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[VIC] Sony 75" X85G LED 4K HDR Smart TV KD75X8500G $2549.99 (RRP $3399.99) @ Costco Epping (Membership Required)


Coscto Epping is selling 75" X85G TV at $2549.99 ($850 off from their RRP). This TV is not available on Costco website.

Still plenty of stocks in-store.

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  • More than 5km from me 😷

  • KD85X8500G is the 85inch model. It should be KD75X8500G.

  • Is KD85X8500G the wrong code in title?

  • 2019 model, was as low as $1996 last year

    • That's right. This post isn't a good deal afterall. $500 + more than last year's deal.

      • Hop in your time machine.

        New models are awfully priced.

      • Neg?
        Where else can we buy at a better price.

        • Doesn't mean a good deal to buy an overpriced TV atleast by ozbargain standards it's not. Even if the new TV s are highly priced.

          Ozbargain membership points to wait it out for better deal and hold onto cash than to buy it $500 over the best deal last year.

  • I'd love to bring in some old 1c and 2c coins to see if they'd accept the ".99"

  • Curious, are they better than the new release?


  • Same price at Lidcomb NSW

  • Just curious - if I don't need any smart functionalities and just want nice picture quality and a large screen without the bells and whistles, am I better off getting one of those cheaper Kogan/TCL ones? I've done a bit of research but can't really tell what $3k 65" TVs have over $700 ones… Also it's kinda hard to find "dumb" TVs nowadays!

    • +2 votes

      It's been a while since I looked, but Hisense were pretty good bang for the buck when I was shopping around. (I ended up with a Sony)

      There is a big difference in picture quality between a Kogan/TCL and a Sony/Hisense/etc. But the name brands all offer various tiers of picture quality too, so check reviews before buying.Even better if you can view yourself - take in a video clip on a USB stick so you can do a direct comparison.

    • The name brands aren't more expensive because of the smart TV functionality. Most of the additional cost is attributed to the processor, refresh rate and how many "lights" are behind the display to name a few.

      Processor for upscaling: Most of what I watch isn't 4K so this was very important for me.

      Refresh rate: For sport.

      lights behind display: Can't remember the correct terminology but cheaper TV's are edge lit. Good TV's have a bunch of lights behind the screen so when part of the screen is black, they can turn off only that section and give you a good black. If it's on the edge they can't really do much. that's why OLED are great because there are more "lights".

      I was looking for a value pick and opted for a previous year model branded TV on sale.

      The Kogan tv will be ok, but if you want nice picture quality it won't hold up.

      • Thanks for the detailed explanation, that's much easier to understand than the info I found online. Now I'm tempted to double my budget, haha

        • Definitely don’t go too cheap. Smart TVs are standard these days so you won’t really save any money there. If you want bang for buck, I’ve heard good things about HiSense.

    • I work with a guy who's into his home theater. Every day he's talking about how something's not quite good enough, so he upgrading this and replacing that. He literally spent tens of thousands on gear and he's never happy.
      I decided to avoid that path, bought a $600 TCL TV which does the job and choose not to overthink the problem. I seem to be a lot happier with my choice than he is :)

  • I bought the 65” version last week from Sony online store.

    Ruing every $ I spent. Blurry pictures and ghosting. Even on prerecorded content like you tube.

    Wish I could return for refund.

  • I bought the 65” version last week from Sony online store.

    Ruing every $ I spent. Blurry pictures and ghosting. Even on prerecorded content like you tube.

    Wish I could return for refund.

  • [VIC]

    Hardly an essential item.

  • I just grabbed the x85g 65" off their website$1649. The 65" x8000g was $1229.

    Hopefully its all good!

  • This was 50 bucks cheaper 2 months ago at Costco. Though I got mine for less than 2100 in a eBay sale.

    Great TV, would recommended.

  • No 65" x9500? :( long shot i know.

  • I will never buy a Sony TV again. I have the 65" model and hate it. Every day I use it, I wish I hadn't "saved" money by getting the Sony instead of a better brand.
    They are living off their CRT reputation. The builtin software is buggy and slow. The off axis picture quality is woeful. I would either go for a hisense if you're after a lower price point TV, or splurge for a Samsung. I have two Samsungs, and love them.

    • Did you check reviews, first? Ignoring the suitability of size, the 85" model is the only decent one. Best bang for buck in its size range. Anything smaller, there are a ton of better options.

  • Tooooooo all those going on about 5k rule
    I travel to Costco twice a week 50ks
    No issues but today I decided to ring the flu hotline today befor I went and was told as I live in stag 3 I’m allowed to enter Melbourne to shop for goods n services same goes to people in melbourn I was told you can travel to your closest cost to shop

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