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30,000 Extra Qantas Points on NEW Qantas Frequent Flyer Credit Cards for July


Just browsing through Qantas credit cards today and noticed this.
Qantas has announced a bonus 30,000 QFF points on any Qantas Points earning card. (These are in addition to the sign up bonus).

*Caveat: User must not have had a Qantas points earning card for the past 12 months. Which i'd imagine would rule out a fair chunk of us unfortunately.

Best use of this would be either:
ANZ Platinum QFF - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/543158
*the website wording seems to indicate the card needs to be applied for through the Qantas.com website so this may be inelegible


St George Platinum - Annual fee of $49, 60,000 Qantas points + 30,000 bonus points ($2000 spend over 3 months). https://www.stgeorge.com.au/personal/credit-cards/affiliate/...

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  • +4

    Cancelled a trip with Qantas about 6 weeks ago and still haven't received my points and refund back. Is anyone else having the same experience?

    • +3

      same here!

    • +5

      Took me close to 10 weeks to get my refund if that helps.

    • Cancelled mel-dubai-lisbon on EK using QFF points back in march, got the points back quickly but taxes only refunded for one person, been chasing the other tax refund ever since. Think they're overwhelmed with refunds.

      • Every travel related company is trying to delay refund as much as they can to avoid bleeding cash flow

      • This has happened to me in the past and I've heard this story a lot! it's almost like it's on purpose …

    • +1

      I called them about my cancellation I made about 4 weeks ago, they said it will take 8 to 10 weeks to process points + $$$ for the refund.

    • +2

      For me, 10 weeks came and went, and when I called the refund had become 'stuck' for some reason (insert scepticism as desired). The good news is the friendly guy on the phone fixed it up and I got a refund the next day.

      Call up and ask the question once 10 weeks rolls around.

    • +1

      12 weeks and no points refund for me.

    • +1

      Cancelled my flights at the end of March.. Took 3 days for the points to be returned. But took almost 12 weeks for the taxes/charges to be returned. Had to call up twice after 10 weeks (Since they won't do anything until 10 weeks has passed) to finally get my money refunded.

      As people on the AFF forum have said, 8-10 week when all these issues occured in March is acceptable, but they are still quoting that time for people who are cancelling flights now. I think it is just a cash flow issue, and they want to keep the money as long as they can. I can’t see how any business can justify taking that long for a refund.

    • Got the points after 2.5 months but still don’t have the cash (3.5 months)

    • Airport tax refund for my partner was received a week after cancelling. 11 weeks in and she hasn't got her points.

      1-2 weeks ago I called about the cancellation, received my points a week later but airport tax refund still not yet.

      May need to give them another call.

    • I got my points back for a cancelled flight a few days after cancelling. But, a couple of days ago they charged me the points again for some reason. They've now re-refunded the points.

      Don't believe I've gotten the taxes back as of yet.

    • Yes it could take several months.

    • +1

      holding on till EOFY so investors don't get as big of a nasty surprise, i reckon.

    • It took me 10 weeks to get my refund back after i wrote a very angry message. They actioned it right away.

    • Qantas are experiencing a huge delay with refunds. Expect not to hear anything for eight to 10 weeks.

      I called them yesterday.

  • Always disappointing that foolishly loyal QFF members would have to fly 30000KM to earn these points.

    • That's a lot of SYD to MEL trips in this environment!

    • +6

      erm… not everyone earns points by actually flying qantas. Putting through business expenses on points earning cards and grabbing bonus offers where available works well for me.

    • +3

      What you talking about Willis.
      Last year (or whenever it was) ANZ was offering 300,000 Qantas points if you financed your home loan with them, we did it and received 300K in points. At very good rates as well.. Then Qantas credit card had an offer of 120,000 Qantas points when you spend $1500 a month for the 1st 6 months, that scored us another 120,000 points.
      So in the matter of a year and a bit we scored 420,000 qantas points.. and nothing was earned from flights.. so there you go..

    • +2

      I think what you actually meant is that you've chosen Qantas because it benefits YOU to do so.

      If you're acting against your own interest in order to profess loyalty to a capitalist for-profit business, then… More fool you!

    • +1

      Thanks for everyone's replies;
      my point was not expressing ignorance of other ways to earn points, but that newbies can waltz in and get bucket loads of starter points, that loyal members can't .

      • Yeah, I think people got a bit sidetracked

      • If a "loyal member" hasn't previous had a QFF points earning card in the last 12 months, then that loyal member could still grab these points. I churn through various cards and just got rid of my qantas premier card a couple months ago, so just gotta keep an eye on the calendar.

      • Sorry, but if you travel a lot for business and can choose your airline, you’re going to choose the one that benefits you most (whether it be onboard comfort, lounges, FF points). 30000 is easy to get when you’re not paying for the airline ticket.

  • Most option are either you have to have card for 2 years that means two years of card fee of almost $200 times two is $400 or even higher depending on the card. Is it worth spending almost $500 to $800 for $160k points??

    • Yes, also ANZ is $275 for 130k

  • +3

    Best use would be this: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/543158 and paired with the 30k for 90k total in points.

    • Have updated.

      • 90k points = Supercheap Auto $500 gift card = new toolbox when they are next on spec….. Will sign up!

        • +4

          But you’d get better value spending the points on …. no, wait, nevermind.

          • +1

            @muncan: Yeh, given up on air travel….
            Not sure I want to hold FF points over the long term, want to cash in if I apppy

    • Not sure if it'll work, as to the Qantas cards webpage links to this platinum card offer https://www.anz.com.au/promo/personal/credit-cards/frequent-...
      which only has 50K points and doesn't deduct 1st year fee. Anyone tried it with the 60K bonus?

  • +8

    Sounds like my partner has a credit card application to fill up!

  • I applied for qantas MasterCard yesterday. Would I need to reapply?

  • +6

    Part of T&C's:

    Members must not have earned Qantas Points on a Qantas Points earning card into their Qantas Frequent Flyer account within the past 12 months from offer registration to be eligible.

    This would exclude most churners unless they've been inactive for the last 12 months. Having had multiple QFF earning cards such as the ANZ FF Black would exclude you from this offer.

    • +2

      This breaks the deal for the majority of us. Great for those who can use it though!

    • Does it exclude you from the sign up bonus, or the 30k bonus or both?

      • +1

        Just this bonus 30k.

        The sign up bonuses are directly from the issuer and have their own criteria - usually 12mths for a bank issued card and 18mths for one from Amex.

  • what if an existing qantas earning credit card customer simply calls up their bank and changes the qff number to another qff / or opens a new qqf account will they then get the points?

    • Name has to match in order for points to transfer over.

  • Is the annual fee for this card paid upfront? Or free for first year?

    • For the anz free for the first year.

  • +1

    Can you use the card for a CFD trading account to reach spend criteria?

  • +1

    Can you just open a new QFF account?

    • nothing stopping you opening another one. the big question is if you link the new qqf number to an existing card will you get this 30k promo? try it and report back here.

      • let me know ;)

      • Another question is whether the banks base the 12/18 month previous cardholder rule on your QFF number, or your other personal details. I suspect the latter - Shirley they’d want to link multiple accounts against a common client record for internal (and external) reporting purposes.

  • Note also, that for ANZ Platinum and Black cards, Breakfree package customers have the annual fee waived (usually, $0 then $295 thereafter for Platinum and $425 for Black).

    • BreakFree package cost though!

      • It does indeed ($350?), but almost every qualifying ANZ loan holder will already have it since it saves many times that annually in additional interest rate cuts and fee waivers.

        • $395 for the annual Breakfree package. Was actually going to ask this question in this thread, do you know if applicants can still get the sign up bonus if the card is linked to a home loan package?

          I've read somewhere that you aren't eligible for the bonus offer because you're already benefiting from the annual fee waiver. But have also read someone reporting the contrary

          • @cantthinkofone: Not too sure about that, but I'll be cancelling my incoming card if they decide I don't qualify for the sign up bonus.

            I did notice that as of today (presumably since the launch of the 30k point bonus) that my original sign up deal of 120k bonus has been watered down to 100k on their website. I've already applied a week ago and am awaiting my card, but will be royally pissed if they don't pass on the full 120k + 30k.

          • @cantthinkofone: I read somewhere that it's better to pay for the points promo first, get the card and then link it to BF afterwards so they have to waive or refund the annual fee. Maybe they might not honour the points if they see it's under the BF package from the start. Haven't had any experience with this myself though.

  • Bugger.. I literally just got a new ANZ card 2 weeks ago!

    • possibly still eligible.. i signed up and they said im registered..

      • How/where can you check this? I registered just then and would be great to know if a recent new card is eligible.

        • according to nightelves in my standalone comment below. as long as you've registered before the card issuer issues the points in the first statement, it will be counted..

  • It says there is a minimum spend criteria, anyone know what it is?

    • Spend criteria is based on the card issuer in order to get the bonus points.

      • https://www.anz.com.au/personal/credit-cards/frequent-flyer/...

        the card issuer only states spend of $2500 within 3 months to receive 60k points.. nothing on qantas' 30k bonus..

        • +2

          Once you get your 60k points the 30k bonus from Qantas will come afterwards with no spend requirements.

          • @nightelves: But Qantas' bonus stipulates "Make an eligible purchase on your new card within 30 days of receiving it", not the same as 3 month period spend of $2500..

            • @davtoh: Yes so points from your ANZ would transfer normally after the first statement while the bonus point will transfer after the 3rd statement. So a $1 spend on ANZ cc transferred over after 1 months already triggered the bonus 30k from Qantas.

              • @nightelves: i think i get you. thanks. i received my card a week ago. i hope its still eligible for the 30k bonus points :D

                • @davtoh: If your anz points transferred over after you registered for the Qantas promo then you should receive the 30k bonus.

                  • @nightelves: yea the anz points not transferred over yet, haven't received my first statement :)

  • -2

    This is typical of Qantas. I am still chasing refreshment of free access to Qantas lounge for 2 persons. I had 2 vouchers but when I arrived at Launceston airport well ahead of flite, found that the Lounge was closed. It appears the last Qantas flite had gone, so didn't keep it open for Jetstar passengers, yet they had accepted my registration for use of the lounge on that flite. They have refused to even respond to several emails regarding this matter. I have been chasing this for 6 months so best of luck using points with the NEW Qantas!! Joyce is still getting his $25 million salary though.

    • +6

      I have never seen ‘flight’ spelt like that before 😂😂

    • You didn’t miss out on much the lounge in Launceston is a few chairs. I got let in after they overbooked and kicked me off the 6am flight. I even had to break open the beer fridge.

  • I reckon update your post with the description as per the link;

    "Add an extra 30,000 bonus Qantas Points

    For first-time cardholders^"

    Sad I don't qualify :(

    • -1

      I don't think it's worth chasing 30k points when you can easily get much more through various cc signup bonus throughout the year.

      • +2

        It's 30k on top of the bonus…

        • -1

          Yeah but most ozbargainers churn through cc each year which would outweigh the 30k that you get had you waited for 12 months.

          • -1

            @nightelves: Guess it depends how people feel about credit score hits then lol

            Most cards have a 12-18 month exclusion for regular bonus points, so getting an extra bonus is even better =)

            • +2

              @blueyez: churners are going to be getting qantas points from different banks

            • @blueyez: Credit scores don't always change in line with credit enquiries or "hits". You should be trying to apply for more than 1 credit card a year if you're serious about accumulating points.

        • You missed the point

          • +1

            @spiff: My point is that most churners are cycling through credit cards that have a 12 month or whatever waiting period each year - so why not benefit from a 30k boost to that? Not so serious churners like myself would not cycle through cards within a shorter timeframe.

            With coronavirus, who's really hoarding points lately…? With all the uncertainty it seems illogical.

            People can do whatever they want, my point was that it's a nice bonus on top of the usual!

            I didn't come here to argue how people collect points or how many cards they choose to have.

            I'm not the ozbargain gospel whisperer lmfao I was just saying this is a good deal and I'm sad to miss out because I currently hold a Qantas credit card and forfeit the eligibility.

            • @blueyez: I'm hoarding points as long as I see a good deal. Why wouldn't you? Travel will eventually reopen even if it is in 1, 2 or 3 years. Maybe even more. Maybe points will be devalued more by then but that just gives even more reason to hoard now.

              • @spiff: I've banked close to 200k each of Velocity and Qantas and this does not bring me joy lol

                I've cancelled 2 holidays this year (one major, one minor) so I'm not keeping my hopes up for the future.

                My dreams of flying business/first class are pretty much done and dusted.

                Keen to know what you'd do with this amount of points given the current circumstances - just keep hoarding?

                • +1

                  @blueyez: Why do we have to use them during the current circumstances? I'm saving them and waiting for travel to reopen, however long that might take. I've given up on collecting velocity and redeemed about 80k points for gift cards in Feb. Was good flying biz on SIA to and from Europe a couple of times, but just focussing on collecting Qantas points now. The lack of decent deals (imo) sure is making it hard to hoard though.

                • @blueyez: There are benefits to hoarding Qantas points now that Qantas club has been introduced. So hoarding for me means that I will unlock lounge access for 2 years without the need to fly premium class and 5% or 10% discount on Qantas Store purchases. Such benefit rarely exists pre Qantas Club program. So it’s an incentive to hoard points even if you use it to buy things at the Qantas Store.

  • That ANZ platinum FF card must have increased hidden eligibility criteria - I applied for Black card, then got refused for it and even the lower platinum. I've previously had Amex Q ultimate, Citi Q card, St G cards all no problem, and none of my finances have changed. Only got one other card so can only assume ANZ have tightened things up (or had met 'quota'?). Good luck if you can get it!

    • all min $15k credit limit cards have gotten harder to get these days since they got smarter and shared info across all financial institute plus using credit report to check every time.

      If you're trying to hide / not provide current holding any cards when is looking to apply for new one, they'll ask for it to provide current credit used on the cards.

      It doesn't matter what you previously owned. It's not relevant anymore.

      Especially if you have more a mortgage say probably above $500k owed and are looking to get $15k min limit cards is like a daydream now, unless you have an income around $200k pa as support to get them, even with that income only limited to one or two at most

      I used to have 3-4 high-end credit cards with lounge free services that i can take advantages of but since refinance I was asked to get rid them all. Now only manage to maintain one and a hand full of $6k limits cards.

  • I got ANZ card last month but still registered

  • Maybe I am wrong but looks like you pay $100 annual fee($295-$195) using the qantas site but $0 annual fee first year direct with ANZ.

    • Bingo

    • Yeah looking at the qantas site couldn't find the free anz

  • +1

    Bank of Melbourne Amplify Platinum Card
    with Qantas Points
    60,000 bonus Qantas Points*
    0.5 points per dollar spent^
    Overseas Travel Insurance: on trips up to 3 months^^
    reduced first-year annual card fee
    ($99 p.a. thereafter)**

    Not bad for $49

    • +1

      I think this is the best card to apply (apart from the ANZ where it cost more if applying via Qantas.com/card)

      • +1

        Agree. I got the st George version of this. No great offers ATM :(

    • Not a bad CC compared to other cards!

  • +2

    Part of the terms for this deal is that you must "Apply for a Qantas Points earning credit card at qantas.com/cards and be approved by the relevant card partner." When I browse qantas.com/cards, the ANZ Platinum QFF (first-year fee waived) is not there. Does this mean this particular ANZ card is not eligible for the bonus 30K points?

    • You may have a point there

    • It was there when I looked earlier. But it could have been my eyes playing up.

    • I am thinking that bonus QFF 30k pts, is actually being given for joining QFF as a new member or join business member. Then apply any credit card to activate it.

      Probably I'm wrong, am I???

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