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Xiaomi Dreame V9P Vacuum Cleaner Carpet Head Version $259.99,(Member $249.99) Combo w/Carpet Head $299 (Member: $289) @ GearBite


Greetings everyone, We have received many deal requests regarding this popular vacuum.It combine with our Gearbite Member Exclusive Price, most of customers Claim Gearbite member price.Our cheapest price so far, alongside the new Carpet Head Roller Combo set also.

Soft Roller head Version was sold out.

For Combo set order, we will send carpet head Model first, soft Roller head will send seperately Around Early August. All Soft roller Motorized Heads were shipped by Express, hopefully will arrive this Week. Please contact us if you need any help.

Carpet Roller Head for Dreame V9 V9P Vacuum $69.95 Delivered. With coupon code CARPETHEAD10

Xiaomi Dreame cordless Handheld V9P Carpet Motorised Head Version $259.95 | Member Exclusive $249.95 Delivered.

We have Dreame Vacuum Gearbite Member Exclusive Deal price from $229.99.

Please follow below instruction to claim member price.

1.Please join our facebook group 'Gearbite Member Exclusive' at Here

2.Follow easy instruction there to get Member Exclusive price.

Some Helpful Information:

Reviews from Prior Deals:

Carpet Head Demonstration

Dreame V11, Apply Coupon code '90mins' to get $519.95 or Claim Gearbite Member Exclusive Price at $489. Dreame V11 is pre-order , will ship early August.

Dreame V11 Videos

Model **Dreame V9 Member Price at $229.99 **Dreame V11 Member Price at $489
OLED Display No Yes
Rated Power 400W 450W
Battery Capacity Standard 60mins,Max mode 8Mins Standard 90mins,Max mode 10Mins
Inhalation Power 120AW 150AW
Dust Cup Capacity 0.5L 0.5L
Product Weight 1.5KG 1.6KG
Patented Motor Space 3.0 Brushless Motor Space 4.0 Brushless Motor
Finger free operation mode Need to press trigger Lock Mode Available
Suction 20,000Pa 25,000Pa
Filter 8 Cone Filtration 12 Cone Filtration
Simplified Trash One Button to release One Button to release
Money Back 30 days money back guarantee 30 days money back guarantee
Plug AU Plug AU Plug

12 Months Australian Warranty.

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As Alway, Enjoy and stay safe.

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  • Just ordered the $289 combo.
    Was looking at the new V11 but couldn't really justify the $200 price increase and losing the carpet head as well.
    Gearbite just wanting to know how long till the Soft Roller head is back in stock? I'm willing to wait a couple days to have both items shipped out together rather than wait for the soft roller.

    Thank you for posting this wonderful deal.

    • +1

      Soft head on the way to our warehouse, will ship next week.

      • Any word on PayPal payments?

        • Paypal account has been use for over 10 year, but just wait paypal to solve problem at their end regarding to integration.

          • @Gearbite: What PayPal won't have a integration issue. Highly unlikely, your webmaster is the one thag doesn't know how to integrate it

        • Paypal just went live 2 mins ago. Please check and let me know if have any problem.

  • hey gearbite.

    Do you sell the soft roller head separately? The old one I had has entangled hair on the wheels which wont come out which is making the vacuum very difficult to use.

    • +1

      Send instruction how to clean hair for your soft roller head.

  • +2

    Pretty happy with our new V9P vacuum. Even on setting 1 we've managed to clean our place which comprises carpets and floor board areas. We used the carpet head given the soft roller head hasn't arrived, but works fine on hard floor too.

  • Anyone received Youmi Cordless Vacuum YMC01E
    instead of the Dreame V9?
    I am stumped and not sure what to expect.

      • I see thanks for pointing me. Feels like an entrapment. Wonder if I can return this for a refund and look elsewhere where you don't feel disappointed.

        • +2


          They're the same just different names, but agreed OP should have mentioned this upfront.

          • @firestint: Yes this exactly. If we're getting Youmi then why not post it as Youmi. Just using a known brand and tricking people into buying, only to open the package to realise it's not what you actually purchased.

        • +1

          Feels like an entrapment

          What crime were you tricked into committing? Have you been arrested?

          • @John Kimble: Ah I see. Wrong use of word. Thanks.

            • +1

              @bizarredeal: Perhaps you meant they were misleading? It's apparently the same device though, just slightly different…like Honda Fit vs Honda Jazz?

              I assume it has something to do with licensing/distribution rights or something, but I could be way off base.

              In any case, another user had a similar concern earlier and the rep replied saying they can return it if they want.


              • +2

                @John Kimble: Yea you're right. Miselading is what I meant.

                But if you clicked buy on jazz you wouldn't expect to see a fit arrive at the door would you?

    • Is there any difference between the two? Thought it was just the colour.

      • Same Specs.

  • Hi OP, any further news on Paypal?

    • Good timing, paypal just went live 2 mins ago. Please check and let me know if have any problem.

      • Yep it's there now. If I buy the V11 today, when do you think it will arrive in Mel?

        • +1

          we should able to ship out Next Monday.

  • Just bought.

  • +1

    For existing owners not liking to hold the trigger in you can make a trigger lock yourself see youtube.com

    Anyone else interested in making an order? I could order in bulk for it to be cost effective.

    • Made using a 3D printer so that's going to cost me $500 for the part ;)
      Would pay an OzBargainer $10-$15 to have one shipped to me :)

    • Could you use cable ties and slide it onto the trigger?

      • Don't cable ties lock? Velcro would make more sense?

        • +1

          Yeah but like slide it up and down onto the trigger (sorry haven't actually looked closely at the product if it's possible to do that). But yeah velcro will work too ofc

          • +1

            @CVonC: Nah, there's plastic in the way…like a gun

    • I was after a trigger lock as I missed having one coming from a dyson. The V11 which you pay $200 extra for will have it though!

      You don't really know what you're missing till you don't have it.

      That was the biggest adjustment for me, not having a trigger lock particularly when you do large areas at a time and drain up the battery.

      For spot cleaning (less than a minute or two a time) probably not needed.

      • Sounds like you need a roborock, don't even use the stick for spot cleans, just send the robot and its heaven

  • Hi OP,

    Any update of eta on the roller head for those who ordered the combo?

    • +2

      Will ship Friday.

      • Thank you! Can we also expect to get a tracking number?

        • +2

          Will notify you once we ship out.

          • @Gearbite: Has this been shipped out? Been waiting for 2 weeks…

            • @firestint: Yes, we have processed , tracking should update shortly.

  • Got mine today but it seems to be missing the 2-in-1 Brush. Got the 2-in-1 that extends and is thin for getting into the cracks but not the flat 2-in-1 brush.
    Is that coming with the Soft Roller head as well?

    • Yes, soft head will send seperately. Please send us a request, if anything missing, we will happy to resend for you.

  • +1

    When will the flexible hose for v9p be available and what is the price?

  • Any difference between the V11 from gearbite for $489 and the V11 from Tobydeals for $406? AU plug perhaps, anything else?

    • Au plug with compliance, Dreame official local warranty for our stocks.

  • Is the Combo sold out?

  • do you know when is the v9 is back in stock? we dont have any carpet at home so we just want to buy the one without carpet head

  • I have a V9 (and also a Dyson or 2).

    I wouldn't buy another one. At first it was great, but here's a small buy very annoying design flaw.

    Hair gets caught in the small rollers and when it does it is hard to push and/or control the swivel head. It wants to go left or right when the hair is stuck.

    Think of a dodgy shopping cart.

    So I have to regularly take off the rollers (with a screw driver), clean it and then push it back in. At least it works well again after I clean it… but I can't believe it would be released with such a design flaw.

    First Xiaomi product I've been disappointed in.

    • any issue with the carpet head?

      • The issue I have relates to the large carpet head with soft roller brush.

        The large soft roller brush is a better design than Dyson as hair doesn't get tangled, but I have issues with the small rubber roller guides.

    • +2

      Hair gets caught in my Dyson DC58 and V6 also? I suspect it would in almost all vacuums?

      • +2

        Yes, but unlike the Dyson it doesn't impede you pushing the vacuum head. I have 2 Dysons.

        See photo https://i.imgur.com/skdblhQ.jpg

        Once they stop rolling they start to act like brakes.

        If one roller gets hair caught, then it's like a shopping trolley that verves to the one side.

        If both rollers stop spinning, it at least goes straight but hard to swivel.

    • +1

      Please check how to remove hairs from small rollers Here. To Solve this issue, Carpet motorized head have move two small rollers to front.

      • +1

        Thanks rep.

        Yes, I know how to clean rollers.

        I've had to do it many times. Not a good design IMO.

        • +1

          Thanks for your feedback, i have passed to dreame, they do consider to improve this in new version prodoct.

        • I had same issue and small roller was already broken to apart (rubber) which stopped me buying the second one for the downstairs

          • @mysterybox: Did you replace the small rollers?

            I'm sure it wouldn't have just be me with the issue with the rollers.

            It also would stop me buying a second.

            • @JimB: No I didn't replaced the small roller, which makes it little harder to roll the head.

              • @mysterybox: I'd contact whoever you bought it from, hopefully they'd replace the rollers free of charge.

                • @JimB: Please contact us if you purchase from us, we should able to help.

  • how much is the carpet head for the V11 when it becomes available in sept?

  • +1

    What about spare batteries?
    How much will spare batteries cost and what will be their availability?

    On eBay I could only find one retailer with exactly 1 dreame v9 battery left.

    Having owned cordless vacuums in the past (Bosch athlet and Dyson v7) I know their only as useful as the strength of their batteries. Kind of hard to clean a house with device that has dead battery. Then have to wait 6 hours(bosch) to fully recharge or 2 hours(Dyson).

    When these batteries are brand new it’s fine. But even after year or two of use the run time dropped significantly by minimum roughly minimum 1/3 or 1/2(guessestimate based on my Bosch and Dyson). With usage times dropping similarly as fast. So you need to replace batteries at that stage. Just to make sure they run as new.

    So how much are new batteries for the dreame v9 and v11. Anyone know?

    • We have spare battery.

  • i am still waiting for the Soft Roller head Version back in stock :(

  • How does the mount work? Is it a screw in?

    • There are non screw in mounts?

      • could stick onto the wall with something like 3m command

        • Well you can do that if you like, nothing stopping you….probably need a lot…and it could just rip off anyway…that's just my personal experience with those 3M tape things in general.

          Edit: Actually my apologies, you can't really. Not enough flat area for the tape to stick to I reckon.


  • Gearbite when will the soft roller version be back in stock? I don't need the carpet head/combo set.

    • same here. i am still waiting for it back in stock :(

      • I got the one with both soft roller and carpet head, to be honest the carpet one works fine on both soft carpeted surface and hard floors. Our soft roller head only arrived 2-3 weeks after the vacuum arrived but no issue at all with just the carpet head.

    • Will have very limit stock shortly.

  • Hi OP,

    Just placed order for both Soft Roller and Carpet Head Combo - can you please confirm that it will both be coming seeing the soft roller by itself is sold out.

    Also - how long for shipment in melbourne? thanks.

    • Will ship together. Please give extra 2-3 days due to lock down.