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R5-3600 RTX 2070 SUPER Gaming PC [16GB 3000/650W Bronze]: $1499 + Delivery @ TechFast


Hi folks, dropping the 2070 Super variant of the 3600/2080 Super deal posted a week ago.

Slight change to RAM in that we are bundling 16GB (2x8) 3000MHz, but maintains the 650W 80+ Bronze PSU, 240GB 2.5" SSD for those bringing own storage or upgradeable via site, and base B350 motherboard in the MAG Forge 100R case.

New addition is the MSI B550M Mortar motherboard upgrade option which has just become available in sufficient quantity to offer it.

Ryzen 5 3600 | RTX 2070 Super 8GB Gaming PC: $1499 after 3600-2070S-JUL

  • Ryzen 5 3600
  • RTX 2070 Super 8GB (bundled variant likely Galax)
  • B350 motherboard
  • 16GB 3000MHz RAM
  • 240GB 2.5" SSD
  • Gigabyte 650W 80+ Bronze PSU

All current deals likely to expire at the end of July.


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  • Does your “return to base” warranty cover shipping both ways?

    • Only for the first month I think it was

    • +10

      You'd hope so or else they're in breach of the ACL

      Returning the product

      You are entitled to return a product if you believe that there is a problem. You are generally responsible for returning the product if it can be posted or easily returned. You are entitled to recover reasonable postage or transportation costs from the business if the product is confirmed to have a problem, so keep your receipts.

      • +1

        Porthos we would hope so, however I said the same thing when an issue occurred with my PC after approx. 2 months and they said I would need to pay for shipping to Adelaide and would not budge on this.

        To be fair, Techfast do respond to emails and apart from the one component which had the issue everything else has worked well.

        This is a real case so just be aware guys if you decide to buy.

        • +5

          It’s understandable to have to pay for the original shipping to them (in case there isn’t actually a warranty issue) but you should have been reimbursed once the fault was found.

          I’d suggest you email them back with a copy of your postage receipt as well as the link I gave before to ‘remind’ them of their legal obligations.

          If they don’t budge then you should get in contact with your state’s consumer protection agency (NSW Dept. of Fair Trading I think it is there?) and getting their advice.

          It’s pretty clear with what the ACL says, Techfast are just trying to be dodgy if they won’t reimburse your postage costs when they’re obligated to.

          • @Porthos: I had to pay for shipping and nothing reimbursed…

            • +5

              @XucCac: Do the same as I suggested, it seems to be a pattern here of Techfast not following the law!

  • +4

    That ram :/

    • Hmm how much does it cost to upgrade i-$40?!?!

      • -7

        That's not the point? It's bad practice

        • +1

          No I was taking a look at how much it costs to get it from 3000 to 3200, and they charge 40 freaking dollars!

          • @Void: Shifty sale tactic, quote low and charge more for the upsell

            • @Dezeption: Yup same with the SSD. I swapped it out myself in my build and added my own Wi-Fi card. The $19 one they offer is 802.11n crap.

    • The ram is good lol
      Before they had 1 stick

      This is a massive step up and overall upgrade. Great job LukeTechFast

      • Yep 1 stick of 2400/2666, then went to 2 sticks of 2666 and finally 2 sticks of 3000. The difference between 3000 and 3200 is so small it's really not worth the upgrade anyway and you can always overclock it.

  • Are you planning on doing any Mini ITX builds? Eg with the new CM NR200?

    • They deal in volume, so not likely.

  • Bring back the B45M2! The ET2 has no M.2 slot, and the B450M board available to upgrade to is a Biostar B450MH which looks like 🧀.

    Image for reference.

    • lol do you have to supply your own head sinks for the vrm?

      • My B45M2 didn't have any either, but I was pleasantly surprised to know that with my decent airflow it works decently for overclocking a 65W part. 3500X is running 3.95GHz all cores with no issues, when I get a new cooler I'll try and push 4.1GHz. If putting a 3900X on it though definitely get VRM heatsinks and a fan over them.

        • +1

          you sir are a brave man! but yeh a decently cooled case is ok for the 65W parts… i def wouldnt pay extra (in the upgrade field) for that board though.. oof

          • @scud70: I don't even have a temperature gun! My VRMs could be dying as we speak.

            • @Void: lol HWinfo doesn't give you a rough idea of the temps? it wont die it'll just throttle till it drops temp.. (age wise it may not last as

              • +1

                @scud70: Nope, no sensors on this board! Mostly for gaming though, so VRMs won't be pushed very hard.

  • +1

    trust me go with bigger storage SSD. soon you'll fill up with games..

    • +1

      Upgrade yourself though, they charge the same as a brand new SSD, meaning if you do it yourself you pay the same price but also get to keep the smaller one. Games these days can require SSDs to not stutter to shit.

    • +5

      40gb Windows, 200gb cod :)

      • +2

        Downloadable ram, priceless.

  • +3

    Could this be built for same price with parts bought individually? Seems insanely priced.. And already small margins on PC parts.

    • +2

      most the price is the GPU unfortunately … i dare say about 50% of that price is the GPU .. maybe more

      individual parts will most likely cost more but you get to pick slightly better parts .. and if you can snag a few bargains you might end up similar or a bit more but much better quality board, ram and case/psu … but techfast buy in quantity so it'd be hard to match without the items being on sale or a bargain.

    • Nope

        • +7

          You have listed much better parts and cheaper. I did the same analysis before and found the same(that Techfast pre built is no longer worth it)

          I think Techfast no longer have the pricing edge to make up the for long shipping times and low quality parts.

        • +8

          Hot damn Techfast what happened? Why can't we get a 3600 and 5700 XT for $1100 anymore?

        • Thanks for pulling this list together! I have always been a bit intimidated by the idea of pulling something together on my own.

          Quick question regarding the Motherboard, if I understand correctly the one you have linked provides the option to have up to 32GB of Ram.

          If I wanted a bit more of an upgrade pathway, would something like this MSI B450M - PRO allow for that? e.g. having the option to go up to 64GB RAM in the future or if I wanted to upgrade the CPU to something a bit more beefy in the future?

          Would be keen to understand whether I am thinking about this correctly. Thanks in advance!

  • -1

    Is it a deal if they are simply using budget parts

    • So a R5-3600 ,RTX 2070 SUPER and 16gb ram is budget parks?? k

    • A few months ago I got a build with a RX-580 from TechFast. Was hoping to last long enough to buy something down the line when prices stabilise and with newer releases.
      Before they shipped it out they reported to me they were experiencing some graphical issues and were contacting the manufacturer to resolve it, and then seemingly everything was good and they sent it out.

      What a surprise that I was experiencing constant black screens whenever the card would come under load. Turns out it's not an issue with the card that can be fixed but it's widely reported by the manufacturer, so they shipped it out anyway.

      Not going to deal with this mob anymore, I bought a 1660 super and went on my business.

      The rest of the system is perfect, but I'd be wary of their shitty budget brands.

  • +6

    Build the PC your self its lot cheaper , Amazon AU is your best store to buy pc parts (For easy return and cheaper price) and if you dont know how to build a pc your self then Youtube is your best friend so you pay the cost of the parts not the labour + mark up

    • Would you show us how cheap comparable specs would be?

    • I just built one for my sister. I had done swaps before (Swap intel cpu, ram, gpu) but never a complete system. It took about 3 hours, mainly because I didn't really follow a guide and just connected like to like haha. Had everything in.. why is MOBO bendy on the sides… ohhh, that's what those screws are for. Disassemble, try again. AMD default cooler mounting was also annoying, but I can see how it's more stable and distributes pressure better. If I had to do it now I reckon I could do it in 90 mins maybe.. reasonably fun, like Lego for adults as they say. You might spend a bit more, but if you're spending 1K+ it really pays to have good quality stuff, esp. PSU, mobo, hdd etc.

  • i just tried to build to similar price, not shopping through a million stores, picking the same or lowest price possible hardware with similar specs and it totals to more then the deal
    AMD RYZEN R5 3600, 6C 12T, 35MB CACHE, 65W TDP $299.00
    Galax GeForce RTX 2070 Super (1-Click OC) Graphics Card $779.00
    Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4 3000MHz Desktop RAM - Black $129.00
    Western Digital WD Green 3D NAND 240GB M.2 (SATA) SSD $46.00
    Gigabyte GP-P650B 650W 80+ Bronze Power Supply (No AU power cable included) $99.00
    MSI B450M PRO-VDH MAX AMD Motherboard $119.00
    MSI ATX MAG Force 100R Tempered Glass ATX Mid-Tower Case (No PSU) $99.00

    total $1570

    is there something i'm doing wrong that would make the techfast deal not so attractive?

    i understand some of the parts above are rubbish, just chose for the experiment

    • +1

      Memory is a lot cheaper at Amazon, there are cheaper motherboards, the 2070 Super is usually $749, and you can get the 3600 for like $270.

      • +2

        Yeah if you shop at different stores you may find cheaper
        But if you then add in delivery at each store

        You can’t really beat it by much if at all
        We talking single digit figures

        I wouldn’t buy the deal as I’d want better hardware… but for that price point you can’t do much better

        • +2

          I wouldn’t buy the deal as I’d want better hardware… but for that price point you can’t do much better

          Literally a better system, for cheaper, has already been posted by HomeAlone

          Amazon has free shipping with a trial Prime membership (or just pay the ~$7 for a month of it) and Centrecom have free shipping above $75 (that even includes cases).
          The only one you’ll pay shipping for is the GPU from Umart if you can’t pickup, and that’s then $17 to Perth (using Perth as an example because usually shipping is expensive to here) and TechFast charge over $50 for this system to be posted here.

          • @Porthos: That particular CPU from Amazon does not come with free shipping even with Prime. It's not a "prime" listed product so there is a shipping charge.

            Even still it still works out cheaper, even if you account for say a combined total of $30 - $40 shipping.

  • +1

    What’s the deal with Windows activation? Is it cheaper to get it somewhere else (legit ofc)?

    • +1

      Legit legit will run you a hundred, don't buy it legit, Microsoft isn't going to deactivate it or find you, it's just false information people spread.

      • Hey bud, I activated it for free using a legit key. Created a student Azure account and got a key.

  • The only thing throwing me off this deal is that PC case. Is there any work-around or offers that contain a different one?

    • PM Luke here or email Techfast support and they might be able to work something out at a cost (both dollars and extra time to get stuff).

    • It actually looks better than you'd expect from the pictures. Besides, won't it just sit under the desk most of the time anyways?

  • Damn, I bought a similar build from them just 1.5 months ago and I paid around $160 more for the same config.

    • how long did it take for your order?
      Anything happened on your pc?

      • Order to shipping was about 4 weeks, because they had a shortage on PSUs. I think 3 weeks to shipping is what you can expect normally. Delivery from Adelaide to Sydney took another 2 days.

        PC runs smoothly, very stable, quiet and even surprisingly cool with stock cooler at 80 degrees max (no overclocking).

        • Thank you for your reply.
          I placed an order about 10 days now. (R5-3600, 2080super, 750W psu)
          Can you share what brands of motherboard, RAM, PSU, GPU you got?

          • @novajh:

            Can you share what brands of motherboard, RAM, PSU, GPU you got?

            sure thing.

            Motherboard was as advertised an AMD B450 Mortar Max.
            RAM is Team T-Force. Don't know which model exactly. It's all black with white decals.
            PSU is Gigabyte Bronze 650W as advertised.
            GPU is a Galax 2070s with two fans.
            Forgot to check the SSD brand.

  • -1

    Guys, need your advice, please help which one to replace the MSI B450 Mortar Max

    After waiting beyond our estimated delivery date for our next shipment of MSI B450 Mortar Max motherboards from our supplier, they have informed us that, due to an allocation error on their part, we will not be receiving them until mid-way through August. This is entirely an error on their part - we placed this order may weeks ago, prior to offering the Mortar motherboard as an option on our site. It obviously leaves us in a difficult position, and as your order is at the point where it should be close to dispatch, we have been working on solutions.

    These options are:

    1) Swap from the MSI B450M Mortar Max to the Asus Tuf B450M-Plus Gaming motherboard, free of charge. This is the closest equivalent motherboard to the Mortar available to us, and has the same purchase price for us, so no refund can be applied. Here is the link for your reference:

    2) Upgrade to the Biostar X570GTA motherboard, free of charge. This is a significant generational chipset upgrade from the B450. Here is the link for your reference:

    3) Upgrade to the MSI MAG Mortar B550M motherboard, for $99 (via separate invoice). This is the brand new generation of the Mortar series and has just become available to us, so the timing here at least is very good. These have been ordered and are expected in early next week. If you would like this let me know and I will issue an invoice for you. Here is the link for your reference:

    • +1

      Hi hcac2006,
      you forgot to check the "I am associated with TechFast" box.

      As to the options,

      1) The ASUS board is being sold for ~35$ less according to a short google shopping search. Considering the buyers are more interested in effective market pricing rather than what you pay for it, this hardly feels equivalent, but rather like a downgrade.

      2) Can't find pricing for this one. Would you still make profits despite this upgrade? Biostar is probably considered lower quality brand than MSI, so not sure how people would perceive this.

      3) Good option with fair price point, but make sure this is communicated correctly. It does not improve the gaming performance, and I would personally consider it a waste of money at this point in time.

      4) The most important option is missing: offer people free cancellation with an apology. On top of that you can offer an incentive to accept longer waiting times, e.g. a free wifi dongle or something (it's like $15, right?).

      The missed shipping was not your fault, but as a seller, it is solely your responsibility to take such possible errors into account. A possible way to work around this would be to offer only what you have in stock. Alternatively have a buffer of a week or so only, and notify people the moment an upstream shipment is delayed. What bothered me the most with my last order (PSU not in stock), was that I was notified at the time when my order was due to be shipped.

      Hope this helps you guys.
      Cheers and keep up the good work.

      • I am just another customer of TechFast, not associated with them. Seems like the only better option is biostar X570 but same as you I can't find pricing anywhere. All the alternative motherboard offer only comes with one M.2 slot it seems. Is it worth to pay 99 for the MSI MAG B550?

        • +1

          Probably should've used

          the quote feature.

          • +2

            @Void: yep. i feel like i wasted 10 mins of my life answering a badly formatted message…

  • if you are going to build a pc yourself, why limit all the parts just to that store when another component is $10-$30 cheaper elsewhere. if its purely for the convenience then plus continue to shell out those $$'s.

  • +1

    I bought the 3500x 2060 system a few days ago and had serious FOMO when this deal came up. I emailed them to ask if I could change my order, they responded in a few hours and were happy to accommodate my request. This compared to buying a race wheel from Umart where they couldn't tell me if I'd be able to pick up the order today until I bought it and waited for a confirmation email that might of not come until tomorrow (I would of happily paid extra to not jump through this ridiculous hoop but no where else local seemed to have stock).

    Thanks Callum and boo you Umart.

    • Callum is great! The person I spoke to before him (not going to say their name) was just unknowledgable and didn't want to honour my warranty request for the GPU because "110c is in spec". Quote from AMD about their reference card, not the MSI MECH OC. In the end I still didn't get a replacement, but oh well.

  • -2
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