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[Woolworths Rewards] Wine Bundle 6pks: Sauvignon Blanc $10 (Was $59), Shiraz $20 (Was $85) @ Woolworths Online (Select Stores)


You must have a ,Woolworths Reward Card linked to your account, and logged in to Woolworths to enjoy this bundle special that retails at $59 for $10 . Price changes from $59 to $10 once added to the cart . That is right $1.67 a bottle being 3 X Te Rua Bay Sauvignon Blanc 750ml + 3 X Wither Hills Sauvignon Blanc 750ml : https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/90002479/s...

Others I have successfully bought during the week $85 to $20 3 X Krondorf Shiraz Barossa 750ml + 3 X William Light Clare Valley Shiraz 750ml : https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/90002481/s...

$75 to $22 2 X Cat Amongst The Pigeons Shiraz Fat Cat 750ml bottle + 2 X Isabel Estate Sauvignon Blanc 750ml : https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/90001734/p...

Max is 3 of each bundle and I recommend Click and Collect .
Use a Wish card to save 5% more .
Anyway I bought enough wine from Tuesday on wards to sink a battleship , time for you guys to enjoy :)

Ooh be fast the cats out of the bag this is a crazy price !

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    Sorry..worked needed to change.my pick up store. Thanks OP good find !

    • Also you need to have a date of birth in your Woolworths account for these to show. As of 6 am Tuesday in Perth, there are plenty of wine bundles available from plenty of Perth stores. I ordered from 3 different stores as the bundles available from the stores were different.

      Thanks OP.

  • +2

    Price does work if you add to the cart, But its only showing as available in about half a dozen stores Australia wide. Mostly Victoria and one in Perth.

  • +6

    QLD nothing.

    • +8

      You guys have open bars, go there. We Victorians need this cheap grog to drink at home!!

  • +2

    Awesome deal. Hope they honour it when I pick it up tomorrow…

    • Woolworths are notorious for cancelling orders so I'm not holding my breath, but I did order a case

  • Thanks OP
    Had no issues at checkout

  • +1

    Not working for me. In VIC with Everyday rewards card on my account. Tried all combos with my local in stock…..

    • Working for me in Vic but I can only placed 2 orders per day!.

      • Wish I was targeted because I'm trying every combo and it ain't working

    • Same here, all stores show Unavailable

  • Ordered thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP! Fantastic bargain.
    Made 2 Orders of 3x each bundle!
    That's 96 bottles🙃
    Should last until Christmas lol

  • Awesome! But are the wines any good?😂

    • +2

      Can't be worse than the goon bag.

      • +2

        Had cask wine that is far superior than some bottled wine. De Bortoli Premium vs Jacobs Creek as one example IMHO

    • sov.blan from Marlborough is never bad.

  • Not working for me. Perhaps it is working only for those that have ordered online before.

    • have you linked your woolworths reward card?

      • Yes

        • +2

          Changed pickup location and it worked!

          • @Karijini: even changing time helps, I had to try a few different windows

  • Literally just stopped working :(

  • Thanks worked for me!

  • Updated to pick up and stopped working =/
    Seriously cant hesitate with these things.

  • Placed the order. Let's see what happens now.

  • Didn't work in one store, changed to another. Success!

  • Well done, paid 96 dollars including delivery fee. No working on pick up(VIC)

  • Wow! The greatest hack ever! I don't understand? Just ordered 3 of the second bundle from Leichhardt Sydney

  • +2

    Damn geo pricing. Have two Woolies in town. Both have stock. One charges $177 for 3 units and the other $30…

  • Surely this is less than the alcohol excise charged for this volume??

    • There is no excise on wine in Australia, which is why they can sell cleanskins for under $2.

  • That’s fantastic!!!

    Just ordered 1 of each of the last 2. Click and collect tomorrow.

    Massive thanks to the Op !!!

    Saved $118 🤙👍

  • Worked for me as well, in Melbourne

  • +6
    • Ordered 2*6 of these too.

  • Discounted price didn't show for me until I selected click and collect..

  • +15
  • Thanks placed an order!

  • 10% off applies if you hold a Woolies policy.

    • Not applicable to alcohol

      • Already ordered with 10% off.

  • Got stocked big time! Thanks OP for showing us this deal 💯👌

  • Nothing showing as avaliable :(

  • thanks ordered! let's see if they honour!

  • +1

    OP should have kept this to himself, altruistic though. Would be surprised if it gets honored.

    • +2

      Others I have successfully bought during the week
      Anyway I bought enough wine from Tuesday on wards to sink a battleship , time for you guys to enjoy :)

  • Nothing available in Metro Vic. Am I not doing it right?

  • Interesting that it's Woolies selling it, not BWS. Last time BWS did something similar (slab of beer for $10) it turned out to be a pricing error. They honoured 1 per customer. Let's see how this turns out. Got to be in it to win it :-)

  • Ordered 2 to meet the minimum for pickup.. Still showing available online which IMO is not a good sign. See if it gets honoured tomorrow.

  • +1

    Looks like no stock in QLD

  • Got some reds from Marion store Adelaide. Don’t need them, but too good not to!

  • FFS Woolies is useless!

    Temp locked my account like a month ago, because I forgot my password and it's still locked!! What a joke!

    Won't let me link my card! 😡😡😡

  • Thanks OP, Order all 3 bundle which you posted.. Paid 52$ | Picking it tomorrow .. hopefully no dramas..

  • Thanks OP! Changed my store to Eastland and suddenly the deal popped up. Seems like plenty of stock there.

  • didn't work at all, added to cart the price didn't change, (have reward card linked to account)

  • Doesn’t work for me in WA.

    • +1

      Try a different store did the same to me until i switched

      • worked for me but had to switch to another store

    • Just placed a successful order from Murray St Perth.

  • Product isUnavailable

  • Not working for me must be doing something wrong

  • +1

    I've searched all the stores in BNE, no luck!

  • Got a call honouring some and cancelling some. Got 3 x order of 18 x bottles.

  • Thanks OP this is a great deal!

  • Went through for me. Pick up 3x tomorrow.

  • Why is it saying Unavailable

    • Could be due to location.
      Click check stock in store and u can see availability nearby.
      Switch to whichever woolworth has stock and it should say available

      • It shows either Unavailable or Out of stock

  • Not working here — though I did just create an account and link my already-existing rewards number

    edit — works after changing to another store in the area for pickup. still skeptical though.

    • Try another store

  • Thanks OP!!!!! $62 for 22 bottles, I cant complain :P

  • damn got one thru , cart updated when i went to checkout for 2nd order .

  • -1

    Doesn't seem to work for WA

  • Thanks Op. Will need to make a dash between my meetings tomorrow for this important pickup.

  • It seems you are not authorised to view this page. I think it's targeted.

    • Make sure your date of birth is added in your account.

  • Looks like im late to the party. No local stores seem to have but it let me put a delivery order in.

    • How to change to delivery? It won't allow me to do anything. QLD postcode. Just showing unavailable.

  • Thanks Op! Added 3 x first two bundles + a couple of cheap moscatos to round it up for free delivery.

  • <<This order has been cancelled>> just got a message from Woolworths.

    • Oh oh…

    • May I know how many did you order?

      • I put 2 orders that got cancelled. then tried again and worked it.

  • thank you OP placed order for the shiraz bundle and the sav bundle, pickup tomorrow

    Great timing, I was just thinking about refreshing the cellar! in the locked down Melbourne not much else to do.

  • Thanks OP! Just ordered in WA (had to change stores to find one that worked). Will see if they cancel.

  • +1

    It was showing as Unavailable, but the following trick worked for me.

    Create a new Woolies account and link to your existing reward card.

  • Thanks OP. Bought 4 bundles.

  • +2

    Looks like a reward offer error. The bundles that have the price reduction, if u look at some of the individual bottles they have a reward offer .

    Ie Shiraz Wine Bundle (85->20), William Light Clare Valley Shiraz 750ml which is part of the bundle has a reward offer of its original price 40 down to 20

  • +1

    Reverted to full price while I was checking out. FFS.

    • +1

      change store, did that on one store but not the other

  • 9.21pm still working ,, just purchased another 6

  • Got some from Melbourne QV but had to order two of them to get to the $30 limit for $0 cost pickup. Will pick up tomorrow. Will update.

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