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Xfinity 5pc Tool Set $229, Multimeter $19.99, VDE 8pc S/Driver Set 1000V $9.99, 3.6v s/Driver $24.99,1.2kg Cashews $18.99 @ ALDI


Saw the upcoming Aldi catalogue on Facebook (credit to original poster).

Some images are unclear - I'll update these when I find clearer ones. Thanks Alzori for catalogue.

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  • That screwdriver looks interesting.

  • Is 1.2kg Cashews code word for some awesome tool that I've never heard of?

  • how much torque can be applied by the electric screwdriver, does any one know the model etc.

  • I want the electric screw driver lol

  • Can anyone comment on the quality of aldi power tools?

    • they are not mind bending if that is what you are looking for, but good enough for diy.
      If it breaks you can take it back.
      PS Don't try and mend your mind as DIY.

    • I bought my first power tool by chance as it was on sale and as usual lower or better price than Bunnings equal quality item. Now I am stuck with ALDI after buying multiple chargers multiple batteries and many tools, nothing has failed yet, first ever tool is 4 years old. I am a DIY user like anyone else, often help my friend maintain their cars over 10+ and some tools are frequently used there. I always look forward to buying new ALDI power tools and more than happy to wait for a year if I miss anything rather than walking to Bunnings :-)

      Ooh btw I found their 5 year warranty is better than others 2 or three years

      This is just my experience others might have different experience

      Edited: power tool, stupid auto correct

    • I'd stick to something from Bunnings, preferably Makita for handman stuff.

      Problem with Aldi stuff if it breaks, you cant just go back in and swap it because they might not have the tool for another year or two. Need a new battery, or a different tool in their range… Same problems.

      If you are going to invest in a cordless tool ecosystem you want access to purchase the whole range of tools and batteries any time you need them.

      • Agreed. "Happy to wait a year rather than walking to Bunnings"? No chance. Need to get the project done now

        • (profanity) Makita for the home handyman.

          Ozito all the way. If it breaks, take it back.

          I'm locked into Bosch blue 18v, but the ozito is almost as good. Equal fir 240v.

          • @Jalif: Ozito is great for the price, and as Jalif says, if it breaks it's easy to take back. I'm also in the Bosh Blue eco system but bought Some Ozito gear with the recent sales and can't complain.

            • @subywagon: I just got a brand new drill - 2 weeks shy of 3 year Ozito warranty. Straight swap no questions asked!! Try that with Aldi.

              • @Naigrabzo: Exactly why I buy Ozito too. Plus their quality has been improving heaps. For finer work I still use Bosch etc, but for work that doesn't require as much finesse and precision Ozito does the job.

    • Im just about to return my drill for a refund after 2 years 11 months (just inside 3 year warranty) the chuck on the drill is loose. Luckily I only have one other aldi tool that uses the batteries, but I would go with another brand personally.

      • What brand would you have gone for otherwise?

      • Are you getting a refund or repair/replacement?
        I just got a response back on my query re: Circular Saw; they don't repair or stock replacements, so it's an approved refund instead when I take it into the store - pointless if you can't buy the tool again for the same/similar price.

        I didn't think it was that obscure as a product to stock or repair (it's part of this special buy kit so obviously still current FFS), but now I'm def thinking twice about Workzone tools, if it is something I would use a lot and want a replacement over a refund during the warranty period.

    • My experiences of buying hardware or electronics from Aldi has been bad. They are poor quality or rubbish. Luckily they take them back.

      Aldi food is good, hardware not so much.

    • a jigsaw was crap - could not cut straight, ozito (the cheapest brand bunnings sells) is much better, for casual stuff

    • the last round of brushless tools (drill driver, impact wrench, and rotary hammer drill) were really good. I own the drill driver and its more comparable to a makita than ozito. will definitely grab a matching impact driver when one pops up.

    • I was fully ready to buy into the Xfinity eco system after having a pretty good experience with the cordless lawn mower a few years back. But since then I've had a few dodgy experiences that have soured me, both with power tools and other Special Buys (which I returned in most cases). So personally, I'll probably wait for the lawn mower to die and ditch xfinity all together.

    • Similar quality to ozito I reckon. Suitable for the odd DIY job but not suitable for everyday use. Having said that, an electrican that did some work at my house was using one of their drills and said he has used it extensivy for 6 months and no trouble yet.

  • The aldi electric screwdriver looks like a dead set copy of the Bosch…


    Hopefully it performs half as decent given its price

  • some of these images were taken with a potato.

  • I might buy the tool set and sell the charger, batteries, and the drill, I need all other tools…. Is it a good idea?

  • How nice the circular saw is coming back. Just found out today the one I bought a while back practically defective in accuracy so it means shouldn't be too hard for the manufacturer to have one ready to go :P

    • Yeah, the one tool I regret buying is the aldi circular saw… Struggles to cut anything thicker than 20mm and harder than pine, and is totally off being 90°…
      I choose hand sawing over that thing.

      • But does yours at least cut reasonably close along the laser?
        After the first cut was not going right I did check and fix up the angle part with a square. Turns out more like 10 degree setting was 0/square. But even after that, the actual cut line started ok, then basically ran a clear 2-3mm to the right of the laser and 0-mark on the plate. At that point I called it as basically faulty being that off. Resorted to a jigsaw to get it done. Way slower, but at least right.

        Previously I had that bottom-of-the-barrel Ozito one (the first version!) so I don't have much to compare to! But that at least cut where it indicated, even if a bit slow and rough.

        • Mine doesn't even have a laser, just the standard notch guides… Must be an older model. But no matter how much I fiddle with the square, it won't cut a right angle.

      • Yep, used one of these just last week on 15mm chipboard and it couldnt handle the work, just kept stopping. More trouble than it was worth.

  • The screwdrivers are actually pretty decent if they are same from last time, not wihas, but dirt cheap and when ya lose them eventually theses are alot cheaper to replace

  • is the 1000 thread sheet set for $79.99 good value?

    • 1000 thread count is just a marketing ploy.

      Do some research in regards to how they determine 1000TC. Plies do not equal threads.

      Not saying these are bad sheets, just that I'd be reserving any judgement based on arbitrary counts.

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    Thank you for taking the time to download the catologue and giving us advance planning for our shopping bargains

  • Are these natural cashew nuts mean raw ?

    • Often natural cashew means they have been steamed with skin on while raw means just steamed only. I don't believe you can buy true "raw" cashew nuts in Australia as they contain a chemical that is poisonous

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    Didn't see the post before I made mine, my bad. Here's a better quality upload if you want to browse it. https://imgur.com/gallery/Kd3QD3D

  • Anyone know if Ozito have a comparable set?

  • woohoo assorted angle brackets - just what i need !

  • How many batteries included in the tool set? From the pic it looks like you get 2 or 3?

  • I always try to only buy simple, low-tech stuff from Aldi and would avoid buying hi-tech, electronics or anything with moving parts…..as much as possible, no matter how cheap.
    Their stuff is reasonably priced but quality is not up there and when it breaks, you mostly have 1 choice: money back.

    • +2 votes

      I have 2 of their Baugh TVs they have done really well for the price.

      Yes my Samsung is a much better picture but first me 3-4 times as much, for 5 inch bigger.

  • Can anyone advise on the digital multimeter? Any good? Or if not, any suggestions on a different brand/one?

    • Can't tell from the pic, but you'll want an auto ranging one if you don't know much about electronics/electrical stuff.

    • it seems to be the classic - proven design. they are usually decent and well worth having at home.
      I prefer it to the much more expensive auto ranging one I also have.

    • That one looks like shit. I'm pretty sure I bought one for $4 just like it.

      For a multimeter, depends what you're doing. For electronics work I use a Uni-T UT61E. I wouldn't recommend Uni-T for anything where you safety is at risk, I use it exclusively below 50V.

      For electrical work, it's the only thing between you and death, so I'd suggest a Fluke or Keysight, though there are other good brands. I use a Fluke 117 that I got as a gift, though I don't do much electrical work.

      • Anything Fluke is going to be expensive but if you are working in the mains, you might consider it better than risking your life.
        For the car I got a cheapie-25-30 off of ebay and tested to with in the first decimal place.
        Gumtree might be a good source of flukes-not the liver type.

        • Sorry, but a Fluke does not make a job any safer. A cheapy will tell you whether it's live as well. It might not give you the same accuracy, but whether the voltage is 237.1V or 237.04V, I wouldn't want to touch it!

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhF8q3fYqSQ

      Looks to be the same meter.

      It looks shit though. You have to swap your red lead when changing from measuring volts to ohms.

  • The gins look interesting

  • Multimeter $20 good or not?

  • Thoughts on down+feather quilt for $129?

  • Do you think Bunnings is likely to price match the 5 piece tool set with their Ozito stuff??

  • Can we get a clearer image of that mini 3.6v screwdriver?

  • This looks identical. Am I right? Gives us a lot of specs.


    WORX WX240 4V Cordless Screwdriver

    No-load rotation: 250RPM (+/- 10%)
    Torque adjustment: 3 gear adjustment
    Torque gear: 1-3
    Charging interface: TYPE-C
    Bit size: 6.35
    Battery capacity: 1.5AH
    Torque: 5 / 2.5NM (hard twist / soft twist)
    Maximum torque in manual mode: 8Nm
    Reverse function: YES

  • Any comments about the heavy duty shelf?

    • I have them from a while back. They assemble easily, can be customized on shelf height (you can make two smaller shelves as shown in the product photo) no problems with them.

  • https://ozito.com.au/products/18v-cordless-5-piece-tool-kit/ would be a better kit for a little $ more. Bunnings selling it for 249

    • If you've spotted one, that's an OK price to grab given the lack of availability. But that linked bundle only has the 1x 3Ah battery and swaps the grinder for the mini jigsaw, which isn't as good of a deal I think.

      • Grinder is weak for 18v. You would do better with corded. Jigsaw is good for diy wood projects. But i guess it will hardly be used. Similar to the torchlight from Aldi deal. Anyway hope bunnings drop or match their ozito 5 piece kit and decide from there which kit to buy.