$10 off Instore with QR Code ($10 Minimum Spend and Membership Required) for Existing Eligible Members @ IKEA


Similar to the last deal but for this quarter. Basically you get $10 off (minimum spend $10) if you have an IKEA Family membership.

It doesn't seem to work online so you must use it instore.

You scan your IKEA Family membership card and then this QR code. The staff will be flagged to confirm the discount. They may or may not ask to check the email.

This also works at the restaurant and food section. Can potentially get 10 x $1 Hot Dogs for free.

Update: It works online now, as reported by a few members. However, it costs $5 for click and collect and $9+ for delivery, so probably still more worth it to use it instore.

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  • Wow, I thought these would be unique vouchers, but no, it's generic (I compared it to the one I got this morning: same).

  • I always feel awkward using it in store. I went about 5 times last time and kept getting grilled by karen at the registers. On the other hand the younger employees didn't seem to care.

    • don't need to feel awkward, some staff just want to make it difficult for customers. but that's another reason for you to make them do it.

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      If it's Karen at the register, it'll be a sour experience whatever it is.

    • I often get Kevin …….

    • I returned for exchange a couple of purchases which had the family and birthday $10 vouchers, younger guy said they weren’t available for credit for the exchange, so I asked for a refund to which he replied you’ll just buy them again and I smiled… He was very helpful and got the credits for me!

    • I really do hate Karen.😞

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    The email says this should work online, but it doesn't accept my code. I'm not really in the mood to go into a shopping centre right now!

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    Can anyone forward me the email, but censor your details? They didn't accept screenshots before.

  • Does it work for the food section?

  • I have an IKEA account but didn't seem to get the email.

    Can it be used at the cafe?

  • Does it stack with other vouchers eg birthday codes?

  • +1 for 10 hotdogs

  • More Eneloops

  • I got mine but says since you purchased $100 worth off stock last quarter so we give you $10 back as reward.

  • Can confirm that I have used this multiple times, even on same day for any transaction over $10, for the next 3 months. Need to have Family membership (barcode on email) but as mentioned, this freebie has a generic QR which I received today also.
    I've often been through standard checkout (usually buy a $10+ pot plant or photoframe), then into food market to buy a $12 bag of meatballs (for $2) then buy 1x hotdog plus a $12 bag of meatballs at the takeaway food store (for $3). IKEA only 10 mins away from me, might as well make fighting the carpark and masses going for their day out worth it…

    • I thought I was a cheapa*** but you take the next level!

    • I have been doing a similar thing buying up plates, glasses etc to the point I almost have all my cupboard funded by Ikea vouchers lol

      • Me too. Even as an avid Ozbargainer, I feel pretty guilty. But hey, IKEA is a machine, little old me is never going to make a dent in their mega profits. I've spent a fair bit here over the years, just recouping some discounts now!!

        • I do same as you but end up buying $50+ items. They always end up in the positive with me.. keep getting lost in their store resulting in wife making unnecessary purchases.

    • Please don't do this as you will be flag for abusing the IKEA family terms and conditions and your family membership might be removed.

    • You deserve an upvote

  • Don't they ask to check email and membership?

    • Not asked for email as such but you'll be asked for a membership barcode, in person or through self-serve (they can look you up on system) then show QR to attendant to process. Free to join, I think $10 free on joining too

      • So scan membership, scan $10 voucher, save $10 on checkout, right?

      • Be wary, the staff asked for to look at the email. I don’t have it but I have one from the past which was obviously expired. Got away with it as the staff didn’t check the detail of the email.

        • I've never been asked, just 'find' the barcode on my email. Often go through self serve anyway, they only want to see QR code as you scan it

  • Wait you can only use this once if you spend over $100 before getting the email right? Or are you guys saying this is multiple uses?

    • I wanna know this as well.

    • No, it is generic. You just need a Family membership. I used last quarter's Ozbargain shared QR code without having spent $100 myself.

      • wow this is messed up lol. How in the world would they not know about this…

        • Agreed. Even as an avid Ozbargainer, I feel pretty guilty. But hey, IKEA is a machine, little old me is never going to make a dent in their mega profits. I've spent a fair bit here over the years, just recouping some discounts now!!

        • They likely know about it. Hopefully the flagrant abuse by those who are getting away with claiming something they're not eligible for (per the terms and conditions) doesn't get so bad that they remove the benefit altogether.

        • shhhhh

  • I thought it was user specific because I spent over $100, now I find out it's generic code. Boo, more people gonna abuse the coupon now.

    • They should! And codes should be user specific. Why this stupid encouragement to use $100 per quarter condition when code are available to anyone.

  • Damnnnn, I literally just came back from Ikea 😩

  • This is one of the best deals of this year.

    I saved a lot of money hoarding Ikea kitchen, kids, storage stuff and now its back for another 2.5 months!

  • Sadly isn't working for me.
    Logged into my online account. Gives a "Please enter a valid coupon code". Tried with $100 in the basket and still didn't work.

  • worked for me via online purchase just now! took me about 3 tries going back and forth from cart to payment and it magically worked.

  • Just worked for me instore at self checkout. Scanned my membership code, then theres an option for vouchers where I scanned in the screenshot code. That told me code invalid for a few tries, then the staff member came up and said "I have to scan you in for that" and he did. Then an eagle flew over head and screamed "bargain" and everyone clapped.

  • Works online too. You have to be signed in.

    • I tried online and it looked all good when adding to the basket and the discount was there but when I pressed "click and collect" it got to the payment portal the code and discount disappeared. When I re-entered the code it said "Discount entered is invalid".

      Ok. Update. Doesn't work for click and collect - they slug a $5 "service fee" anyway. But if i chose postage, it works but for the items i bought, they had a $9 postage so for me this would just be a free delivery from Ikea at best for online order.

  • Works online now!

  • Does not work. Original email requested

  • I got the code last time for spending more than $100. Used it in two separate transactions no problems. Also returned some sheets that were $50, $40 on sale, $30 with code, but got $50 back… it was a good day all around.

  • From my personal experience and last quarter's comments, I think the two Melbourne stores (Richmond & Springvale) have been instructed to ask for the emails.

    Of 2 x transactions in Richmond, one asked for the email and the other didn't. The one who didn't ask seemed to be new.

    • Same. Went to the Springvale store during lunch time, the guy at the food store was treating me like a criminal and said no original email, no discount next time. Such unpleasant experience, I did spend $350 last month but just haven't received my email so used the screenshot first.

      At the self serve check out counter, you have to get a store member to validate it for you. They may or may not ask you for the email and proof, depending on your luck.

  • Thanks

  • Does this barcode work at the cafe/restaurant?

  • used it yesterday and worked. I have my Ikea Family card saved in my Apple Wallet and screenshot of voucher. Sales person asked when i got the email and i said a few days ago

  • Awesome thanks! Used the code tonight and worked perfectly. Scanned your QR code in link at checkout on my mobile, checkout attendant girl okayed it and then scanned my Ikea card and got $10 off my new bathroom makeover. So thanks heaps ronnknee/OP super happy :)

  • Went on Saturday to Ikea Marsden Park.

    Went to the cafe and used the Family Membership and QR code successfully.

    Planned on making 4 transactions going out of the store. Scanned my Family Membership and then tried to scan the $10 QR code screenshot which I had used earlier at the cafe. The scanner wouldn't pick it up and the cashier asked another 'senior' cashier about it. The senior cashier said that they needed to see the email. Then a third Ikea person came over so now I have three Ikea people asking me if I have an email. Atmosphere was really uncomfortable with 3 people questioning me for the email, I started sweating. I said that I don't have the email on me and that my wife inside has it and I'll be back.

    Even thought I said I'll be back later they almost wouldn't let me take the item I was buying back into the store. But in the end they did.

    I went back in. Got a mate to send me the Ikea email but it never arrived cause it was stuck in the Spam filter so I found an old Ikea email where I did have the discount and pasted the new QR code in and sent it to myself and then went to a different cashier.

    This time I started with the email and the guy scanned the family membership and $10 QR code.

    I went back later again and bought something else no issue. Was going to do it 4 times to buy everything but ended up doing 2 runs only as I didn't want to risk anymore than that.

  • The code got blocked when I tried to use it earlier. Guess the Ikea run is over.

    • How exactly did it get blocked?

      • No idea. There is a msg on the checkout screen saying the coupon is blocked after the staff validated it.

        • Hmm so was it scanned in the payment section under "voucher/gift card"? Cos that will bring up invalid number if so. If it was through the staff login page where you can see your already scanned items listed, that's where the barcode numbers will come up once scanned. If that's where it gets blocked then yeah I guess it's all over D:

    • if you have the email they cant just block the code.
      They will need to generate the individual code next time.

  • Does not work for me too. Got the message saying already redeemed? Anyone has the same issue?

  • Oh wth I havent even used my code yet but its already over? :(

  • Used the code again today after using it three times in the space of ten minutes last weekend, so looks like the fun is not over for everyone just yet. :)

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