[VIC] 6 Weeks Free 100/20 Unlimited nbn @ Superloop Save $124.55


Superloop are offering Victorians 6 weeks free 100/20 NBN beginning tomorrow if you're in VIC and sign up to their 100/20 Ulimited plan using a referral code.

Our Victorian friends and family have it pretty tough at the moment with a mandatory lockdown in place that ensures everyone’s safety. We want to do our part to help them stay connected from the safety of their homes.

We are currently offering ALL new Victorian nbn referral connections FREE internet for 6 weeks on our SUPERFAST 100/20Mbps Unlimited plan!

In the fine print, it appears that they will credit your account with a one-off amount of $124.55.

Terms and Conditions (PDF File)

Referral Links

Referral:  Easy Money or random (815)

Referrer gets 10% off for 6 months. Referee gets $10 off for 6 months.

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  • Ouff! Just signed up few days ago.

  • +38 votes

    It's like a swift kick in the nuts to Aussie Broadband.

    • Supposedly Aussie has 90% of the Gigabit customers and 60% of 250, I'm one of those 60% and I can't be bothered going to Superloop when Aussie has such good support.

      • +2 votes

        There have been times where I was really close to pulling the trigger but decided not to fix what's not broken.
        I have compared ping times using the looking glass and gameserverping.com and barely found a difference.
        I have no problem with people leaving ABB for SL because it will ease congestion during peak hours :)

      • Where did you hear about the 90% off for gigabit?
        I cant find any discounts Aussie are offering.

    • I'm currently with Superloop, hoping ABB riposte so that I can switch over to them for a deal better than $10/month

  • Says also valid for existing customers how would they get it?

  • Does this make a difference if you were a prior customer within the last 6 months?

  • i am no longer with them but was thinking of changing back does anyone know if you can sign up online again using existing login the old account is still active.

  • i just checked my referrel code and it seems like they have made some changes in the code structure so please update your codes in the ozbargain settings.

    earlier the code were ending like referral_code=XXXXXX

    new codes have a plan reference as well referral_code=XXXXXX&plan=ZZZZ


    • The format doesn't need changing. You just have to copy all of the text that follows after referral_code=

      The plan number seems to be the same for everyone, plan=1507

      Referral codes seem to be work fine even without the plan ref number.

      Of the 512 referral codes in the database, only 2 codes are entered incorrectly. I will fix it shortly. The others seem to be okay.


      &plan=1507 at the end just pre-selects the correct plan, as the offer is only for the 100/20 unlimited plan.
      it would probably help if the ozbargans referral link was updated accordingly to avoid confusion

      for other users not wanting the deal you could select any other plan during signup anyway.

      • Hey! Seeing a few instances of this question being asked, can we sign up today and set connection date on/after 14th Aug for this promo to work?

  • Nice one Superloop.

  • what if I don't know anyone who is using Superloop?

    Are we allowed to post referral codes here in comments?

    • there is a link up the top of page for referral codes

      • thanks man!

        • Just need to make sure it actually works though, as nascar77 pointed out above they seem to have changed their referral codes slightly.

          Not sure if it makes any difference as I loaded both the old and new format and they seemed to go to the same page so YMMV.

  • Are discount coupons stackable with referral codes?
    Could I stack this referral promotion with this deal for $10/month off nbn for 6 months @ Superloop?

    • Nope. If you use a referral link it doesn’t give you the option to enter in any other code.

    • I don't think so, using the referral link takes you to signup page and automatically enter the code, then there's no button that says 'Apply', so you can't enter a new code.

    • what are you on about? it's literally free for 6 weeks?

    • Just because mate nbn is cheaper doesn't make them better…

      What's the typical advertised evening speeds & CVC information?

      If you are fine with not receiving the advertised speeds at peak traffic then mate is probably fine… personally have had problems with Mate & TPG NBN.

      Also not to mention this is legit free for those in Vic for 6 weeks?

      Can churn out to someone elsr after…

      • I was with Superloop before. Getting ~86Mbps with them. With Mate NBN, I am getting ~83Mbps.

        I did some Math

        Mate NBN — $79 x 12 = $948
        Superloop — $89.95 x 12 = $1079

        Superloop VIC discount — $1079 - $124.55 = $954.85

        So I pay $6.85 extra to Superloop if I stay connected for 12 months.

        Good deal if you leave after 2-3 months, not if you plan for staying with them for longer.

        • Everyone's personal experience is different.. also makes a difference what technology you have. I have FTTP and get 95 down with superloop with near to no difference peak times.

          On the other had in peak traffic i had horrible issues with mate.

          • @Tehcookiemonsta: Hi Tehcookiemonsta, may i ask whats your experience in connecting to oversea? Says to US, Hong kong, Japan etc?

            • @aladdin: Connecting to over seas? You mean like a speed test over seas?

              The ping is quite good, i'm not going to be home for a week or so. I can't check atm :(

              The worst part that i had with Superloop was customer service was very slow waited 30+ minutes during initial call. This was 8 months ago though…. don't know if the service is faster now.

            • @aladdin: I’ve been with Superloop for nearly a year now speeds are the same regardless of time of day as I’m writing this these are the speeds I’m getting https://www.speedtest.net/result/9907317672.png I’ve been with mate communicate in the past and find Superloop a lot quick especially overseas and in peak times

      • Superloop CVC utilization at Wheelers Hill this week
        and speed test on 100/20 plan at 10:45pm 13Aug2020


  • Does a promo code also need to be added to the field on the form or is it enough to have clicked through the link?

  • Does it make any different what provider you're with for the connection stability and/or speed? I'm with Tangerine and last week there was some issue probably that caused the connection to be really slooooooooow. Wonder if being with Superloop for example would prevent that?

    • Yes changing ISP can make a difference if your not having an NBN problem.

      1) There are ISPs that offer 1000 Mbps & 250 Mbps for FTTP & parts of HFC.
      2) The bigger ISPs use their own network & are connected directly to every NBN POI.
      3) Smaller ISPs resell another companies network & are not connected directly to every NBN POI.
      4) International network speeds differ.
      5) Better ISPs order more CVC that leads to improved peak performance.

      • Thanks for that.

        I don't really care about speed. I'm on HFC with 50mbps plan and usually get around 40-46mbps but its the stability of the connection that I'm after. I notice that sometimes it gets really slow. If the same would happen on Superloop for example, then it doesn't make sense. Thats what I want to know.

        • Tangerine rent from Vocus that can be congested in certain places and maybe that's what your experiencing. You won't know until you test it out.

        • I've heard so many bad reports about Tangerine speed on HFC… I think it would be well worth trying another RSP

        • +6 votes

          I don't really care about speed.

          Next minute:

          sometimes it gets really slow.

          I think you care about speed.

    • Mate I'm with tangerine too… Experienced slow speeds last few days. Thought to myself stage 4 lockdown must've caused congestion. Have you ever tried contacting them?

  • Anyone on Superloop know how hard it is to switch to 100/40 after signing up? That's what I really want, hoping I can get the $124.55 credit then switch straight away to that.

    • The credit applies to 100/20. Change to 100/40 after 6 weeks.

      • Cheers mate. Was going to message you to sign up under your referral code for being so helpful in this thread but you don't accept messages! So have my goodwill instead (or message me)

        • Thanks but I'm with Aussie BB and used a family members referral for this month so it cancels out :-)

  • Im on 4G wifi and out of home (back in 2 weeks). Can I get this deal just for 6 weeks by paying nothing? (Dont have nbn modem)

  • Are there statistics on how good these guys are? I can't find them on https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/internet-landline-services...

  • Can i signup and use free 6 weeks then cancel?
    Any cancellations fees?

  • So can we sign up for the 100mbps plan, use it for a month, downgrade to 50 for the second month and then switch out to another provider?

  • Superloop has better speed than AB in my case, good offer.

  • What is the recommended process changing from ABB to Superloop?
    Connect first to Superloop then call ABB to ask for pro rata refund for the remaining month?
    Will ABB pro-rata the final month's charges?
    Any different router setup required (HFC-NBN)?

    • Yeah do that and ask for pro rata. Router setup is the same.

    • In theory you shouldn't have to call ABB, nbn will inform them that you've cut over to another provider and that you are no longer with them.

      That being said, I don't know if they're set up to automatically pro rata you or if they just suspend your service.

      Actually thinking about it, do ABB charge in advance or arrears? If in arrears, they should only charge you for the proportion of the month you had a service with them.

      • You should call. I did yesterday. Paid the 4 days I owed.

        My bill was paid mid billing month. So you'll either get a refund or owe the few dollars a day.

  • Thanks. Just signed up. Will give it a try.

  • Is there any service disruption if I move from my current provider to superloop?

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