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[eBay Plus] Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones $493.20 Shipped @ Allphones via eBay


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  • I bought XM3s for $316 on a deal almost a year ago. They have been brilliant (tho not as comfortable as my QC35iis).

    I don’t think Sony has done enough on the XM4s to justify a $150+ price increase. $350 all up at most. Just my 2c

    • What is the advantage of XM4 over XM3?

      • Apparently better microphone and multi device connection. The XM3’s actually have the hardware to do multi device, but Sony never supported the feature. I won’t be buying more Sony headphones for this reason.

        • I use my xm3's on multiple devices — what am I missing?

          • @gavincato: can you connect to both devices, pause on one, play on another and the headphones play just like that?

          • @gavincato: Assuming it works like the Bose etc ones it means you can just tap the headphone to switch sources, rather than messing with bluetooth settings on the devices

            • @Merlict:

              You enable the feature via the Sony Headphones app (it’s turned off by default).

              Once you’ve got the XM4 paired to a set of Bluetooth sources, you simply pause the audio on one device and then start playing from the other device. In my tests between an iPhone 11 and an iMac, the transition was nearly instantaneous. If I was listening to the Mac when a call came through on the iPhone, I was able to accept the call and return to the Mac afterward without ever touching either the phone or the desktop.

              Even better, the Headphones app remembers all previously paired devices, so you can quickly swap which two you want to use at the same time, all from one interface.

              apparently it also works automatically source

        • +11 votes

          lets face it, none of the wireless earphone mic is good enough

        • I'm waiting for reputable and professional third-party reviewers on this front.

          The XM3's basically had No Call Functionality because the microphone implementation was horrible. It was mostly software, but they didn't address the issue even with a couple firmware updates (most people downgraded the firmware). Whereas the Bose QuietComfort 35 ii's had passable call quality, almost as good as the Apple AirPod 1, the new Bose 700's has much much better call quality even better than the Apple AirPod 3 Pro.

          The XM4's have seemingly dropped support for AptX HD codec. The previous XM3's had it, the Bose 700's do have it, but the QC35ii's lack it (and also lacks LDAC).

          But where the QC35ii's where leading in comfort, portability, and battery life with the XM3's slightly behind… the Bose 700's was a notable downgrade. It's good to hear the XM4's are almost as good as the XM3's.

          I'm kinda mixed feelings about this. The computer inside is no longer a dedicated one (AptX HD) but it's using a generic MediaTek chip. Everything else is pretty much the same. If they FIXED the two biggest issues with the XM3 (Zero Call Quality, and Broken touch controls) then I might recommend it. But I'll wait for confirmation from true enthusiasts who don't get paid by companies or lazy clicks first.

          Otherwise, the best option is actually STILL the QC35ii's which are slightly more comfortable than the 700's, lasts about +50% longer, is a lot more compact, and has much better music controls simply with the buttons. The slightly better sound quality of the 700's is not worth the trade-off for those quality-of-life properties of the QC35ii's before we even get to the matters of price.

          So the possible ranking goes (best to worst):
          XM4, QC35ii, B 700, XM3

          Or it is:
          QC35ii, B 700, XM4, XM3

          Or finally:
          QC35ii, B 700, XM3, XM4

          PS: I hate Bose as a company. So you know how hard it was for me to write the above ranking. But I have to give credit where credit is due, they make some fine headphones.

          • @Kangal: The literal worst thing about the QC35ii's is lack of usb C support. I'm looking for something that will stick around for 3 years or so. I'd pull the plug on 35's if it were ~$250. But at $300/350 I think I'd get the Sonys……..

            • @eternalcakes: I agree.
              I've been waiting to snag the QC35ii's for a long-time now, but they've kept their value. I figured for a Brand New set (warranty) they'd hit the $250 mark in 2019 but they didn't, then 2020 happened, so it looks like maybe in 2021 and that sucks. If the XM4's fix the quality-of-life issues of the previous model, microphone and touch control issues, then I'd say it is the all-round best model and worth the $350 price tag when it eventually goes on sale.

              And actually I'm not quite upset about using a microUSB, it really is not a big deal. Lacking AptX HD is a sore spot, but lacking LDAC is much much worse (not that I have the best ears). Or that essentially all four of the headphones charges slowly. I'm more upset that you can't charge and use them at the same time. So it just means you need to have some routine/discipline if you're a heavy user… but for most people one night's charge up should last you about a week and that's perfectly reasonable.

          • @Kangal: QC35ii better in battery life? afaik QC35ii's only have 20 hours battery life compared to XM3 with 30 hours battery life + 10 mins of charge gets you 5 hours of playback

            There's a reason XM3's are ozbargains favourite set of headphones.. Not sure how it ends up being the worst out of them all in your opinion… Its definitely more value for your buck, especially when QC35ii are priced around the same as XM3. USB C + touch controls + better noise cancellation + better app..

          • @Kangal: can I get some love for the PXC 550??

            comfy, decent battery life, good audio quality, good mic. but they are pricey

            • @packeteer: Those Sennheiser cans are really good, but no match for the above. Unless you mean the updated PXC 550 ii, it gets slightly better sound and battery life.

              The problem I had with the Sen's was the comfort. It was fine for a few minutes, but could see it uncomfortable for extended use. The Sony's are great, and Bose is practically perfect… just the foam density, shape, size, and it clamps hard enough for jogging or head-bumping.

              The other downside is the ANC on the Sen's is a notably weaker than the other ones. And there's no feature to pause music/pass through background noise. MicroUSB, slow charging, and week's worth of battery life are no issues on the PXC. Though it sucks they don't come in a hardshell box when traveling. They support AptX, but I think they lack LDAC fyi. The call quality is very lackluster, but better than Sony XM3's which have zero quality there. And they have touch controls, which I'm not sure how to handle, since many people are having problems with those. I think it's cool. But sometimes you want the technology to get out of your way, and just do what you want without a hitch… that's where buttons and headphone jacks really shine. I've heard people say skip the PXC 550 ii's and just upgrade straight to the Momentum 3's. But I've never tried those out yet, and they may be out of my tightarse budget :(never seen them on special).

              In my view, if you want Active Noise Cancelling headphones look at the Bose or Sony exclusively. If you don't care for it, then there are many many options from No Name Chinese cans that punch way above their belt, to plenty of Brand Name ones released recently and from a few years ago. Sennheiser is one of the best brands out there, but their ANC performance is like using the Bose/Sony on the low-ANC presets.

              • @Kangal: I'm referring to the v1.

                I've had no issue with comfort, even wearing for 8+ hours, call quality is fine in a quiet environment, I use them daily in the office. Mine came in a hardshell, but I never use it as it is to big, I found a soft neoprene case that is perfect. The controls are fine imo, tap, double tap or slide. Pass thru works fine (double tap)

                I do agree that the noise cancelling wasn't great, but it was good enough for long flights.

                All that said, they're showing their age. The cups have started to peel and battery life is reduced.

        • Just a warning - Sony decided to make the NR worse on the XM3 with updated firmware version 4. They really enjoy messing with their customers.

          Version 2 has 6dB better noise reduction, while ver 4 adds more smart speaker features.

          Just make sure you flash the XM3 back to ver 2 firmware and not ver 4.

        • In that review it says " (Note: Sony says the 'Multipoint' feature will be enabled in an upcoming firmware update)."

      • i think it's XM3

      • Multi device paring (Max 2 I think), saves you the trouble of long pressing the power button for a few seconds and pairing it to a device. Then again, it takes about 30 seconds top to do it every time.

        Other features are more of less negligible to me.

        • Multi device paring (Max 2 I think), saves you the trouble of long pressing the power button for a few seconds and pairing it to a device. Then again, it takes about 30 seconds top to do it every time.

          You don't need to do that. You can pair to multiple devices and it won't forget them. You just can't connect to multiple at a time. To switch devices, go to bluetooth settings on your device, disconnect the headphones. Then it will automatically connect to the next device it is paired to. If that fails, just open up bluetooth settings on the second device, and connect to it.

          There's no need to re-pair it every time. It's already paired.

          • @lostn: Ok I feel dumb haha thanks for the tip.

          • @lostn: I just tried this with my laptop and PC. It was paired to both and connected to my laptop. I disconnected my laptop, and it didn't automatically switch to my PC.

            I also tried the other way, while it was connected to my laptop, I tried to connect to my PC, and it failed.

            The only way to do this, is go to the bluetooth settings for both, and manually connect and disconnect. Or the quicker way, as RobBoss said, hold the pair button, and connect to the headphones with the second device. You only have to go to the settings once, on the second device.

          • @lostn: This doesn't work for me on my XM3s. It connects but audio simply does not play, tried on iOS, macOS and Windows. The only way I can ever get it working is by holding the power buttons for 3 seconds, then entering pairing mode, opening Bluetooth devices and selecting the (previously paired) headphones. Then they work fine.

      • Significantly improved sound quality, according to What Hi-Fi.

    • The RRP has only gone up $50 in Aus, just gotta wait and they'll be discounted more.

      I can see connecting multiple sources being worth that to many though it should have been standard years ago

      • The RRP has only gone up $50 in Aus

        Lol @ only

      • it's really not. Just the vocal minority demands it. You have to understand the nature of complaints. People who are happy are less likely to comment that they're happy. People who are unhappy with something are more likely to leave a negative comment, so it sounds skewed.

    • Had the Qc35ii. And the MX3. I found the QC is more comfortable for long use. The sound quality, dynamic and noice cancellation is much better with the MX3. When use on a flight, the Mx3 has less sound pressure and gives a more relax feel.

      Currently using the Bose 700, will wait till the mx4 drops to the low $300 marks or qantas do another birthday special and get a pair to try.

      Thinking of the B&W PX7, any good?

      • How is the Bose 700 compared to QC?
        B&W have better sound, not as good NC or comfort.

        • Feels lighter, little more comfort, touch control take little to get use to but works well, better battery life and faster charging. Sound quality and Nc small improvement. Not worth the price different from the QC.

          Was using it in the car earlier and feeling a weird sound pressure, not sure what it is. It could be the NC got confuse with the air pressure inside the car. Sound fine and great in open space.

          • @Nomoneynotalk: it should be related to the sound (noise) pattern in a confined space like a car or cabin.

          • @Nomoneynotalk:

            Was using it in the car earlier and feeling a weird sound pressure, not sure what it is. It could be the NC got confuse with the air pressure inside the car. Sound fine and great in open space.

            Headphones are not actually able to create pressure differences like that. The earcups are not airtight and in any case there's no pump. If you're in a quieter environment you'll notice the noise cancelling masking lower frequencies more, which makes you think there's pressure.

            Maybe it's because you'd normally only encounter that sort of audio situation when you're swimming and you go underwater, or when you're in a plane and your ears pop. So when you hear that lack of lows again, your brain associates it with pressure.

            • @eug: That could be the case, I am not sure what it is. Feels like a pulsing sound or movement, on and off. It was uncomfortable after a few minutes.

    • I think the Xm3 on release RR were around high $400. So there are deals that will come for the new XM4s eventually.

    • ~350 vs 500ish for XM4 - price difference is well past the point of diminishing returns.

    • I bought XM3s for $316 on a deal almost a year ago.

      Remember that a year ago, the XM3 was already a year old. This thing just released. You're comparing a sale price of an item that's a year old with a new price of a product just launched.

      the retail price is the same as XM3.

      This will get discounted to $330-ish eventually. Should only take a few months.

    • Now is the time to buy WH-1000XM3. You will see huge discounts in the near future. I already own WH-1000XM3. Excellent product.

  • if this is for ebay plus , why there is no ebay plus sign ?

    • It's not eBay Plus only / exclusive. eBay Plus gets 'free' express post (well, technically feeBay rebated some money to the seller so they can send it as express post).

  • 500 for a headphone…yeah, nah.

    • For something I use every single day I don't mind paying for quality

      • The choice isn't limited to either having to pay $500 or getting trash.

        The XM3s were $270 yesterday and are almost the exact same as this.

        • +12 votes

          The XM3s RRP was $499 so it isn't like it was cheap at release either. As with all technology its just a matter of waiting for the price to go down or paying the early adopter tax.

        • And I didn't upvote this deal. I'm willing to pay a bit more for the new XM4 features but I can wait

        • It took at least 12months for the Xm3s to get to $270 in stores. Some random sales also had it at similar price range if you could get them. Still alot better then the Bose pricing which never seem to have huge reductions in price. You either get what's left of the Xm3 as a run out or wait another 9-12months for the price drop. AA will have sales at end of year during Xmas sales I suspect.

        • That's was a pricing error which was fixed within minutes so its not a fair comparison pricewise. Actuall xm3 price is around 360ish

      • lel quality, with technology you should be more worried about whether it will be obsolete, and the answer is generally yes in the not so distant future

        • Bluetooth isn't going to change that much, these will be compatible for a long while.

    • I have a Sennheiser PX550 and just bought Taotronics BH085 for $75 bucks in amazon after discount code.

      Bought it basically for home office use as the calls were not very clear with the PX550 and apparently the voice quality over a call is quite good with the CVC 8.0 technology.

      Received those, and quite amazed by both ANC and CVC for such good price.

      Apart from those advantages above, these ones offer: Bluetooth 5.0 with aPTx and quick charge.

      Good value for money.

      There is also a new version released last month in discount with voucher code:

      BH-085: $75 after discount https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B085DFNCSH
      BH-090: $90 after discount https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B084MKNGSQ

      Reviews in amazon are great

      • @ob1wan Wish I hadn't read this.
        I own 3 Taotronics headphones so far, now I really want the BH90s to further my collection.

      • I have the BH-045 and BH-085. I would rate the BH-085 better overall for weight, comfort, less bt lag when watching video, but the ANC is not as quite good as the BH-045. But neither as good as the Sony or Bose so I am not worried about the slightly lesser ANC compared with BH-045 and would say the BH-085 are the better of the two.

        Be interested in comparison with the BH-90.

        • yeah, the BH-046 has 33db of Noise attenuation whereas the BH-085 has 28db. (Theoretical)

          Quite happy with the BH-085 to be honest.

      • why does the BH-090 use MicroUSB? seems like a step back.
        Almost bought one before but might wait for the next version with USB-C charging.

    • Yeah I know, why waste $500 on this piece of junk when you can get the Z1R also from Sony instead?
      Don't forget 2% CR cashback!

  • +5 votes

    Good starting price for this brand new model

    Bad logic imo.
    XM3 were solid, well regarded headphones.

    Will be tough for XM4 to justify higher price.

    • My understanding is that the call microphones were the Achilles heel for the XM3, which firmware upgrades can only do so much for. The XM4's have apparently rectified this.

  • It will be $300 in Christmas

  • If you are a true Ozbargainer, you know these headphones will have some fantastic specials eventually bringing it down to the $300+ range

    • Just have to wait a year or two…

    • If you were a true ozbargainer, you'd just buy it full price at a store that offers cashback from CR or SB using a credit card with price protection (ideally 1-2 years) and claim it back once the price drops in due time.

      That's what I do, lets me get the latest tech at the cheapest price!

  • hope these fella's work with the ps4 this time round

    • I honestly couldn't wrap my head around the M3s not working with it. They're from the same damn company.

      • no wireless headphones work except the mic.

        You would either need a dongle that's officially supported, or a mix amp.

        The Sony headsets come with a USB receiver.

        You can buy some third party USB BT receivers that work with the PS4, but the AQ might not be good.

  • My XM3s (and a lot of others) have had their right hand side or left hand side break with normal use.

    Still love my XM3s though.

    • Happened to me this week. had a look online, turns out it is a super common issue and sony doesnt provide any kind of repair as they claim it is physical damage :(

  • Keen to try these out, the xm3 was a tiny bit small for me and pressed on my ears a little. I've heard they adjusted the shape a little to make them fit more ears better so I hope it's enough for me.

  • Bought XM3 from a good ozb mem almost two years ago for 280 thru tgg comm and still rockin solid till this day. Will buy again a Sony when it’s time for an upgrade 😷

  • Can you replacement ear pads for the M3s?

  • At this price point why wouldn't you just buy the Bose 700's..

    • Maybe because the Bose 700 have significantly lower battery life, issues with the multi device connection and many more.

    • I bought the 700s a week ago thinking they were the safe works for everything bet, but had to return them. They looked great and were very comfortable, but the ANC on my particular copy was borked in some way. It was letting quite a lot of sound through which on its own is disappointing, but when my colleagues said I was fading in and out on my first call with them I realised it wasn't just me.

      Because the Sony has apparently fixed the problems with voice quality in the 4s I'm happy to give them a go.

      Got a pair yesterday afternoon from JB full price, but now mulling over ordering via this deal instead as they're yet to be opened…

  • Pretty keen on these for WFH duties but my gaming headphones are also on the way out (old Logitech g9xx series) and was hoping to buy one set to cover all my bases.

    Anyone got a recommendation for a quality all round headset? Would prefer wireless with BT/dongle/3.5mm connectivity if possible.