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TechFast Express R5-3500X GTX 1650 Super Budget Gaming PC [B450/16G/120/1TB]: $799 + Delivery


Hi folks,

Tidy little budget 1080P gaming system today, with TechFast Express max 3 day handling (the previous TFE deal all shipped in 1-2 days as proof that this happens for real life). Limited to 20 units with more limited upgrade options since they are fast shipping units. Specs listed below where set.

Ryzen 5 3500X / GTX 1650 Super 4GB Budget Gaming PC

  • Ryzen 5 3500X 6 core / 6 thread processor
  • MSI Gaming X GTX 1650 Super 4GB
  • Biostar B450MH motherboard
  • 16GB 2666MHz RAM [model may vary] - upgrades available to 16GB 3200MHz and 32GB 3200MHz with no impact on dispatch time. 16GB [3200MHz] likely to be Gammix D30; 32GB may vary.
  • 120GB 2.5" SSD OS drive [model likely Allied 120GB]
  • 1TB 3.5" WD Blue HDD
  • 550W Allied A550 PSU [for the avoidance of doubt, no molex to PCIe or pin adapters are used. They are 6+2-pin PCIE cables.]
  • Leaper Flair RGB MATX case

This PCPP build comes to roughly $726 without a CPU, so I think it stacks up pretty well given the quick dispatch.

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    • +21 votes

      For a 3 day handling system that doesn't need too much upgrading, with a PCPP value of $726 without a CPU?

      • The hard drive is only worth $60, and you could save $70 with the Galax GTX 1650 Super EX but if you want to compare like for like with a crazy overkill 1650 Super cooler then yeah it's about $100 for handling. Otherwise it's $170 and at that point you could pay some Gummie to build it for like $100.

        Edit: Riiight no CPU lol this is pretty good.

  • Well… it's "suuuper budget" right?
    I'm sure there is a market for it.

  • Looks like a good deal to me, although these cases are horrendous. Bought one for a tenner off gumtree recently to finish a build and if the steel was any thinner, it'd have come out of a roll of foil.

    • I have this case from a previous deal. Worst case imaginable. Like you said, basically a roll of foil, and also super loud.

    • Seems like a good deal for a tenner, I'd buy some at that price

  • Would this be good for FS2020? Probably play at medium at 1080p, would like 60fps/

  • You forget to mention the 1tb HDD in your description Luke
    you may want to mention that RAM still has an upgrade path, and wether that effects expected delivery times

  • Good to see more detailed spec lists and quick dispatch times. Well done TF for listening to feedback!

  • As I'm not a gamer, can the video card be deleted? has it got onboard graphics as that's all I normally use🤔

    • +1 vote

      No on board graphics with the majority of Ryzen chips unfortunately.

    • If you can hold out for a few more months AMD has mentioned that their 4xxx series desktop APU (already launched but with OEMs for now) will be available later. Those will have integrated graphics while still performing at their 3xxx counterpart. Plus the integrated graphics can actually play some games - just at a lower setting.

  • I'm interested in this build.
    Would upgrading the ram to a higher frequency (3200hz) result in any noticeable difference? and if i was to upgrade the ram, would that affect delivery time?


    • +2 votes

      You will definitely gain CPU performance . No effect on dispatch time whatsoever.

    • you can try your luck oc that 2666 ram to 3000 , shouldn't take much effort and easily achievable

      it's only a few fps like <5fps gain

      • If it's anything like my RAM it's going to go to the stars. I got mine to 3733CL18 from the stock 2666CL19, and if my 3500X's IMC weren't so shitty I'd have it doing 4066CL19.

        • Do you have any links to quick and easy guide on ram overclocking? I'm on a ryzen based system with 3200CL16 already

  • +4 votes

    If you plan to buy this, at least upgrade the PSU. Mine died only after 2 weeks of use. Which again kills this deal as upgrading will set you back at least $70 for a decent PSU.
    The included SSD is a joke. After OS installed you will only end up with like 110GB usable. After game clients you will only have 60ish GB left for games. That means no GTA V or most modern games.

    Also comes with el cheapo mobo that I won't trust to last 2-3 years, just under ACL warranty. Good luck claiming that.

  • I ordered this spec machine from you on July 30th. How about you deliver the orders you you have before you promise new customers shipping in 3 days !?!

    Not cool.

    • +14 votes

      I'm happy to look into your order, but a couple of things - this is the first 3500X/1650 Super system we've ever offered so yours would be a different spec and priced accordingly. Also it was advertised and sold as an estimated 14 business day system. Purchased on July 30th your estimated shipping date would be next week. If you wanted to swap into this deal, we can do that too.

  • Can it beat Goku?

  • do you have a SFF build?

  • Option to upgrade ssd? Or drop hdd in favour of bigger ssd?

  • Does this have USB Typc-C?

  • With no option to upgrade the PSU this is a terrible deal.

    • You can always go second hand/gumtree. I bought a carbide 400c, cx650m, 2 fans and 2TB WD Red all for $75 the other day. Gumtree is where you find the real value.

      • Imo if you're going to do this then you must as well build it from scratch.

        • Yeh but not everyone is confident doing that, has the time or knowledge.

          Like anything you could do your own plumbing, servicing your own car, eating out etc

          I mean end of the day some people also have very tight budgets but may need one or want to get their kids their first PC.

          Better to say why a deal is good or bad and leave it at that.

          Could be worse people could get their PC at harvey norman…..

          • @Pufff: If you are capable of replacing the PSU, I'm pretty sure you can build a pc.

            • @j0hnd0e: I'm referring to building it from scratch.

              But changing 1 part is a bit more than just working out which parts are compatible, which parts are suitable, finding good deals and then assembling it all.

              • @Pufff: Changing a PSU isn't as easy as it sounds. I'd argue it's as difficult as assembling a pc from scratch (depending on the wiring). If you just want a gaming pc and can't be bothered with the technical aspect, then just buy a build that you're comfortable with. Unless the pre-built is cheaper than sourcing parts on your own, you're better off building it from scratch if you want to tinker with the technical aspect of it.

                • @j0hnd0e: If you say so.

                  Good luck finding a pre-built cheaper than sourcing individual parts.

                  • @Pufff: I guess you haven't seen previous techfast deals (in 2019)?

                    • @j0hnd0e: Techfast probably using a loss leading/break even strategy in combination with very generic parts.

                      Are these deals common? No. Which is why I said good luck if you are in position take advantage of them.

                      I would also bet most people who ordered would have upgraded some of the parts which diminishes any savings and puts it in the region of DIY.

                      Get what you pay for as they saying goes.

    • -1 vote

      Both the bronze and gold PSU upgrades are there on the side.

  • i fine okay games but use high GPU hungry apps.

  • I envision there is going to be a TechFast Super Express when the current Express gimmick fails to deliver on time again ☹️

    • +2 votes

      As stated in the post, all components are in stock ready for assembly, and the systems will ship inside 3 days.

  • +9 votes

    Just be careful guys, I bought a techfast PC this time last year and it looked great on paper but I feel like they might skim out on a few parts. I've had so many issues with mine currently and now looking just to buy a whole new setup. Within in the first week I got mine the PSU circuited and they sent me a new one. Since the last 6 months the PC turns off every hour…

    • These are the types of comments which are required.

      The good, bad and ugly with details.

    • Are you in touch with our support team regarding this? This is covered under warranty so we can help if you let us.

  • -3 votes

    When such advertisements are made it should be specific in saying: No operating system, no mouse / keyboard, no Monitor. Basically its a barebone computer that doesn't do shit unless you purchase more parts! You shouldn't have to log into the site and navigate all the convoluted information to find this out.

    • I don't think any PC comes with a keyboard, mouse and monitor? Also Windows 10 is installed, just unactivated so it has a watermark.

    • +1 vote

      I'll take the feedback on board. I post a lot of deals so I sometimes forget every detail such as these for people who haven't seen our deals before. The system is ready to run out of the box. Windows 10 Home is preinstalled, graphics drivers are installed and the entire system has been stress tested. You receive an activation key if you purchase it from us, otherwise we give customers the choice to source their own. No additional purchase whatsoever is needed for the PC to run.
      On monitor etc, I don't feel like stating monitor/keyboard/mouse not included is necessary as the title says PC and image shows tower only - that is industry standard.

  • update on their 'express' claim:
    just received confirmation that they just shipped out my order. I ordered last night and ordered pretty much stock + the 3200hz ram and shipping was $30 for me (SE Melbourne). hopefully it arrives soon.

  • I get you need to cut corners but that mb, the Biostar B350 ET2 is crap! M.2 & USB 3.2 is available on $70-90 mb's, some yes some even have usb-c! For heaven sake, please find better mbs as this is bottom on a barrrel, cant believe you found it, let alone offered it and if its so you know to UG then offer an alternative! Otherwise this is a worthy build… Im awaiting my 3500X/2060 and I think its worth the extra over this and I just got shipping info so Im happy. Ill post feedback when I get it but asside from doing everything via email, Im happy and its no worse than dells build to order service so thats a compliment!