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Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 128GB $199 Upfront on Telstra $99 150GB P/M 12-Month Contract (New / Port-In Customers) @ JB Hi-Fi


Greetings everyone, just spotted that JB have placed the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 4G 128gb on promotion on their $99 Per Month 150gb Plan.

Considering that this plan has a $594 Early Termination Charge, you could essentially get the phone for $793 (+pro-rated first month charge) if you cancelled the plan early :)

Think this is definitely the cheapest I've seen this phone before if you factor that in.

As always, enjoy!

Note: In Store Only, may exclude some Victorian residents.

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  • Based on last month's deal, this one is very similar. Just with extra data.

    Last month's deal:-

    • Last month's deal was $599 upfront on 65/mth (ETC $390~)

      This is $199 upfront on $99/mth (ETC $600~)

      If people are signing up and then burning the plan a few days later, this is $200 cheaper..

      • +3

        Dont wait, sign up and burn straightaway. Telstra is pretty good and they wont charge you anything for usage while Optus wanna keep the money for 1 day.

  • So sad in Melbourne.

  • Does anyone know if we pay the $199 at the store on the day or it comes on the first bill?

    • +1

      It's $199 upfront.

      • Ok cool thanks. I have some giftcards I need to use up

    • The standard price for the phone is $1199. After signing the contract, they take you to the register, hand you a $1000 gift card, and you pay the balance.

  • Anyone heard any rumblings about Pixel 4 or 4 XLs on these types of contracts?

    • too late, last year November when they were released

  • instore only is a bummer. living a small town continues to suck

    • +3

      I hear Melbourne is nice right now

    • "small town continues to suck"
      imho small towns are the best, away from covid19 & the care less.

  • So I can get 5G on the SIM we get with this phone - maybe not bad if you flip the phone and use it just for Internet as well

    • Yes I have done this with a previous offer, ended up with essentially free mobile service for a year after getting $10/month off $65 plan and selling the phone, free galaxy buds were a great bonus.

      • Nb. No peace of mind data with these JB plans, you can get excess charges if you go over which Telstra won't turn off

        • I believe they've changed the plans now to include Peace of Mind, it's showing in the CIS:

          No Excess Data Charges In Australia
          Once you exceed your included data allowance, your speed will be capped at 1.5Mbps, and slowed further in busy periods.

    • How is this possible to get 5G on an 4G handset?

      • The sim plan itself has access to 5g.

        I'd imagine op will buy a cheaper 5g phone.

        Sell 200 phone for 1000, that means a 5g plan for cheal

  • +3

    Hopefully it's real, don't wanna walk into JB tomorrow and turn down by staff with pricing error excuse…

  • +3

    Can we cancel the plan straight away to avoid paying for the first month? $900 for a 4g mobile is not that interesting!

    • +1

      Yes, definitely can cancel straight away, the ETC will be calculated pro-rata based on the amount of days your service was active. Just wait a couple of days to cancel, which will be about $3-4.

      • Can I ask why you choose to wait a couple days rather than cancelling that day/the next day?

        • Best to have the service fully provisioned before porting out to ensure the plan is cancelled

          • @realfancyman: If I have purchased it (which I have just now) with a new sim and number (with boost, intention is to cancel) can I cancel it right now without waiting a few days? I'm not porting the number out, just want it cancelled.

            Also, what is the easiest way to cancel? Call telstra?

            • @Shaunzki: Okay, just done this myself. Done the sign up around 2pm and got the phone. Went through "get help" in the Telstra app to cancel the plan. Was very easy. Didn't ask any questions or try talk me out of it, just cancelled the plan.

  • I see that with the $99 plan, it comes with $500 JB gift card. Does this make the deal ever better or I’m missing something here?

    • +1

      You can't stack this deal with $500 GC. Its either $500 GC or discounted mobile deals.

  • Damn, this seems like a awesome deal, I wish I was more ready to get rid of my note 9

    • Me too, but I need my Note 9 and I need my other phone to be a bit smaller for 1 hand use.

      My only gripe with my smaller phone, Pixel 4, is its poor battery life. Which isn't that great on the Note 9 either lol

  • +4

    Wish there was a way of getting to a store but I'm in Melbourne…cmon JB Hi-Fi, help us out!

  • if we cancel in couple of days, don't we have to pay for the remaining months on the contract?

    • +2

      You only need to pay half the value of the contract, in this case $594.

      • +2

        Yes, thank you….but few people said they have not received ETC bill yet after 4 months. So I just want to be sure. Thank you for your help.

  • Can you use the eSim/nano sim for dual standby?

  • If i port to Telstra. Once complete can i port baxk to another provider same day?

    • Why bother with porting. Just get a new burn card and then cancel

      • can i use boost mobile that uses telstra network?

        • I'd also like to know if this is possible. Seems to say not available to current Telstra, Belong and Boost owners. I'm wondering if anyone on boost has done this by requesting a new number?

          • @Shaunzki: I was on Boost mobile, but have never been with telstra, when i signed up last time i just got a new telstra number.

            • -1

              @bargainfinder: but says need to bring ur number…for the deal

            • @bargainfinder: Can confirm. Was given a new Telstra number when I said I was with Boost.

              Now how did you go about cancelling it and when did the ETC fee come through? Thanks for your info!

              • +1

                @Shaunzki: I kept my plan, as i was able to move my boost( end of 365 days) to telstra prepaid, then from there to the 12 month contract account, replacing the new telstra number.
                Otherwise, as many people have suggest, buy a 2$ sim and port out your new telstra number should cancel the contract/ or log in to your telstra and cancel it from there, as one other member have suggested

                • @bargainfinder: I wish I knew this since my Boost was going to expire on 29th of this month so I went ahead and ported to Vodafone (Lebara) in hope to get the Note deal.

                  Now I am risking them checking to see it's not been out of Telstra for 30 days and I could be knocked down.


  • How have people calculated the ETC? Is this in a document someone can post.
    Ill go into JB today and get one just want to ensure the cost of ETC

    • Half of 12 months

    • Why not just go straight to JB and ask them? People here are also curious to see if the deal is valid and not a pricing error.

      • As someone who works in Telco generally if a customer churns/ports in the first month the commission can be clawed back. Most sales people will not give you the full advice on etcs as they don't want to risk this.

    • The op has link that info in his post, have a read there

      • Yeah i did miss that,

        Makes me concerned there is two ETC options.

    • I signed up. This is the wording directly from the document in my Inbox for this deal.

      If you cancel your plan before the
      end of the term you must pay an early
      termination charge (ETC) of up to $594,
      pro-rated depending on when you cancel. If you
      move to another Telstra plan before the end of
      the term you may need to pay an ETC.

    • When you sign up in store they will provide the paper work that clearly shows all the details including the ETC amount

  • looks like the deal has been removed on the jb website.

    • still there for me

  • 100% a price error. One page shows it has $599 upfront and another as $199…


    • That seems to be a different promotion, one ends on 16/8 and the other ends on 19/8? Highly doubt it's a price error considering the advertising material all over their site. This deal is highlighted on their main page.

      • Hmm good pick up… We really need someone to visit a store lol - Ill go in a few hours

    • 100% not an error.

      Blue signs all over my local JB.

      I signed up to the plan today and scored an epic number.

      Also stopped in my local Aldi and got a $5 sim so I can port out and hold that number for a year.

      • Yeah I did the same thing! I just can't work out how to delete my comment… lol

      • What's epic about it?

  • The deal is still on the front page. Timestamp 09:56 13.08.2020.

  • Looks like its not on the website anymore. I can only see the $399upfront offer for over 12month. Whoever is going in store in nsw let us us know if its still available pls.

    • Is that IPhone 11 that you are looking? I still see 199 for Samsung.

      • Disregards pls, i see it now, thats strange, didnt show up before

        • +1

          Its on the same page that OP supplied and still on the banner, just click next ( the > on the banner).

  • Is this the best phone you could get for ~$800 at the moment?

    • Yes

  • im going to chat with telstra to see if they can match/ honor this deal.

  • Any idea if the phone would be locked to Telstra or could you change carriers after ETC?

    • Signed up. Was informed phone is unlocked.

    • It's not Telstra branded at all. Just the regular retail version

  • Currently with Boost. Can I do this by requesting a new number rather than port in?

    • Yes bro you can

      • Have you done this? I noticed on the disclaimer underneath it mentions it's not available to current Telstra, boost and belong customers! Hope you're right

        • As in you cannot port in using your old boost number, but if you get a new number should be no problem. Otherwise just get a $2 sim from optus and port in from there

          • @bargainfinder: Yep gotcha! They should be able to supply a new number right? Otherwise yeah I'll go get an optus sim and come back in.

            • @Shaunzki: You can't get a new number with this deal as far as I can tell. The promos all say "when you switch your number to Telstra" and when I signed up they asked straight away which telco I was porting from.

              I just activated an Optus sim with a new number and ported that over to be safe.

              • @realfancyman: No need 3 store confirmed to me they can supply new number no problemo. Basically just come in with your ID and $199, done

              • @realfancyman: I'm currently typing on the phone I received. They gave me a new number, I didn't have to port out of my boost sim.

  • I see they've got the Note20Ultra 256 at 1099 plus the 12 month $99 plan.
    curious if that's worth it. My Galaxy S8 is starting to have issues and the camera is damn near impossible to use after using the Quadlock mount on my bike, it's been shaken to death lol.

    • depends, if you want to do ETC to own just the phone (with no access to Samsung Edu deal), then this JB. if you tend to own phone + plan then The Good Guys's $69 with bit more upfront is better.

      • Sorry, not sure if my math is off, but over 12 months (min contract without ETC)

        $1,099 (Phone) + $89/Month (Including the $10 promo credit) or $1,068 over 12 Months
        = $2,167

        Good Guys
        $1,329 (Phone) + $69/Month or $828 over 12 Months
        = $2,157

        There is essentially a difference of ~83 Cents a Month which gives you double the amount of data? 150GB (JBHIFI) vs 60GB (Good Guys)

        Of course if you kept the plan any longer than 12 Months, the Good Guys works out better.

  • This deal is tempting as i am still on S7 Edge and it's still working fairly well.

    can save further with 10% off JB gift card with Entertainment book.

    • Isn't it just 5% with entertainment?

      • Yeah, you're right. it's 5% minus 1.25% for processing charge so it's really 3.75%.

  • update on my recent call: called the closest jb store, guy said that its actually $89/month after upfront payment and not $99/month which make an ETC even cheaper. Not sure if you have to bring your number or order a new one though. Will definitely go instore today to get my have my credit checked.
    I feel like if i signup for this deal something better will come up later haha, thats what happens to me everytime i feel like i found a decent bargain.
    Are there any deal experts here who can tell if its worth it to get it now or no considering I prefer samsung over iphone?

    • +2

      There is no $89 plan. Mostly likely it will be a $10 credit every month.

    • +1

      As the op said, this is currently the cheapest to date deal to get the s20+ if you decided to cancel the plan straight away, it will just under $800 for a s20+. Good value for the money you paid as its local stock with 2 years warranty.
      However for the phone itself, because it has Exynos chip, will have issues with heating up, and battery life, camera auto focus is hit and miss. I own it for 2 months and then sold it for 1k. So this is a very good price, on fb people are selling their for $1k still

      • -1

        Have the S20 Plus and none of the issues you have. So much hype over the exynos 990. Heck my 11 Pro Max heats up in intensive tasks. Stop fear mongering

  • +1

    it came to be $89 in store with $10 promo cedite for port ins.. ETC is same for me.. make sure to get $10 promo too..

    • Should i port out my number to another provider today or wait a couple days.. any thoughts..
      also should i register for telstra rewards??

    • +1

      So the best way if youre on telstra (or boost etc) is to buy a $2 optus sim, buy this plan with the portin bonus.

      Total cost = $2 + $534 ETC + $199 upfront + any pro rata = $735

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