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[Switch] The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild $68 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Dropped in price again, $1 cheaper than the last deal.

Metacritic 97/100
Release Date: Mar 3, 2017

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Does anyone know what the all time low price for this game has been? Is the $69 price the normal sale price?

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      This game even if it was at $69 is worth buying.

      the amount of replay value and things to do will last easily over 1000 hours if not more.

      On the 2nd hand market they rarely go below $50.

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        Where do you find the replay value? I finished it quite a while ago and I did everything I could find to do. The world seemed so sparse to me that I can't really see what a second play through would give me, let alone finding 1000 hours of play time…

        • Master mode and dlcs

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          i too got bored of it but after watching some videos on youtube where players master the game i can sorta see why. every granular thing is thought through in the game mechanics, from weather effects, elements and traversing across hyrule. the plot itself was pretty bad though, I didn't even bother to finish it but that's where this game shines imo, there's just so many ways you can derive fun from the game without even playing through the main story. I feel as a sandbox game, it does everything right, that said, i'm unsure if I can agree with the metacritic score for the game. Plot is a big factor for me in a successful video game and BotW really lacked it. It was fun hunting lynels and sentinels but yes the weapon durability system needs to go.

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            @plentifoo: Weapon durability was a great mechanic, the game would be much worse without it

        • Super launcher

        • You think you're playing the game until you see this guy.

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        Objectively, it has a very strong claim to being the best game of all time.

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          I put in 130 hours yet felt incredibly disappointed at the end. Annoying voice acting, sparse world, poorly told story despite a good premise.

          OoT is one of the best games of all time. This is good, but I felt it was one of the biggest letdowns.

          • @The Almighty Dollar: Have you seen YouTube content? Glitches and speedruns

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            @The Almighty Dollar: I loved the game overall, but Zelda's voice… Damn she was annoying.

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            @The Almighty Dollar:

            OoT is one of the best games of all time

            My main gripe with BoTW was that the music sucked!!!
            There were no memorable tunes like OOT.

            Tell me this tune doesn't get stuck in your head:

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            @The Almighty Dollar: Completely agree. The story, voice acting and barren world doesn't compare to other RPGs such as The Witcher 3. The game IS fun though, traversing the world, the puzzles, shrines and interesting combat.

            Is this rated so high because Nintendo hasn't had a good open world RPG for a long time? I don't understand the insanely high metacritic score, there are other games that have had a far bigger impact on me compared to this.

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          There is nothing objective about video games except graphics. There is basically no story and the characters are forgettable , the loot disappointing , the boss battles forgettable . Compare all of that to Wind Waker.

          The weapon breaking mechanic alone made me give up on the game 3/4 way through

          Great game but not a great Zelda game.

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          I played BOTW and Witcher 3 during the same period, a bit of each every once in a while. I kept thinking how boring and sparse BOTW was compared to the Witcher, and how repetitive the animations were every time you finished a dungeon.

          BOTW is not a bad game but it feels very overrated. Best game of all time? That's laughable.

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        Fetching pointless items inside repetive dungeons is replay value?

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        Username checks out

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      Lowest on Amazon AU was $58.65 during Black Friday 2019

      • Oh seems like the website I checked didn’t show that.

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      You can check it here: I got it at $63 last Christmas. I agree with the above comment though, the current price is okay.

    • Can get a digital copy cheaper if you wait for an eshop sale and use gift cards bought when they're discounted.

    • Its been on special on the eshop before but I'm not sure what the exact price was though.

    • All time low (physical): $58.65


    • I bought it shortly after it was released and it was around $63-65.

      Still amazed me that it's priced higher these days, even with deals, considering it's been three years.

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    This game is like 2 years old.. how is it still $68?

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      Took them 5 years to make, so theyre milking it lol

      But its still one of the best games out of the Switch.

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        Milking it? Let me introduce you to Skyrim and GTA V

        • But GTA V is free

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          Although you can pick them both up for pretty cheap these days.

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      Highly rated game with a high demand so there is no reason for a price drop. It is also quite a large game file and to store such a large game on a Nintendo cartridge is more expensive than you would think.

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        File size is actually not that large. It's under 16GB. 13.4GB to be exact.

        But yes, the cartridge is much more expensive than a CD.

        That said, I am glad that no installation is required unlike the PS4 and xbone.

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        Ahh the old Nintendo Cartridge is expensive argument that Nintendo fans use to reassure themselves.. meanwhile, digital downloads “am I a joke to you”.

        • your not wrong digital downloads should be cheaper than cartridges especially since you can't resell digital.

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      First Party Nintendo Games are rarely discounted.

      • Except for the bi-annual sales where they discount everything in the eshop…

        • whens that though?

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          The discounts still aren't much but. If you get a 20% discount direct from Nintendo, you're doing well. They're the Disney of the video game world.

        • By 5%

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      it's one of the reason why I'll never own a nintendo console. I'm not paying full retail price for old games no matter how good they are.

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        Nintendo Game do go on sale but if they sell so many and still do sell why lower the price?
        Also think of it as you won't loose more then $20 for the game, resale is high.

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        Buy a Wii U and download this for free then?

        PS since I'll be downvoted anyway, while I thoroughly enjoyed BotW, it is BY FAR, the most overrated game I've ever played.

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          Bought it on Wii U, just finished it as have loved zelda since it came out. Excellent BUT won't be buying DLC (on Wii U), and will wait until kids are old enough to have a switch (or switch 2) and get it on the most current device as Nintendo's infuriating policy of requiring dlc to be repurchased annoying. One of the things they could take away from the PS/XB fight on 'free' upgrades for games you own if you system upgrade.

          That said, different from other zeldas but still excellent, Loved the non linearity and not 100%'ed it yet. (Didn't even think of hacking the Wii U for it, didn't think you could, will have to look into it!).

          BOTW2 will hopefully include underwater, reverse/dark worlds, ruined dungeons a la classic zelda and maybe recrafting of weapons/clothing via skill tree (but not too much or it will just become a generic D&D game). Maybe exploring the origins of the sheikah tech/neighboring kingdoms.

          Weather and wear mechanics are annoying BUT make the game harder and that's not a bad thing! Sucks to get to a point where you need to do a massive climb and get rained on somewhere you can't even wait it out by building a fire though!

          And more catchy tunes!

          And change Zeldas Voice acting because you totally wouldn't sleep for 100 years and get your ar*e handed to you by silver lynels to save someone that whiny!

          • @seraphim2017: Regarding Zelda's voice acting, I've never heard her English voice but you can swap to Japanese voices. As someone who watches anime, the Japanese voice actors are usually so much better.

            • @ZachBlasphemy: As in a japanese person speaking english? Might have to try that.

              On a side note, I' rather jealous of Urbosa's abs, especially after 12 weeks in lockdown!

              • +1

                @seraphim2017: I believe they mean Japanese speaking with English subtitles. That's the "proper" way, and subs are often much better than dubs.

      • -3

        Looks like you prefer to pay a premium price on launch and resell for pocket money with Sony and MS. Noice.

        • +7

          No, I just don’t buy games at full prices. I don’t need to play the latest games.

    • +2

      It's older than that. I bought it for $59 on boxing day 2017.

      • +3

        March 2017. Over 3 years. Still the greatest game I have ever played and worth twice the price. Being released a while ago does not mean the quality is any worse

    • Basic supply and demand, people are still buying it at this price (hence the front page post on OzBargain).

      Great game though.

    • They were selling Wii U games at this price up until it was discontinued. Nintendo never drop prices on exclusives

  • -2

    This as games so good I bought it three times. Wii U, Switch then Switch Digital…. And haven't finished one of them yet.

    • +7

      Jesus no wonder these games never drop in price

    • I have Mario Bro's 3 on the NES, SNES and Gameboy advance LOL

  • Ganon is my bitch.

  • +7

    Ha ha
    Nintendo makes a game cost money am I right? This is definitely a surprise and can I have some upvotes now

  • +1

    I bought this game through this deal

    Despite having already spent close to 200 hrs on the Wii U version. I enjoy it and would definitely play it again on the switch. I even also own link's awakening Gameboy cartridge and here I am going on it again on the switch.

  • +4

    Managed to get this for $59 at JB , managed to get them to price match Amazon when Amazon were giving you $10 off for using mobile app. Never really enjoyed Zelda games but gave this a go and it's now one of my favourite games ever! Worth buying at any price.

  • definately worth buying, but switch's performance is pathetic…. can't even hold 30fps near springs….

    • +6

      The game is transformed spectacularly by playing it on PC through CEMU and using higher res and 60FPS. I couldn't keep playing it on Switch.

    • +2

      Fortunately the frame drops (while definitely bad) are generally limited to 2 main areas in which there is no combat.

      The exception for me was 2 bosses while using motion controls. Stick controls in the same bosses gave locked 30.

      Also the replay value for me comes from the way you can play the game in so many orders or so many ways. You are bound to find little details you missed, even on the 3rd playthrough. It's not for everyone, but the sense of sheer adventure and freedom is almost unrivaled.

  • +3

    I bought 63 2 years ago on amazon lmao.

  • +1

    I think I paid less for this for the Wii U version on release.

    • It's the Wii U, nuff said lol

      • Hey it did the job at launch and it's more or less the same as the Switch version.

        • Wii U is 700p , Switch is 900p.

          Switch is also portable so you're limited to your TV.

  • +2

    The open world mechanics of the game was definitely ground breaking but it also had some letdowns (crappy bosses/simple plot) that it didn't get enough discredit for.

    • -1

      Groundbreaking? What, cutting down a tree? Climbing a wall? Real game changers they were. Bugger $68, I’d rather pay Nintendo $168.

      • +2

        Sure it's not the first game to let you cut a tree/climb a wall but it was the first game to me at least that could make doing those things actually fun. To each their own anyway

  • +1

    If you want a strong story, open world games are probably not the place to look for them. If you like open world games this game is great. Anyone who is a huge fan of Zelda puzzles might be let down but I assume they know that because this game has been out a while.

    Great fun. Story and other characters are passable imo just not amazing.

    • The perfect blend of (semi-)open world and story for me was God of War (PS4). You start off with a fairly linear experience, slowly expanding the world with a fantastic but not too complex story. Once the story is finished there still is a fair bit to explore and do.

  • $74 at Big W and $70 on eBay.

  • This is the one action rpg game that I've actually played all the way through. My experience with A-RPGs is that your character can quickly exceed the level of the main mission, at which point I tend to stop playing it.

    I found this had a good level of engagement with character leveling with the main story OR I was that much more engaged in the main story that I wanted to see it through which kept me on track with story-vs-gear.

  • Great gameplay and freedom but the lack of music compared to the previous zelda games is a total let-down.

    Only memorable theme I liked from this game is Prince Sidon's theme.

    • I have been hoping to see the music say more in Zelda games. Now that they can fit loads more audio in I want to see it shine.

      Wind Waker had the best so far I reckon!

  • +2

    Amazing game.
    Bought it last year for $41 with deal of day and Amazon $10 voucher, sold it this year on Ebay for $55 + postage.

    Switch games hold great resell value :)

    • +1

      They do the older gameboy ones are even worth more.

      I have Zelda the Minish cap boxed and apparently it goes for over $200 on ebay !

  • +1

    weapon breaking system was the let down for me in this game.

  • Just play it on CEMU. Looks better, runs better. And mods.

    • What is your rig setup for CEMU to run this game 60fps even at 1440p?

  • Yep, why not. Borrowed it off a friend for initial playthrough so it's time to add to library.

  • My game of the decade for sure. The level of freedom is unparalleled. The only thing bad about is how limited every other open world game feels after playing BOTW

  • -1

    Worth buying a Switch for this?

  • It's $61 on this website. Free shipping over $50. But I'm sure JB Hi-Fi (or others) will price match yeah?

    • +1

      You can try, keep in mind that website is based in Hong Kong, although not everyone at JB might realise that.

      • Ah yep, missed that, the AU's threw me off, my bad. It's back up to $92 now anyway. Cheers.

  • This guy is the Master of BOTW

  • Has anyone’s order been shipped? Mine is still in processing stage.

  • Now $64 here for those subscribed.

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