iphone deals please?

    • Hi cheapskateasian,

      Our current iPhone range is here with 15% off, anything specifically you are looking for? Thank you

  • awesome!

  • how does the G8 plus stack up against the redmi note 8T? more than $100 cheaper
    Seem pretty similar spec wise

    • Still not 100% Confirmed that particular International model from TobyDeals has B28.

      Dealbreaker for some.

      • Hi it definitely does, I ordered from Toby for a family member earlier in the year. I understand warranty piece of mind though but not sure how that would differ in terms of returns.

    • Garbo software, but if you can guarantee a rootable model it's great. Mi A3 is also a solid option, but the screen is "lackluster" compared to the Moto.

  • hey rep, can't get the link to Z2 Play with JBL mod, I just get to phone only Z2 play without mod, how do I get the bundle?

  • -1
    • +1

      I think thats the international version and the store has mixed reviews

    • +3

      Not local stock, so potential warranty issues.
      Also doesn't have band 28 (700MHz) according to the specs on that link.

      • +1

        thanks, good to know

    • Ordered a G8 plus here a few weeks ago, arrived after 5 business days. Have ordered here before too pre-Covid (Xiaomi A2) and delivery is faster by a few days back then. Charger not au, comes with adaptor.

  • Moto g8 plus or Samsung a70 if we can get one? :)

    • A70 all the way if you can get it for the $299.

      • Good luck with that!

  • +2

    My Moto G8 Plus arrived today from this deal - pretty fast delivery!
    - also included headphones, which weren't listed as being included in the box.
    The included cover is fairly good, but is almost flush with the screen and the rear cameras, so really only protects the corners in a fall
    (I've bought a Spigen one)

    • +1

      was the charger AU? just read boq's comment above, saying it came with an adaptor
      also - what's your opinion of the Spigen cover?

      • +2

        Australian charger - no adaptor.
        Still waiting on the Spigen case - bought from different seller.

        • thanks, i think you've convinced me!

        • How is the sound on this volume and clarity wise on the Moto G 8 Plus as it has stereo speakers and dolby sound?

          Are you guys going for the black armoured Spigen cases that sell for around $20 on ebay?

          • +1

            @ozhunter68: Volume is good - it's distinctly louder than my Moto G5S Plus for notifications / rings / alarms
            (even though GSM Arena says it is quieter?)

            Sounds seems good, although nothing comes to mind when comparing.

            Yes - that's the case I bought - still waiting on delivery.

      • +1

        Spigen cover arrived today.
        It's really good.
        I drop my phone regularly, and have concrete floors, so want something really robust.
        There's a good lip around the front of the phone, and it's about 1 mm higher than the raised cameras on the rear.
        Fit is tight, and there's plenty of clearance around the front facing speaker.

  • Does it have NFC? I have seen a review on youtube saying it doesn't have it, which would be a deal-breaker for me.

    edit: yeah apparently NFC is disabled in some countries but it's not in Aus, so all good