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WD 14TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive - $422.19 + Delivery (Free with Amazon Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


A couple of dollars more than last deal but back in stock. Enjoy.

12tb also available for $356.25 credit to THX

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  • Guys, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

  • What online storage solutions would be cheaper?

  • I shucked 3x WD 12tb's for my synology and they are going good. Nice to see prices back to normal-ish.

  • The 10 and 12tb you want to wait until they are closer to $27/TB. Don't buy either of those yet.

    This 14TB is a different story and is only $2 off it's lowest so it's still a good buy.

    • For those unsure about when to buy and aren't in an immediate hurry to buy, $27/TB is a realistic price to expect to pay during sales for 8-12TB.

      • 8TB should be <$216
      • 10TB should be <$270
      • 12TB should be <$324

      14TB won't drop below these prices anytime soon, if you want 14TB, buy now ($30/TB is great for this capacity)
      16TB won't drop under $650 during a sale and will remain over $40/TB for a long time.

      I'll share my thinking based on NAS use (your scenario may be very different)

      I almost bought these 14TB's at $419 the first time but the total 70TB / 56TB (RAID5/6) is beyond my projected needs so it's dead money.
      12TB gets me 60TB / 48TB, saving me $400 in the process.
      10TB also gets the job done @ 50TB / 40TB saving a further $320. 10TB is my pick but it rarely goes on sale.

      So for me personally, the 12TB is the sweet spot (and also triples my current per-drive capacity which feels nice!) and this is the drive most likely to go on sale again next. For me, it's a buy under $330. And to start out it's actually cheaper than 10TB because I'll only need 3 initially ($972) vs 4 x 10TB ($1,080). And 8TB won't give me the projected space I need so I don't consider it an option.

      I hope this helps someone. I keep all this stuff in a spreadsheet now.

  • C H O N K E R

  • This just went from unavailable, to 1 in stock for $536.88.