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Xiaomi Dreame V9P Cordless Vacuum w/ Carpet Head $249.99 | Combo Set $289 | Dreame V11 $489 | for Members @ Gearbite


Greetings everyone, Gearbite have brought back some awesome prices on these Cordless Vacuums :)

The Soft Roller Head of the V9P version just came back in stock, however note that there is only a small allocation currently of this version so get in quick if you want one, the rep mentioned there should be more on the way otherwise :)

Xiaomi Dreame V9 V9P cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner:

* Soft Roller Head Version: $229.99 for Members / $239.99 for Non Members - Soft Roller currently OOS.
* Carpet Head Version: $249.99 for Members / $259.99 for Non Members
* Soft Roller and Carpet Head Combo Version: $289 for Members / $299 for Non Members

In Order to Retrieve the Prices in the title, please follow these steps:

  • Join the Facebook group 'Gearbite Member Exclusive'
  • Follow the instructions in the most recent post to retrieve the code via Facebook message to apply on their website.

Otherwise, the coupon GEARBITE2020 provides $100 off these vacuums (rather than the $110 off for members).

Some Helpful Information:

Reviews from Prior Deals:


Gearbite are also running the Dreame V11 for $489 for Members / $499 with the coupon.

Dreame V11 Video

Model Dreame V9P Dreame V11
OLED Display No Yes
Rated Power 400W 450W
Battery Capacity Standard 60mins,Max mode 8Mins Standard 90mins,Max mode 10Mins
Inhalation Power 120AW 150AW
Dust Cup Capacity 0.5L 0.5L
Product Weight 1.5KG 1.6KG
Patented Motor Space 3.0 Brushless Motor Space 4.0 Brushless Motor
Finger free operation mode Need to press trigger Lock Mode Available
Suction 20,000Pa 25,000Pa
Filter 8 Cone Filtration 12 Cone Filtration
Simplified Trash One Button to release One Button to release
Money Back 30 days money back guarantee 30 days money back guarantee
Plug AU Plug AU Plug

As always, enjoy :)

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  • +11

    Purchased the V9 from the last deal and we are very happy with it. The amount of dust it removes is significantly superior to our old Dyson DC45.

    • mealso. Got it with the carpet head for $300 - and very happy. Battery isnt fantastic - however when its this convenient you only need to use it for 3 minutes every couple of days for spot cleaning.

  • i have been waiting for the soft roller head back in stock for so long and decide to buy the combo head for $289 :(

  • +7

    Can the OLED display play 4K content?

    • +13

      Bought this one from the last deal and very happy with it. However, haven't tested the 4K OLED as we have another TV we use while cleaning the floor.

      • +1

        Does the other TV also have an OLED display?

    • +1

      Can it run Doom?

      • +2

        Depends on whether you can connect your console to the OLED display. Nothing in the post suggests you can.

  • +2

    Can anyone comment on how well the Dreame V11 does on carpet?

  • +2

    Are you guys doing a discount on the carpet head as well for v9 ?

  • Use it actually the Xiaomi v9p this time, or still the youmi version?

    Also hoping you still had that middle price new model robot vacuum coming soon.

    • +3

      Youmi is what the distributor sells to Australia as a rebaged v9p. They even sell it at Harris scarf

  • Hi op, Any robot deals?

    • +1

      Trying to organise a robot deal now, should be able to run the Mi Robot 1st Gen and Dreame F9 soon :)

      • I’m hoping for the Xiaomi Mi Robot SDJQR02RR get best reviews in choice.

        • +1

          Yep that one will be on sale soon, only just came back in stock I believe.

        • Link to the choice review? Looks paywalled, could you post a PDF of the page please.

      • what's the approx eta for F9 deal? need a robo asap.

        • +2

          Should be available later today :)

      • OP really need the robot deal, thanks in advance!

  • +1

    Can we please have an eBay deal again for this?

    • -2

      Only says

      CHOICE Expert Rating
      What is the CHOICE Expert Rating
      Good points

      • Excellent at cleaning hard floor.
      •Very good at cleaning corners and edges.
      •Very good at picking up pet hair.
      •Stairs detection.
      •Automatic return to charging station just before the battery goes flat.
      Bad points

      •Poor at picking up dirt from carpet.

      Fyi they say Samsung Powerbot VR9300 SR20K9350WK/SA is best. I have an old Samsung now, was great but nearing end of life.

  • +1

    How good is standard mode for vacuuming the house in general? Carpeted and floorboard.

    • It works fine though sometimes little solid objects dont get picked up fist go. Not all carpets are the same though so very subjective. But for basic uses it works well and good value.

  • What's the delivery time to Vic & nsw

  • Got the message in messenger “get code” button but I can’t see and button?

  • Bought one. Thank you.

  • +1

    Anyone own a dyson v8 and Xiaomi v11
    How do they compare?

    • Just buy one of These! The v9 is pretty bloody good for the price. We are super happy our v9

    • -2

      Dreame V11 is comparable to Dyson V11, it will be far superior to a Dyson v8

  • +1

    Had one and it seems just getting softer and softer with suction, battery isn't last long enough for a one Beder. Not sure how long it will last but won't complaint too much for the price.

    • +2

      Please make sure do regular cleaning and maintenance. Please check Here and Here. Suction should remain the same due to Dreame space 3.0 technology. Regarding battery, we recommend eco-mode or standard mode for timber floor. Max mode will drain battery quickly due to very powerful suction which can use deep clean for carpet.

      • Doing regular cleaning as it should, always on max suction even on hard floor as I feel the suction isn't enough to pickup the small particles. Never tried on carpet tho.

        • +2

          battery isn't last long enough for a one Beder.

          always on max suction even on hard floor

          Well there's your problem.

          • +1

            @xoom: well.. if suction isn't sufficient, would you put it on eco or standard just try to use it bit longer? Then what's the point you using it for?

            • +3

              @DisabledUser341679: If you expect to have full power suction the whole time you want vacuum the whole house in one go. Perhaps a stick vacuum is not for you. Just saying.

      • Is soft roller coming back in stock soon?

  • +2

    What’s the difference between V9 and V9P?

    • V9P is international edition, cyclonic chamber cap is a different colour, that's it.

  • +1

    Bought this last deal,
    Can confirm it really sucks

    • Sucks well?

      • Yup, we love it.
        Only complaint is that it doesn’t to edges well

  • +4

    Is both heads needed for carpet and hard floors or can I get away with one?

    • +3

      I have the same questions

      • +3

        I ended up getting both. Oh well.

    • +2

      Can someone answer I need to know this too

      • +2

        Personal experience is the carpet head works fine on both carpeted and hard floor areas.

      • I got both it wasn't that much extra really :)

    • +1

      I've got the V9 from an old deal. Wish I had spent more to get the carpet head for the hallway rug to get the dirt deeper in.

      Better to have and not need it than need it and not have it.

  • Anyone has experience of the V11? Is it 1 brush for carpet and hard floor?

    • I have had the V11 for about a week now. Soft roller head is great on hard floors. On turbo, it still does a good job on carpet but i'd assume it would only do better with a carpet head.
      I honestly thought I'd have to buy the carpet head later when it is released but after using it I probably won't. It does a great job without it.

  • +1

    Hey OP, any ETA on the xiaomi mijia screw driver kit?

  • i found the vacuum head soft plastic roller wheel (the one supporting the rolling motions) quite easy to get hair stuck inside so made it more stubborn to turn…

    This is compared to Dyson v7 (I have originally) which has a soft brush roller rod.

    Xiaomi plastic roller piece is about 5cm vs dyson brush roller rod that is about 25cm-30cm long.

    • Got any tips or tools for cleaning the rollers? I find it difficult removing the hair from it

      • get a sharp and pointy razor and stick it in the gap….

        I've had the v7 for years and i've never needed to do that with the roller rod.

        However for the price difference, you'd be the judge. Convenience vs price.

  • I have a Dyson V7 but the head is very bad for hard floor, good for carpet
    Should I get a Xiaomi Dreame V9P? Is it good for hard floor surfaces? (timber,tiles)

  • +1

    Hows the V9 compare to the Dyson V7?

  • Bought V9 Soft Roller and Carpet Head Combo, thanks OP. I was getting sick of my temperamental Dyson V6.

  • Bought V9 Soft Roller and Carpet Head Combo, thanks OP

  • +8

    Had the V9 for around 3 months now, very very nice vacuum.

    We upgraded from an old Electrolux so I know it's not a fair comparison, but this vacuum is just so convenient and cleans so well. Was shocked to see just how much extra dust this picked up only a day after cleaning with the old vacuum, especially on the carpet.

    If you have carpet in your house, the carpet head makes a mountain of difference. Would recommend picking that one up.

    Battery-wise it lasts a while, it's enough to do a 2 bedroom 1 study home. I leave it on the level one suction and it finishes the house with still a fair bit of juice left.

    All in all extremely happy with our purchase, insanely good vacuum for the price.

    • Mate, can you share how is the quality of the main plastic head (motor enclosure and bin), by looks on the picture it looks fragile and easily breakable. wondering if the main plastic head would crack/break if it falls on the ground suddenly!!

      • +1

        The quality is pretty good, my vacuum head does have a few scuff marks, but admittedly I'm not to most delicate vacuumer 😆

        The build quality is very good though, I feel like I've put it through a decent amount of hell and it only looks slightly beat up.

        Same for the bin though, I've dropped it a couple of times by accident and it doesn't have any cracks or anything.

  • Aarrrghhh! I literally bought this from Gearbite Ebay last night for $359 :-(

    • This is always on sale, a 2 dollar broom would have tied you over

    • +3

      Props to Gearbite for giving me the refund anyway

  • Can someone share, how is the quality of the main plastic head (motor enclosure and bin) of the V9 vacuum. By looks on the picture it looks fragile and easily breakable. wondering if the main plastic head would crack/break if it falls on the ground suddenly!!

  • Hey Rep

    Any deals on the bidets?
    Need 6 of them so am holding out for a decent deal.

  • Is it worth the extra $$ to go for the V11 over the V9P?

    • I was in the same boat and decided to go with the v9p combo after further reading. Seems to offer the most value.

  • thank you good price

  • Will Gearbite work its magic to get a carpet head for V11? If yes, I’d be interested in upgrading from my V9 :)

    • Will get carpet head in 1-2 months time.

  • Just bought V9P combo… Just wondering, how long does it take to send it to Western Australia?

  • Bought V9, thanks OP!

  • Any deal on robot vacuum OP?
    Thanks!amazing deal btw!

  • +1

    I have the V9 and I love it.

    I help elderly people with their house cleaning, and I use the V9 unless they have vacuums they would rather have me use. I've done a dirty house on eco mode and still have battery after 45 minutes. It picks up a lot of dirt.

    I just have to be careful of heavier particles left in the tube when I turn it off - I turn it upside down first.

    My biggest complaint though was that my wife didn't want to use mine after it had been to somebody else's dirty house so I had to buy her one too.

    • Can relate to partner being a germaphobe

  • Flexible hose is in stock, apparently good for cleaning tight spaces such as car: https://www.gearbite.com.au/collections/vacuum-accessories/p...
    was hoping it to be a bit cheaper, but bought one to try out

  • Just want the Soft Roller Head Version but sold out :-(.

  • +2

    I wonder who wrote the post or whether Google translate had a role in this:

    Inhalation Power
    Finger free operation mode
    Simplified Trash

    • Bwahahaha

    • How do you know if the translation is not whats intended? :P

      • well unsure but I still want to know if the OLED display plays 4K content..;)

  • I have had one of these for a year and they are great.

    Does anyone know if you can get a replacement lid for the dust collector chamber? Mine popped off and got put back on incorrectly and we can't get it off without breaking it.


  • Hi OP, I'm after a robot as well, keen to see what is on offer!

  • What is a dreame?

  • Looking for portable vacuum to pick up long hair (yup the mrs hair). I know our dyson ball has a hair untangler head. Does this have similar? Any recommendation?

  • +1

    I am keen to get a V11 to replace my old Dyson.
    However, the $489 mark is still $90 more than the tobydeal pricing.
    (a bit hard to justify myself to order the same machine for extra $90 bucks, instead of using a $3 conversion power adaptor)

    Any chance the Op can get it down lower?
    (AUD recently went up but the historical V11 pricing hasnt changed….)

    • I was in the same boat, however if you look through the comments on the Tobydeals post as well as reviews online, you'll find Tobydeals sell a grey import and warranty and after sales service are virtually non-existant. I ended up buying from Gearbite.

  • I've got the V8 from previous deals.
    But the battery is starting to go, anyone know where I can get replacement batteries.
    They are removable via two screens (I've tried it), I just can't find where to buy the batteries.

    • +3

      If you mean v9, please contact us with your order no, we will check if it still under warranty as we have spare battery.

  • Similarly, what is the different between Dreame V11 and Roborock H6?
    Pricewise is $100+ dearer, spec wise is very similar

  • can I use my Dyson V6 attachments on the Xiaomi Dreame?

    I have a lot of attachments for the Dyson

  • Bought the v11 as already their member on fb. Waiting delivery now..excited.

  • Rep, when will soft roller head version be back in stock?

  • Is this better than Dyson v7 origin ?

    • The v9 would easily be better than a Dyson V7. The battery life alone is almost double of the V7.

  • Does anyone know how long their shipping usually takes? (melbourne here)

    • Wondering this too, no update since Friday :(

  • I was after Soft Roller and Carpet Head Combo Version but it's now SOLD OUT
    @Rep, any chance to have it back in stock soon ?!


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