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[Prime, NSW] Free 1 Day Shipping on Prime Products @ Amazon AU (Selected Items/Areas)


It seems Amazon is giving one day free shipping on all in stock prime supported products some items. Earlier it used to be 2 day free shipping.

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    Free One Day Prime Delivery will only apply to certain products that are in-stock at an Amazon Warehouse near your delivery address. It is not a universal guarantee by Amazon as it appears to apply on a per-item basis. It appears to only be available in NSW at the moment (no such option in VIC, SA, WA addresses) and we suspect it would only be metro areas. Please report the deal if you see otherwise.

Amazon FAQ

Expedited - FREE with Prime (Including to Amazon Lockers & Counters) 1-2 Business Days

You will see a delivery estimate when you add your item(s) to the cart and checkout the product. See Example

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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  • More details

    • This is the natural progression of Amazon's logistics network as it grows and they become self-sufficient with their own vans and delivery drivers. Same thing happened in the UK. Next steps will be same-day delivery (order before 9AM to be delivered by 9PM) and then eventually 1-2 hour delivery of some products in CBDs. Looking forward to it!

    • One day shipping has been the norm for many products on US Amazon for a long time, Amazon was famous for it for a while. Like Hybroid said, this is just Amazon flexing what they are really famous for, which is global logistics. They are bringing Australia into the 21st century. Amazon has had one day shipping for some standard items for a while here too, randomly you'll buy something at night and suddenly it comes the next morning, they must have had a warehouse full if it in Adelaide ready to go because they knew X amount of people would order that same thing in Adelaide. Or maybe their algorithm starts moving inventory around the country in anticipation of someone ordering one by the time it reaches that city. They just need to put it in a new box with your label on it and it's ready to go.

      • See your vision of how it's supposed to work is admirable.

        But the reality is that they need human bodies working at insane pace to actually function.

        In Germany the average picker was given 15-20s to locate/scan and pick each item.

        It's a system that makes humans work like machines. You can even choose a "fill this order at a standard human pace" or the old "combine items into one package before shipping.

        The majority of this info came from a anti-amazon documentary that's actually on Amazon Prime Video…

    • Hijacking the top comment but here's the help article for it which has an eligible postcode list.


  • Like one day prime trail?

  • Yup, noticed it when I purchased something earlier. Said it would be delivered by Sunday.

    • Yeah Amazon is fueling up their fleet of Concordes right now, to bring over your plastic Little Britain clock from across the world faster than the speed of sound, in time for Father's Day.

      • OMG can’t wait…. glad someone is bringing Concorde's back as well… :P

        That beats the 2 months wait and 10 calls to dhl for the mb I ordered via amazon UK … 😂

  • I ordered something 6 suburbs over in Victoria, 7 days later it's still in transit. Useless as tits on a bull

  • Still says

    2 business day delivery is available to nearly 90% of Australians


  • Where's the evidence for this? For all we know, this is just hearsay

    I'm very skeptical that they'd be able to establish 1d shipping nation-wide given that Australia is so sparsely populated unlike the US, UK, and even my home of Canada

    1d shipping within CBDs, sure. But all across the board? dunthinkso

    Edit: LMAO negged for this?

    • I see it as a good thing. If it takes more than one day you can whine about it to support and maybe get some free credit

      • Prime in the UK used to be next-day delivery GUARANTEED. If they failed to deliver, you contacted support and got an extra MONTH of Prime free every time. They eventually stopped that, haha.

      • I think their point was that there's no evidence this is actually happening, not that it isn't a good idea.

    • Who cares about people living outside the CBD. I mean really, didn't even occur to me that anyone would think this applies to them. They will get brought into Amazon's network eventually, if they have money to spend on Amazon.

    • Can't be anything other than an improvement over Australia Post at the moment. I ordered some Bonds face masks over two weeks ago and they are still to arrive.

      • I went to my loca Bonds outlet DFO and they had masks at the front desk. I considered buying online but shipping is so slow these days.

    • Well there is no evidence because it's not a new Prime Benefit. Poster seems to be harvesting affiliate clicks for Amazon since they found some items that would ship to him in a day.

  • +15 votes

    auspost isn't ready for this

    • Auspost isn’t ready for anything

      • They were still banking on revenue from the letter services. It was apparent for literally everybody that paper letters are going to decline since early 90's but they were still not prepared for it in 2020. AusPost should just make way, they are too bureaucratically tied up and costly.

        • They wouldn't sell 'physical' gift cards on their digital shopfront and send them by incurring additional postage cost (and extra time for consumers) if they were digitally advance.

        • Pretty sure their plan is to kill letter deliveries through the postage they now charge (seriously)

    • AusPost posties will still leave a card for you to pickup the order from post office on the next day after 10AM, which beats the whole purpose of this logistics advancement by Amazon. AusPost parcels is ok though- they deliver at the door so don't leave a notification card in mailbox. Not sure when Amazon uses standard AusPost and when AusPost Parcel service.

  • What happens if it doesn't arrive within a day..?

  • Yeah, I ordered something Thursday and it was delivered Friday. Was a bit surprised, but all went to plan.

  • Yeah i dunno man express posts items have taken me a week to receive lately

  • Soon they'll be pre-shipping things you crave directly to your door only to tell the postman not to deliver it at the last moment if you don't actually order it.

  • They do delivery even at 8pm.

  • Love Amazon!!

  • Australia Post has same day delivery now

    Also in Metro area they use there Amazon drivers as I am one of them and it's really busy since they started doing it in February

  • Last two prime items I've bought from Amazon have taken over a week and I'm in Melbourne's northern suburbs

  • Isn’t Amazon logistics an Uber delivery on steroids?

    My orders get delivered by private cars, I haven’t seen a single Amazon van or employee.

  • The delivery drivers have signed up to Amazon Flex.

  • Yeah I’ve ordered a few things lately that have arrived in a day despite Amazon initially saying it would take 2-3, good if this is an ongoing thing!

  • Just last week we started doing deliveries on a Sunday from one of the station's so expect more Sunday deliveries

    • I saw that an order I made today has delivery due tomorrow which was like wth??

      Then I remembered all the past orders ive made (within the last month or so) have been made by Amazon themselves and not AP, even the ones that have to come from the warehouse in Melbourne. If anything, the interstate orders are coming in next day or so which usually makes them 1-3 days earlier than the ETA on the order when you check out.

  • Brisbane still taking 2-7 days

  • I seriously love Amazon prime. I've bought about 15 things in the last month or two. Compared to about 1-2 items per year on Ebay plus.

    Its an addiction at this point <3

    • Delivery is prompt: always matches the "free by" date which is either 1 or 2 days in Sydney metro.
    • Drivers even text you some times if theres an issue
    • Returns are beyond easy and lenient

    Big thumbssss up

  • The sad thing is that Amazon is playing nice because it's in the "monopoly building phase", the casedemic would surely have dealt a blow to a lot of its competition.

    • Two points - Its so called monopoly building phase has been and will run for years. It's kinda a couple of decades of our life so if it is being nice to me for this long, then I don't mind anyway. Secondly, Amazon pricing is equally good in the markets where it is relatively more mature so I don't think its strategy will change once it gets mature in a market.

    • Its competition have had decades to do the exact same thing and they haven't. If Amazon manage to snag a monopoly by actually giving consumers what they want by investing huge amounts in its product instead of just hoarding profits, they deserve any monopoly they receive.

  • Haha this backfired on me. I couldn't cancel an order because they shipped it so fast.

    I'm now the proud(?) owner of a lego Volkswagen.

  • I'll believe that when I see it. When they first started off it was all Australia Post Express and Toll Priority and now it's 90% Australia Post Standard and Fastway…

    Still better than the alternatives though.

  • In my experience its been 50:50 chance of it being 1 day shipping vs 2 day shipping in Sydney metro since march on prime

  • Has anyone noticed the opposite of this occuring recently?
    My Prime delivery timeframes have gone from the usual 2 days to 4-5 in some cases eg. I ordered an in-stock Amazon-fulfilled item on Wednesday and the delivery will be Tuesday next week.

    Coincidentally, I've noticed our prime orders are only being delivered by what I assume to be the Aus Post guy for our area which I assume is why delivery times have blown out a bit.
    Previously we'd have random folks dropping off our orders

    • +3 votes

      Currently, my Amazon Prime orders are taking up to 2 weeks from their Melbourne warehouse to Melbourne eastern suburbs … via AusPost.

      Banggood is almost faster at just 2.5 weeks for the tablet I ordered and that is using Aramex, (ex-Fastway) …

      • Geez, I had a Aramex delivery a little over a week to Adelaide….

      • is almost faster at just 2.5 weeks for the tablet I ordered and that is using Aramex, (ex-Fastway) …

        My experience is difference, Syndey here, auspost faster than fastway.

        Yesterday fastway said out for delivery from Amazon but nothing, today said the same, still waiting now.