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Dell XPS 13 7390 Laptop 10th Gen i7-10510U 16GB RAM 512GB SSD FHD $1,541.69 Delivered @ Dell eBay


This price for a Dell XPS seems like a good buy … but not sure about this model (10th Gen i7-10510U).

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  • do dell have good warranty and reruns ? or am I better off with Asus or Lenovo ?

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      On paper they are good. In my experience they are quickly becoming the worst.

      Issue out of the box with the 1065G7 version oft his laptop, took them 2 months of back and forth before they decided they would replace the mother board instead of just send a new unit. A week later they sent a new unit instead. A week after that I kept getting calls from random guys claiming to be techs that are ordering in a motherboard to repair the unit.

      A Month later new unit arrived. Initial tests of new unit showed it to boot properly and have 20% better battery life than the previous, these being the issues I had with the first one. However, after telling tech support that I took it to work and realized that the case was poorly constructed such that lifting it by the corners would make the mouse jump around. A new unwanted and annoying feature not possessed by the first model. I informed them of this secondary issue 2 weeks or so ago, and they have ignored me….

      All this after receiving the original on May 4th, I still don't have a great laptop to use. But who knows YMMV.

      edit: punctuated

      • This is the main reason why i stick to Apple for Laptops so far … 14 days no questions asked return policy.

        I get to build my own gaming PC and use windows for that ( not that i could use apple if i wanted to )

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          The problem is outside of your warranty period Apple will be more than happy to replace minor faults with your laptop by replacing the motherboard for $1000+ dollars. They're the most anti-consumer company for repairs in the business

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            @cille745: That's definitely the case over in the US and I'd imagine Dell isn't much better. Apple are much nicer to deal with outside of their warranty period (i.e. the ACL period) than Dell in Australia though.

          • @cille745: Apple Service has been overall positive for me. I just had my 18 month old iPhone XS speaker damaged coz I was washing it everyday after Gym. Apple offered free repair outside warranty first, but as the repair centers were closed due to Covid they replaced my phone for a new unit.
            I personally could not be happier with Apple service overall. This was the second time something similar happened to me.

            • @gankmeplz:

              Apple offered free repair outside warranty first, but as the repair centers were closed due to Covid they replaced my phone for a new unit

              They're never new units, they're refurbished.

              Not that there's anything wrong with refurbished units (from the manufacturer), but they are not new..

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        This matches my experience with Dell.

        If you have a clear cut and easily demonstrated/photographed fault then Dell sends you a next business day replacement and you're amazed by how fantastic they are.

        However if your issue is intermittent or difficult to demonstrate to the person on the phone then Dell becomes a nightmare. I received a high end Dell screen with smudges between the panel and glass, it was clear as day in person but I couldn't capture it clearly in photographs. After a prolonged fight with Dell during which the support staff's attitude deteriorated into outright hostility, they literally said "we'll send you a refurb and that's the last favour we're doing for you". The refurb was in really bad condition so I got stuck with a 4 figure screen with smudges underneath.

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          After a prolonged fight with Dell during which the support staff's attitude deteriorated into outright hostility, they literally said "we'll send you a refurb and that's the last favour we're doing for you". The refurb was in really bad condition so I got stuck with a 4 figure screen with smudges underneath.

          At the bottom of their emails, there's usually a manager email.. I suggest you escalate higher as the resolution did not appear to be satisfactory to you

          • @cwongtech: I got a Dell high end gaming monitor, 1.2k+ had a blur line after 2 weeks brand new, replaced with a refurb. Got escalated, no action. Close my ticket after 30+ responses.

            • @smartyhaha: What happened to the refurb one?

              Did both develop a blurred line?

      • Did you contact chat support? Fairly sure they're required by Dell to try and resolve the issues within a few business days at the latest

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          Dell support will close their tickets in order to meet their 2-3 business day KPIs without resolving your issue, even with "premium support".

          Dell laptops are plagued with BSOD issues resulting from poor integration of components, firmware and/or drivers.

          • @StealthAnalyst: That's like shooting themselves in the foot, as there is a record of everything and if you escalate that to upper management, they'll probably get fired. In my experience, they always offer some sort of solution and if you don't reply within a few days, then they'll close the case. But there is always an option to reopen the case within 10 days if you're not satisfied with the support

            • @ln28909: Their "some sort of solution" is usually a sub-par generic solution that does not solve your issue but that will just allow them to pass management judgement, leaving you to continuously "reopen" the same case or open a new case in perpetuity..

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        Had similar experiences with 3 xps 15's. They've always had widespread problems which you can find with a quick google. So many forums are filled with problems with just about every model including the newest 2020 models. Never again for me.

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          Yep no surprised by this, had a brand new 13 9370 with 4k dispkay nd it was plagued with fan bearing issues, overheating and massive coil whine. Had 3 new motherboards put in it, 2 new power adaptors and a new screen for a random touch issue that only started after the second motherboard install. Support are iffy they ask basic stuff that doesn't really go anywhere alot of the time. I switched from a MBP to it and regretted it so I went back to Apple. Luckily I bought from JB hi Fi and after telling them all the issues and they took it back no worries. It was a horrible 3 months of ownership.

      • We have a lot of XPS13 and 15 for work, warranty issues are uncommon (not out of line with our previous HP devices) and the few repairs were always on site next day - this is the standard warranty, we didn't pay for premium support

        We have a couple of the 2020 9500 XPS 15 and none of them have the trackpad issue either

        On the other hand, the other half of our staff use Apple and their problems were far rarer than any brand of windows devices we have used - the only warranty items from memory were for faulty butterfly keys

    • Personally I had a terrible experience with Dell many years ago. As much as I want to pull the trigger personally I prefer to buy instore … but then, can't get these specs in a retail store.

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      My experience with ProSupport for a Latitude with a keyboard issue late last year was excellent. Phone number got me straight through to an Aussie support person who knew his stuff. Technician came out the following day and replaced the keyboard on site.

      That said, it was a clear cut fault that was easily confirmed, whereas if it's something more ambiguous or intermittent, maybe it won't go so smoothly as bobjane alluded to in their response above (although funnily enough, I also had a Dell monitor arrive with some kind of smudge that couldn't be cleaned, and the replacement process was easy - this was a long time ago though).

      Previous significant laptop issue was with a HP. Was some years ago but haven't forgotten the months-long nightmare of calls to overseas support, and dealing with techs they outsourced repairs to who repeatedly botched the job.

      • My experience with ProSupport for a Latitude with a keyboard issue late last year was excellent. Phone number got me straight through to an Aussie support person who knew his stuff. Technician came out the following day and replaced the keyboard on site.

        Can confirm the same, Latitude NBD onsite warranty is built into their price though, it's meant for business.
        Different class of products with different purposes in mind, though I really wish that the Latitude line could have GPUs as well..

        • Right?!

          I just want an Ultrabook with a low end gfx card to play basic games if I'm waiting or on public transport.

          MX 250s are not even half as powerful as a 1650.

    • My previous dell XPS 13 (few years ago) had RAM failures and at first they took it and fixed it for free (out of warranty) but then a few months it started happening again - and they refused to do any more work. No confidence in their repair at all.

      Huge discrepancy in my experience.

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      My experience with dell was rather different to all of y'all, I had issues, which they sent a tech out relatively quickly they didn't really need much info from me, only after the tech screwed up my touchpad did I request a replacement, and they got that done pretty quickly I got upgraded to a Dell Xps 13 2018 model, from my 2016 model. Considering they replaced my notebook with a brand new one made to order from their store, I've been happy with Dell, the only issue and the reason I still don't have the new one they gave me today was the battery life was noticeably worse than my old one, but their service was pretty great for me and they were happy to just refund my entire cost ( I had the Top of the line one at the time). I believe this was early 2019 though, so it might possibly have changed a lot since then.

    • Dell has definitely dropped the ball lately. years ago they use to be pretty reliable.

    • My case was more about the quality of their warrenty service. My laptop needed a new mainboard and I brought it to a retailer for instore service. After 7 days it got a new mainboard, but the Dell technician somehow forgot to put the CMOS battery back in. Now, I had to wait 10 days for someone to come over and fix that stupid mistake. But this time, when this techinician left, I found that some screws inside the cover went missing 😂😂😂. They are called onsite engineers, by the way…

    • My own experience with Dell warranty has been absolutely outstanding.

      I buy a bunch of laptops for friends and family, so I've had a few interactions with Dell.

      a) Inspiron 15 Gaming had a fault that prevented charging. After an email and a short phone call to attempt to diagnose the issue, they had a tech arrive at my friend's home within a couple days, and they swapped the mainboard right there on the kitchen table. This was a refurbished unit from the Factory Outlet.

      b) Inspiron 13 2-in-1 had temperature issues (warnings, error messages) and randomly refused to boot. I range the help-line, they walked me through a diagnostic test, connected remotely to confirm a couple things, and then sent a tech to my work address. They swapped the faulty cooling fan right there on the meeting room table, rebooted and tested, and handed it back.

      c) Dell Latitude tablet had a battery die just outside of warranty. I called to get information about replacement parts, they agreed to send me a replacement (at my cost) but with free next day delivery. It arrived with detailed instructions about the replacement procedure (super easy) and I had the tablet working again that day.

      Based on my own experiences, I would happily recommend their warranty service to anyone.

  • this or the lenovo x13 I have on order from the deal early last month.

    I upgraded the CPU to ryzen 7 pro 4750 and ram to 16gb, backlit keyboard and touchscreen at 300nits and the total cost was $1600….


    • The processor in the Thinkpad has double the cores, and Thinkpads are much more durable and reliable and have better keyboards. Only reason why I'd go for the Dell is a slightly better trackpad and a better looking laptop. The Dell here also doesn't have touch.

      • Compared to a normal dell like a inspiron then yes, but the XPS build quality is superb. I have the XPS 13 9350 and have had no issues with build quality or the keyboard. The battery did die after 3-4 years, but I replaced it with a 3rd party battery and we're as good as new. I've also done an nvme upgrade with no issue.

        The one thing that does annoy me about the XPS though is they have soldered RAM, so no RAM upgrades.

        • 9370 here, yeah built quality is nice but coil whine, gets super hot and the fan runs almost all the time even when having one chrome tab open and screen flickering.

        • After moving to uni I've met four people with an XPS. One flat out died a month after warranty and needs a very overpriced motherboard replacement, the other the screen died after two months and took two weeks and three technician visits to actually troubleshoot and fix (this was after two months of non stop WiFi driver issues), one has really bad coil wine and one works well.

          That's a track record I'm not willing to go up against.

    • On specs (without looking into other aesthetics), the one you ordered already is a fair wack stronger. The 8 core 16 thread Zen 2 ryzen is an impressive chip.

    • I received the Lenovo X13 from last month's order - I am returning it.

      I dont like the screen. It might a problem specific to my laptop but it had too much contrast when I set the display to night mode (blue light filter).

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    no GPU :(

  • Where you get this price? All I get is $1,927.11 with code

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    Don't buy Dell, they are horrible, horrible post sales support, horrible everything, have had heaps of issues with XPS. The problem is companies like Dell think they can do the premium product thing and try to sit at Apple pricing, but they lack every aspect of Apple. I hope one day Dell flops and fails, will vow to never buy from them. Stick to Lenovo or something.

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      Brand loyalty is a thing of the past. Always scrutinise big purchases.

      Sadly Ozb's favourite phrase is spend spend spend rather than caveat emptor.

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      Which is hilarious as I've returned my son's Lenovo 3 times now. Each time it's taken about a month to get back. It's now 3 months out of warranty and I'm being charged $632 to fix this latest issue. There's a 6 week wait on parts and they have asked me to return the unit (although it's already at their service centre!!!).

      So "Stick to Lenovo or something" sounds ridiculous to me - they're terrible!

      Bad example in my case lol - I'd personally never buy Lenovo again.

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        Which Lenovo do you have? Their ideapads tend to not be great but it's very rare to have issues with Thinkpads.

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          That's a fair call and I'm aware of that. This is an Ideapad and my wife has an issue-free Thinkpad.

          I'm talking more about after sales support/technical support. The second issue I had should have been taken care of in the first send-off (even left a note in the box and made sure they responded to my issue in the email), but I had to send it back a second time and wait another month. This third time no parts for 6 weeks and a bill. SERIOUSLY? A LENOVO official repair centre does not stock parts????

          AND the fact that after I paid the bill to commence repairs, they then asked me to send the unit in, when it was obviously already AT their repair centre.

          Their whole service centre is run woefully inadequately. I know it's hard to find good people these days but as a big name manufacturer, they really need to do better.

          Hence: No more Lenovo for me….

          BTW - I don't often need Asus service but it really is TOP NOTCH compared to anything I've ever used.

      • Quality control standards could be slipping in order to improve productivity.

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      My dell 13 9370 still going well. Happy with the quality. Only fault is the battery has detereorated faster than I expect.

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      You sound bitter, and most stories like this are from one person who had one laptop with one issue. I've bought thousands of laptops over the years and Dell is the best (or least worst) vendor that I've found.
      No-one is perfect, but Dell have NBD onsite support. Apple don't offer that level of service.

      • Thousands?

        • Yes thousands. When you manage large fleets of thousands of devices, you get a much better picture of reliability and service quality than some random on the internet who bought one laptop and had a bad experience with it…

          • @1st-Amendment: Funny after writing this comment my 4-year old XPS 15 died and I had to get a laptop urgently for work until I sort it out, grabbed a Microsoft Book 3 (256/16), any experience with it? (too late for me now).

            I have had a good experience with XPS 13 then XPS 15 for the last 8 years for the record.

  • I share similar negative sentiments.

    Again, good specs but I had performance issues with my xps15 issues performing tasks a machine of this spec should be able to easily devour. I since have an Acer triton 500 predator which is great

  • All the known issues with XPS yet the tech tubers continually praise them for best in class and barely mention the issues. Really quite disappointing.

    • Techtubers get paid for their native adverts.

      • Well i mean more so for videos that don't outline they are a 'sponsored' or 'showcase' if its LTT style i guess.

        • Point taken but most of the techtubers lie through their teeth. I know as a friend is one of em.

  • I got this exact model back in Dec 2019. I had 3 complaints and then on 4th one I requested for the replacement. It took 2 months to get the new one. And since then keyboard and screen is already replaced. There is an open issue with camera which is still not serviced. DELL… NEVER AGAIN. 😭

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    as a laptop repair technician I recommend getting extended warranty on anything XPS. they come with 1 year warranty and you'll be lucky if you make it through one year without any issues

    it's not that XPS is a bad line, it's just that Dell treats XPS as a test bed for "revolutionary" and trendy design decisions which aren't necessarily good

    top line of Dell laptops as far as reliability, functionality, and comfort goes, is Latitude 5000 or 7000

    Inspiron and XPS are toys for pop market.

    • Agreed

    • +3

      Solidly agree, have worked on and have a team managing a fleet of latitudes for years and the reliability has been top notch. A few XPS's crept in and we now have a company wide policy to block any purchase of them, they obviously appeal to people as we do have requests from time to time but end up finding latitude 73XX models fit requirements (but unfortunately can also be way more expensive).

      As shabaka said, if you're going XPS make sure you get their extended 3 year warranty for an extra 150 bucks or whatever it is. I suppose you should be covered under some kind of consumer law given a device like this would have an expected life beyond 1 year but who knows.

      • Thank you for this comment probably the most representative since you’ve managed a bunch of latitudes not just a single unit aberration

      • completely agree. when people want XPS and don't want to settle for a Latitude, I say look at Alienware m15. You'll look like a douche in a meeting room running an Alienware, but at least it'll make you happy performance wise and I won't see it often in for repairs.

      • I was quoted just 5 minutes ago $300+GST for the most minimum warranty upgrade available. Not even 3 years. The next two options were $600 and $900. Even just for standard hardware warranty, not even Premium (accidental breakage also etc.).

        Prices have gone up it seems.

        Didn't take it. The notebook only cost me ~$1550 as above so if it craps itself after a couple of years I'll just get a new one thanks.

        Love it so far, cross fingers I'm one of the lucky ones….

    • Like anything, if you want leading edge and high performance you are increasing your risk of issues. Just ask any Ferrari owner :)

      • Clearly you have no idea what you are talking about..

        • +2

          We call this the Whoosh Effect…

    • I thought tech stuff was supposed to come with 2 years?

  • Purchased an Inspiron Ryzen 7 4700, 5505 series with 3 year Premium Support on the 25th of June. Unit arrived arrived 23rd of July. Having just about got it set up the way I wanted the unit failed on the 28th of July with a motherboard failure.
    Logged a call with Dell Premium support on the same day only to be told the required parts are not available. Have since been contacted to let me know the best they can do is possible the 11th of August. So from this experience I would say the service is pretty ordinary so far.

    • wtf that sucks man

    • Having just about got it set up the way I wanted

      If you're anything like me, that part's even more frustrating than the hardware failure! Must spend at least ten solid hours just getting everything set up the way I want on a new system if it's going to be my main rig or daily driver laptop.

      • Can you like save settings or image the disc or something if something goes wrong? 10 hours long man. If you are a lawyer that's like $5k.

        • I create images with Macrium but it's usually quite far into the process - I should probably bring it forward a bit.

          Wish it didn't take so much time but it's the nature of the beast if you're fussy in this particular respect, like anything else - some people will put as much or more time into redecorating their house, working on their their motorbike or whatever, whereas I spend hardly any time on that stuff.

    • HAHA premium support! Imagine if you just got normal support. They will just probably tell you that they can't do much about dat.

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