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Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3200MHz CL16 16-18-18-36 $218.94 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Hi guys,

Some says RGB is faster than non-RGB.

No as cheap as this deal

Dynamic Multi-Zone RGB Lighting: 10 Ultra-bright RGB LEDs per module
Next Generation Software: Take control in CORSAIR iCUE software and synchronize lighting with other CORSAIR RGB products, including CPU coolers, keyboards and fans
Custom Performance PCB: Provides the highest signal quality for the greatest level of performance and stability.
Tightly Screened Memory: Carefully screened ICs for extended overclocking potential.
Maximum Bandwidth and Tight Response Times: Optimized for peak performance on the latest Intel and AMD DDR4 motherboards
No Wires Required: Requires no extra wires or cables for a clean and seamless install.

SKU :CMW32GX4M2C3200C16

Tested Latency 16-18-18-36

Memory Size :32GB (2x16GB)

Memory Type : DDR4

Speed :3200mhz

Dont forget 5% cashback with your favorite cashback provider.

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  • It IS faster.

  • RGB do make computers go faster. Don't know how and why. Its one of those unexplainable things in life I suppose.

    • RGB is just the 2020 rehash of the neon lights people were using in their cases circa 2000.. Hopefully just a passing fad. You can usually switch them off if you dont like them.

      • Hopefully just a passing fad

        Bloody hope not. Love me RBGs. Lol.

        Should see me setup. With pulsing 8 fans, Twin XPGs, AIO, 4 strips and powersupply that it looks like a hovering UFO and makes a really pitched black room light up as if with a flouro lamp. Lol.

        • LOL post pics
          I dont mind too much as they can at least be switched off but I wouldnt pay extra for something that going to sit in a box under my desk which I'd seldom look at (unless it broke down)

    • Yep, I set mine to red and I gain about 70 extra mhz

  • Rbg stands for real good boost right?

    Nice deal. Seeing all these rumours about ddr5 spec makes me think I should resist. Although it is tempting. I wish more of the rgb ram looked like the dominators or g.skill royals

    • So far I've heard that DDR5 is expected in Server environments from next year.
      So my guess is that the year after (2022) for consumer/enthusiast level.

      • And at that point (2022) it will be super expensive and only for high end builds. Dont expect DDR5 to be a common PC part with reasonable prixing until 2023 in my opinion.

      • Yeah mate my ram will do me until 2022 its just not rgb.

        Things seem to be moving faster or slower in some aspects in the pc world. Its good to see that jedec has decided on the spec hence the resistance ha. It gives hope atleast and considering its going to be double the data rate it could mean an upgrade of most parts will be on the table.

        • It's not quite as much double the rate as you would think.
          It's double of the default speed of DDR4, which is 2133.
          So new DDR5 compared to existing high speed DDR4 isn't going to be as much of a leap as you're thinking, but still quite good.

          • @Rail Rider95: On top of this it doesn't really matter all that much as long as you have the best for your processor. No reason to upgrade your DDR4 CPU, motherboard and RAM just because DDR5 is out.

            • @Rajeh: Yeah agreed there.
              However, I'm still on DDR3 (4790k), so I'm very interested in being an early adopter of DDR5 to get in on an entirely new platform, rather than getting the tail end of the current platform.

              • @Rail Rider95: Yeah also why I'm waiting for B650 and AM5 before I upgrade my 3500X, hopefully they don't use DDR5 or that's another expense.

                • @Rajeh: See I was also waiting for the B650/AM5 platform, but I actually AM hoping they use DDR5.

                  • @Rail Rider95: "FAAK YOU I WANT IT TO USE DDR4 SO I DON'T HAVE TO UPGRADE" - Rajeh, in an alternate universe

                    "NO FAAK YOU I WANT TO UPGRADE TO THE NEWEST ONE SO I DON'T HAVE TO UPGRADE LATER" - Rail Rider95, in an alternate universe

          • @Rail Rider95: ,
            The standard is architected to enable scaling memory performance without degrading channel efficiency at higher speeds, which has been achieved by doubling the burst-length to BL16 and bank-count to 32 from 16. This revolutionary architecture provides better channel efficiency and higher application level performance that will enable the continued evolution of next-generation computing systems.

            DDR5 supports double the bandwidth as compared to its predecessor, DDR4, and is expected to be launched at 4.8 Gbps (50% higher than DDR4’s end of life speed of 3.2 Gbps).


            Take that how you want I guess.

            @ Rajeh Agree mate, as long as your current mobo and cpu can make use of it. hence why I mentioned an upgrade of most parts could be on the table.

            • @Vialz: Exactly, and 50% higher isn't double.
              But that's not to say that it's not impressive. Because that sort of an increase is absolutely awesome.

              • @Rail Rider95: I did say the data rate is double mate. however if you take the 50% on face value it points out that the 4.8gps is base.. as in early life.. where 3.2gbps is end of life of DDR4… endstate of this I dont know where they will go.

        • here i am sitting on a desktop with DDR3 ram….

          i had it with gaming on this desktop so i started buying parts to build a new RGB desktop. I've waited 8 years for this upgrade lol

    • RBG would actually stand for Real Boost Good

  • Pair this with RGB fans will make your rig dust free.

    • even dust doesnt want to have anything to do with an RGB setup…

      i'm joking people… geez lol

      • Ironically, most people want one. ADMIT IT

        • haha absolutely …

        • i have an RGB setup because "oooh, shiny"
          im now very bored of it.
          i do like my corsair RGB keyboard though, iCue links in with some games and changed the lighting profile to correspond to the keys in games.
          Division 2 is one them.

  • Can't get these to do more than 3000 on Auros B450 :(

    Probably the board

    • Uh huh. You're not convinced they're B-die are you? I can help you find what it really is, Corsair didn't write the SPD properly so some of this stuff comes up wrong. Proper way to identify is to look at the "version" listed on the sticks themselves. I hit a brick wall on my "B-die" at 2866 until I realized it was actually C-die and bam now it's at 3733. Do they not work at XMP? What CPU?

      • 3700X cpu. I just had the glass off and one stick out already this morning, trying the old 'set everything with one stick, then add the 2nd' theory. Didn't work.

        Love to hear what you have done

        XMP supposedly defaults to 3200, V increases to 1.35 but won't post at 3200, only 29.33. Sometimes it will post at 3000

        • Well for me it was in overclocking, I thought you meant that not XMP. But maybe I can help with that. Can you try 3200 at 1.35V with crazy loose timings like 22-22-22-22 for tCL-tRCDRD-tRCDWR-tRP (rest auto)? If it's still finicky it could just be that your CPU needs a boost to SOC, VDDP and/or VDDG voltage. I found VDDG and VDDP sometimes benefit from lower voltages than stock.

          Edit: Well before you do that, leave the memory at stock 2133MT/s but manually set FCLK (Fabric Clock) to 1600. If that is problematic then the CPU VDDG, VDDP and SOC need to be adjusted.

    • What version are they? my 4.32's would not hit stock no matter what I did. Had to RMA them after a quick google found a lot of people had trouble with them

  • I'm running with 16GB…. (2 x 8GB 3200MHz)
    Can anyone tell me if there is much value in going to 32GB?

    I had always thought that 16GB was enough… but all these recent deals for 32GB is making me wonder.

    • If for gaming, it wont be useful. Even next gen consoles still share their main memory of 16GB with gpu (on pcs gpu has their own memory). So you’re safe.

    • Depends on what you use your PC for? If gaming then in 99% of games, 16GB is no different to 32GB

    • For video and photo processing you'll see the difference. But gaming, like others said, 16gb is more than enough.

    • Thanks All!

    • RAM is so cheap right now it's not case of do I need it but more of why don't I have it? It's like my unlimited mobile data plan, for an extra $5 a month I like the extra piece of mind. You don't have to worry about closing stuff in the background anymore thinking it will tank your game. Get it while it's cheap IMO.

  • Some says RGB is faster than non-RGB.

    Unsubscribe from pcmasterrace subreddit, and you’ll be ok.

  • I really don't know much about computers would like to ask if this would work OK for my system from 2015. The CPU is a 4690k.

    Thanks in advance for any information.

    • hi :)

      I believe the 4690k uses DDR3 RAM. So this would not be suitable for you as it is DDR4 RAM.

      • OK thanks for that. Just another question if I just did a search for DDR3 on Amazon would they all be compatible with my system then? Thanks again.

        • You'll be hard pressed to find it for a reasonable price, honestly just buy it used from like eBay. Memory has such a long lifespan there's no way it's dying before your CPU.

        • Not quite.

          If your PC is a desktop, then make sure to get desktop RAM.

          Vice versa. If it is for a laptop, make sure it is laptop RAM. (difference in size)

          You should consider the RAM Frequency supported by your motherboard (if you buy quick RAM that is not supported by the MB, it will just bottleneck the RAM speed).

          Depending on how you upgrade and how many RAM slots you have, your upgrade strategy might vary.

          If you do go with more than one stick, make sure they are in the right slot to make most of dual channel.

      • You are correct, Intel desktop platform did not adopt DDR4 until either Skylake or Broadwell.

    • Just buy some used DDR3 DIMM (not SO-DIMM, which is for laptops) from EBay, I got Samsung 8GB (2*4GB) for around $36 for both cards last year.

      How many free slots are there in your motherboard and what is the current memory capacity ?

  • I have a desktop with 2 x DDR4-3600 CL18 sticks at the moment… Would adding 2 x DDR4-3200 in as well slow things down?

    • mixing ram causes it to run at the speed of the slowest stick so it would run at 3200mhz. I'm no ram expert but you could play around with over/underclocking and tighten up the timings to get a solid middle ground at 3444mhz? that's if they're both the same class die.

      • Even if they aren't you can still probably get both to 3600 with some tuning unless one of them is Hynix MFR or AFR (bleugh). Just might need to do some looser subtimings.

        • i never said you could get them all to 3600mhz, i said he might be able to get it to 3444. But yes, most likely he'll just have to settle for tight timings.

          • @Creamy: Lol no you can, just looser timings and bam as long as it's not MFR or AFR which can't really break 3466. 3444 no, that isn't even an option without BCLK modification, RAM is less of a lottery once you know which IC you have. This is probably Samsung C-die if it's a newer model, which does 3800 no problem, even 4000+ so should be fine.

  • Damn it I would have bought these instead of the G.skill Ripjaws on sale last week.

  • Hmmm…. tempted, I've got 128GB of DDR4 ram 2133mhz in my machine, Does 3200mhz make a big difference? Only really use to do CAD, Revit and internet surfing, running Quadro card.

  • good price.. I bought this about this same set of paired RAM about the same time last year and it costs me $271 at the time. Running it with my AMD 3700x system and runs really nicely - I can have dozens of chrome tabs open all at once!

  • Will this ram run at 3200MHz or compatible with Ryzen/ X570 system? The last ram I got for Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200 couldn't run at 3200MHz at all, it will just crash. Have to underclock to 2899MHz. FYI running on Asus ROG Crosshair Hero VIII Wifi

  • far out. i just bought this for $240 =(

  • Anyone know how long it takes generally to post to Melbourne these days?

  • Some says RGB is faster than non-RGB.

    Really? The sites I was buying ram on a few weeks ago listed the timings as slower on the RGB Corsair ram

    CMW32GX4M2E3200C16 Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 3200MHZ 16-20-20-38

    CMK32GX4M2B3200C16 Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB DDR4 3200MHz 16-18-18-36

    You've mistakenly put the timings for the non-RGB RAM into your description, it should be 16-20-20-38 for the RGB kit. They cost a bit more than non-RGB and have looser timings but can't deny the cool factor 👌

    • The Amazon model number is CMW32GX4M2C3200C16

      Which according to Corsair site is Tested Latency 16-18-18-36

      • Oh my bad, I must've copied that other model from shoppingexpress when checking my order history. RAM so confusing sometimes. Thanks for double checking it.

  • Thanks OP just copped

  • I currently have:

    F4-3200C16D-32GTZA. Trident Z DDR4-3200MHz CL16-16-16-36 1.35V 32GB (2x16GB)

    Will it work well alongside this RAM? Interested in going to 64GB

    • Looks like you've got B-die there considering the timings, if you're not willing to pay so much for more B-die you might be better off actually selling the kit and buying a 4x16GB, because when you mix they will run on the loosest timings and then you aren't taking advantage of the B-die anymore. Overclockers will pay you a fair chunk more for that than they would a brand new 3200CL16 kit.

  • Thanks OP. Finally I can flash my juicy RAMs.

  • I like RGB sticks, I want to use them even though my case is not glass or on the table.