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SodaKing Adventurer Machine $20 (Normally $60) @ Spotlight (VIP Members Only)


Might be the cheapest it’s ever been! Given the refill is $20, and the cylinder itself is $37, $20 for the entire system is stupidly cheap!

Unfortunately this won’t work as it expires tonight and the sale starts tomorrow

I’d get one but ive already got one, plus I’ve got to stop buying things I dont need :)

Click and Collect now available for Victorians

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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    Soda king and soda stream bottles interchangeable?

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      Cylinders are

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        Can confirm bottles and cylinders are - have both Sodastream and Sodaking and mix and match no problem

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      I've had both and they did not.

      The CO2 cylinders are interchangeable though.

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        My sodaking bottle screws into Sodastream nicely

        • Good to know,

          • @jetabe: Somewhere you can buy the little 500ml bottles for $2.50, friend at work gave me one

    • +2

      There are 2 types of bottles for both. 1. Slightly thick and smaller. 2. Thin and bigger. It depends on the model of sodastram and sodaking. So bottles will be interchangeable if you have compatible models.

      1. https://www.bigw.com.au/product/sodaking-500ml-classica-bott...

        1. https://www.bigw.com.au/product/sodaking-1l-moderna-bottles-...

      Don't look at the size, see the shape of bottles in above links. Both say compatible with sodastram, but you need to have the compatible sodastream model which takes bottles of that shape.

  • Worth getting just for the bottle.

    • Swap and go $19..
      Unless you mean the water bottle.

      Bit annoying recently got a Sodastream jet for full price. Thought the Sodastream Brand is better apparently.

      • Sorry I'm new to this, where can i swap the gas bottle?

        • +1

          Spotlight do these Sodaking ones for $14
          Coles and Officeworks (lots more places too) do the rival Soda-Stream ones

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            @King Tightarse: Thank you your highness

          • @King Tightarse: Have they put their prices up? Looking at the refills and it is $20 at Spotlight. Or is there an exchange not listed online for $14?

            • @Applause: No idea Applause, that was the price at my local last time I went in around two weeks ago. Perhaps there was an active special on?

        • Yep was meaning to reply, office works and big W for 19$. Didn't see the point of getting this deal for$20 really, but got the folks onto it and they got a couple. Not sure why I didn't wait for a deal.

          • @G-rig: Between $14 at spotlight and $19 from OW/big W I'm prepared to travel a littlel further to save 5 bux. Still good to know I can get it from OW and big W in case i can't get to a Spotlight

            • @bonz: Agree, whatever store is closest at the time.
              Do you know if spotlight would swap and go a sodastream brand or vica versa? Apparently Big W does(?), essentially interchangeable, may not hurt having one of each but a day without one on the go is alright either way.

              • @G-rig: TBH i have no idea, perhaps you should direct this question to King Tightarse because i only learnt of Spotlight's pricing from him when i asked you where to exchange the bottles

  • +2

    Keep the gas, chuck the machine.

  • Not much stock though. Probably trying to clear the remaining stock.

    • Try check other colours as well, the closest store to me don't have blue in stock, but they have white and red (Lidcombe, NSW)

      • Can you click and collect here?

  • Seems to be out of stock in all locations.

    • Apparently some orange ones are in Launceston.

  • My nearest store with stock is 1,345km away

    • Out of stock pretty much everywhere in Sydney & Greater region except for Castle Hill with "low stock".

    • +1

      Look again. Red showing as available in Brisbane. Saw in store 2 days ago.

  • Damn no click and collect for anyone else :(

    Can you swap n go with soda king anywhere else?

    • I swapped at Coles and my sodaking became Sodastream

  • -1

    Some reviews bag this machine out quite badly:
    Still, $20 is cheap

    • That’s a different model…

      I have the one offered here and can’t fault it, especially for $20.

    • Canister plus bottle is worth more than $20. The bottles are of an inferior quality though, after about a year the bottle was a little NQR.

      I still have the sodaking machine in its box, don't know if I will ever use it…

    • +2

      I recently had a different model of SodaKing get stuffed up by a faulty cylinder which shot brass particulates out the valve which jammed it, emptied the brand new bottle and chewed out the rubber ring. I contacted customer support and even though out of warranty and the staff were super helpful and sent me replacement parts and cylinder for free. It was refreshing to see how well they 'made it right' for me.

  • Comes up as $60 even though I'm logged in?

    • Same here comes up as $60 ( tho i am logged in)

      • +3


  • Blue & Green OOS in Launceston, Tas, but Red & Orange apparently are. I'm going to see if I can get one tomorrow. Thanks OP!

  • Deal is for sat and sun. Maybe they will restock tmr??

  • How many litres do you really get out of a cylinder?

    Up to 60L, but of supermarket equivalent?

    • Depends on how bubbly you like it.

      I've weighed empty & full (self-refilled), and after a few uses. But never nerdy enough to document a full cylinder's use.

      400gr of co2 in a cylinder. When I press middle button, it uses approx 3g of gas.

      Big fan of sodaking gas cylinders & bottles.

  • None available anywhere near me and not available for delivery. How unfortunate :(

    • Home delivery is not available due to the gas cylinder!

  • Brussleton and Geraldton show some stock.

  • How did you find out these will be $20?

    • +1

      Spotlight email

    • Email today: 2 Day Deals | $20ea SodaKING Adventurer

  • I encourage all Ozbargain SodaStream users to look into the larger CO2 bottles- saves heaps of money and hassle.

    • +2

      Love my pair of 6kg bottles (Covid19 restrictions in Victoria = 2 bottles required).

  • The closest store that has stock is about 12km away from my house! I dont think picking up one of these would be on the allowed list of reasons to go outside the 5km radius .. :(

    • +1

      You can get a permit from Ozbargain

  • do you screw the bottle in on this model, or it clamps in ?
    i have a soda king from a previous deal and you need the screw the bottle in, but on my soda stream it clamps in …..same bottle fits both.

    • screw in

  • Anyone know if their sales usually start midnight or they change prices in the morning?

    • On now

  • +1

    How long can they hold it for. There's stock near us, but can't get to it as in Vic. Might be worth stocking up.

    • 24 hrs

      • Bit rough for Vic lockdown ppl

      • Their site says 7 days.

        • i rang a store and they informed me that they cant hold it until after lockdown.

          Luckily i found someone I knew who could pick it up from the store.

          Their site says 7 days but are happy to extend it if you call them. Though it seemed like they would only for another week. Not enough time to get to the end of lockdown :(

  • Sweet, got one for click and collect. Thanks OP

  • That's OP. Always wanted one of these things. Even if I use it a few times for $20 it's worth a try. Now need to work out how I can click and Collect. Hopefully I can get someone else within the 5km limit to pick it up.

  • If anyone is wanting extra bottles and their local Spotlight is out of stock (as mine is), Amazon have them available for 3 for $25 inc delivery.

    Spotlights website is 2 for 14 … but they want $11.99 for delivery.

    I guess this applies to anyone in Melbourne and the next store is outside the 5km radius!

    • Or 2 for $12 @ Big W

      • Are they SodaKing ones

      • link? i cant find 2 for 12.. best i found was $14.70 ..

  • +1

    i've never used/bought one before and this post just made me go down a rabbit hole researching sodastream/sodaking for the last hour and now i'm planning on hitting up my local spotlight tomorrow to snag one.

    • +2

      It's a bad site isn't. All these things you never thought you needed.

  • Thanks OP bought one

  • No stock in SA from what I see

    • Did you try the different colours

    • I didn't even realise!

      Thank you!

      • In stock on the webpage.. reality..nup

  • No go in Perth anywheres I guess?

    • There's stock if you're not fussy about colours.

      I'm tempted to get one myself at this price.

    • There was plenty of stock in the Innaloo store this morning in red and white colours, possibly others.

  • +2

    The spotlight website is bloody useless why only pick up in victoria?

    • Because the actual stores are closed due to stage 4 lockdown! Rest of Australia has the freedom of going instore, exercising for more than an hour, having play dates for their kids…

  • VIC get heaps of stock, seems because of lock down…

  • How many glasses of drink does one cylinder
    or refill make?

  • +2

    Has anyone found any stock for click and collect in Victoria? Showing out of stock everywhere.

    • South Morang, orange. Lucky I cross past there sometimes for work.

  • There is 3 left at rockdale

  • To whoever at Rutherford bought 4, tsk tsk tsk silly haha. So glad I called up n put one aside. Also none left in rutherford and newcastle.

  • PRO TIP: change the color and you might find stock at your local stores. Using the default color and we were finding nothing.

  • For those in Perth, just got back from the Innaloo store.

    Plenty in stock. All colours available but the blue was stacked up high and I couldn’t be bothered hunting someone down to get it for me so settled on the green instead.

  • Stock in South Morang Vic..

  • -1

    191 reviews via website, 2 stars. It just be available s**t.

    I'm not sure it's even worth the $20 🤣🤣🤣

  • +1

    Looks like an OzBargainer was unhappy they missed out on their Soda Stream clone.

  • I managed to pick one of these up at Albury spotlight this morning. Whilst I was grabbing mine a staff member came along with a trolley and took 10 for a customer on the phone leaving 3. I'm glad I managed to get one after missing out on the eBay plus Sodastream smashing.

  • Any discounts on the soda bottles anywhere?

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