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AMD Ryzen 9 3950X Gaming & Workstation PC [Giga Gaming X X570/16G 3200/240mm/750 Gold]: from $2188 + Delivery @ TechFast


Hi all,

Dropping this big boy today, in strictly limited numbers. We've chosen the two Gigabyte motherboards based on reviews and availability. It stacks up pretty nicely to this PCPP build at $2259.10 which also excludes all individual component delivery.

Ryzen 9 3950X Gaming & Workstation PC: from $2188 after 3950X-EOFYS

  • Ryzen 9 3950X processor
  • GPU range from RX 550 4GB, GTX 1660 6GB (+$360), RTX 2060 6GB (+$449), RTX 2070 Super (+$879), RTX 2080 Super (+$1149), RTX 2080 Ti ($2059)
  • Gigabyte X570 Gaming X motherboard - upgrade to Gigabyte Aorus X570 Master WiFi mobo available
  • 16GB 3200MHz RAM [3600MHz upgrades available on 16GB and 32GB variants)
  • 480GB 2.5" SSD
  • 750W 80+ Gold PSU
  • 240mm AIO (top mounted) - 360mm upgrade available (front mounted)
  • Thermaltake Commander G Series case [likely G32]

EOFYS deals all ending soon:


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  • This deal is lukewarm. Something with a B550 mobo and cheaper price would be hot!

    • +10 votes

      550 will come when supply increases enough to run a deal. We'd run into stock issues otherwise and ain't no one got time for dat around EOFY.

  • any reason for pairing a very expensive CPU with a very cheap GPU

    PS: I'm a pc noob

    • a 3950x is not a gaming CPU. it can game really well, but its primary focus is not gaming.

      besides, you have the option to upgrade.

    • This CPU has no integrated graphics so needs a discrete GPU to work. The included one is probably the cheapest current gen GPU.

      You can pay more and upgrade to a better GPU.

    • Workstation workloads (that is, not gaming etc) that need a fast many-core CPU.

    • $$$$. If you’re looking for a gaming PC this one is not worth the money, you’ll need to upgrade to at least a 2070 to make it a worthwhile match with that CPU, which would blow out the costs.

      Having a really powerful CPU and a weak GPU doesn’t make sense at all. It’s a total mismatch for gaming.

      Techfasts other EOFY deals that include the 2070 super are much better value for gaming.

      Though If I was spending $2000+ I’d be building it myself or at least choose the parts I want and get a reputable PC shop to custom build it. PCCaseGear/Scorptec etc.

      You don’t even have to be knowledgeable about PC parts, ask the store to put together a system parts list and price according to your budget, share it with the internet, https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/ or on ozbargain/whirlpool forums, the community will give you advice on if it’s good or what to change.

      When you’re spending so much money it’s worth spending extra time researching and choosing quality parts. It’s something that is supposed to last many years.

      Same principle with buying a car.

    • Get a 3600x or 3700x and slap in a 2070 Super or above.

  • These EOFY "deals" are worse than their regular deals. Please bring back a proper deal!

  • Hey Luke, have you guys stopped offering AMD RX5600s and RX5700s as GPU upgrades?

    • +3 votes

      5600 didn't sell especially well when offered and I haven't had any requests for it since. 5700 is still in the mix, just not on this as 2060 is pricing is comparatively much sharper.

      • The 5600 XT seems to also just have a lot more issues than the 5700s. I'm really not sure why, but I see way more posts on r/buildapc about the 5600 XT with BSODs.

      • Thanks for responding, it's a shame that AMD pricing isn't more competitive.

        • 5700 series is doing well. The 5600 XT not so much when the EVGA 2060 KO is like $20 more for all the NVIDIA goodies and more stability.

  • Surely you can do better. Bring back those real deals!

    • It's market penetration strategy.
      When they first started they sold almost at cost. Now they need to make some profit.

  • i can i play dota on this, i use meepo.

  • No nvme? 16 ram only??? Wth…. No thz

    • This is… satire… right? NVMe is pretty much a gimmick unless you're editing raw 4K (tbf people with this spec might actually) and 16GB RAM is enough and could easily be upgraded just by plopping in another 2 DIMMs.

  • I have been looking at a few of the Techfast deals - initially attracted by the headline pricing. However, not being able to select the brand/model of many of the components is a concern for me. In addition, some of the upgrades I've contemplated don't appear to be that cost effective - in some cases the cost of an upgrade is almost as much as just buying the wanted component outright, in which case you also get to choose brand/model. Having stated that, if the packaged systems meet your requirements then the deals being offered generally appear to be very competitively priced. YMMV but I'd rather select actual models/brands for components - so I'll pass on these deals.

    • Let's make a thread of the component models buyers got! I'll start:

      B350 Motherboard: Biostar B45M2, this was switched to a different one iirc.
      SATA SSD: Lexar NS100
      750W Power Supply: Thermaltake Litepower Gen2
      2666MHz RAM: G.Skill Value RAM, it is Samsung C-die despite claiming to be B-die.
      RX 5700 (non-XT): MSI MECH OC (the bad batch one, (profanity) hell 110c junction)

      Edit: Date of purchase: 11/2020

      • 11/2020? Are you from the future?

        • Lmao I meant 2019.

          • @Rajeh: Haha, how much was your build? Afaik for the cheaper systems they use their own in house PSU which everyone should avoid.

            • @j0hnd0e: Yeah shit Allied one for sub $800. Mine was $978 (excl. Shipping). The RAM really hindered my performance, luckily I overclocker it to 3733C18 but had I not my fps would be like 20% lower.

              • @Rajeh: Wow, you got a thermaltake PSU on your $978 build? Did you upgrade to the gold PSU?

                • @j0hnd0e: Nope. I have an EVGA Supernova G2 750W on the way! Got it for $135 which is a ripper deal!

                  • @Rajeh: Wow, you must be really lucky to get that thermaltake PSU. It seems they're using their allied PSU for all standard PSUs now. If they offered that as a stock option for like $30 more I wouldn't hesitate to get it. I don't need a gold PSU and don't want to pay $100 for it.

                    • @j0hnd0e: It's group regulated, which is why I'm getting rid of it. If it weren't I'd keep it but that and the 2 year warranty don't give me high hopes.

                      • @Rajeh: Yeah, group regulated isn't ideal, but it's still way better than the stock allied PSU, which doesn't even have a PCIE connector. They just used some molex connectors and a PCIE adapter..

      • Amd 3700x
        32gb 3200mh/z DDR4 xpg ram
        Msi Ventus rtx 2080ti
        Crucial 1tb nvme m.2 ssd
        Can’t see the 2tb hard drive
        Gigabyte 750h gold psu
        Msi gaming pro max x470 mb

        March 2020

        • Correction: Gaming Plus MAX

          That's pretty good, but the VENTUS Is a bit eh. Is it loud?

          • @Rajeh: Not loud in the slightest. Playing Cod on ultra everything with ray tracing and get 120fps. Doesn’t go over 65 degrees with stock cooler.

      • My recent purchase - just under $2k:

        Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X Processor

        CPU Cooling: Deepcool Gammax L240T Blue 240mm

        Case: Deepcool Matrexx 50 RGB ADD-RGB 4F

        Motherboard: MSI X570-A Pro

        Graphics Card: Biostar RX 550 4GB Graphics Card (place holder for next gen)

        Memory: ADATA Gammix D30 32GB DDR4 [3200MHz] (2 x 16GB)

        SSD 1: Crucial P1 1TB m.2 NVME SSD

        SSD 2: Crucial BX500 1TB

        Power Supply: Gigabyte G750H

        • Biostar make video cards?!

          • @Rajeh: Apparently so - it's doing the job for now in that I'm working from home and playing a bit of GTA V @ 1080p, sits at 40-50 fps. Will snag either a 5700 XT or wait for next quarter to see what happens. I honestly can't see GPUs decreasing significantly overnight.

            • @borts16: Yeah. I'd wait for RTX 3000, apparently it's going to be a game changer but without AMD competition NVIDIA could price them ridiculously high.

  • I really don't understand most Techfast builds. You don't need water cooling for this (does 3950x come with a cooler as standard?). 750w psu not needed. Anyone that needs a 3950x for work will probably need at least 32gb of ram to pair with it, and a higher end video card (eg video editing), and large storage, and that ssd is trash by new standards.

    Might be a deal compared to buying products from new like for like, but the pairings just make no sense to me.

    Lack of branded products like psu always concerns me too.

    I've just ordered (not yet built) parts including full peripherals for 4500, 3900x, msi gaming x trio 2080 super, 6tb WD Red NAS HD, 500gb gen 4 ssd, 32gb 3600 trident rgb ram cl17 (rgb lol), 360mm aio (will be oc), top of the line case, 27 inch Asus ips 165mhz panel, lightspeed wireless mouse/keyboard, 750w seasonic ultra gold+ psu, hyperx headset, all running on the brand new msi mag x570 tomahawk. All get amazing reviews.

    I will use it for office, video editing for work, and gaming.

    Yes 4500 is more than 2k, but I wonder what deal techfast could do with what I ordered, branded top of the line components?

    • The 3950X stock cooler is subpar, though I'm not even sure it has one. 750W is just their marketing shit.

  • Hi how come when I click on these deals the price is about $200 more than it says on the links. Is their a promo code or something I need to put in?

  • But can it play Lee Carvallo' Putting Challenge?


  • Hi Luke,

    In the description you have 480 GB SSD, but the default is 240 GB for the price listed.

    Am i miss understanding?

  • What are the delivery timeframes currently?

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