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HTC Incredible S $269.10 Pre-Paid Locked to Optus, Free Delivery


HTC Incredible S locked to Optus $269.10

Android 2.4
4" Touch Screen
Up to 32GB Expandable Memory
8MP Camera and 720p HD Video Recording
Bluetooth & WiFi
3G Dual Band

MOD EDIT This is part of a general offer by Optus on prepaid phones

From Optus Website

10% off on Prepaid Mobile Devices:
Exclusive to online. Offer ends Nov 30th 2011. No rainchecks apply. While stocks last. Not available in conjunction with any other offer unless specified. Does not apply to iPhone 3GS 8GB or to Clearance handsets.

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  • +1

    I would've thought if it's outright, then it wouldn't be network locked…

    • updated, sorry my mistake!

  • Good one. Also these can be unlocked free after 6 months… just activate the Optus sim then put it away.

    This is going to get OzBargained :)

    • Yeah, xDefine is correct. They unlock it after 6 months for free, you just have to be using an Optus pre-paid service for that long

  • ya, locked to Optus

  • +1

    Would this also come with a 16gb micro sd card? If anyone buys one please report back would like to buy another one.
    Unlock using this site http://www.htcimeiunlock.com/ got the code in 5 mins and worked perfectly.

    • mine from kmart came with a 16gb, correct

      • what class is the 16gb memory card? does it record hd video on it without it breaking up?

        • Expect a class 4. There is no way they'll give you a class 6 or 10. Yes it should record 720p without hiccups.

        • I can confirm hd video works nice and smooth - this is with the card I got from kmart

  • +5
    • +1

      10 +ve votes?

      Also credits to Op for posting this.

    • Didnt see that, just came across it on the Optus prepaid site when looking for a phone.

      • +3

        Hey, you are free to post what you find. I hadnt got around to it, so you are most welcome to pass on the good news… No issue with me, its all about sharing

        The only thing I would have done differently is to say that this is a standard 10% deal that Optus is giving to all prepaid phones they have on their website (until end Nov)

        I have added this to the post

        10% off on Prepaid Mobile Devices:
        Exclusive to online. Offer ends Nov 30th 2011. No rainchecks apply. While stocks last. Not available in conjunction with any other offer unless specified. Does not apply to iPhone 3GS 8GB or to Clearance handsets.

  • what are these like?? wanting to get rid of my iphone 3g now, seems like i can get $300 for it on gumtree/ebay. was thinking of going iphone 4S but the plans dont suit me at all, far too expensive and dont want to pay $900 outright.

    the camera on this is 8mp like the 4S, but only 720p video. also how about apps, do HTC get all the good ones?

    • +2

      Definitely better than the 4S being that it's $800 (but prolly not quite spec-wise), and just better than the iPhone 4 in general (specs and price) xD. Also the apps are pretty good, checkout the Android Market…


    • Weren't you the one predicting $29 iPhone 4S plans before it launched, which everyone said was way too optimistic?

      The current Whirlpool trend seems to buy an unlocked phone outright and put it on a TPG or Live Connected plan at $20ish a month. If selling your phone, do it ASAP before its value depreciates even further.

      I'm not entirely familiar with iPhone 3G resell value, but $300 for a used, 4 generations-old iPhone also sounds too optimistic. Check sold histories, not postings.

      MP on smartphone camera doesn't matter past 5 or so these days so don't focus on that. And there are very few HTC-exclusive apps, and these are the preloaded Sense ones like FriendStream. Sense is (generally) considered a negative.

      • Weren't you the one predicting $29 iPhone 4S

        Not me? or nubzy

        But yeah I don't really care much for the 4s… been on an Android Phone + Liveconnected $11/Month plan with $450 credit.

        • nubzy. There was a thread about the Galaxy S II or something, and I think he posted about waiting for a $20 iPhone 5 plan, which of course, would never happen.

      • -1

        Yes I was expecting there to be $29 plans, which is not unreasonable. Of course there would be handset repayments but was hoping they would only total around $300-$400. I am a light user and my iphone 3G has been on a $29 plan from the start. I paid around $280 for the phone I believe.

  • What's the battery life on this? I've currently got a Nokia e71 and it goes for 4-5 days without a change (granted I don't use it much for phone calls). Would I have to recharge the Incredible S every day with the same sort of usage? Thanks.

    • +1

      Most likely 1 - 2 days… but it definitely won't get close to 4 - 5 days battery.

      • +1

        My friend has this phone, she said it lasts for about 2-3 days using with wifi turned off when not in use. =)

        • +1

          Thanks for the heads up on battery life with wifi turned off. I assume that gps etc is also off on your friend's phone.

          I got my friend one of these because her phone is about to cr@p itself but I'm currently using a Nokia E63 and love how I can go for 3-5 days without a charge (I do the odd work in regional QLD so it's nice when traveling). As such, I might wait for Android phones to improve in battery life before I take the plunge myself.

          I wouldn't mind turning the phone into a wifi hotspot though (but that obviously drains the battery quickly. The E63 can tether via micro USB cable anyway so I'm in no hurry.

        • +1

          Thanks for all the replies :)

        • and probably has 3g turned off, has push turned off, and on minimum brightness. with today's smartphones, when you're utilising what the phone is meant to do, it lasts about 1 day, 1.5 if you're lucky.

        • To clarify she says she has been using it on 3g and screen brightness to the medium level.

        • +3

          Why does it matter if the phone only lasts a day?

          Unless you are a Amphetamine fiend, you will be sleeping at some point during each 24 hours, so just charge it then.

          Our phones get charged once or twice per day (depending on how much gaming and streaming video gets used), and there is a charger in both cars. So, when not out and not using it, we plonk it on charge - it's not THAT hard to plug it in, surely?

          Remember - these phones do HELL of a lot more than a standard telephone. They are in many ways far more like a mini-computer than a phone. Not many computers can go even 1 day, people get excited about getting 8 hours out of a netbook.

  • This or the nexus s (which is the same price unlocked from voda)

    • +1

      Depends how important updates are to you. If you want to get ICS 4.0 as early as possible, go for the Nexus S.

    • Nexus S (269 - 84 cashback from moneybackco, unlocked)

      • +1

        its not 84 dollars on prepaid. it will be 10%

      • dumb question but can anyone explain moneybackco? im sure its explained somewhere so if someone has a link .. everyone keeps talking bout it .. i guess by not using it im losing money .. but is it worth any extra hassle in the usage of it?

    • the larger internal hard drive, and ICS support makes Nexus S the better option in my opinion. Unless camera (especially videos) and sense ui are that important to you.

  • +2

    Maybe you should put an acknowledgement to a certain mod?

    • Thanks scotty for setting up Ozbargain

      oops, meant Ozpete for his awesome detective skills

  • +5

    ok what is with ppl and android 2.4? android 2.4 doesnt exist! period. Android 2.3.4 does exist thou.
    I have now seen both optus and voda get it wrong.

  • +8

    300 was cheap, 270 is an absolute bargain for it … thinking of selling my iphone 4 and experiencing android … hmm

  • this is a bargain. Hands down.

  • Has anyone successfully ordered one yet? I have tried different cards, but all got card/payment error :-(

    update: got through now.

    • saturday, I have the same problem with my credit card payment. How did you resolve it ?
      I tried to resolve it through Optus support. They were very unhelpful. I got transferred at least 5 times before someone tells me that they can't do anything about it.

  • wow this is amazingly cheap!

  • Consolation for those who missed on the $300 deal last week

  • +3

    So buy this one, slap in a TPG sim and go crazy?

    • +2

      Thats what im doing

      • Work with TPG without unlock it?

        • Not sure but I would assume so, TPS uses Optus lines or however you would describe it.

        • If TPG uses Optus sim like Liveconnected does, then it should work on all prepaid Optus phones.

    • -1

      No - Well from my experience anyway. My cousin bought this and neither her nor my TPG sim worked in it… We called TPG and they said: if the phone is locked to optus we cannot guarantee it will work even though we use their network.

      …Just my warning…

      • My girlfriend has it working wih tpg right out of the box

      • my cousin had a resolution: she went back to kmart and they opened up a further three phones before her TPG sim card worked, then she left with that one! Winner!

        I guess the other 3 (or 4) phones were faulty or something

  • Its a good phone guys. Well worth it.

  • +2

    This is an incredible (pun intended) deal and I just put my order through.

  • Android 2.4? Maybe you mean 2.3.4?

  • lol @ how it was only 299 a week ago and everyone was raving on about it

  • +1

    Gah! recently bought the one from Kmart for 300 bucks (last week). Lost out on 30 bucks :(

  • anyone know why Optus would want this info ??

    How many pre-paid mobile services are currently in your name? (Excluding any in your shopping cart)
    There's a clause stating: All information requested is required by law

    And if you give incorrect info .. any idea what happens?

    • +1

      "And if you give incorrect info .. any idea what happens?"

      I lied about having more than 5 mobiles and now am posting from Long Bay


      • +2

        But if you had >7 you wouldnt be…. as you would be able to pay the bail/fine or Lawyer


        Part of Telecommunications Act.

        All phones need to be traceable. So the govt can determine, if they need to tap into the call, who the owner is. And tapping of phones is covered under the Act

        What happens if you give incorrect info ? Not sure on that one

    • Is this purchase for personal use?

      If you select "No":

      Sorry, you can only purchase Pre-Paid mobiles for personal use. Please visit your nearest Optus store to purchase your Pre-Paid mobile.

      And if you select 5 or 6 from the dropdown:

      Sorry, you cannot purchase more than 4 Pre-paid products within six (6) months. Please amend your order.

      • Cheers lmh86.

        Think you may have saved some of us some time in giving us that info !

  • Ok i may have joked about long bay but have HAD more than 5 mobiles to my name some have lapsed etc

    Do i think anyone will tell us what happens i kinda doubt it…think it was related to little jonnys fridge magnet b/s haha.

    • Actually its been a requirement loooong before that. (The latest Act was in 1997 but that replaced earlier Acts that mandated carriers identify persons owning the phone.

      Just nobody likes talking about it openly…

  • -1

    From my experience: My cousin bought this and neither her nor my TPG sim worked in it… We called TPG and they said: if the phone is locked to optus we cannot guarantee it will work even though we use their network.

    …Just my warning…
    (with both our sims we didnt achieve any service)

    • +1

      i bought one at kmart last thursday and put my tpg sim in, it works without any problem and happy with my experience so far.

    • Do you have the newer purple TPG SIM or the older red Soul one?

    • -1

      my cousin had a resolution: she went back to kmart and they opened up a further three phones before her TPG sim card worked, then she left with that one! Winner!

      I guess the other 3 (or 4) phones were faulty or something

      (both sims were purple)

  • -1

    so, it locked to optus, right? :(

  • Does anyone know if this phone would work with an Amaysim Sim (also using Optus' network)?

    • I've only tried with Virgin but, since Amaysim and Virgin both use the Optus network, I can only imagine it would as well.

  • Can confirm that the Kmart stock works with Virgin Mobile for those who are wondering.

    • Really? That's fantastic news.

      • Yeah, I purchased one as a xmas pressie. The recipient is on Virgin and, since I am as well, I've done a test before gifting it. Luckily my friend appreciates it when people put in extra effort to make sure tech stuff doesn't go wrong. As such, I've also fully charged and fully drained the battery 3 times to help prolong battery life and set up shortcuts to apps/widgets she'll need to use.

        It's a nice phone but I just don't feel comfortable texting with it. 4" screens are too small for me but I can type properly on my 7" MyTab. Might try out the HTC Sensation XL if I get a chance to see how I go on a 4.7" screen. But for now, I'll stick to my Nokia E63… and enjoy longer lasting battery life :-P

  • I have a iPhone 3GS, 6months left on contract.

    Worth the purchase?

  • The back cover of this phone is really hard to open. I still prefer Nexus s to this phone although it looks more elegantly designed. But I always have iphone4s for backup.

  • +1

    SOLD OUT..

    • looks like it, lucky I already had one in my cart just finished checkout now lol.

      • +1

        Well Done!! i had one in my cart too, but then had to tend to my daughter…missed out..any other ozbargainers find a similar deal on this phone i'd be very grateful:)

    • Ozbargained!
      It's a good phone I must admit! Will wait for the next round =)

  • Yep completely pulled from prepaid…

    Wonder if they were under pressure from Kmart/Auspost etc ?

    EDIT: still showing at Postpaid tho…

  • Hi,
    Am about to order a BYO sim from TPG for this phone and i need to know whether this phone uses normal sim or microsim.

    • it accept normal sim

  • thanx wonderland,just managed to order two phone so they're not out of stock .

    • outright prepaid?
      did you call optus?

  • prepaid .i tried to order it last night but the order did not go through and was sent a link to Optus ORDER CAPTURE page and it worked.

  • +1

    Anyone interested whim me and i'll send you the link (it still works)

    • yes please

    • Hi boksat. I tried to contact you but your OzBargain account is not set to accept contacts from other members.

      I saw this offer this morning and went to an Optus World shop to check the phone out. In the space of 1 hour, and by the time I got home the offer had been pulled from the Optus website.

      I would be very, very grateful if you could send me the link.

    • me 2

    • Me too plzzzz

    • Thank you!!!

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