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AMD RYZEN 9 3900X 12-Core 3.8 Ghz (4.6 Ghz Max Boost) Socket AM4 Processor A$647.90 Delivered @ Newegg.com


This is now cheaper than Amazon, delivery might only be free to metro areas.

PSA: I am not sure how the return/warranty process is like with Newegg.

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  • Picked up one from the Amazon UK deal last week, Arrived yesterday. Think it was a bit cheaper than this deal aswell.

    • Man I got an x570 itx board in those UK deals and it hasn't even been sent lol.. I'm losing hope I'll ever get it…

      • Hang onto it, its no random seller so you are lucky, it's Amazon official in the UK, so they are likely to honour it eventually, defs email them soon.

        Saved $250 big ones on an 5700 XT, Ampere cards or big Navi might be insane when specs and pricing are released, but that deal was one of a kind (profanity) up on thier part, had to do it.

      • Did it have an estimated ship date? @scud70

        • No unfortunately don't even have that… @dbmitch Yeh I'll follow up with them soon just to see what's up lol

          • @scud70: Weird, should have an estimated. What is the status? Temporarily out of stock?

            • @MAXXYY: sent amazon an email… looks like they sold the item but it was then out of stock so they are waiting for a different supplier to supply them the item… gave me some confusing options which made no sense but i'll follow it up early next week if the don't get stock. I'm not in a rush anyway it was just a really good price so i grabbed it… it ended up costing me less than a B550 ITX board and got cashback so rather not cancel it and lose the item and cashback to have to then pay more later…. lets see what happens…

              thanks for the suggestions :) i've never had an issue with amazon its always been rock solid and straight forward but it was a bit of a gamble with the Amazon UK Hack thing that was happening ..loll

              • @scud70: Same thing happened to me from Amazon US. Updated the date to mid august so I cancelled and brought the board locally for $40 more. Not very ozbargain-ish but I have all the other parts needed to complete the build.

    • Is it worth the upgrade from a 2700X?

      • Yes, it is, but at this point, the new chips are almost here and are faster and 15% better, game FPS should be about as good or maybe better than intel.

      • Personally waiting until end of year to replace mine; new CPUs, new video cards, full reviews and possibly some end of year sales then.

        The new 4000 chips are looking good and the 2700x is still a very decent CPU for most use so maybe hang out if you can, but each to their own.

      • Depends on what you’re using it for. If it’s just gaming, then no, wait for Ryzen 4000. If it’s for multithreaded productivity workloads, then yes.

  • i picked one up in june for $290 delivered which i thought was alright at the time. runs so much cooler than my old 7700k. very impressed with it!

  • I once bought a hard drive from NewEgg which was basically loose in a box - no packaging material around it. It wasn't DOA but had more bad sectors than good and I had to go through Western Digital to replace the drive (which took a month or two). I have no idea why they didn't pack it properly, but hopefully NewEgg has improved.

    • they haven't, but CPU's are generally safe because there's no moving parts.

      looks like a good deal

      • Should be fine, there's just 1331 pins at the bottom of the CPU :/.

        • The main problem is the shock to the drive, which is why they should be packaged with cushioning.

          CPU's are packed tight by AMD from the factory, there's no chance of damage tbh unless something stabs through the box.

          Also you can bend pins back easily :p

  • I think I'll wait for Zen 3 and see what that does to the Zen 2 pricing, this is already below 3800x release pricing according to camelcamelcamel.

  • would be sweet if this is for XTs

    • I mean - the differences between the X and XT are negligible. I wouldn’t really pay the extra for an XT - there’s no real point.

      • they do have a difference… check latest reviews.

      • Recent 3900X also have improved quality compare to early batch. 3900XT lacks the cooling fan which you can sell $40 if you don't need it…

      • Most reviews say there is an improvement of a small %, but the value proposition certainly isn't as good as the non-XT.

        With new chips on the way, hardly worth paying the premium or buying at all if you don't have to.

        • Aren't new chips still months away? Like October at the earliest

          • @Kozhutki: Possibly a launch coming in September at Computex. Then pre-orders available and a drop in all current series demand/prices…?

            If this was ordered now from Newegg today it may be August before you were installing it anyway, then you're looking at having purchased a premium priced CPU the month before speculated launch of a new series…

            In the context/spirit of Ozbargain, IMO if someone didn't "need" a new CPU, I wouldn't do it now. If someone want to buy a premium-priced AMD Ryzen CPU today, there it is.

            • @buffalo bill:

              IMO if someone didn't "need" a new CPU

              The problem with using this logic is that either you bite the bullet and buy or you just never buy. There's always new chips/cards coming out and it can be so difficult choosing the best time to buy, especially if you don't have a large budget.

              • @Kozhutki: To some extent you are correct, but there are better times in terms of value (for those on a budget) to buy components, but it goes without saying that if you need it - you need it.

              • @Kozhutki: I agree in principle, but when a major release is very close, it's a bad time to buy. Especially with current shipping which often means you won't get it for a while anyway.
                Ryzen 4000 should be a good leap in performance, and the new graphics cards coming will be an exceptional leap in performance, and both should also put strong downward pressure on existing prices.Now is the time to hang on if you can. The new Navi is coming 'before the consoles release' according to AMD, and it looks like the consoles will be out before November 17th, so September/October looks like the time we will have a major leap in performance on both CPU and GPU offerings.

  • I feel like Newegg has too bad of a reputation in terms of processing the items and any returns, it has not improved over the years and I will never buy anything from them even if it's a 'bargain'.

    • Completely agree. Ram I received was open box. Support were so impeccably rude, condescending, and ignorant.

      1/10 would not buy from Newegg again.

    • Yup, I ended up paying Amazon prices, through this 'sale,' thanks to PayPal USD forced conversion bullshit.

      • Using PayPal for anything other than AUD can be sketchy since they use their own conversion which can differ quite a lot from what the current conversion is

    • Thanks for the info.I almost place an order but I hold off as I don't want to go through incompetent customer service if there is any problem.

      • It's for the best, you made a good decision. They are not worth the hassle, especially during a pandemic.

  • F***, I ended up buying from PayPal, assuming the USD converted prices would be exactly the same as shown. Now I've ended up paying almost as much as I would've with Bald Bastard Bezos (Amazon). Seriously, f*** Newegg.

  • What Superman uses in his build.