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[eBay Plus] Gigabyte Radeon RX 5700 XT GAMING OC + Bonus Gigabyte 480GB SSD (Redempt) $620.03 Delivered @ Flashforwardtech eBay


Priced just a bit less than this deal

It seems to be a pretty cheap price for this version.

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    When will these bottom. If I buy it, they’ll be another deal tomorrow for $600

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      what is bottom to you?

      • Stop dropping overnight I guess

        • In a couple months they'll be 300 when the new cards drop

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            @cille745: Aaa I wouldn't say $300, maybe $550 at best.

            • @Void: Not at all, they'll drop as COVID clears up and drop even further with the new cards. You'd have to be pretty desperate to buy any GPU's at this time

              • @cille745: Well there's obviously that, but definitely not $300. Are you talking in USD or AUD?

    • The promo ends on the 28th, could wait and see what happens maybe.

  • Amazon have this now for $593.67 free delivery with Prime or $21.41 delivery - $615.08

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      That's the non-XT model

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        Right you are mate, my mistake is the XT a higher clock?

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          Higher clock and more stream processors = ~10% performance boost.

    • link? I see $663.94

  • I hope people are buying this gpu on a credit card with price protection.

    • I was thinking of that, but ended up getting a MSI RTX 2060 super Ventus 8GB from a mate for $490, hopefully still a good deal in months to come. GPUs tend to hold their value, Rx 580 and 1660 are still $300.

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        GPUs tend to hold their value

        Fwiw this is generally not true. Things in the past couple years or so have been unusual due to crypto mining and AMD GPUs being worse than average. Then more recently we have coronavirus (decreased manufacturing capabilities, decreased shipping capabilities etc) and weakened AUD which are both keeping prices elevated.

        Based on the past 10 years or so, a GPU is the component likely to lose its value the fastest.

        • Yeah fair enough, another reason I never buy the best one at the time, and or choose a few levels down that would do the job.
          Hoefully by getting this second hand discount (they are $800 new but coming down to $750 now). Could always upgrade to a 2080S in a year or two if want something better.

  • Just bought this from the same listing two days ago for 40 bucks more.

    Anything I can do?

    • Same

      • Thinking of contacting ebay support tomorrow, might be able to get a 40 dollar ebay voucher or something.

        Can you return the item and buy it again?

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        Ebay has price match policy within 48 hours in the form of a gift voucher for the difference.

        I haven't used it before but it sounds like you guys are eligible. Make a claim!

        • This sucks cause I just put in the application for the free ssd aswell, but if ebay doesn't price match, im tempted to return and buy it again.

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            @vikavish: Not worth it to return. I just had a look at Flash Forward's 30 days return policy (see at the bottom of the ebay ad), you have to pay return postage and will be charged a minimum 20% restocking fee!

            • @avivadz: I've just been through all this. Paid $680 on Monday and saw it drop to $650 on Wednesday. I went through ebay 48 hour price guarantee but that doesn't apply for ebay to ebay stores, it has to be external. Example ebay vs Amazon. So I found a cheapest price on Amazon (without ebay 20%) and I ended up getting a price guarantee voucher of $50!
              I wasn't expecting to get the voucher, as I was talking to ebay and Flash Forward during this time and they said as I was ebay plus member, I ship it back for free. FF wouldn't reimburse the difference, but happy to swap and repurchase at the lower price. I'm sure it ends up worse for FF but as I got the voucher, oh well. So, I've paid $630 in the end and I used Afterpay which I'm sure would have been one major pain in the arse to change over.
              Also ordered the SSD so I'm happy, I'm sure it will get cheaper over the next few months.

              • @Chapp0: Geez, that's good to know. I agree and don't understand FF's approach to this. Hopefully they don't send me a returned card where a previous purchaser has already made a claim for the SSD!

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                @Chapp0: Sounds like a lot of kicking around, given you were happy to buy it at the price you purchased? You probably wasted more than $50 of your time sorting that out. In my experience sometimes it's better to just wear it and not spend the time grinding through customer service teams.

                • @eggaz: It wasn't too much trouble, 2 emails and a chat session with ebay while doing other things.
                  It wouldn't have been worth my time sending it back - heading to the post office to send card back, working with Afterpay to reverse it all. Repurchasing the card etc. Thats where I was going to wear the price difference vs time, but the voucher helped there!

                  • @Chapp0: Just had a chat with ebay, returns are free but flashforward can still charge you the 20% restocking fee.

                    You got mad lucky with the vocuher, I couldn't even get that from them.

                    Just gotta cop the 40buck L and move on I guess.

                    • @vikavish: Oh man, that sucks. Yes, I think I very much did. I better spend it quick before they change their mind!

  • I bought the Sapphire Pulse 5700XT on 12 June from Amazon US for $637 ( and it still hasn't shipped today! So when I saw this deal I didn't hesitate to cancel my Amazon order and buy the Gigabyte for less. Reviews are good for both cards (they both run cool and quiet) so got the cheaper local version.

    Thank you OP!

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      I am incredibly sorry, but quite frankly that was the worst decision you could've made. The Sapphire Pulse is such a reliable model, and you weren't paying much more for it. I've noticed a trend of Gigabyte cards with coil whine too.

      • +2

        I've actually looked up faults associated with this card and saw quite a few complaints related to fans not spinning properly but were in relation to their older RTX cards. Perhaps my research was flawed as I didn't find anything specifically for this card (aside from the broader AMD driver issues). Can you point me to where I can look into these issues?

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          There aren't really any clear cut issues with it, but at least you know what you're going into with the Pulse. Lets hope it's a good one! It does look a lot nicer than the Pulse ngl.

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            @Void: Thanks. Fingers crossed nothing goes wrong as this card costs nearly as much as my CPU, Ram and Motherboard combined!

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              @avivadz: Lol yeah GPUs are expensive. My 5700 is worth 60% of my build.

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      Or you could grab Sapphire Pulse off Newegg and pay ~$605 when paying with bitcoin.

      Shipped next day and mine is arriving ~24th June.

  • bought 1 replace my 1070. gonna build hackintosh

  • Wait for veg- uh, big navi

  • I'm really tempted but I have a 1070 and this is only about a 20-30% increase in performance.


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      I bought it to upgrade from a 1070, playing modern warfare 1080p I was getting around 110, now I’m getting around 190-195fps. Same settings

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      Just wait for ampere or big navi, just 3 to 4 months away. You wont be dissapointed. But if you want a slightly lower tier card like the 3070(which will be as good as a 2080ti), then you might have to wait till the year end.

  • Is this card on par with the rtx 2060super

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      This card consistently beats the 2060 super. It is more of a rival for the 2070 and 2070 Super. Its neck and neck with the 2070 Super, its faster in some games, the 2070 super is faster in others.

      nVidia cards are more expensive because of ray tracing, up to you if you think its worth it or not. Not many games have Ray tracing at the moment. Minecraft with ray tracing…anyone? Yes, that's a thing. :D

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        Don't forget, if you enable Ray Tracing, your FPS tanks. So its not a feature you want to use on any kind of multiplayer FPS.

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          Very true. But it does look good, eye candy haha!

          I personally think its not worth it. I got the 5700XT.

          • @techlead: To me it's a gimmick, I just want to game no frills. But if you're into the next generation of AI and shit then NVIDIA's got you covered.

            • @Void: Ray tracing is here to stay imo definitely not a gimmick. If you want to mimic real life then ray tracing is simply an ability to simulate the physics of light through pc hardware. It will only get more and more prevalent.

              • @4foxache: I will be getting Ray tracing for my next GPU. As it stands right now few games support it and all it changes are reflections.

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        Its neck and neck with the 2070 Super

        No it's not. The 2070 super is better than the 5700xt in basically the same proportion the 5700xt is better than the 2060 super. Unless you think all three cards are neck and neck which makes no sense.

        The 5700xt is defs the pick from a pure price to performance perspective. If you care about better drivers, nvenc, DLSS 2.0, rtx audio and are willing to pay the premium then go with nvidia.

        All that said, this is a good price on one of the best 5700XT models.

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          Not sure what you are on about.

          The conclusion of that techspot article was that the 5700XT was 9% faster on average @1080p and 8% faster @1440p compared to the 2060 Super. Looking at the individual games, the 5700XT had higher FPS for both 1080 and 1440 for the AAA titles such as, Battlefield V and Borderlands 3 (they weren't even close).

          Borderlands 3 Ultra quality
          5700XT 94 average FPS
          2060 Super 71 average FPS

          Battlefield V Ultra quality
          5700XT 125 average FPS
          2060 Super 114 average FPS

          As for the comparison with the 2070 Super according to techspot,
          the 5700XT is 6% slower @1080 and 7% slower @1440p compared to the 2070 Super. "It’s also worth noting that in 15 of the 35 games tested the margin was 5% or less." Hence, that's why I said neck and neck. The 5700XT beats the 2060 Super more consistently and by a much wider margin in AAA titles.

          Borderlands 3 Ultra quality
          5700XT 94 average FPS
          2070 Super 85 average FPS

          Battlefield V ultra quality
          5700XT 125 average FPS
          2070 Super 131 average FPS

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            @techlead: When were these done? 5700xt has gotten much better with drivers in the past 2-3 months

          • +8


            Not sure what you are on about.

            I'm speaking about average performance from three different reviews instead of picking particular games from one review. FYI, in the computerbase review for Borderlands 3, the 2070 super is 10% faster than the 5700xt which is 7% faster than the 2060 super. In the techpowerup review, the 2070 super is 15% faster than the 5700xt which is barely quicker than the 2060 super but they tested in DX11 due to stability issues. Battlefield V certainly performs extremely well on the 5700xt, there's no disputing that.

            All three sources are highly reputable and they produce different results in the same games (not specifically referencing Borderlands 3). That's why i've looked at averages. If you play a particular game(s), of course you should get the card that suits you.

            "It’s also worth noting that in 15 of the 35 games tested the margin was 5% or less." Hence, that's why I said neck and neck.

            So in 20 of the 35 games (i.e. more than half the games), the margin is 5% or greater??

            Quoting from your post:

            the 5700XT was … 8% faster @1440p compared to the 2060 Super

            the 5700XT is … 7% slower @1440p compared to the 2070 Super

            Which is exactly what i'm saying. On average, there is a tangible difference between the 3 cards. That's all I'm getting at.

          • +1

            @techlead: Borderlands 3 is an AMD outlier.

  • +6

    Don't forget you can also get a 480GB SSD with this card via redemption from Gigabyte,

    More information here:

    • Haha "worth $139", more like $100 but still a good deal nonetheless.

    • How do you get these ssd? Do you have the register the graphics card or submit a form?

      • Yes, submit a form. Use that link to register an account.

    • Too bad you wanna use that SSD to build your PC. 8 weeks from promo end! Would hope not.

      • That's my plan. In the meantime I have a cheap 128GB SSD to use. The PC's all built, I'm gaming with the 5700XT already.

  • +4

    Not a good time to buy graphics cards. The new cards and next gen consoles are just around the corner

  • +1

    How's the amd driver nowadays? I heard there were quite a few problem in the last few months

    • Can confirm that with he latest drivers, they are even increasing 4 year old cars performance. So newer cards should be even better.
      I had a 1070 and sold it off recently, to get ready to make a deciding decision for new GPU’s inbound from AMD and NVidia.. And stuck in my RX480 8GB ASUS ROG, I used for a testing purposes back in the day, as my main card now.
      And I’m impressed at how well it’s been optimised since last I used it. Basically getting close to same performance in games I used to play with the 1070 at ULTRA @ 1440p . i.e Apex Legends 60fps …even latest Assasins creed Odyssey I’m getting constant 50fps at 1440p. Which is amazing for this card. No BS . I’m shocked!

    • If you play older games that use DX9 they are not good.

    • +7

      Userbenchmark is full of shit, they skew results to intel/nvidia from some backend deals. 3600 is fine for this card.

    • +2

      theres no way a 3600 bottlenecks a 5700. it barely even bottlenecks a 2080 Ti during a test vs the 3900x

  • Do we rate this better than 2070?

    • -1

      2070 is 5-8% better depending on game for the most part. runs a bit cooler and more stable depending on driver version. I would only get the 5700 if there was a good savings cost.

      • Techpowerup has the 2070 about 5% slower than a 5700XT across their pool of games tested and Hardware unbox/techspot had it around 10% slower than the 5700XT.

        The base 2070 is only 3% faster than a 2060Super given that they're the same die, for the price the 2060 super is the better bang for buck. I wouldn't get a 5700 non XT since the 5600XT is right behind it in performance.

    • Yes this is better than the 2070. Other guy is comparing the 5700 non XT. This is about 9% slower than a 2070 Super.

  • Loving my one of these + the free SSD from the deal the first time around, no issues at all 1440p gaming.

    • Not secretly a little angry (like me) for random price reductions?

      (Good price and the card is great but im still a little peeved)

  • New to these GPU.
    Would anyone recommend something that will run fortnight smoothly with price tag around 300??

    My desktop is and i5 with 8gb ram. Not sure if I need to upgrade the Ram. But since the new update, its playing at 15fps….

    Had amd Hd7700 now. Is this old??

    • +3

      Had amd Hd7700 now. Is this old??

      8 years, 4 months, 6 days. Yes, clearly that is old.

      Would anyone recommend something that will run fortnight smoothly with price tag around 300??

      I can't guarantee it will look good because you haven't specified if you're trying to play at 720p/1080p/4k or low/med/high/ultra quality settings.

      So here is my recommendations for something from both of the 2 manufacturers with a price tag of maximum $300:

      NVIDIA OPTION: Buy a "GTX 1650 Super"
      VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: I said SUPER. Do not buy GTX 1650 OC. Do not buy GTX 1650. ONLY BUY "GTX 1650 SUPER"
      I know this looks condescending, but I cannot make this more clear, but people make this mistake A LOT. ONLY BUY GTX 1650 SUPER. Its a ~30% performance difference.

      AMD OPTION: Buy an "RX 590 8GB" (MY #1 PREFERRED CHOICE) or "RX 580 8GB"
      8GB VRAM on the RX 590 8GB beats the 4GB on the GTX 1650 Super, which will be a problem at high resolutions, or over time as games require more VRAM.
      If you have Amazon Prime: RX 590 8GB for <$300. This is the ozbargain.
      Else you'll have to settle for RX580 8GB 580 8gb%22&tbm=shop

      Here's a video of the performance you can expect from these cards:
      1650S vs 590
      1650S vs 580

      • Thanks…very detailed info. I will look into the 590 one. Since you recon it's the better of the three.

    • You can't go wrong with either of the cards mentioned by So Io. I recommend you to watch those fps benchmark videos on youtube as they usually run fortnite as one of their tests in which ram usage is displayed as well before deciding whether you wanna upgrade your ram or not.

  • Thx bought, it is good deal with gift SSD

  • When I bought on Friday night, it was around 50 sold. Not it is 110 sold.

    Business is good when the price is right!

  • What is the 'Check Number' in the redemption form on the Gigabyte website for the SSD promotion? Also, would you be eligible for the promotion for buying from this seller?

    • There should be a sticker on your box containing a 4 pin number. Click the ? on the right side of the form for details. Regarding eligibility, it should be as long as it is bought from a company with abn from Aus/NZ.

  • This model or the Sapphire Pulse one? Having a tough decision deciding. Mixed messages saying one or the other is better.

  • Mine arrived today in the mail. When I went to the AORUS Gigabyte SSD Claim Page, I got redeeming code 21 for the online application form (it was 80 when I checked it over the weekend). Not sure what this code means but hopefully it doesn't represent the number of SSDs left.

    Process itself was easy as you only need to upload photo of the invoice and product serial number.

    • what do you need to make the claim, just the invoice receipt number or you need the serial on the box. just so i know if i can claim straight away if i make the purchase

      • You need to provide details plus a photo of 1) the invoice receipt number from the vendor and 2) serial number on the retail box.

        • geez not sure if id receive mine before all the SSD are gone, if i was to make the purchase ermmmm

          • @smeng: It is still a good price but if the SSD is a deal breaker for you, perhaps wait to see what happens when the codes run out? It is now at 11 so not long to go. Promotions subject to "while supplies last" always makes me nervous.

            You can also try to contact them on their facebook page to confirm. See clause 12 of the terms and conditions:

            • @avivadz: where are you seeing this 11 number im just curious. yea it def would be too late to receive the good now to apply for the promotion, it would of been a very good deal if the SSD came for free to use as storage i guess.

              • @smeng: From the promotion page you'll see 2 separate links, one to claim the 5700xt promotion and other for the 5600xt promotion. The 5700xt link will take you to the claim form and this "remaining redeem code" is near the top of this form.

                Note you will need a Gigabyte account to access the form so register first if you don't have one.

                • @avivadz: thank you its gone down to 9 now after i made an account lol

                  • @smeng: I'm in the same boat… Delivery arrives tomorrow afternoon according to the tracking info, but I'm pretty sure it'll be too late to claim the SSD :(
                    Might be a (cheeky) long shot, but does anybody want to share their serial code from an ineligible purchase so I can at least book in the claim? Will edit it later with my details as soon as I receive the card.

                    • @tfangel: I tried googling the ebay seller to see even if I can call them for the serial code and etc but no information to be found. If someone is willing to share would be much appreciated

  • Just made a claim, 1 remaining redemption left!! thankfully Flashforwardtech has a speedy response time and immediately dispatched mine.

  • Price has been increased to 680 and there are no more SSDs available

  • +1

    To those who missed on SSDs: Aorus added more redeem codes (currently 24 codes left).
    Make sure you claim yours until it's too late again.

    • Thanks a million! Just redeemed mine.
      Count of 20 more units.

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