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Dell 4K UltraSharp 27" IPS 60Hz USB-C Monitor U2720Q - $790.54 Delivered @ Dell Australia


Thanks to doweyy who went on a code-hunt this morning. This seems like a good deal for a 4K panel under $800 with USB-C connectivity. If you don't have that there's still HDMI and DisplayPort inputs, plus downstream USB-C (note: cannot daisy-chain a second monitor). With 90W charging it'll provide power for most laptops, a 3.5mm audio out for headphones or speakers, and it has 4 x USB 3.0 out (2 x rear, 2 x side). The stand also has full tilt, swivel, and rotation. Being an UltraSharp it has the Dell 3 year premium panel warranty, which is great for peace-of-mind.

This will be great for office work or some general graphics and video, probably not suited for pro graphics/video and definitely not for gaming.

Note that both codes are required to get the title price. Cashback is likely not eligible, Tightarse made a comment here regarding that.

Tech specs:

LED-backlit LCD monitor - 27"
Features USB 3.1 hub
Panel Type IPS
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Native Resolution 4K 3840 x 2160 at 60 Hz
Pixel Pitch 0.1554 mm
Brightness 350 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio 1300:1
Response Time 8 ms (normal); 5 ms (fast)
Colour Support 1.07 billion colours
Input Connectors HDMI, DisplayPort
Display Position Adjustments pivot (rotation), swivel, tilt
Screen Coating Anti-glare 3H hardness
Dimensions (WxDxH) - with stand 61.13 cm x 18.5 cm x 52.52 cm
Environmental Standards ENERGY STAR Qualified
Compliant Standards RoHS, NFPA 99, BFR-free, HDCP 1.2, HDCP 1.4, Mercury-free
Bundled Services 3-Years Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Guarantee

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  • Please stop this monitor temptation…..

    Good find OP…

  • I bought this. Build quality is not very good. Bottom right hand bezel bulges out. A bit of a hit and miss, but seems to be a common problem. Dell really needs to improve its QC for this model. Otherwise the panel is pretty good. Sharp and crisp image as you would expect. Being an IPS, does suffer from the glowing issue in the dark.

    • Exactly the same issue with mine bought about a month ago

    • What a comment.
      I wanted to type the same text.

    • Bought this a month ago too! But no problem with the build quality. Lucky me

    • Sad to hear that. I had the previous model (U2718Q) and it too had major build quality issues. Corners of the screen turned red (first just a tint, then opaque) after about 6 months, and went through 2 warranty replacements that all developed the same issue before kicking up a stink and getting a refund.

    • Same issue with mine, bought at the same time. Bezel bulges out near the control buttons, and also on the left side but to a lesser extent.

      Bit disappointed in the build quality compared to older Dell monitors. Feels a bit cheaply made, especially when using the controls.

      Also note that the USB C cable is a bit short, really have to stretch it to get to the far side of a 15" laptop sitting on a stand next to the monitor. From the research I've done a longer cable that would work with this monitor is pretty expensive, you can't just use any old USB C cable.

      Happy with the picture quality though.

    • Same bezel issue 2 months ago. Raised a support ticket and they replaced one for me without any problem. A bit disappointed though. My U2713H is still strong after 7 years.

      I also wanted Daisy chain on this monitor but it doesn't work. Tech support does not help this time.

    • I have the previous model of this. The build quality if that was also pretty bad. The panel is great but the monitor is so flimsy and won't sit straight on the stand. The screen only came with one signal cable.

      I get the feeling Dell is using the cheapest manufacturer and materials they can. This is a pity, as up to 6 years ago they made the best screens.

  • I ordered this more than a week ago and it said it’s going to take a month

    • Mine took about 16 days to reach me. Dell customer service was nice!

      • I ordered last week, originally says delivery within a week. Today I got an email it's delayed until mid-October. When did you receive yours?

  • How many monitors can ozbagainer afford ?

  • Check dell outlet .. I just received a refurbished U3219Q for $800 which retails for 1500 .. its in mint condition and also comes with a Dell 3 year premium panel warranty

  • 4K is good, but hard to drive if it’s for gaming. Probably good for graphics tasks just not gaming.

    • why is it bad for gaming? could you explain. i'm in the midst of looking for a new monitor for gaming :)

      • No video card out right now can drive 4k at good frame rates.

      • Usually only reason to get 4k is to get the crisp texture output for a 27”. 2k is fine but I found it not clear for its size.

        If you hook up with a Mac then best with 4k. If you going to game pretty much often then just go with eg 144mhz 1080p monitor. Really depending on your budget.

        And yes, you can hardly play anything with 4k on pc. Unless lightweight games like LOL.

    • 4k looks great for ps4 pro gaming.

  • "plus downstream USB-C/DP-out for connecting a second monitor as well"

    Just a warning, this model doesn't have MST (display port daisy chaining) so OP's comments are inaccurate. Not an issue for me as I run the monitor into a thunderbolt dock

  • Serious question, wouldn't this:
    Be nice and cheaper to use as a monitor? Or spend a bit more for a Samsung TV? Turn of image "improvement" settings and it might be a good monitor with low latency.
    I've never tried it though, curious about the practicality of it

    • Tv for movies and gaming only. Reading ok but it’s hurting your eyes.

      Go for monitor for proper all rounder usage.

    • Two things:

      1. Probably doesn’t support chroma 4:4:4. If not, text will be blurry. Better off with at least a TCL that does 4:4:4, or the LG ones are supposed to be good for monitor use. Whatever you do, just make sure it supports 4K with chroma 4:4:4
      2. PPI will be much lower for 43” 4K. Personally, 27” 4K would be too high ppi for me, 43” would be too low. Some people would prefer the sharper text (and/or use scaling) with 27” 4K (particularly Mac users, who are accustomed to high ppi screens), some would prefer the larger screen of 43” 4K. So which is better for you is really subjective. (Neither is really ideal for me. I think 32” 4K is the closest I can get.)
  • This website says that 4K and 27” is a bad combination for Mac external displays.


    • I use a 24 and a 27" 4k with my Mac, it's fantastic

    • I just bought an LG 27" 4k and it runs and looks perfectly fine on my macbook pro 2020, I did extensive research on it too and there was a few of these so called articles, don't let it stop any of you

    • macbook 2016 and 4k 27" monitor looks great.

    • A few years ago this was an issue because Windows would not let you set different DPI scaling per monitor, so if you were using 2 displays with vastly different PPI you could end up with very annoying sizes for menus etc. on one or more monitors. If one monitor was exactly half or double the PPI you could use some in-built scaling to remedy this. That is all fixed now with Windows 10 (and maybe 8.1 also?) supporting DPI scaling per monitor. Rarely you will find programs that don't listen to the per-monitor DPI scaling and will use whatever is the DPI scaling of your primary monitor, but in my experience it is happening less and less.

      Not just an Apple issue BTW but I guess they were some of the earlier laptops with higher PPI screens so they got a lot of attention.

    • This is not true. It works great with my MacBook Pro 15 (2018)

  • Purchased one 4 weeks ago still not shipped .

    • In the same boat. Spoken to many different customer service reps. They’ve said it will be delivered mid-August. Fingers crossed…

      • Looks like I'm luck! Mine got delivered in 16 days after purchase. It's a wonderful monitor.

      • Any updates? I ordered last week and it originally said delivery within 7 days. Now I got an update that it's delayed until October!

  • +2 votes


    Personally I'd get this from the Samsung education or EPP store for 375 using the 50 off mailing list code. I bought it and it's really nice.

    No USB C though

  • So many monitor deals, it's hard to choose

  • I already have one of these (got it a couple of months ago) and just bought the S2721 deal this morning…should I stick with that or cancel for one of these? Also I just noticed the bulge on my bottom right corner…worth contacting support?

    • Your monitor developed a bulge because it was happy to see you. Not a defect.

      • Yeah I know, it's just i'm not sure if it's worth the hassle getting it shipped and waiting for a return if it's not really noticeable. I mean chances are (given the comments above) it's widespread so not sure whether it'll be fixed by now.

    • Does this affect the display at all or is it just a cosmetic issue?

  • I wish I saved up and brought a 4K monitor. I got just the Dell P2419H a few weeks ago for my Mac Mini. It replaced my 2012 iMac but unfortunately the text on the Dell isn’t as sharp. I never appreciated how good the iMac display was until now.

  • I have 3 of these and I love them. I do have the buldging bezel, issue on one of them like others have mentioned however the image on all 3 is super crisp and what I've come to expect of Dell. I use them primarily for work as well as photo and video editing and they're fantastic.

    For gaming I've noticed a significant drop in what I can play at higher settings, going from 1080p displays to this is a lot more demanding on my GPU, but that should be expected when going to 4K. That's a good price too, I got mine for $799 and that's using our Dell discount with a distributor.

  • can you hook up an ipad pro with this monitor looking around for one that doesnt break my wallet but want 4k. what a life =P

    • Yes, used with iPad Pro 2018. mirrors the iPad display (black bars on both sides due to different aspect ratio) except for a few limited Apple apps ie Keynote in presenter mode. Hopefully proper extended desktop support comes soon.

  • +1 vote

    same coupon can be used on the U2721DE too if anyone is interested.

    • I've got that one - loving it! built-in USB hub + power delivery makes it super convenient

  • How come the Dell website says 'No warranty added' but the ad says 'Bundled Services 3-Years Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Guarantee'?

    • "Bundled Services 3-Years Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Guarantee" is the standard warranty. The no warranty added means any additional warranty, like 4 or 5 years total which was an option to add on.

  • The codes also work for the higher end TB3 monitor.
    Comes down to $1,743.38 (RRP $2,158.99)

    Screenshot: https://ibb.co/WfK16yv

  • This is an awesome monitor. Using with my MacBook Pro..

  • Has anyone received an order confirmation or a delivery date?

    • I got order confirmation on the 2nd, originally supposed to be delivered tomorrow. I just got an email that it's delayed until late October. I'm contacting support tomorrow as I don't think a 2.5 months delay is acceptable.

      • What do you expect them to do?
        Their manufacturing is scaled back due to covid, shipping takes longer, they likely cant get parts from their suppliers as fast either.

        • Give me a refund cos I can't wait 2.5 months for a monitor. They should have said up front if they're gonna take that long before making the sale. When I purchased it said delivery within 7 days. I understand delays due to covid but I think 2.5 months isn't reasonable without saying so.

          • @dsoegijono: Im sure they'll have no problems giving you a refund.

            They likely had enough parts at the time but the popularity of the other dell monitor deal meant a lot of parts are being used for that as well. They now have a shortage of some parts used in the stand which are likely used for both this and the other monitor deal.

            • @8azinga: Yeah I'm just waiting for support to respond, hopefully it's an easy process. Like some people in that thread, I purchased because I need it for WFH. I don't think I can work without a monitor for that long. Just need to find a decent replacement now.

              • @dsoegijono: If they can't deliver then they shouldn't let people order or update their website to reflect latest delivery dates. The design and overall experience could definitely be better.

  • Does this monitor go on sale for this price often, kicking myself I missed out :(

    • Depends if Dell releases another code to replace ECU5 but they may have caught on to the fact that it ends up on here after the recent deals.
      You can still get it for $832 using the auaffiliates15%off code.

      Price isnt that good though. I got the U2718Q back in 2018 for $623. It was on sale on Dell ebay and then there was an extra 20% off. Dell are yet to put this monitor on ebay though.

  • Ordered on 2nd August
    Arrived today

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