R5-3500X | RTX 2060 6GB Gaming PC [B350/16GB 3000/750W]: $999 + Delivery @ TechFast


Hi folks,

We've hit $999 on the 3500X/RTX 2060 6GB combo with a couple of tweaks.

Ryzen 5 3500X | RTX 2060 6GB: $999 after 3500X-2060-AUG

  • Ryzen 5 3500X
  • RTX 2060 6GB (likely Galax)
  • 16GB 3000MHz RAM
  • B350 Motherboard (Biostar ET2)
  • 240GB 2.5" SSD
  • 750W Allied PSU
  • Leaper Flair RGB

Check out all current deals on our account page - an OzB member also picked up the JULYDEALS code yesterday, which has some of the EOFY deals still running for a day or so more.


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  • Surely by now, everyone in Australia has a TechFast PC?!

  • Decent. Glad to see a build that stands on it's own merit.

  • Yeah this is nice. Very balanced system.

  • I don't know much about computer specs. What kind of graphic settings is this pc capable of?

  • Gee this is a good deal

  • Back to 750W Allied PSU??????????

    • And the other half is watching their house catches fire…………

    • Is the PSU bad? Does it need to be replaced?

      • A lot of people recommend getting a more efficient PSU as it saves on some electricity cost over time and is definitely more reliable. Personally, I bought a pc from techfast about 3 years ago and still using the allied PSU. Not a single problem

        • not about saving elictricity costs at all. That's like 1% of it

          It's a ticking time bomb if you are using GPUs that require a lot of power. It's a random no name brand….equivalent or even worse to the VS or CX series by corsair

          • @Teemo4Life: If Techfast are shipping systems with it they're pretty confident it's gonna work. Now building your own PC is where it's an issue.

  • Would this system be good for autocad and revit?

    • I have placed an order to use ArchiCAD, you would want to upgrade the CPU to AMD 3600 which comes in 12 threads rather than 6 threads and bump up the ram to 32g and it will run as beauty.

  • This is my jam, right price, right specs. Bravo

  • Waiting time? And also what kind of 24 inch monitor deal can you add to this?

  • where is techfast located?

  • The PSU, motherboard and case I don't like but the rest is solid. The ET2 has no M.2 slots, which is pretty meh for a B350 option, and the Leaper Flair doesn't have great airflow. A 3500X and RTX 2060 are a balanced pairing.

  • is this better than below config?

    Intel S1151 Core i5 9600KF 3.7GHz 6 Core CPU (No Heatsink) PN BX80684I59600KF

    CPU Cooling
    Thermaltake UX100 ARGB Lighting CPU Cooler CL-P064-AL12SW-A

    MSI S1151 ATX Z390-A PRO DDR4 Motherboard

    Desktop Memory
    8GB DDR4 G.Skill (2x8GB) 3200Mhz Aegis RAM PN F4-3200C16S-8GIS

    SSD Drives
    500GB Crucial P5 M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD PN CT500P5SSD8

    Video Cards
    Gigabyte RX570 8GB GAMING PCIe Video Card PN GV-RX570GAMING-8GD

    Cougar ATX MX330-S Clear Panel Case Black (No PSU) with Blue LED Fan

    Power Supplies
    650 Watt Corsair CX650M Modular Power Supply CP-9020103-AU

    Sound Cards
    Integrated Sound Card

    Network Adapters
    Integrated Network Connection

    WiFi Adapters
    Volans VL-UW120 Dual Band Wireless-AC1200 USB Adapter

    Operating System
    Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64bit OEM DVD PN KW9-00139

    • 2060 >> RX570, just purely comparing GPU horsepower Techfast build will smash the above, also you have half the RAM

      But you also have a semi decent PSU unlike Techfast, and double the storage, comparatively better spec'd MoBo and maybe better case…

      Your CPU has slight edge over Ryzen 3500x and Windows home seems included in the above build

      I would say Upgrade the PSU on this Techfast build, add a $10 Windows OEM key from eBay and you would be still way better of… Unless you can add a 2060 on your above build

      • RAM is 16GB (2x8GB). There will be around 200-250$ price difference. Techfast is cheaper options.

        I just wonder if this machine will be good enough for next 3 years at least

        • Depends on how you are planning to use it

          • @Bappy: Games like PUBG , CS , Call of Duty and some video editing

            • @fm1984: Games should be fine with this Techfast Build (would have been slightly better if the GPU was 2060 Super), however for video editing you might consider upgrading the CPU to 3700x or at least 3600 (or look for previous gen 2600 or 1600AF)

              3500x is a cutdown version of 3600 without SMT, so you will miss out additional 6 threads of computing processes

            • @fm1984: If you can afford it, consider the deal from Techfast (see below link) it is much better/all rounder spec'd which should cover your gaming requirements for next 3 years easily plus video editing experience would be slightly better…


              Note: yes you are paying $500 more but probably doesn't require any upgrading, it already has better case and psu (plus better CPU & GPU)

              Edit: or upgrade the CPU + PSU on this current build for extra $200 approx (upgrade the CPU to 3600, PSU to the bronze option minimum)

  • thinking of stripping down the case with a few mods to improve airflow like removing the size panels

  • Nice Deal Luke - good to see Techfast has started offering decent pricing again.

    Just for comparison (similar spec'd hardware), I had a quick look at the current PC deals on Ozbargain site and it would cost around $1300 + Shipping costs
    (note: you will still require additional expense for Windows Key + consider Build Price/Time too).

    Pros: For the below is you will get better CPU, MoBo, double/faster NVME storage, slightly faster RAM, better PSU and more likely better Case
    Cons: Extra $300 budget, Different suppliers means different warranty, possible waiting (which still could be faster than Techfast delivery) and you need to build your own

    1. CPU Ryzen 5 3600 $265

    2. MoBo Asrock B550 $169 + shipping

    3. RAM G.Skill 16GB 3200MHz $99 + shipping

    4. GPU Galax RTX 2060 $459 + shipping

    5. SSD Kingston A2000 500GB $87 + Shipping

    6. PSU EVGA 700W 80+ gold $119 + shipping

    • SSD, RAM, GPU and PSU are all from ShoppingExpress - so shipping price can be combined

    Case: Pick one locally, should be able to get a decent one around $100 including case fans.

  • So I haven't built a PC in years (about 7) and my current PC is about to die. I am honestly not too tech savvy and last time I built it took me ages to do all the research and pick all the parts. I would always get a middle of the range graphics "in case" I ever decided to do some basic gaming, but never did. PC is basically used for internet and video so I figure a pre-built will suffice. I will probably budget around $1000.

    Experts, is this a good build? I noticed AMD seem much more prevalent nowadays in comparison to Intel?

    Just a quick check on Centrecom pre-built PCs put quite a few around the $1000 mark, including this one: https://www.centrecom.com.au/centre-com-home-r5-desktop which uses the same AMD chip. How does this compare?

    Or this one https://www.centrecom.com.au/centre-com-pro-i5-v5-desktop which uses a i5? I notice that both use 350W power supplies which is way less than the 750W on this build?

    If you were to pick this build, what upgrades would you recommend to give it longevity or balance any shortcomings?

    • Centrecom uses way worse parts and performance but does throw in Windows 10 activated (OEM keys are cheap though).

      This Techfast build is a lot better and will handle most games at 1080p high settings and graphics. Value is pretty nice. You could build a better and cheaper desktop though if all you is internet/video + productivity and throw in a GPU later if you want to game.

    • I got this with a B450 motherboard for m.2 support. This is the equivalent of SSDs from SATA hard drives, good increase in transfer speeds.

      Just check because it’s either this generation or last generation of GPUs with increased transfer speed.

      Keep in mind these motherboards are small form factor and have 2 ram slots, maxes out at 16-32gb of ram (Unless you download more).

      If you want to expand to a 64gb setup you’ll need a different motherboard but from what you mentioned it’s not needed. Honestly when 64 becomes necessary for all of us we’ll prob have diff tech then.

  • Any chances on a Ryzen 5 4600G system spec in coming months?


  • Want to buy one for my office, can be used for tax claim for 2019-2020 FY?

  • Been watching a gaming pc for ages. Had to get this.
    Got a bronze power supply and a B450 motherboard (For m.2 support). Can't wait to get it!

    • I purchased the July deal which is slightly better it comes with Bronze power supply as standard and 3200Mhz ram.

      My additional upgrades were AMD 3600, B450, RTX 2060 Super which was approx $300 more.

  • Finally managed to set up my techfast build from a little while ago and pleasantly surprised. Might do a sneaky review and overall rating separately but doing good so far. Kicking myself for not getting more storage though and do not have a whole lot of room in case to add extra :(

    Cheers though Luke!

    • You definitely should be able to add storage, especially if you only have one drive. Check the specs of your motherboard online, should tell you how many it has for HDD and SSD

    • Good thing you didn't get more, they charge more than just buying the upgrade AND keeping the old one.

  • What's the estimated time for dispatch and delivery?

    • We're estimating 14 business days from order to dispatch. Delivery will vary using Australia Post ParcelPost.

  • Hi all,

    Do you reckon this would be a decent starter PC for a 15 year old?

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