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Oral-B Smart5 5000 Dual Handle Electric Toothbrush + Fexit 100 Tab Combo = $139.99 Inc Express Delivery @ PharmacySavings


Hi again Bargaineers,

By my own admission I'm not a very creative person - and I've pretty much listed every Allergy Med people want on Ozbargain already. So rather than become a serial spam poster, I thought I'd mix it up this week by offering a combo.

Who doesn't like shake with their fries, right ?

So - we have a few cartons of:

Oral B, Smart5 5000 Electric Toothbrush (dual handle) in stock.
USE CODE: 60OFF (Brings Price to $139.99)

At the high end: Shaver Shop Sells this for: $369.00
At the low end: A Guardian Pharmacy on ebay eBay sells this for: $159.95
(Happy to be corrected if Ozbargainers can find business sellers, selling for either more or less)

So I'm thinking a combo consisting of:

Oral B, Smart5 5000 Electric Toothbrush (dual handle) + Trust Fexit 180mg x 100 tabs = $139.99

I'll let the comments and sales dictate the success of the offer.

To keep the Ozbargain community happy, which is becoming a tradition i'm trying to forge as my niche, every time I post a new deal I try to restock a few boxes of product from older deals at their original ozbargain prices (where I can).

200 X TABLETS = $25.99 WITH CODE
CODE: bargain

Cold & Flu Relief
Day & Night PE
(Generic Codral Aternative)
2 x 48 Tab Boxes = 96 Tablets
USE CODE: action
To bring price down to: $16.99 delivered

HAYFEXO (Generic Telfast)
USE CODE: ozbargain (price will come down to $13.99)

CETRINE (Generic Zyrtec)
USE CODE: ozbargain2 (price will come down to $11.49)

C-ZINE (Generic Zyrtec)
Cetirizine Hydrochloride 10mg Chemists' Own C-Zine (Zyrtec Generic)
140 Tablets (2x 70 Tabs)
CODE: TAKE9 (price will come down to $20.99 delivered)

Please note that typical delivery times are 6-7 working days or less, please bear with Aust Post if
delivery is 7-8-9-10 days in some areas, while I realise this is ridiculous sending me many
emails asking me to do something about Australia Posts slow delivery probably wont increase their speed.

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  • I dont need the Fexit 100 Tab, would the price be reduced without it? Or can I replace it with the cold&flu instead?


  • Decent deal, but don't need the tablets nor the second handle :(

  • My old oral-b base model battery died so I was looking for a replacement yesterday.
    Was looking at this one $165 on Amazon.. li-ion battery and 3d cleaning action looked good but couldn't justify the price tag so I went for the base model for $22.50, comes with 2 heads and 2 year warranty. But good price for this model.

  • Don't need the tablets but decent deal.
    Wife said last night our second handle was dying so this is incredibly well timed.

  • Does anyone know the oscillation/pulsation of this particular model? Some sites say it's 10,500/48,000 and others say it's less powerful at 8,800/40,000? I can't find anything on their official website.

  • How bout face masks combo?

  • $129.99 is the buy price for the dual

  • Hm, not bad… Amazon sells the same model for $165

    Been looking at the 2000 and 4000 myself and waiting for discount on those.

    Any chance of just the electric toothbrush?

  • I have the professional care 1000 which gets slow after one use, is this a better model?

  • I need a new toothbrush but not these tablets.

    • Same

      • +4 votes

        Sorry team, I am on a treadmill of having to move huge volumes to secure pricing on products that Ozbargainers and eBayers will find palletable - I can't sell this item as a stand alone and still make it interesting to the Ozb community. Even if you bin the tablets (if they are worth nothing to you) you're $20 ahead of any competitor in Australia on this product, and express post is included.

        • Its cool ill just wait. Thanks anyway

        • Can you replace the 100 tabs of Fexit for 100 tabs of Flintstone Chewable Morphine?

        • Maybe allow people to add the tablets for $0 so then those who do not want them do not throw them in the bin.

          It seems like the more environmentally friendly approach.

          Then you get the bonus of being able to sell the tablets.

        • Cool thanks. I'm pretty good at maths so could work out the saving compared to Amazon, just no need for the tablets at all!

    • Same and was just about to bite the bullet on 2 of these.



        You are comparing the Datsun 180B to the Tesla Model X

      • Not exactly a comparable model…

      • lol vitality are basic of the basic model

        • I never said they were comparable other than both being electric toothbrushes!?

          This does the job and has for 5 years or more replacing it about every 12 months.

      • So to be a bit more specific for all the Karen's & Darren's who feel the need to down vote anyone for pretty much any reason.

        I have used an electric toothbrush for about 20 years and always just gone with the base model. One filling in 20 years says to me they do the job. I do use a water pick as well. I generally have to replace ours (2 - one for my wife and one for me) about every 12 months as the battery dies and they are disposable. So over 3 years that would be about $125 - $150 which makes this justifiable "if" it will last 3 years +.

        The features of this would be hugely beneficial as my wife has been undergoing chemotherapy for 5 years now and was struggling with the electric toothbrush. Moving to the soft bristle head has helped but this seems like the next logical step.

        I was just asking the question about whether this could be offered as a stand alone bargain as I don't need any of the meds on offer.

        I understand I can just buy this and save $25 over the Amazon deal and throw the medication in the bin! Now I need to look at the reviews and decide if this set is worth the $140 outlay.

        • Why did you link the basic model if not for comparison? And to hide it behind tinyurl?

          • @CodeXD: Read above. If you don’t understand my reasoning for linking to the basic model (that I was just about to buy 2 of) then I’ll try and explain it in more basic English for you.

            I used tiny URL as the URL from eBay was about 6 million characters long. I didn’t realise this was hiding!? Pretty common practice on most forums I use when there are huge URLs??

        • Not sure about Oral-B but Philips base model vs Philips top-range model are a huge difference. I also thought "who are those crazy people paying 200+ dollars for a toothbrush". But after my base model stoped working (after around 15 month) and the top model was on a very good sale I've decided to give it a go. I have to say that I will never ever buy a base model for myself anymore, its only good for those who just want to try an electric toothbrush and even 20 bucks seems kinda expensive after a normal brush.

          My Philips works without any problems and the battery seems to be about the same capacity as it was in the beginning for about 4 years so far. And we use it together with my partner.

          I tried to buy a base Oral-B model for travels (as I tend to lose stuff in hotels) but comparing to top-range it's such a rubbish that it went directly to the trash bin after the first time I used it.

          So in my experience the difference is definitely worth the additional money spent.

          • @jellical: Yep, slower oscillations, no pulsations.

            The vitality and 100/200 range are the entry level models for a reason. The higher models both operate better and last longer due to the better battery.

    • -2 votes

      Then buy it and don't use the tablets ;)

  • Do you ever get desloratadine? Aerius is expensive.

  • Any deal on the toothbrushes on their own?

    We have been using the bottom rung oral B ones for about 5 years and seem to be replacing them about every 12 months. They are down to about $25 each now so not a big issue cost wise but wondering if this set would last 3 times longer?

  • damn, would have been good to get a better pricing without the tablets :(

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