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Telstra nbn 100 Unlimited (FTTP/HFC) + Home Phone $90/M (12 Months) - No Contract/Fee + Free Modem (Telstra Company Stores Only)


I'll start by saying I hate dealing with Telstra, but the service provided has been reliable so have not had to deal with their poor customer service much.

I believe it's a deal because for $90/m (for the first 12 months) you get unlimited NBN100, phone line and calls, a new modem with 4G cellular backup, free install, no contract and 3 months of Binge.

There are cheaper plans, but they generally don't come with a modem or have free cellular backup, or Binge for 3 months.

Short version so you don't need to go though the pain I did:
I have to move from Telstra Cable to NBN as Telstra Cable is finally getting cut off. There is an unadvertised in store special that offers $20 off per month for up to 12 months on Telstra's $110 "Premium Speed + Unlimited Data" NBN100 plan. The deal appears to be available from Company owned Telstra Stores only. There is no commitment, no connection charges, and a free modem with 4G cellular backup.

It is a current discount available to all customers moving to NBN or moving to Telstra on the $110 plan. But only available at Telstra Company stores.

Longer Version:
I moved to Telstra Cable from ADSL a few years ago, as NBN was not available in my area and Telstra was the only option for higher speeds.

When NBN came and my neighbours jumped across to NBN they complained about NBN having continual outages and poor performance, so I stayed with Telstra, and only had one outage over the last couple of years.

Telstra Cable is now being turned off and I have no choice but to move to NBN.

I'm currently paying $89/m for unlimited uncapped Cable and home phone with calls. I'm getting between 93-110Mbps so can't complain there.

I thought I would try changing plans the least painful way by reaching out to Telstra via Social Media, but they just said the retail plans are all they can offer ($110/m).

I called Telstra to see if I could just move across to NBN without any changes and have the same speed and pay the same price. They said no problems it would only cost $1 more a month making it $90, I said ok happy to do it. But after faffing about for 30 minutes they read out the conditions and told me that was the NBN50 service. I told them that was not the same as I was already on 100+Mbps. They then said they could only do it for the retail price of $110. They suggested visiting a Telstra Shop as they can offer discounts the call centre cannot. This whole process from waiting on hold to giving up took over 1.5 hours.

I visited my local Telstra shop for the first time, they also said it shouldn't be a problem keeping everything the same, and again tried to sign me up to the NBN50 plan for $90. I again pointed out this was not the same. They then told me they are a franchise store and they do not have access to the discounts that company stores have and told me which stores nearby are company stores.

I visited one of the suggested company stores and was told there was a 4 hour wait to speak to a consultant. So left.

I visited another Telstra store today and was told the wait was 30 minutes, and they would call when someone was free. This was ok today as I had other shopping to do anyway.

When the appointment came they also offered to put me on the NBN50 plan, I again told them that was not the same. Then they told me it would be $110, I said that was too much and I'll go with mate or one of the others instead. They then looked through the list of promotions available on screen and found there was a $20 a month discount on the $110 plan for up to 12 months available. No install fee, new modem (same Gen 2 as I already have), no contract.

It really should not be this hard to retain a customer.

Edit: FTTP or HFC ONLY for new customers. YMMV for existing customers NBN100 using FTTC/FTTN

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      • thanks mate , your explanation simply voids the deal….lol

        Going in contract for something that others offer with
        - better service
        - Sometimes (often) cheaper
        - no DNS blocking
        - no locked modem which is useless after the contract
        - no credit card being charged for months after disconnection (in my only time we were with Telstra , they kept charging our card for months and I was yelling at poor customer service poeple but their paltform is ffffff)

        list goes on………

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          Pretty much. Gotta look into the small details, most dont know that it used to be 100/40, now it's 100/20, They ninja edit it and moved 100/40 as a "business" product.

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    This thread is now full of people who have had very bad experiences with Telstra.

    • Including me :)

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        You're replying to yourself?

        • Yes its a good idea to do so.

  • Anybody had experience with Telstra 4g backup? Is it good and prompt when outage occurs?

    • Is it good and prompt when outage occurs?

      I doubt the modem has a battery backup. You'd need your own battery back up (UPS, etc) or possibly move the sim to another device (not idea if that works).

      • I mean network outage :)

        • Before nbn, people would unplug their adsl lines to get faster 4g access for no additonal cost. No idea how it compares to nbn.

      • I mean network outage :)

        • Yeah…yesterday they were doing work in my area. Disconnected for about 1 min….then came back on 4G. Speed was about 25/2 for a couple of hours….then went back to 100/20 automatically a few hours later when they'd finished. Edit - on wireless

          4G - https://www.speedtest.net/result/10009023763

    • When cable went down I was getting 5Mbps.

      Where I am service is bad on my mobile also, and I only have a 1Gb plan.

      It's terrible after you have been on 100Mbps, but at least I could keep working the 3 days it was down.

      NBN here seems to be more unreliable according to neighbours so for the 4G backup it's worth sticking with Telstra for me.

    • -3

      It’s speed capped at 6/1. If you have an extended outage, the speed can be unlocked to full 4G speeds

      • Would have been nice to have been told this when talking about my outage.

      • +2

        Lmfao it's not capped at 6/1 anymore. They lifted it months ago to 25/2, tsktsk employee

        • Is this noted anywhere that it's been lifted? is there anything i need to do, like reset the modem etc?

          • @wikiwiki: Reboot it. You might not get full speeds if you have a weak signal

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    I’ve has a few outages. The 4G backup was pretty slow.

    • Probably because the modem is situation in with a room hidden away so getting signal there for 4G is low/bad?

      • hidden away

        Hate to break it to you, but the 10m of walls/furniture isn't making much difference to your 4g signal. Poor coverage is poor coverage. Bad equipment is bad equipment.

        • Nah, 4g on the higher frequency bands is definitely affected by walls and other structures.

      • I think 4g on the phone wont be affected by the location of modem tho

    • Pretty sure Telstra started capping it at extremely slow speeds due to people deliberately disconnecting on to it

    • -3

      Speed capped at 6/1

  • I Think if you’ve got the time and are firm and polite you can probably get this online or on the phone if you get the right person.

    I was in a similar situation to petestrash last year.
    I spoke to Telstra and they told me I’d need to pay extra for premium speed nbn. I politely told them a few times that I didn’t really want to change my plan and was happy with what I had. I explained that I didn’t see why I should have to be paying more for what I already had.

    They offered nbn50 for same price. Again politely told them it didn’t seem fair for me to be paying the same and getting less.

    The Rep said she understood what I was saying and went to talk to someone. Came back and offered $90 for the Premium speed option.

    As far as I know there’s no 12 month limit. I think I got mine 16 months ago and still going.

    Asked if my old modem would work (it would), but Telstra said they’d said me a new one anyway.
    (They ended up sending me 2 modems. Actually they sent 2 out the last time too.)

    Overall I’ve been happy, but I think my cable was a bit faster - usually 100-110. My HFC is more like 80-95

    If they had told me there was a 12 month limit I would have objected and said that I was paying $89 now and didn’t see why I should have to pay $20 more next year for the same thing.

  • is it nbn 100/40 or 100/20?

    i'm with telstra 100/40 and they emailed me of the price change…
    happy to stay with them but only if its 100/40


    looks like its 100/20 - damn…

    88Mbps Premium Evening Speed
    Typical evening speeds download between 7pm-11pm. Actual speeds may be lower. HFC & FTTP only.

    Download speeds – 88Mbps
    Upload speeds – 15Mpbs

    • Imagine WFH and going from 40Mbps to 20Mbps..

  • Fantastic deals for Telstra employees they get an additional 25% off the bill.

  • This is all well and good, but good luck when the 12 months runs out! I am in that situation now (the 12 months finishes in two weeks) and have tried repeatedly over online chat and phone to go back to $90 a month (50/20 plan) and for whatever reason they cannot understand my request. I thought I had someone who understood me, but they’ve since downgraded me to the 25/5 plan… I’ve decided to switch providers altogether.

    Even for 12 months, it’s not worth the pain of trying to revert back afterwards.

  • beats what TPG has to offer in this price bracket. TPG are a joke now

    • +1

      TPG Non NBN FTTB is still the cheapest 100/40 Broadband in the market - $59.99

  • had the same issue with optus, thye just force me to go to NBN 50 so thats what i have now

    • What NBN technology? Are you with Telstra NBN?

      • NBN with optus now

        • HFC?

  • this deal needs to state that it only applies to FTTP or HFC available areas only. It is not available to FTTC areas, which is alot of areas in Melbourne.
    You can easily check your area on the NBN website.

    • I told the mods, but nothing was modified.

  • Dodo is better
    $70/m unlimited NBN

    • What speeds do you get during peak times?

      Dodo $70 / month is only NBN50, not the same.

      • I get 40 Mbps here in S.E Melb
        it's pretty smooth for 2 users

        • +1

          Dodo $70 / month is only NBN50, not the same.

          NBN25 - 20Mbps average sampled evening speed*
          NBN50 - 41Mbps average sampled evening speed*
          NBN100 - 82Mbps average sampled evening speed*

    • That is NBN50, bot NBN100

      • surprisingly alot of people don't know what the NBN differences are

  • When I go through the checkout as an existing member it still says $110 for the 100mbps plan. Anyone know why?

    • Existing member Currently on a internet plan with them? Or just have a telstra id

      • Currently have a plan with them

        • Seems to be in store only.

    • +1

      That's correct it's in the terms. The 90 is in error

    • It’s a pricing error on their webpage, that’s why.

  • Ive already got the new modem as am with Telstra cable, are there any plans that I can BYO modem to save costs, also don’t need home phone etc. just am being forced to NBN. Keen for 100 download speed. Thanks in advance

  • Are you sure this is a fully “free” modem? The information summary says that if you cancel within 24 months you have to pay a ETC that relates to a portion of the modem cost for which you didn’t remain connected. Are you sure you don’t have to pay off a part of the cost of the modem if you cancel?

    • The modem is free if you stay for 24 months and $9 a month if you cancel early.

  • +1

    When FTTC was available in my area in June 2019, I hit up Telstra as I was already on Telstra HFC and was offered the exact same deal as this bargain (except it's $90 permanently) over Live Chat with no haggling on my part - I just asked for a good deal. Seems like it was a limited thing because my cousin who lived in the suburb next to mine was told they weren't offering it anymore when he asked.

    For reference, the name of the bundle I'm on is "Unlimited Internet" with NBN Premium Speed Boost (100/40) applied with no additional cost.

    • Same but back in 2018, still have it now. Makes it very hard to leave this deal. Even gave free foxtel now and whatever the new thing is now

  • Plus a crappy 15mbps upload speed. No thanks.

  • Been using Telstra 100mbps Cable since 2013 and moved to Telstra 100/40 HFC NBN in 2017. Was $80/m but Telstra decided to remove the discount and make it $100/m in 2018.
    Speedtest's result shows ~105mbps DL and ~38mbps UL.
    Just wondering if I change to this $90/m plan, will the speed get lowered to 88/15 and will they start charging me $110/m after 24mth?
    And it seems they won't give existing customer a free new modem?
    BTW, that https://www.telstra.com.au/internet/change-plan page is showing $90/m for NBN 100 Unlimited, but for some reason the min cost is still $2640 (=$110/m)

    • +1

      Instant 110pm and it will be 100/20. Don't change your plan…. Its a trappp

  • Why would someone need a home phone when most mobile plans offer unlimited national and international calls cheaper? Also given how popular whatsapp and viber is these days, shouldn't home phones become obsolete?

    • +1

      Legacy devices, and I believe some emergency/alarm monitoring systems still rely on good ol' phone line.

      That being said in my case I personally don't even bother plugging the physical phone in since every call I've ever received on that was scam/marketing/etc… I used to plug it in since Telstra included some cheap international calls but I also have plenty of unused Skype credit thanks to past 50% off deals and forgetting that I had… noone to call.

      • Bingo!

        I'd love to remove the home phone but it's being used for the house alarm.

        • Archaic lol if you have a Bosch get the IP module added.

    • +1

      In my case elderly relative living with me, they don't want to learn to use a mobile, and they have a monitor that still requires a phone line.

      • I have the same issue :/

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    It may be a great deal but Telstra are just terrible and I am saying this from experience with multiple products of theirs - Mobile, Foxtel, ADSL, NBN!

  • I'm still on telstra cable and plan to stay on it as long as I can before I have to switch to fttc. Does anyone know what the disconnection date is for cable? I read up online that it's 18 months from the day nbn is available in your area, but I'm not sure if that's true.

    • -1

      Why would you wait so long. Its fttc it will be a improvement to what you have. If it was fttn fe but fttc is dam good. I'm maxing out always on telstra

      • +1

        I'm getting 115/5 on telstra cable. Only benefit of FTTC will be upload speeds, and I rarely ever upload anything.

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    Right you have my vote for the cool story

  • our place can only connect to Telstra Fiber, they called it Velocity network, and paid 109/month for 30Mbps and the speed is terrible.

  • This is like deja vu! Identical experience here except I ended up moving to Aussie Broadband - just couldn't deal with hours more waiting at a Telstra store after all the hours I had spent on their "chat app" which, quite honestly, is slower than snail mail. Although, "magically" there was brilliant response when I asked them to cancel my contract.

    Note to Telstra - When you make it too hard, your customers will eventually leave you!

  • +3

    Hey, I was working for a telstra call centre a few weeks back and I'm almost 90% sure this promotion you are talking about was offered as a 'below the line' offer which is only for EXISTING telstra customers who have an active cable service. I very much doubt most people who try to get this deal will be able to be eligible, but please prove me wrong. Thought I might clarify what I know since I got through your wall of text and am empathise with the whole 'trying to get a good deal' journey,

    • Thanks! Can you advise some tips to persuade the agent to get this offer?

    • i have a cable service and wanted to go to NBN and Telstra chat said that it was a mistake and i had to pay $110.

  • What's the go if you can only get FTTC? Are there other deals for FTTC only?

    • The go is you can only get 50Mbps with Telstra or 100Mbps with any other ISP.

  • Anyone has idea of how to find a Telstra owned store rather than a Vita franchise? I’m in the same boat, last time I visited one near me. The rep quite directly told me find other RSP than stick with Telstra, Was funny conversation though.

    • +1

      It seems Telstra owned shops have a dedicated 1800 number. The Telstra Licensed Stores don't have the 1800 number but just the direct line to the store.


      For Example:

      Level 3, Shop 3052 Highpoint Shopping Centre 200 Rosamond Rd
      Maribyrnong VIC 3032

      Phone: 1800 728 406

      • I think the Licensee operated also gives it away 😉

        Chirnside Park
        Licensee operated
        Shop L01-517/519 Chirnside Park Shopping Centre
        239 - 241 Maroondah Hwy
        Chirnside Park VIC 3116

        Eastland, Ringwood
        Shop 1019, Level 1 Eastland Shopping Centre 171-175 Maroondah Hwy
        Ringwood VIC 3134

        Fountain Gate Level 1 18 m
        Shop 1109 Westfield Fountain Gate Magid Drive
        Narre Warren VIC 3805

        Fountain Gate Level 2 - by phone call appointment only 18 m
        Licensee operated
        Shop 2133 Westfield Fountain Gate, 352 Princes Highway
        Narre Warren VIC 3805

  • If you don't care about the calls there are better options out there.

  • Literally almost exact same situation and story! Same result too fortunately.

  • I’m currently with Telstra on the $90 month to month 50MBPS plan. I asked through their online chat and they said it’s only applicable for new customers :( I’ll give them a call tomorrow to ask again.

  • Sorry, I want more upload speed. Telstra doesn’t provide 100/40 plan currently.

  • Be very careful with Telstra. Their customer service is rubbish and lately they've been vindictive to people who leave. I recommended my parents switch to ABB after constant "speed boost" changes. She asked to bring her home phone number across and out of spite Telstra returned their home number to the pile, risking the chance she would lose the number shes had for decades. She lodged a complaint with the TIO but thankfully after nearly a month ABB were able to get her number back. Complete a-holes, and this after she had been with them for years.

    It took Telstra 12 attempts to move my mobile service to Boost. Apparently something wrong with the account details (and yet they were able to sign me up and invoice me just fine). After 3 store visits and 12 attempts by Telstra it was resolved but only after I asked how many times more they would make an attempt (that can take up to 24 hours to fail) before it would be escalated. Is the magic number 20 attempts?

    Don't put yourself through this. If you can ever reach anyone online (after going down numerous COVID blocks), chances are they wont be able to help you.

    • +1

      Never attribute malice where incompetence may be the answer. Especially when dealing with Telstra.

  • Telstra… Still the worst, most frustrating customer experience I've ever had. Don't do it, it's not worth it.

  • +1


    TL:DR at the bottom

    I was on Telstra Cable for over 16 years (probably close to 20), reliability/speed was fantastic and so was the customer service though it did get much worse over the past few years.

    "Upgraded" from Cable to NBN (HFC) with Telstra and it's been nothing but trouble from the get go…

    They advised me that I can do a self-install and they would post the necessary equipment, I questioned them on this as there had never been a visit from an NBN technician and they confirmed that as I will be on HFC I will not need a technician and that I can do it myself. This was perfect for me as I wanted to be able to install on my own time and not have to take a day off work. Based on being able to self install, $0 for modem with 4G backup and being able to get 100 down I agreed with a new contract.

    What I got in the mail was a Gen 2 Smart Modem and a Cable Modem adapter which specifically mentions "Telstra Cable (HFC) Connection". Connected it all up there was no internet access, contacted support to see if there needed to be some sort of activation on the modem and I was told that I could not do a self install as it had to be done by a NBN technician. When the NBN tech arrived a few days later he said the Telstra Cable (HFC) Connection doesn't work with NBN and that I needed an Arris CM8200 which he supplied and installed. Did a Speedtest and the maximum speed was 50/20 and not 100/40 like what was mentioned, the tech said the cable signal is good and the speed issue is related to Telstra. Contacted Telstra regarding the speed and was then told that the 100/40 is not guaranteed, I would need to be stay on 50/20 for a period of time till they can confirm the stability of my connection before it can be upgraded to 100/40. The "connection stability period" was never mentioned when I asked for the 100/40 connection during the switch over.

    Lodge a complaint and they at least gave me some credit on my account.

    I was getting the 100/40 but also a fair amount of dropouts. I used my old router instead of the supplied Smart Modem to see if that was the issue but I was still getting dropouts. Contacted Telstra support and they said they would send out a new Smart Modem to me, I mentioned that I did a bit of troubleshooting myself and the issue is not with the Smart Modem. They were adamant in replacing the Smart Modem first, I received a new one in the mail and sure enough it didn't solve the issue. They booked in a NBN technician who did a few test and said nothing looked out of the ordinary, he said some of the connectors in the pit didn't look the greatest but that shouldn't cause the drop outs. He replaced them anyway was a precaution. Connection was fine for a few days so the support ticket was closed.

    A few weeks later I was getting the dropouts again. Went through the process again, this time the NBN technician replaced the CM8200 modem and the replacement was a dud… it would power up but wouldn't connect. He grabbed another one from his van, set it up and it worked. Connection was stable for a few days but would drop out again, at this stage I had settled for having a bad connection.

    Started working from home due to covid-19 and this was when the connection got much worse, I'd get anywhere between 18-25 dropouts a month. Lodged another complaint and they agreed to credit a portion of each month where I had experienced dropouts. This was great and all but I wanted a stable connection more than the credit. I mentioned that I'll stay with them till I had used up the credit on my account, if the stability issue is not resolved by then I will request to be released from my contract and if they want to charge me for breaking the contract I would lodge a complaint with the TIO.

    Skip a few months and I'm no longer with Telstra and didn't have to pay a termination fee.
    There's more to it than what is mentioned as this was spread over almost a year but this post is already too long.

    I've switched to Launtel, the customer service is night and day compared to Telstra. The speeds are fantastic as well, currently on a 250/25 option but actually regularly get 270/23. I did a one week trial on the 1000/50 and would consistently get 760/46. They charge per day, sounds odd but it's fantastic as you can change the speed of your connection any time you want. e.g. days where I know I will be downloading a lot (COD update 60+GB) I can increase the speed finish my downloads then drop it back to a slower speed and I'll be paying for the single day that I used the higher speed option.

    Unfortunately I'm still getting dropouts but at least with Launtel they're escalating it as opposed to Telstra saying that I've gone 2 days without drops so the connection is fine.

    * Telstra mislead/misinformed while switching from cable to NBN.
    * Heaps of dropouts and lag spikes.
    * Very bad customer service, e.g. We'll monitor your connection and check back in 24 hours (never happens).
    * Happy to throw modems your way rather than resolving the issue (I have 4x Gen 2 Smart Modems even though I tell them that they've already sent me replacements).
    * Switched to Launtel

    I did get a good laugh from one particular conversation with Telstra support. They asked me to clear the browser history and cookies on my PC as a troubleshooting step, I asked how could the browser history cause the internet to drop and he responded "It can contain some data which is sent to the modem and causes disconnections". I then mentioned that I'm also getting the dropouts when the PC is off or hasn't been used for a few days, that was ignored and he just requested that I clear the browser history and cookies.

    /rant over

    • +2

      Your drop outs are due to your taps being corroded or have filled with moisture.

      Any good cabler can fault diagnose this. NBNCo techies are generally useless.

      • Cheers for that.

        You'd think that after 4 or 5 visits from different technicians someone would've been able to resolve it.

        • Im not surprised they arent fixing it.

          It's easier to pass the buck on to someone else to do/fix the issue, move on to another premises (easier job) than to fix the issue for the customer. They just pass it on to someone else. and it's likely the last guy was better at tell you that it's "fixed" or "no issues" than the last.

          Just look at this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tu-O1AhHbgk

  • As someone who knows very little about NBN… the website says my apartment is listed as FTTB (fibre to the building). I’m assuming that means I’m ineligible for this offer?

    • You're eligible for TPG FTTB. Check on their website. Its so much better than NBN and cheaper too

      • +1

        Not entirely true. Not all FTTB is TPG.

        If you want to find out if you have TPG (Non NBN) FTTB go to: https://www.tpg.com.au/fttb It will tell you or not.

        OP's apartment may just have NBN FTTB

  • +2

    This post is getting a serious amount of up votes considering it's only for migrating cable customers.

    • Frustrations coming out

    • i'm a migrating cable customer, and telstra chat said i'm unable to get this offer

      • Still not sure if anyone has been able to avail it at $90…
        Too many questions 100/20 or 100/40
        Online they definitely not honouring it.
        Chat have no idea of the offer.
        Only maybe, MAYBE might honour at a Telstra store.

        But like it has been mentioned, serious number of upvotes